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Whatisit? PreWar Christmas Quiz day 5

The man behind the wheel of this magnificent Benz (click main picture) was a French engineer. Born in 1879, he moved to Saint-Petersburg in 1905 and became a personal driver to Tsar Nicolas II. Trying to improve the cars for the Russian roads, he invented a flexible belt. After the Russian revolution he went back to France and started working for a French automobile manufacturer. His invention was used on several of their models between 1921 and 1937 for off-road and military vehicles. Their crossings are noteworthy. Tell us the name of this French automobile manufacturer and the name of the inventor (which is also the model name).

Please DO NOT send us your answer before the last quiz has been published. Of course you can contact us on all other topics, because the PreWarCar offices are always staffed! From the participants with all answers correct, six names will be drawn at random. All six winners will receive the famous PreWarCar T-shirt. Good luck and if you like puzzles, try your hand at the PostWarClassic X-mas Puzzle. Enjoy this holiday season!

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