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Mystery Monday: 5 photo's, many questions....

What is it?Lets start the week with a mystery.

Rob Neill is trying to find out about the make & model of five cars that are in photographs at Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire, National Trust property. What he knows about them: "Charles Wade was a non-driver who lived at Snowshill Manor in the Cotswolds & also owned property on St. Kitts in the Caribbean. His friends would take him out in their cars & we have these five photograhs of vehicles."

This looks like an easy one. You can probably tell us more about all the 5 cars. But we hope you can tell us more: Like can you also identify the date that the photographs are made? And what breed is the horse that you see on the first photo? In what occasion are the photographs shot? Who are the persons on the photo?

We hope that you can give us answers. But if you have more questions as well, please leave them in a comment.
Have a good week everyone!
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A lovely week in Paris

DSC 0088Paris, the city of love. This week, we and more than 100.000 national and international visitors, shared our passion for cars at the Retro Mobile. Both young and old was given an unforgettable experience, due to the sound organization and the many other well-known exhibitors in the industry.  

This year the items variated again from barn finds, spare parts and accessories to exclusive gleaming cars and future vehicles. Something interesting for everyone. Whereby also the mystery around the 'veteran racer' was more or less solved (a prototype of a 20s cyclecar brand).

Besides all the beauty which was offered throughout the week, we especially enjoyed the French lifestyle. With popped bottles of Champagne, French ‘’baguettes’’, and do not forget the multiple delicious cheeses, everyone was welcomed.

Thanks to friends, clients and potential customers who visited us at the, we believe this week was more than succeeded. We already look forward seeing you at the next event!

Photos by Hubertus Hansmann 

Bumbelbee DSC 0059 DSC 0068 DSC 0085 DSC 0089 DSC 0091 DSC 0095 DSC 0096 DSC 0111 DSC 0114 GNHamilton Baillon-Delahaye DSC 0058 DSC 0064 DSC 0119 DSC 0120 DSC 0138 DSC 0139 DSC 0143 DSC 0149 DSC 0153 DSC 0186 DSC 0187 DSC 0224
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What is it? Quiz #439


This week's Quiz-Car is a special, that was built in two similar examples or, as sometimes assumed, only one time and the second car was just a modification on the old chassis. All in all, around 400 chassis of this type have been built from 1919 till 1928, usually carrying big limousine-bodies. This edgy single-seater was not only built for records/racing, as it was also used for testing tyres on the old track of Brooklands.

We want you to tell us more about the car shown here and of course about the customer, who ordered this special version. Give us your best shot plus any information you may have at hand. As you know the details often determine the winner! And as usual, take care not to use more than 100 words, send in your answer before Monday and don't forget to check the rules under 'Read more'.


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This is not some ordinary lady, sitting on a truck

This is not some ordinary lady, sitting on a truck
This is not some ordinary lady, sitting on a truck. The year is 1936, and on the main picture is posing one of the most famous American female photographers, Dorothea Lange, with her Graflex 5x7 Series D camera sitting on the roof of a 1933 Ford Model C, 4 door Wagon.
In the 1930s, the US Farm Security Administration (FSA) employed several photographers to document the effects of the Great Depression on the population of America. Many of the photographs can also be seen as propaganda images to support the U.S. government's policy distributing support to the worst affected, poorer areas of the country. Dorothea Lange was one of these photographers. Lange's photographs humanized the consequences of the Great Depression and influenced the development of documentary photography. She became well known by her picture "Migrant Mother" of a supposed migrant pea picker, Florence Owens Thompson and her two kids in California in 1936. Lange captured the mother and her children's feeling of lost hope for the future. 
Lange was educated in photography at Columbia University in New York City. In 1918, she left New York with a female friend to travel the world, but was forced to end the trip in San Francisco due to a robbery and settled there, working as a photo finisher. By the following year she had opened a successful portrait studio. 
With the onset of the Great Depression, Lange turned her camera lens from the studio to the street. Her studies of unemployed and homeless people led to her employment with the FSA.
In December 1935, she divorced her first husband Dixon and married economist Paul Schuster Taylor, Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. Together they documented rural poverty and the exploitation of sharecroppers and migrant laborers for the next five years – Taylor interviewing and gathering economic data, Lange taking photos.
Lange was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1941 for her photography work. During the 2nd World War she covered the forced evacuation of Japanese Americans from the West Coast, on assignment for the War Relocation Authority (WRA). Her images were so obviously critical that the Army impounded most of them, and they were not seen publicly for more than 50 years.
Lange died of esophageal cancer on October 11, 1965, in San Francisco, California, at age 70.
The pictures show Dorothea Lange herself, her most famous picture "Migrant Mother", and because we are a website about cars, some pictures she made that are showing us some cars. 
Text: Marius Hille Ris Lambers, Onestop Photo
Photographs by Dorothea Lange on assignment for the Farm Security Administration.
Source: Wikipedia
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