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What is it? Quiz #413

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You have no idea how much we would like to look under the bonnet of this neat French sports car. It is made by one of those double named French marques that tickle your fantasy and no matter the sound of the name makes you think of good old Britain. These guys made engines you would never think of ! However we are not so sure if this particular car had one of those intricate engines. Probably more straightforward machinery. But don't shoot us if we're wrong.

Start with the name of the car, then the more information the better. Especially when you have specific information which is not readily available through friend Google. Make sure you send your answer before Monday, February 8th. Results will be shown Saturday, February 13th. But be sure to to check the rules by clicking 'Read More'.

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Pedal cars add to a Glorious childhood

Pedal cars add to a Glorious childhood.

During the recent days and weeks a large number of PreWarCar motoring enthusiasts have been preparing for their annual pilgrimage to Paris for Rétromobile. We therefore hunted high and low for a French 'femme fatale' purring away in a suitable car near the Eiffel Tower. No such luck, but we are pleased to find this picture of a cute young Gloria Vanderbilt whose Mother would take her on frequent trips to France from their American home.
We will leave you to dig deeper into Gloria's life (HERE) if you wish, but let's say it was eventful. She inherited wealth, her aunt Thelma was mistress to the Prince of Wales, and in later life she enjoyed affairs with Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Howard Hughes and Roald Dahl.

Let's get back to wheeled transport and enjoy a picture of Gloria at a horse show. We found no pictures of her in sumptuous 1930s limousines so favoured by American actress/socialites, but there was something good about that early upbringing which included French pedal cars and Scottie dogs, because Gloria will celebrate her 92nd birthday later this month. We wish her a very happy birthday, so why not come and raise a glass to her on our Rétromobile stand (F100). Just look for the biggest car in the place!

(Text Robin Batchelor, pictures from archives)

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A Delage date for your diary

A Delage date for your diary.

Louis Delage started his company in 1905 and soon went racing to promote his wonderful cars. Different years - different formulae - different capacity engines. The 1926-1927 Grand Prix formula stipulated 1500 cc engine capacity, single-seat bodies with 80 cm minimum width and a minimum weight of 600 kg for 1926 (700 kg for 1927). Riding mechanics were no longer required, so the engine and gearbox could be offset towards the mechanic's side of the car, thus allowing a lower seating position for the driver.

Delage engineer, Albert Lory, designed and developed a Grand Prix car to these specifications and he produced the Delage 15-S-8, jewel-like straight 8 engine of 1500 cc with 55.8mm bore 76mm stroke, Roots supercharger. Four cars were built for the 1926 season and revised for 1927 - the pinnacle of engine design at the time.

We could go on, but we'll just add that Robert Benois drove this car to victory five times in 1927, including the GP de l'Ouverture and the GP de l'ACF at Montlhéry, so the dates for your diary are 6/7 May 2017 where the Vintage Revival at Montlhéry will celebrate 90 years of Delage. We will certainly be there and hope you will too.

(Text Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy VRM 2017)

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How to find the PreWarCar-stand at Rétromobile

1905 fiat_isotta_fraschini_470

The car showing is an interpretation of a never finished 200 HP Fiat 'Land Speed Record Car' project conceived in 1905. Originally the car was designed to use two mated giant four cylinder engines, thus creating a massive straight eight 'avant la lettre' with a chaingang moving in reverse direction (anybody who can explain what may have been the advantage?)

The Fiat Land Speed Record car in its current appearance was initially created by Graham Rankin and finished by current owner Mike Vardy.
The engine used is a 25O HP Isotta-Fraschini V6V six-cylinder 16,5 litre aero engine, which was used both in WWI bombers as in airships.
Over 20,000 hours have been spent to build the car and to make it 'usable' as it is today. Upon starting the engine car alarms in a circle of 100 meters diameter will go off. Note the person sitting near the white fencing covering her ears..!

During Rétromobile - this week from Wednesday until Sunday evening - the car will be on display at the stand of PreWarCar-PostWarClassic.  We hope to see you for a quick stop at stand F100, Hall 1. 

Having issues to find us at the show? Just ask for the Fiat, very hard to overlook this!(click)

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