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Todays radiator mystery

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Author: David Barker Friday, 23 September 2016

Todays radiator mystery

Fiat 503 Torpedo 1926

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Author: Rick Nicolaas Friday, 23 September 2016

Fiat 503 Torpedo 1926

Yesterday, when I parked my car in the parking garage of the hotel in Brindisi, Itay, I spotted this Fiat 503 Torpedo, 1926, covered by plastic in a corner of thegarage.



Spotted: very much unrestored 1909(?) Regal Underlsung

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Author: Karel Vermeer Wednesday, 14 September 2016

old Regal

Last Sunday in Haastricht during an old timer tour there was this original looking Regal. photo Karel Vermeer

Beaulieu, the airoplane

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Author: K.Michael Kurz Friday, 09 September 2016

Beaulieu,  the airplaneyes we liked the plane, too .
Did you see this stall containing a complete dismanteled Bugatti 57  ( Stelvio?)
I don't think to see something like this somewhere else.

regards  Michael Kurz


Citroën Half Track in Canada

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Author: James Clark Tuesday, 06 September 2016

Citroen Half Track

Over the weekend I visited the Western Development Museum at Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan, Canada, on display were some lovely Veteran cars ranging from a Canadian built 1907 Russell to a 1909 White Steam car, but one vehicle which did catch my attention was a 1934 Citroen half track which had been used to cross the Rockies, I was most surprised when I got home to see the article on Prewar cars about another one. Please find attached pictures of the car. Also attached are pictures of the 1907 Russell and White Steam Car and a T Ford truck which had been converted to chain drive during service.  James Clark 


prewar cars at chateuax Berne

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Author: Karel Vermeer Tuesday, 23 August 2016

prewar cars at chateuax BerneLast May we visited wine Chateaux Berne near Taradeau in the south of France, a few if the cars.

Pictures: Karel Vermeer 

The Mighty Fafnir without Fafnir

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Author: Stewart Wilkie Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Might Fafnir

"Der mächtige Fafnir" The Mighty Fafnir at the beautiful Chateau Impney hill climb preparing for practise on Saturday the 11th of July with Mark Butterworth driving. The 1914 Fafnir has a 10.5 Litre Hall Scott aero engine. In 1922 a Fafnir was raced at the Avus-ring Berlin by Rudolph Caracciola's which was his first racecar. It was one of five team cars. He finished fourth in his first race and first in class. Next year the Fafnir may return to Solitude where it also raced the same year.

Editor: Too bad the Fafnir engine is lost or was it exchanged for the american Hall Scott to add some Umpf? Are there any other surviving Fafnir cars and or engines? 


Abandoned or stolen Fiat 501

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Author: George Nica Saturday, 20 August 2016

abandoned _or_stolen_fiat_501-470

George Nica writes: "I purchased this photo depicting a nice Fiat 501 and written in Romanian May 11, 1935 - Baneasa forest. Baneasa forest is located near Bucharest, Romania. In 1935 the Fiat 501 wasn't a new car, and moreover the car has no frontlights and the convertible top looks broken and bent to the right side. I kindly ask the PWC comunity to deliberate whether the car was abandoned or stolen. All the best from Romania."


Pre war GP cars in Ireland

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Author: Mr Derek Sunday, 14 August 2016

Pre war gp cars in Ireland

Derek Wilson spotted these period racers in Ireland. 
" (just want) to say I was happy to be  invited along to  the Clonard Hotel last thursday evening to meet 12 pre first war grand prix cars and replicas is an understatement . 
To see the 28 ltr (200HP) 1905 Darraq burst in to life is incredible . The very close to 100% original (blue) 1911 Delage with sucessfull GP history would light up your face . 
These wonderfull group of freindly people are doing amazing work touring around in these important magnificent cars . 
Derek wilson 

found in net. Graf & Stift automobiles. Moscow

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Author: Marschhofer Karl Wednesday, 06 July 2016

found in net. Graf&Stift automobiles. MoscowI own a Graef&Stift SR4, 1925, Chassis-No. 2909 and all the works archive photos.
I have listed all Graef&Stift vehicles, I know. In june 2016 I found in the internet this photo about several Graef cars, one is new for me:     The Graef&Stift V5 lorry -fire brigade from the 1930s, I took 6 photos. The text is Russian and tells: delivered to Elektrizitaetswerke Moskau,  Feuerwehr, Graef&Stift V5 . This is a 4-cylinder lorry .
I want to know: where is this car now ? Is it still in Russia ?      What chassis number ? I would like some more photos for the archive  ( engine from all sides, what carburettor, Zenith Lyon ? ) .  What year built ? How many km`s driven ? What is the value of a fire brigade lorry ?
Please tell me your mail address, to send more photos from the Fire Brigade . I have 15 cars and 3 bikes ( 1 yacht "Segellaenge"  Mahagony , built 1906 by Heidtmann in Hamburg 21 ).
Thank You very much for your kind help ,  Karl Marschhofer 

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