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About Quiz # 313: 1938 Matford V8 F82 13CV

1938-matford-313-1Most of the quiz entrants recognized our quiz car as a Matford, but then the trouble started. Seen only from the rear it’s very hard to spot the differences between the 1937 and the 1938 models. Only when you take a closer look at the front window you can see that it has a double front window, which was new for the 1938 model. Apart from make and model we also asked for a little history, which meant we specifically wanted you to mention Mathis and Ford. Only five of you told us all we wanted to know: Jeroen van de Akker; John Elema; Fred de Mol; Dany Bocher and jurymember Fried Stol. From these we just had to name John Elema as the winner for his short and to-the-point lecture. Congratulations John with your first win! (see Read More for his answer) As it’s almost Christmas there will be no quiz next week, because on December 26th we will start our famous Six-Day Christmas Quiz in which anyone can participate!

The winning answer by John Elema: “Hinting of a French car, with a V8 engine, built in a city that might be Strassbourg, tells me we are looking at the rear end of a Matford, in fact a 1938 F82A model with 3.6 ltr. 85 BHP engine. New for 1938 was a V-shaped split windscreen, visible through the rear window in your picture. Its American counterpart got one already in 1937. The name Mathis came to be when Ford started producing cars in Mathis' Strassbourg plant in 1934. Matford bodies, produced by Chausson, were also used by Chenard Walcker for 2 or 3 years from 1937.”

Other answers that were correct in identifying the Matford came from:

Adrian PT
Kaspars Dortāns
Philippe Becret
Timo Laitinen
Ruud Wesselink
Radu Comsa
Thierry Fayt
George Cassidy
Jukka Heikkinen
Hugh Stiles
Rene van Eymeren
Peter Rackwitz
Frans Vrijaldenhoven (jury)
Thomas Rudolf
Kit Foster (jury)
Thilo Moerke
Robbie Marenzi (jury)
Richard Leaman

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Jury Member Location Information

Bart Oosterling NL
Bas de Voogd / Rutger Booy NL team
Bob Swanson USA Sports Cars & Racing Cars
Carleton Hughes USA
Ced Pearce South-Africa Ford & Cord
Chris Paulsen USA Brass Era (pre-1916) cars
David Green NZ
Dick Trenk (deceased 2010) USA US cars
Dominique Barbault F French Cars
Don Edwards USA US Classics
Eduard Hattuma NL
Fons Alkemade NL French automobiles
Frans Vrijaldenhoven NL Dutch Automobile Historian
Fried Stol NL
Hans Compter NZ
Harry Schley Germany
Henk Visscher NL Firsts in Car Industry
Ian Hayhurst Canada pre-1916 autos / early Mopar
Ingo Jost Germany German Cars
James Helms USA
João Pedro Gazineu Brazil
John Barringer UK
John Robins UK
Jon Baker Australia
José A. Gómez Argentina
Josef Kubista CZ
Joseph P. McCormick USA
Kit Foster USA US cars 1920-1960, Stanley Steamers
Kjetil Langsaether Norway
Lars-Göran Lindgren S brass era cars
Luke Chennel USA
Marc Fellman Australia
Mark Dawber NZ
Mike Clark GB Vintage Cars.
Mike Tebbett UK cyclecars
Mike Turner USA
Nicolas Boissier France
Paul Linster L French & Britsh sports cars
Peter Ransom Australia
Richard Armstrong UK
Radu Comsa Romania
Raul Valkila Finland
Reg Harris Australia Citroën and English cars
Robb Stewart USA early racing and sports cars
Robbie Marenzi Argentina
Roger Fields USA
Rutger Booy / Bas de Voogd NL team
Stuart Penketh Thailand
Theo Castricum NL US cars
Tom Chaney USA
Verner Johnson DK