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About Quiz #407: La Gazelle

quiz #407

In quiz #407 we gave you three clues. There was a photo of a voiturette and the description of this car but we also gave a clue about the builder: that was a monsieur Tzaut who had worked for Clément-Bayard. However – and here it starts to get confusing – M. Tzaut has not been the builder of the car in the picture... M. Tzaut, from Courbevoie near Paris - showed his La Gazelle small car at the 1913 Salon. It was completely conventional and like many other voiturettes of that time. Tzaut did some racing with his car but it seems that the Great War ended his car production.

At about the same time the prolific inventor Octave Poignard offered his La Gazelle for sale, hundreds of kilometers from Paris in the small town of Brinon-sur-Sauldre. There is no evidence that Tzaut and Poignard knew each other. Poignard had built an aeroplane around 1909 but it didn’t fly very well and he turned to automobiles (and other machines). Two leaflets from his (small) company have survived. One shows a 5-7 HP model with a friction transmission that has also been used by some other car makers, like the American Metz. However, the 6-8 HP model, also with an engine built by Poignard himself, had a completely unique transmission system with eight speeds! It also used friction but Poignard claimed that here there was no skidding and thus no loss of energy.

We think the 5-7 HP model is from about 1912 and the 6-8 HP (the car in this picture, perhaps with the inventor himself) must be of 1914 or perhaps of 1919 when Poignard had taken up his automotive activities again. It is said that Octave was an excellent technician but a poor businessman and we can imagine that he has never sold many, or any, of his cars.

So ‘La Gazelle’ was the make we were looking for. Maybe this time it was too confusing as we mixed up two different makes. But on the other hand: both names were correct... No correct answers came in so no winner this time.


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Bart Oosterling NL
Bas de Voogd / Rutger Booy NL team
Bob Swanson USA Sports Cars & Racing Cars
Carleton Hughes USA
Ced Pearce South-Africa Ford & Cord
Chris Paulsen USA Brass Era (pre-1916) cars
David Green NZ
Dick Trenk (deceased 2010) USA US cars
Dominique Barbault F French Cars
Don Edwards USA US Classics
Eduard Hattuma NL
Fons Alkemade NL French automobiles
Frans Vrijaldenhoven NL Dutch Automobile Historian
Fried Stol NL
Hans Compter NZ
Harry Schley Germany
Henk Visscher NL Firsts in Car Industry
Ian Hayhurst Canada pre-1916 autos / early Mopar
Ingo Jost Germany German Cars
James Helms USA
João Pedro Gazineu Brazil
John Barringer UK
John Robins UK
Jon Baker Australia
José A. Gómez Argentina
Josef Kubista CZ
Joseph P. McCormick USA
Kit Foster USA US cars 1920-1960, Stanley Steamers
Kjetil Langsaether Norway
Lars-Göran Lindgren S brass era cars
Luke Chennel USA
Marc Fellman Australia
Mark Dawber NZ
Mike Clark GB Vintage Cars.
Mike Tebbett UK cyclecars
Mike Turner USA
Nicolas Boissier France
Paul Linster L French & Britsh sports cars
Peter Ransom Australia
Richard Armstrong UK
Radu Comsa Romania
Raul Valkila Finland
Reg Harris Australia Citroën and English cars
Robb Stewart USA early racing and sports cars
Robbie Marenzi Argentina
Roger Fields USA
Rutger Booy / Bas de Voogd NL team
Stuart Penketh Thailand
Theo Castricum NL US cars
Tom Chaney USA
Verner Johnson DK