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About quiz #402: 1908 Imperia 16-20 HP

About quiz #402: 1908 Imperia 16-20 HP

Just two replies to last week's quiz which showed a 16-20 HP Imperia made in 1908 in the Belgian city of Liège. It is the mid-range model with the other 2 models offering 12-14 HP ( chassis price £260 ) and 24-30HP with 106mm bore and 130mm stroke. All 3 models share the same internal details - ball bearings to support the crankshaft and camshaft, the crank is offset from the centre of the pistons which are dome-shaped and made from pressed steel. The carburetter has a single jet and horizontally operated piston. Hot air is drawn from the exhaust pipe area via the pipe across the top of the engine and petrol consumption is 25 mpg.
In 1913 Señor Abadal, the Spanish agent for Imperia, asked the firm to make a sports car on the lines of the Alfonso XIII Hispano-Suiza. The result was almost a carbon copy of the Hispano with long-stroke, side-valve 4-cylinder engine of exactly the same cylinder dimensions and top speed of 75 mph. (More Imperia information here.)

We thank Jugie and Kieran for their answers, but alas they are both wrong.  Jugie thought it was an Aries and Kieran submitted an impressive confident description of a Lancia Alpha which does look similar.  So no winner this week - why not try your knowledge on today's PostWar quiz about a car with an American chassis and the rest of the car made in France?

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