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Looking for Puls Preselector Gearbox History

Puls Preselector Gear Boxes

Even if you never heard about the German company Pulse this may be of interest to you. Especially if you are a fan of the British Wilson or French Cotal preselector gearboxes.  This is what Peter Meyer wrote us:

"A few days ago I had a phone call from Dr. Chr. Puls, managing director  of  the company "Puls-Getriebe" in Karlsruhe, South Germany, who is the 3rd generation to lead the company.

He came up with a very interesting story: his grandfather E.F. Puls  founded  the company in 1926 and designed semi-automatic and pre-selection gearboxes for cars, trucks and buses (for Dixi, Maybach Vomag, Austin, Morris, Wolseley, Büssing, Wanderer and Horch to name a few). In 1932 he moved to Birmingham/England and worked for Austin,  Morris  and Wolseley, designing preselector boxes for several cars from Austin,  Morris and for the Wolseley Twelve Six. More details are to be found on  the  company's  history page (in German).

A very interesting part is the 1932-1935 period, when the Puls articles  about Wolesley 12/6 in "The Motor" (Aug. 1934) and "The Light Car"(Jan. 1935)  were published.

This year the Puls-Getriebe will celebrate ist 90 anniversary and Mr. Puls  is planning to publish a book about the full history of the company. He  asked me to dive even further into the history and to write a  Chapter  regarding the inventions of his grandfather. I visited him recently and  found he  has piles of original drawings from his grandfather, including some of his  work  in the UK!

I am now trying to find out more about the gearboxes that were built and hope to find an owner of a car equipped with a Puls gearbox or maybe even somebody who has a Puls-Box somewhere on his shelf."

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Alfa service station on the Mille Miglia

Alfa service station on the Mille MIglia

Tuscany is full of surprises; you expect (and for sure get) great food, the exquisite wine and the awesome views. But being an automobile afficionado you want more. Just stopping at a garage during the recce of the Via Flaminia we got in touch with the Franco, the son of the old owner of Autofficina Bellini in San Casciano in Val die Pesa (for that name alone you would go!). As it appears, the shop used to be an official assistance and filling station of the Mille Miglia. Brave drivers lake Nuvolari, Campari, Varzi, Villoresi and Borzacchini stopped at the Bellini shop for service. The place is filled with old memories, as Franco is proud to show us. A few of the pictures depict a very special Alfa 6C, one running on coal gas ('carbone' or 'gasogene'  ; possibly the 6C1750 with a gasogene history offered in Monaco by RM Auctions. The two drivers are in white overalls, to show that the car is not polluting. Environmentalists of today, take note ! The car finished the race at an average of 60 km/h. We will incorporate the Bellini garage in the Via Flaminia route. ( text & photos Bart Kleyn) 

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Guess where is the Ford V-8 (update: 1937 Model 78 Roadster)

Guess where is the Ford V-8

Yes, in the main picture there is a 1937 Ford V-8 Cabriolet. And it´s not dismantled or incomplete; the car is in reasonably good conditions. Could you guess where it is? If you don´t believe us please check this picture (2) of a closer view taken after some minutes moving the surrounding stuff. And that´s what I had to do personally. After many visits to this old workshop - open since the late 1950s - one day the owners told me "in the background we have the V-8". At a first glance to this part of the workshop I only discovered tons of old parts of all kinds, mixed with antiquities such as old toys, bicycles or mannequins (photo 3). So I though that they were referring to a spare engine. They answered me "no, we have the entire car there", and then we started to remove piles of parts and furniture in order to move forward to the inside and unearth the Ford. And yes, they weren´t lying to me. Finally the most interesting of this "cave" was all the automobilia surrounding the car (photo 4 & 5), as this forgotten vehicle is planned to be parked there many years more. At least until all the material surrounding would be relocated!    Text and photos Francisco Carrion
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Lantilly: the French festival of slowth

Bdlia BD2_1919-470

It is not without humour that the organisers of the Vintage Revival Montlhery are offering another event at the Chateau de Lantilly in the heart of the baye-150Nivernais region on 25th and 26th of June.  Their slogan is "Saucisson sec, red plonk and Charentaises (the felt tartan slippers)". It sets the spirit in which the participants are invited to bring the most improbable cyclecars and infernal machines to compete in a race of slowth and other challenges under the watchful eye of Lord Ramillon, the host of the event on the Saturday and test their navigation skills in amphibious vehicles at the Lake of Baye on the Sunday. chateau de_lantilly-150By now, you might have guessed that it is inspired by the now famous British event and is a friendly and satirical wink to the Goodwood and Chantilly festivals. Many of the original creators will actually cross the channel and attend in support of the first international edition.

For more information, visit the website
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