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Whatisit? PreWar Christmas Quiz day 3

The mean looking man pictured here was a French explorer and adventurer who travelled to New-France. In 1701 he laid the foundations for a city that was to become a world center for automobile production during the twentieth century. Too bad the city is in a deplorable state these days. In 1902 a car maker named his automobile after him, a marque that still exists today. Tell us the name of this automobile and the full name of the explorer for extra points.

Please DO NOT send us your answer before the last quiz has been published. Of course you can contact us on all other topics, because the PreWarCar offices are always staffed! From the participants with all answers correct, six names will be drawn at random. All six winners will receive the famous PreWarCar T-shirt. Good luck and if you like puzzles, try your hand at the PostWarClassic X-mas Puzzle. Enjoy this holiday season!

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