Show a pre-war mystery

If you have a photo of a mystery car or motorcycle you are most welcome to share it.

Show a pre-war mystery 

Douglas engine

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Author: Nick H Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Douglas engine

Probably from a WW1 generating set but is it based on the pre-war cycle car engine?

Bore and stroke dimensions suggest so at 88 x 88mm, though other have said it could be derived from a Williamson motorcycle unit.

I look forward to some learned opinion.



Pre-war Auto Accessory - brooms?

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Author: Larry Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Pre-war Auto Accessory - brooms?A colleague of mine is cleaning out the basement of his home, which contains generations of items belonging to his family. During the cleaning, he found these two small brooms. His father told him they were common accessories used to sweep the floor out of your automobile. He stated that the brown broom with the snap cover was kept by his farther in the family Buick during the 1930's. Note, my colleagues grandfather moved to the U.S. from Germany many years before the war. These were his brooms.

I've never heard of, nor have I seen these little brooms as being automotive specific accessories.   I suppose it makes sense that you would need to sweep out the car every now and again, just as we today vacuum the floor of the car.   And with most cars having flat floors, sweeping the dirt out of the car would be pretty easy.  

Can anyone tell me anything about these?  Do you recall older family members using such brooms?  

Notice that the  red handle unzips, to reveal a soft cloth rolled up inside.  The word "Eri" is written on the cloth.  Does anyone know what that is?  


Early Engine

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Author: John Stokes Sunday, 12 March 2017

Early EngineDear Sir, I'm wondering if your readers can identify this engine. It appears 1900-'06. Overhead atmospheric inlet and side mechanical exhaust. It was made in England as the nuts holding the block to the crankcase are 1/2 inch Whitworth, which is different pitch to US 1/2 inch UNC. There is no makers name, only some numbers on the crankcase, it would be about 6hp at the most. The external flywheel is tapered inside to take a cone clutch. Regards John Stokes

Mystery 15" Brake Drum and Backplate

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Author: Steve Thursday, 09 March 2017

Mystery 15" Brake Drum and BackplateI would like to know if anyone can identify these large 15" diameter brakes.

The only identifying mark on the backplate is "PATENT No 181800/21.

The 8 stud pattern on the drum seems unusual as it is not symmetrical. 

Mystery Chassis in Adelaide, Australia

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Author: Mark Brown Thursday, 09 March 2017

Mystery Chassis in Adelaide, AustraliaHello,

I was wondering if anybody might be able to identify this chassis. The double dip at the rear is very distinctive and a little like a 30's Hudson but doesn't have that vehicles X-bracing.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated as so far it has drawn a complete blank.

4 cylinder L head 5 liter engine aprox 1910

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Author: Gardin Marc Tuesday, 07 March 2017

4 cylinder L head 5 liter engine aprox 1910Can anyone help me to identify this engine from +- 1910

Origin of the axes

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Author: Arnold Beyer Sunday, 05 March 2017

Origin of the axesDear sirs,
enclosed we send you some pictures of two axes, we `ve found nearby at a farm.After ww2 they were used at a horse-drawn vehicle.Thats why there were modified (shorter and without diff.)
We have no idea about its origin ( Autobrand/year) but we are very interested in its history! Thereis no sign or number at the parts.The tires size: 19``.
We asked at several historic-car-museums and some enthusiasts, but they all have no idea, but could be an american car of the early 20ies.

Has somebody here an idea and further information?
Thanks for the support, Arnold Beyer, Vogt/Germany

Ansaldo 4CS semi-sports 4 seater

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Author: Juerg Weber Thursday, 09 February 2017

Ansaldo 4CS semi-sports 4 seaterHi there
I am in the process of restoring a 1923 Ansaldo 4CS rolling chassis and having a bodywork rebuilt. As a reference for the bodywork I am using the car shown in the attached photo.
I am wondering whether you would publish the photo and ask the readers whether such a bodywork would still exist somewhere. I would like to contact the owner in order to get some more information on the bodywork.
I am also attaching a picture of my Ansaldo which is in the workshop of my bodywork builder as well as one from Sep 16, just before I moved it to the bodywork shop.
Thank you and cheers,

Unknown Radiator Grill

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Author: Matt Sunday, 12 February 2017

Unknown Radiator GrillThe prewar radiator does not seem to belong to one of the better known car makers. I would say it is from Europe, maybe german. Any ideas?

My Dad's motorcycle

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Author: Alan Douglas Thursday, 19 January 2017

My Dads motorcycleBefore the first world war. My father bought this m/c in North Wales. I think it had a sidecar, but the make is not clear. The last 4 words look like 'Lion' and the registration is F - 257.  Can anyone help identify please.

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