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Follow in father's footsteps.

Follow in fathers footsteps.

Ettore Bugatti first produced a 'Baby' Bugatti in 1927 for his son Roland, and this picture shows him, age 5, next to big brother Jean in his Type 43. Ever since then, children of Bugatti enthusiasts have occasionally been encouraged to enjoy motoring early in a junior sized car.
The young lady in our picture was spotted practicing in the Bugatti Trust's car park when we visited 'La Vie en Bleu' recently at Prescott Hill Climb. In fact there were several youngsters enjoying the sunshine and Bugattis because The Bugatti Trust had arranged some drawing classes for children ( of all ages) to be given by professional artist/photographer Stefan Marjoram .
Our young friday lady was more interested in driving,  with Papa following closely behind clutching a safety rope, whilst the other young future drivers were concentrating on drawing. The results were encouraging and proud parents took pictures of their talented offspring who may one day become custodians of these wonderful cars - and follow in their fathers' footsteps.

Text/pictures Robin Batchelor.
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Throwback Thursday: Palace Het Loo, loaded with patina

In cooperation with the organisers of Concours Paleis Het Loo PreWarCar will open a new section: Well Preserved. A most interesting line up of cars is expected ranging from a 1909 Lane steamer up to a 1934 SS Jaguar 2,5 L Tourer. Interesting to see that we wrote 15 years ago already about the 'new trend' for Unrestored Cars. 

EARLIER TEXT of nearly 15 years ago:
The Netherlands, Sunday 2 September. Though the wheather for sure was not what the organization had ordered the Concours d'Elegance was brilliant. Apart from the kind of material you would expect on an occasion like this (Bugatti Stelvio, Mercedes SSK and so on) there was a very rare line up of Spyker cars differing in age from the early 1900s to the early 2000s. Especially interesting was the growing number of unrestored but well preserved cars. Like this marvellous Talbot Lago Grand Sport 1938 . A grand Hispano H6B 1921. A superhuge Horch limousine from the Audi AG collection. This trend is making you look forward to  next year's edition. We will come back on Het Loo later this week.

(photo editor)
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PreWar Workshop: How to fit a Conical Oil pressure gauge fitting

Oil pressure gauge fitting
A very common problem. There are zillions of different copper pipe fittings.  Do we have somebody or some website which is offering solutions for the most 10,000 different common fittings? 

Tim Green wrote: Having a bit of a struggle working out what kind of fitting I need to connect this oil pressure gauge to a copper pipe. I've never seen this kind of conical shaped appendage to a gauge before and don't know how to connect it up. It looks a bit like it should have a flared brake pipe type fitting but really don't know. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Many thanks!
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RAF Mystery Truck?

RAF truck_soldiers-470

We have a little desk research for those who are interested in RAF history. Just recently this joyful picture came in with a saloon? truck? or whatever? overgrown with happy RAF personnel. Too little cues for us to go on, so it's up to our British visitors and other RAF experts to decide which vehicle these chaps are hiding for us. Now if we are quick enough we may be just in time to present the results at tomorrow's meeting of the RAF Historical Society.
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