Show a pre-war mystery

If you have a photo of a mystery car or motorcycle you are most welcome to share it.

Show a pre-war mystery 

unidentified studs

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Author: Bill Coates Sunday, 13 July 2014

unidentified studs

Does any recognise these studs and nuts. They are extremely well made 1  3/16" (30mm) overall length; 11/16" (18mm) at long end and 5/16" (9mm) at short.  They are 7/16" diam at 22tpi.  This makes them UNF according to my reckoning, but the deep nuts are for 7/16 BSF spanner size.  They may have hub or brake drum retaining application?  Lagonda?  Bentley?

Any help appreciated!


Delivery box

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Author: Charlie Shaver Thursday, 10 July 2014

Delivery boxUnknown delivery box for small vehicle. May be European in origin, posibly 3 wheeled? 44" wide by 39" tall by 51" long, the door opening is 36" wide by 28" tall. Note the distinctive running light. Any help with identification appreciated.

German mystery axle

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Author: Jürgen Wednesday, 09 July 2014

unbekannte AchsenHello I am restoring a Dodge C3 pick-up. While looking for parts I found this rear axle, yet have no idea what it came from. Central greasing and mechanical braking. The sizes of the axles are 110cm wide, 4 lugs with bolt pattern 100mm, the lugs are brass with an R on it. I think the parts are German, the screws are signed “Verbus”.

Hallo, eigentlich restauriere ich einen Dodge C3 Pick Up und suche immer Teile.
In diesem Zusammenhang  habe diese beiden Achsen gekauft und kann sie keinem Hersteller zuordnen.
 Sie müsten um 1920 sein- Gestängebremsen und Zentralschmierung.


prewar postcard

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Author: Colin Balanescu Wednesday, 02 July 2014

prewar postcard

I am presenting you a prewar postcard with multiviews, depicting old Bucharest (Romania) pictures. Probably from 1910 decade or early 1920. The question is - of course - the make and model of the car.


Brst regards,


Colin Balanescu


Rejna Zanardini acetylene nickeled brass lamp for car (circa 1910)

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Author: Miguel Thursday, 26 June 2014

Rejna Zanardini acetylene nickeled brass lamp for car (circa 1910)I bought this beautiful lamp on a flea market in Uruguay. I found on the italian Patents Office Registry that it was made around 1910. Maybe it was used on Fiat, Alfa Romeo or SPA. If someone had more information to share I would be very grateful.

Unidentified pre war car (update: Talbot? Austro Daimler?)

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Author: Peter Skofic Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Unidentified pre war carCan anyone identify this car? The picture was taken in the period of the first Yugoslavia (the kingdom) and according to the belief of the owner of the photo this should be Tatra or Skoda (Hispano Suiza). However, I cannot see any similarity with these cars.
Very symptomatic (and maybe helpful) is the half elliptic leaf spring which goes from the front door to the rear axle.
Thank you all for your help.

Solex 22mm carby for a .... ?

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Author: Tyrone Thursday, 12 June 2014

solex 22mm carbyCan anyone advise which vehicle this carby is from? My 80 year old neighbour has had it stored in his shed for over 65 years and wants to know if it is of use to anyone?


dear Ty, please chck the carb for a number/leter code. With that peaopel can identify for which car it was meant. Most probably french. After that you can offer it for sale here

Can anyone help identify this car?

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Author: Catherine Evans Friday, 06 June 2014

Can anyone help identify this car?I have been guided to your webiste via the Aviation forum, with regards to this 1913 postcard photograph of pioneer aviator Gustav Hamel, and in trying to identify the make and model of the car he is driving in it.

Photograph was taken summer of 1913 at Hendon Aerodrome.  Does anyone know what kind of car this is, please? 


Unidentified Rear axle

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Author: Steven Wednesday, 04 June 2014

Rear axle

Dear All 



I have attached pics of a rear axle that I have had for a while. I have been trying to find what it would have been fitted to? I am sure that its from around the 1920s era. Not a lot of info to go on and I wonder if you could help ? 


As you will see from the photo it has a top mounted worm drive diff, top mounted leaf spring brackets, cute rear mounted oil filler with swing lid, 9 inch brake drums with 2 sets of shoes each side and the cam levers mounted at the front. It also has 5 wheel studs and would have had artillery wheels fitted but they are badly corroded. There is very little in the way of identification as the screw on hub/bearing caps are missing. The worm gear has a "DBS" in a circle mark which I think is the patent stamp of David Brown & Son that would have made the diff, but who would they have made it for ? The only other name I have found is one on the brass diff drain plug that is stamped with "Showells Strichley". A West Midlands company that made all things brass until mid 1900,s but I cannot find a link to a vehicle maker.


Any help would be very much appreciated.


Regards,  Steve


Rotax Dynolight identification

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Author: Philip Monday, 02 June 2014

Rotax LightI am trying to find out more about where this Brass
Rotax no 361 Dynolight, with detailed brass arm mounts would have been used originally.
Not much I have been able to find on the web. It is in South Africa.
Any ideas???


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