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About Quiz # 337: Abadal-Buick

Many, many entrants identified last week's quiz car as a Buick or even a McLaughlin-Buick. Not so! We do admit that the radiator shape is indeed very much Buick, but we also told you not to jump to conclusions. So you had to look a bit further, perhaps a bit sideways as at that moment there was a big banner of the Auto Retro show in Barcelona right next to the quiz text. This should have made you think of Spain and thus think of Abadal!
Only six correct answers from Louis Penedo; Horacio Garcia; Alan Spencer; Gerry Barret; Francisco Carrión and jury member Robbi Marenzi. Horacio identified the passengers as King Alfonso XIII of Spain and The Queen Victoria Eugenia of Battenberg, but as winner we chose Alan Spencer for his most compete answer: "This is an Abadal-Buick from 1923 (possibly model year 1924). Francisco Abadal sold Hispano-Suizas in Madrid and Barcelona in the first decade of the 20th century. He went on to develop his own car that was strongly influenced by Hispano design, and built by Imperia in Belgium (hence the connection to the last pre-war quiz). From 1916, he became the Spanish agent for Buick, and built custom bodies in Barcelona using Buick mechanicals. GM withdrew support for this arrangement in 1923. The car in the photograph is presumably one of the last Abadal-Buicks built." Congratulations, Alan! The T-shirt is already on its way!
(with thanks to Manel Fernández of the Abadal website for the photo)

No quiz next week as the week after we will start our annual six-day Christmas Quiz. See you then!


#5 Ace Zenek 2012-12-20 13:51
George H. Dammmann's book Seventy Years of Buick shows several 1924 Buicks with the front tubular cross member. These pictures are for American made Buicks as he consistently identifies the photos for McLaughlin made Buicks.

The AACA Forums state that the placement of the license plate bracket in the middle of the headlights, instead of at the bottom of the headlights, is also an indication of an American made Buick for 1923 - 1925. Details here:
#4 2012-12-18 13:56
with respect to Stuart, my 1926 Buick Master 6 has this same tubular crossmember , my car is absoluteley identical in all aspects, i.e a totally bog standard production car,
#3 2012-12-17 08:42
IN Passing., I owned the Hooper bodied P1
built for Alphonso X111... RF87 from memory for was shipped on to OZ
when their troubles Melbourne as an ex. for that years Auto Show.. a 2 wheel braker of course, with a warm engine it would pull away from a standing start in top gear.. still have the original tail light.. the Spanish Coat of Arms could be readly seen on the right front went from Melbourne to Narrabri in NW NSW some 70 miles from here..I wrote to RR recently re their records of the DEASY CAR... silence was the reply.. little has changed..John Ryder..
#2 Ace Zenek 2012-12-16 01:45
Very respectfully, not a single piece of evidence was given that this is anything but a regular production Buick. Abadal-Buick may have sold this car, but everything appears to be bone stock Buick, probably a Model 24-49 (7 passenger) or Model 24-45 (5 passenger). Where are the additions, updates, or changes from any standard 1924 Buick catalog, ad, or picture? In other works, what is custom, actually Abadal unique, on this vehicle that separates it from a USA built Buick? The question presented to us was, "What is it?" The question was not who sold the vehicle. Unless more evidence is presented to us, I would not hesitate to state that this is just a regular production Buick.
#1 Stuart Penketh 2012-12-15 06:05
This Abadal-Buick is built on the McLaughlin Buick chassis, as evidenced by the tube spanning between the front spring dumb irons. Only the McLaughlin Buicks had this tube.

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