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Miss Stapel says Goodbye to a 1935 Adler Trumpf (update: or Favorit?)

1935 Adler Trumph

It is always pleasing to be able to share with you pictures from family motoring albums taken by previous generations and today is the next one from Hugo Modderman, our vintage car expert friend who has premises in Monaco and Rotterdam.

He inherits his passion from his father who obviously had good taste – not only in cars. The picture shows a beautiful girl happy to oblige when her Father, Mr. Stapel, asked her to pose beside the 1935 Adler Trumpf which had finally been sold from his garage showroom in The Hague. This had just become the first car of Hugo Modderman’s father. (Hugo’s uncle drove a more sporting 1925 Stoewer D10) Hugo writes, "Take note of the special safety bumper." The Modderman family’s first car was, we believe, the Trumpf “Cabrio-Limousine” costing 2,650 Marks (2,750 for the ‘Limousine’) with front wheel drive designed by Hans Gustav Röhr, the German engineer, who, aged 17 in 1912, had built an aeroplane and used a 5 cylinder radial engine incorporating cylinders from a motorcycle engine.

We look forward to more pictures from old family photograph albums and hope you are making an album of your cars for future generations?

(Text Robin Batchelor, picture courtesy Hugo Modderman)

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Won in a wager – 1929 Talbot-Darracq K74

Won in a wager – 1929 Talbot-Darracq K74
Imagine the scene: the early hours of 1st January, 1948. The new year's celebrations have begun to subside, and the focus has turned to a game of cards. Perhaps suffering the effects of a little too much festive spirit, one player makes a high bet – the ownership of his Vintage motor car, a 1929 Talbot Darracq. Of course, he loses his hand. The winner thinks nothing more of it until several hours later, when the car appears outside his house. He insists the bet had been made in jest, and in any case he doesn't want the car, but the high-stakes loser is determined, and ownership is transferred.

It sounds like something from a cheap novel, but it really happened to Roger Tanner, and the Talbot-Darracq became the first in his collection of high-quality pre-war cars, which later included marques such as Hispano-Suiza, Isotta Fraschini, Rolls-Royce and Bentley. In the latest issue of The Automobile, John Warburton speaks to Roger Tanner about his love of Vintage cars and the enviable collection he built up over six decades. Incidentally, although Tanner claimed not to want the Darracq at first, he went on to use the car for the next 10 years, and only parted with it in 2007, when it was auctioned along with other cars from the collection. Does anyone know what became of it?

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Old collection and 'cave' finds at Clasicauto Madrid

Clasicauto Madrid 2015

Since 20 years Clasicauto Madrid is one of the major motoring events of Spain. One pavillion with three floors of which one is solely dedicated to cars, while the other two are full of stands with parts and automobilia. This year - contrary to the usual picture - the most interesting vehicles present were pre-war machines. The most striking was the Bugatti T30 shown at the stand of Pueche and which has seen the light after - nearly 50 years - in a private collection. The car seemed very well restored, and the body apparently was created in Barcelona. The unrestored Pierce Arrow has emerged after decades in a cave, just the opposite to the many pre-war cars presented in the concours. The "Best of Show" was the beautiful Hispano Suiza T64 "Junior" bodied by Feber, but also there were interesting rarities as the DKW F1 or more éveryday' cars like the yellow Ford T runabout. Lost among some post-war for sale we found this 1930s Delahaye Six cylinder, a "light truck" used until the 1970s by the Madrid´s fire brigade carrying a body that mixes the luxury of a "Coupe Chauffeur" with the utility of a van.

(Text and pictures by Francisco Carrión)

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220 Miles to attend a boring meeting

alfa at_ab_van_Egmond_470
Last Sunday we attended the year meeting of the Dutch Vintage Sports Car Club. Who wants to talk about event evaluations, member contributions, year reports, financial prognose of a club and all that? The good news is that the club spirit is that good, that due to good leadership the boring part of the meeting was hammered away in a few minutes more than half an hour. So that the best part of the meeting could be spent on car chat and similarly important stuff. Thanks to the sunny Sunday afternoon and a gentle e-mail push from this side the attendance was massive and not unimportant more members than ever arrived in a decent car. Bentley, Knox, Delage, Bugatti, Austin, Alvis, french Talbot, Hudson, MG, Alfa Romeo, Wolseley, Singer and Dodge Viper. Eh...Viper?!? Well, eh, yes, didn't we all start with a slightly funny car before turning to the right religion? So it was a fabulous afternoon with a small highlight. Driver Jeroen Hoep drove his Alvis 12/70 Sport Special 220 miles up and down  to the meeting, for which he received special recognition by PreWarCar. 

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