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Whatisit? PreWar Christmas Quiz day 1

The year 2016 is almost behind us. But please don't be sad, as this is the time for our annual Prewar Christmas Quiz! Quite simple this time. What we are going to show you is an historical figure, a king, a queen, a goddess or maybe just someone you, as an auto addict, should know. He or she added his or her name to an automobile and it's up to you to guess the make of that automobile. It can be the make itself, or a model name. To participate it's enough to mention the make, but extra points can be earned by adding the model name (where appropriate). An example? Okay, when we show a picture of the Spanish king Alphonso XIII, it's up to you to mention 'Hispano-Suiza' or for extra points 'Hispano-Suiza Alphonso XIII'. Got it?

We'll start with an easy one. This beautiful long-haired girl was the daughter of a businessman who lived in Nice and started selling automobiles during the last years of the nineteenth century. He liked them so much that he named the cars after his daughter. No need to say that the make is still famous.

Now, the only thing you have to do is to think of the name of this automobile, write it down, but please DO NOT send us your answer before the last part of our six-day quiz has been published. Of course you can contact us on all other topics, because the PreWarCar offices are always staffed! From the participants with all answers correct, six names will be drawn at random. All six winners will receive the famous PreWarCar T-shirt. Good luck and if you like puzzles, try your hand at the PostWarClassic X-mas Puzzle. Enjoy this holiday season!

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