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You'll never guess this one!

you will_never_guess_this_one_470

You probably suspect we have gone bonkers disturbing you with a set of post-war beach bum wheels on these solemn pre-war pages (this instead of more appropriate beach bum gear). Of course we have good reason for doing so. For a moment we thought to make this a quiz and let the army of fanatic competitors have pull their last hairs out in despair. We decided that it would be childish so this is only for the fun of it during this (hopefully) sunny pentecost weekend.

Hiding only skindeep under its fifties appearance is a refined cyclecar. Dig that? Nothing, really nothing - except for the right hand drive maybe - is giving away anything of that, yet this doesn't change the story. We eagerly look forward for your un-educated guesses what could be the chassis and engine of this vehicle. The day after tomorrow we'll tell the true history. Have fun!  At your PC, with your Pad or on the beach.


#3 2014-06-09 09:08
Hello, the name in front of this rebodied cyclecar starts with "la", so I guess we have to look for something French underneat. Everyone knows that our editor has a soft spot for 1 particular make.... so why not make it a rebuild Amilcar?
#2 2014-06-08 17:05
Would never have guessed this one. Built in Spain by Francisco Ejarque in the 1950s, and looking like a little Italian concept car from that time, La Monda was based on an Amilcar from the 1920s! 'Es la monda' translates roughly into English as 'It's great!'
#1 2014-06-08 04:18
" La Monda ", ein Strandwagen ( Unikat ),
gebaut vom Spanier Francisco Ejarque in 1955 auf Basis eines Amilcar aus den 1920er Jahren. Ein wunderschönes Fahrzeug.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Hans Müßeler

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