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What is it quiz #453

Whatisit quiz #453
The mystery today is a sleek and sporting looking car with a distinctive front, dating from shortly before the Great War. Built by an ambitious Parisian agent in automobiles of renowned makes, the car received his name and can be described as international. Maybe not that hard to solve, but we need to know at least make, year and model. And of course as many other details as possible, to improve your chances of becoming the winner this time.

So send in your answer before Monday 11th September, do not use more than 100 words and try to be as complete as possible. Good luck!


#7 2017-09-13 08:56
It look like a BELLANGER Frères 20 hp 1913-1915.
#6 2017-09-11 21:52
This car could be a BELLANGER type CH2 (20cv 3,3 liters) or CH3 (38cv 6,3 liters) . The engine , a sleeve valves 4 cylinders .
The tyres seem be 880x120 or 895x135. The year of production 1914 and 1919.
Best Regards
#5 2017-09-10 21:34
This is a 30/50HP Robert Bellanger from 1914 or Bellanger Frères car with " Bull- Nose" radiator, demountable " Riley " wheels, conical clutch, worm transmission, variable flexibility suspension, 4-cylinder English engine without Knight-Daimler valves.
#4 2017-09-10 20:05
Je pense à une Bellanger AI 17hp de 1920.
Suite à son voyage aux USA Robert Bellanger installe un moteur Briscoe et surtout une chaine de production à Neuilly (Paris) en même temps que Citroën.
Peut-être est-ce lui au volant sur votre photo.
#3 2017-09-10 15:46
From 1907 onwards, Robert Bellanger was an agent for the American Westinghouse and French Delaunay-Belleville cars before he went in car production in 1912. Pre-war Bellangers had Riley detachable wheels and a bullnose radiator and the front of the chassis to fix the leaf springs package was more curved than on post-war models. His pre-war models had Knight-Daimler sleeve engines. I think this is a 1913 6.3L Type Sports Torpedo. Lighter engines such as 2.0, 2.6 and 3.0 L engines were used in Paris Taxi’s which were renowned for their reliability. Post-war Bellanger cars had American Briscoe engines

I'm a three times winner / jury member
#2 2017-09-09 22:01

Robert Bellanger(1884-1966) dealer van Delaunay-Beleville opent 21 juni 1913 zijn eigen fabriek in Neuilly. De 13/20 en 15/20HP zijn eigen ontwerpen. Een kleppenloze motor van Daimler-Knight als 2.0 ltr/2.6 ltr/3.0 ltr 6.3 ltr. met helicoidale versnellingsbak zonder tandwielen, conische frictie en Rileywielen vormen een krachtige en stille automobiel.Vlak voor de oorlog is de 30/50HP een groot succes. Op de foto de herkenbare bullnose van een Bellanger 30/50HP. Zit Robert achter het stuur?

Verdere info:
Vliegtuigbouwer tijdens de oorlog, introduceert hij in 1919 opnieuw een automobiel, het Type A1 met een Briscoe (zijn Amerikaanse buurman) motor 15/70 HP. De productie start in 1920 en met de winst introduceert Bellanger de 24/30HP en het type F super 8 (eenV8 gebaseerd op de Duesenberg-Rutenberg motor) ook wel de 35/50HP, daarvan werden slechts 10 gebouwd. Het bedrijf wordt in 1925 door Peugeot overgenomen?
#1 2017-09-09 08:09
This car is a BELLANGER Frères type 2O HP

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