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Where are the three Rolls-Royces of Nawab Rasool Yar Jung of Hyderabad-Deccan?

rolls-h4607-1Visitor Mohammed Khan is wondering what today's whereabouts are of the three Rolls Royces which once belonged to his Great-Great-Grandfather Nawab Rasool Yar Jung of Hyderabad-Deccan, India. A picture of one RR # 61-CW is shown here.
61-CW was a Silver Ghost Barker Tourer, 83-SC was a Phantom 1 Connaught Tourer, 12-NC was a Hooper Cabriolet

editor: Earlier research from 2008 didn't bring the result Mr. Kahn was hoping for, so now he is giving the issue another try here. It would have been better if Mr. Khan had us informed beforehand about this earlier research to save us all time.


#4 2011-12-16 11:42
one Nawab RR is only about 10 minutes away from me
I saw it again this week
in the beautifull louwman museum
see there website for more information abouit the 1926 Rolls-Royce 40/50-HP PHANTOM I BARKER TORPEDO TOURER
Arnoud van der Sman
#3 2011-12-16 06:32
I am quite sure that there is no Thornycroft car surviving in India, there may be very very few trucks surviving which came in much larger numbers. Never say never, but none is known so far.
#2 2011-12-16 04:07
Some Rolls Royces were exported from India when they were not many years old. In Melbourne, City Motor Services were apparently a high class hire car service. Most of theirb fleet were model 80 Pierce Arrows, with a few model 81s and perhaps five or six 1929 8 cylinder Pierce Arrows which were used mostly to ferry parliamentarian s back and forth to Canberra before the days of airlines. I knew Jim Mcleod, whose uncle was one of the joint owners of the company, and who was employed there at one time. Prbably in the early 1930s, CMS imported a batch of good, used RR Phantom 1's from India, all with very nice open bodies, according to Jim. There was a very high import duty on car bodies (to protect the local industry), so the bodies were removed on the wharf and dumped into the Yarra River. New closed bodies were built by Martin and King in Melbourne. I gather the company was capable of Building excellent bodies with good craftsmanship, but according to Stuart Middlehurst who owned one of these cars in the late 50's-early 60's, there was little indication of that in his car. That one still exists, possibly still with the body form one of Stuart's 30hp Minervas which he fitted to it, but the others could have gone anywhere. One P1 was the daily driver of a wharf labourer at Victoria Dock in West Melbourne.
Jim McLeod said that the drivers at City Motor services preferred the Pierces as nicer to handle. There was a large glass wall in CMS between the garage and the office, and the Rolls Royces were initially parked in front of this. He said that the large panes of glass seemed to amplify the noises of the Rolls engines as they cooled down, and this was so distracting to the office staff that they had to park them elswhere.
#1 2011-12-15 13:52
I can't add anything to this search but I have been trying for years to locate surviving Thornycroft cars similar to my ex-Sir Sidney Kidman 1909 18HP car which has featured on PreWarCar before. Well over 30 similar cars were exported to India before 1914, but I am still hopeful someone can connect me to any survivors in India.

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