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What is it? Quiz #455


It is Quiztime again!

The car we are looking for today was built by a factory, that started building vehicles in 1871. Of course, those were no automobiles, but pushchairs mainly built of wickerwork. Some years later the make added bicycles (ca 1885) and motorcycles (1901) to their portfolio. In 1908 the company lauched its first automobile, but on special order automobiles were built since 1903. The company had a big success and in 1921, with 120 cars built per day, it had the highest output of cars in the country, it was located. Production endend during World War II and after the war, the remains were splitted to one company producing agricultural tractors and one, producing mopeds.

Please leave your answer in a comment before Monday and use no more than 100 words and remember our new rules!
Good luck.


#16 2017-10-09 19:41
Das ist ein Brennabor Typ ASK 29, ein 6-Zyl. Cabriolet Bj. um 1929. Hersteller waren die Brennabor-Werke Brandenburg/Havel Gebr. Reichstein in Deutschland.
#15 Hans Compter 2017-10-09 15:13
Hi Laurens, Just read your quizz455 and recognized this car as a Brennabor from Brandenburg of approx 1926/27. I am currently traveling back to NZ so cannot check the exact type in our library.Hans Compter.
#14 2017-10-09 02:28
I am going for the participation award on this one. My guess is it was in Japan.
#13 2017-10-08 22:17
Guten Abend!

Der Text zum Quiz Nr.455 passt haargenau zur deutschen Automarke Brennabor. Allerdings endete dort die Automobilproduk tion bereits im Jahre 1933.

Das Bild zeigt eine Brennabor 12/55 Typ ASK Cabrio-Limousine (3,1 Ltr.Reihen-Sechszylinder 55 PS) von 1928/29, für die sinnigerweise als "Der Wagen mit dem offenen Himmel" geworben wurde (siehe W.Oswald, "Deutsche Autos 1929-1939, Stgt. 1977). H.H.von Fersen bezeichnet genau dieses Quiz-Bild als "Typ AS Landaulet 1929" (siehe "Autos in Deutschland 1920-1939, Stgt. 1967).

Es gab mehrere Aufbauten für den ASK, die alle auch bei Brennabor selbst hergestellt wurden: Limousine 4-tür., Cabrio-Limousine 4-tür., Cabriolet 2-tür. jeweils als Typ ASK mit Radstand 3m, Pullmann-Limousine als Typ ASL oder AFL mit 3,2m Radstand. Mit vier Wagen vom Typ ASK konnte Brennabor die Internationale Alpenfahrt 1928 siegreich bestreiten (vermutlich Mannschaftsprei s). 1931 lief die Produktion der ASK- und ASL-Modelle aus. Im Volants Museum in Kirchzeiten steht nach meinen Informationen ein umrestaurierter ASK als (umgebauter?) Lieferwagen. Ob heute noch weitere Brennabor Fahrzeuge dieser Typenreihe existieren ist mir nicht bekannt.

Josef Boers
#12 2017-10-08 21:29
Dear prewarcar-team,
nice quiz...
Here my solution:
Brennabor Typ AFK Cabrio-Limousine (12/55PS) was a six-cylinder car introduced in 1929 (following the ASK), replaced in 1930 by the Brennabor Juwel 6.
The AFK had a 3.080 ccm engine, a single plate dry-clutch and a three-speed gear box with a centrally positioned floor-mounted gear stick and rear-wheel-drive, rigid axles and four-wheel-brakes. It has the short chassis with a wheelbase of 3.000 mm, while the AFL’s (“L” means Long) wheelbase is 3.2900 mm.
The Brennabor company from Brandenburg/Havel was in the early twenties the most successful german car maker. Brennabor disappeared at the end of WW2.

Best regards from the Nahe-valley in Germany

#11 2017-10-08 18:56
Hello again,

additional informations on my comments from today:
the Brennabor 10/45 PS-car has disk wheels;
so it MUST be the type AK with short wheel base (wheelbase = 3000 mm); the type AL has a wheelbase of 3290 mm

Best regards
Christian Günzel
#10 2017-10-08 15:20

this is a Brennabor 10/45 PS Cabrio-Limousine (built from 1927 - 1929) from "Gebr.Reichstein Brennabor-Werke Brandenburg/Havel" (Germany). I think it is the Type AL (long wheel base); perhaps a Type AK (short wheel base), this version was built 1928-1929.
The 6 cylinder-four stroke engine with 2547 cm³ capacity has a power of 45 hp at 3300 rpm. The picture shows a very attractive two-tone color sheme.

Best regards
Christian Günzel
#9 2017-10-08 09:10
Once again a lost german car make,
It is a Brennabor from Brandenburg /Havel,
Founded by Gebrüder Reichenstein, maybe a Typ A.
Nice homepage:
#8 2017-10-07 19:05
Brennabor Typ AS 12-55ps Cabrio-Limousine 1928 (1928-1932)
#7 2017-10-07 18:29
On this occasion, I have no possibility of error.
It is a Brennabor 12/55 PS (1928-1929), manufactured in Brandenbourg (D) by the Reichstein Brennabor Werke manufactured cars from 1908 to 1934.
In these years, Brennabor used the same engine a six cylinder in line of 3080 cc and 55PS in different models; ASK, AFK. ASL, AFL.
Of the four models, only two are sold with bodywork Cabriolet - Limousine.
For this reason it is difficult to know exactly which model it is, because the bodywork Cabriolet - Limousine, is sold either in the model ASK 1928-1929 (RM 7150) and the 1929 AFK (RM 6850).
Information and photo in "cars in Deuchland 1920-1939"

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