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Bentley/Rolls Royce diesel engined cars

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Author: Colin Lea Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bentley/Rolls Royce diesel engined carsPhoto of Bentley Diesel 1932 to accompany my comment on today's Bentley/Rolls topic on diesel engines,
Colin Lea

A few shots from the hyderabad Cartier concours d’elegance

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Author: Coys Auctions Monday, 06 February 2017

A few shots from the hyderabad Cartier concours d’elegance
A few shots from the hyderabad Cartier concours d’elegance yesterday where your scribe found himself among the great & good.
Winner overall was a stunning 1914 30/40hp Wolesley open drive landaulette discovered rusting away behind an ashram.
Wining bike was a beautiful Indian once owned by The Maharajah of Patiala & bearing the registration number PAT1.  He apparently lost it on a wager over a game of billiards, but it was with a relative so at least it stayed in the  family!!!
The very able judging team was headed up by the talent Simon Kidston.  HRH Prince michael of Kent & lord  March were amongst he dignatories awarding the silver ware to the winners.

Richard Biddulph, Vintage and Prestige Cars

Alfa Romeo tipo B 50006.

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Author: William Hearne. Sunday, 05 February 2017

Alfa Romeo tipo B 50006.In the magazine section there was an excellent article by Robin Batchelor regarding the Alfa Romeo tipo B chassis number 50006 which is coming up for auction. Both this car and also chassis number 50005 spent some time in New Zealand and the attached four photographs were taken in N.Z. The last image is of 50006 taken whilst owned by John McMillan at the N.Z. International G.P. at Ardmore, Auckland. The first three images are of 50005 and were taken circa 1952/53 at the Roycroft home at Hellensville, Auckland. I have made a mistake with the chassis number leaving one of the O's off. I thought that these images would be of interest due to the discussions regarding engine design as it is not often that you see any of these cars with bodywork off. 

Grand Rrix Retro d'Yvois in Carignan FRANCE

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Author: ERIC PHILBICHE Saturday, 04 February 2017

Grand Rrix Retro dYvois in Carignan FRANCEThe Grand Prix retro d'Yvois in Carignan will take place the 3th and 4th of June 2017.
Prewar lotoring and biking for this 11th edition in the Champagne Ardenne area in France .

Citroen 5HP type 3C, Trefle

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Author: mishchuk Friday, 03 February 2017

Citroen 5HP type 3C, TrefleMy Citroen Project
Trefle, Model 5HP, type 3C


Barnards Mainly, but not only, Trike Day

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Author: Laurens Friday, 03 February 2017

DDB tricycle_race_banner

Date: April 9th 2017
Location: Barnards Farm, Brentwood Road, West Horndon, Essex, CM13 3LX, UK

The De Dion Bouton club's starter is the second Trike/Quad fun day at Barnards Farm. The essentials are: a practice session, a qualifying time session and a track session. This year the track has been altered to allow the running of a relay race in which Trikes, Quads and Motorcycle combinations can take part and to allow a handicapped start. Please wear a crash helmet.

The central grit course is a laid out shapely oval of 275 meters and the outside track is 287meters. Overtaking will be at your leisure and the race is over 4 laps which is 1 kilometer. The starts this year will be standing starts by push, pedal or engine running. Various track mods have been made to improve safety.

The garden will of be open and with luck the Malus (Crab Apple) blossom should be in full swing. Arrive at any time after 09.00 on the day. The course will be open for practice from 09.30  Qualifying will start at 10.30 and the first track event will be at 11:15.

Teas and Coffees will be available on arrival and lunches will be purchasable at £10.00 a head. In case of the weather being unkind there is plenty of cover within the circuit.

After the racing and lunch there will be a run out and a coffee break at Judi's Café and Antique Shop in Blackmore. The outbound route is 14 miles, ideal for the trikes/quads and older cars although the 'Barnards' De Dion collection will be out on the road as well. The return route is 12 miles.

You may camp or caravan at Barnards, there is a Travel Lodge and Motel (Ye Olde Plough House) nearby. There is ample parking for trailers.

Please email If you are coming: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Club entry fee £5.00 on the day

Organised by Bernard and Sylvia Holmes and Sponsored by

18th Annual Model T Snowmobile Club's meet

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Author: Warren Henderson Thursday, 02 February 2017

18th Annual Model T Snowmobile Clubs meetI have been helping my good friends Ken & Paul LeBlanc build Ken's Model TT Snowmobile this winter. I was also there when we pulled Ken's '26 TT out of a barn in Vermont this past September 17th.
This weekend we will be at the 18th Annual Model T Snowmobile Club's meet at the Remick Country Doctor's Farm Museum in Tamworth, New Hampshire, Saturrday February 4, 2017. 

1 Ken's Model TT out in the sunshine  
2 Ken & Paul Leblanc 
3 Beginning to look like a snowmobile 1-26-2017
4 Muster Field Farm 1-29-2017 
5 Muster Field Farm 1-29-2017 
6 Muster Field Farm 1-29-2017 
7 Muster Field Farm 1-29-2017 

6.2 liter GN Special

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Author: Laurens Tuesday, 31 January 2017

6.2 liter GN Special

McPherson College 18th Annual Car & Motorcycle Show

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Author: Jacob O'Gorman Sunday, 29 January 2017

McPherson College 18th Annual Car & Motorcycle ShowMcPherson College Automotive Restoration and C.A.R.S. Club invite you to our 18th Annual Car and Motorcycle show to be held on the campus of McPherson College. This year is a special year for us as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the automotive restoration program. The show has grown to become one of the largest in the region - last year reaching nearly 275 cars. Even more impressive, the show is entirely organized and run by students enrolled in the Automotive Restoration program at McPherson College. What makes us unique is we're the only school in the United States to offer a Bachelors Degree in the restoration of antique and classic collector vehicles. This show features a wide range of automobiles including everything from Ford Model Ts and street rods to Brass-Era Touring and vintage sports cars.

As part of the celebration, we hope you'll join us marking this very special show. Pre-registration is $15.00 if submitted before April 15, 2017 and $20.00 at the show.

Online Registration:

Thank you

Amilcar CGS or CGSs

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Author: Julio Saturday, 28 January 2017

Amilcar CGS or CGSsCompletely restored piece by piece. The process lasted over 9 months.

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