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PATAN in Lekkerkerk
Hi can anyone identify this car please? (update: Calcott or Standard?)




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A Concours Invitation for Unrestored, Well-preserved Cars

1912 regal_underslung_470
During the 2016 Concours d'Elegance Paleis Het Loo a new category will be on display, judged and awarded: Unrestored Pre-1940 Automobiles which are still usable and close or very close to the condition they had when they left the factory. A special award for the Best of Unrestored will be provided by PreWarCar-PostWarClassic. The above shown Regal Underslung has lost its paint in the course of 104 years but is otherwise nearly untouched. It is not the intention of the organisers to show a collection of wrecks, so if you have a 'mint and boxed' and still drivable motorcar built prior to 1940 you are most welcome to propose your vehicle for participation. The final selection will be decided by the organisers.

Owners of very original motorcars who like to showcase their car in this new category should address PreWarCar by e-mail with two photos and a very short description (send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) before May 28th. Selected cars will be notified before June 4th.  Candidates already suggested are an Alvis Speed 25, Bugatti Type 37, an edwardian FIAT Tipo 5, a Regal Underslung, a REO Roadster and a SS I Jaguar.

Costs of participation are courtesy PreWarCar/Concours Paleis Het Loo. Cost for transport, insurance, hotel etc. are for the participant. Send your application to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We are truly looking forward to see candidates coming in!

(photo showing a 1912 Regal Underslung, photo Reinder Bier)
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Amédée and Dauplay from Le Mans revisited.

Amde Bolle-800

We had a long telephone conversation with veteran expert Malcolm Jeal regarding the recent two cylinder 1899 Amédée Bollée quiz car. He was kind enough to take the time and look up whatever was available. Yet hasted to add that information regarding coachbuilder Dauplay is as scarce as information regarding Amédée itself. It is his impression that car journalists of the period were primarily interested in what happened in Paris. Le Mans was not the name that it is today.

Malcolm found:
"The information about Carrossier Dauplay is from L'Invention de L'Automobile by Jean-Pierre Delaperrelle, published in 1986. I can find no references to Dauplay in any of my French reference sources of the period, and if it comes to that, there's not that much about Amédée Bollée either, presumably because they were not in Paris! Apart from cars made in the Capital, and to a degree in Lyon, the staff of the French motoring press seems not to have travelled much.

I've included the picture of the 6-seater for three reasons. 1897 Amde_Bolle_6seater-800One because I think it could well have been bodied by Dauplay as it has styling characteristics that are similar. Secondly, it is so odd, the 6 passengers must have made it really hard work for the driver to see where he was going, and yet he must have done so as it took part in the 1897 Paris-Amsterdam-Paris race in the Tourist Class. In the six-seater cars category it took first place but I wonder if it had any competitors?! Thirdly it survived at least until 1907 when it was exhibited in La Salon Rétrospective at the Paris Salon which had a wonderful display of historic vehicles.

Attached the shot from a similar but even more commodious car than the one in the quiz, but very similar overall.

text: Malcolm Jeal

editor:  any additional information about coachbuilding by Dauplay from Le Mans is most welcome
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About Quiz #420: 1927/8 Clyno 12/35 fabric saloon.

About Quiz #420: 1927/8  Clyno 12/35 fabric saloon.The picture in last week's Quiz #420 was not too difficult especially as we mentioned competition for Morris.  Ten of you correctly identified the car as a Clyno and six narrowed it down to a 12/35 model. We thank Beat Weibel and Inge Vikestad for the two non-Clyno suggestions, but it is not an Alvis or an Austin.
We applaud Ian Sly's knowledge that Clyno once built motorcycles, but it is Bud Smith's answer that really impressed us with facts and figures - "Released in autumn 1927 and produced through 1928; of course Clyno went into receivership in February 1929. The 12-35 featured the new style radiator, 1593cc engine (69.5 x 105) right hand change gearbox and 4 wheel brakes on a 9 Foot wheel base."He continues..."on a trivial note was the two piece sump on the new engine, which comprised of a filter tray and bolt on pressed steel base. The two seater 12-35 sold for £215, the tourer £220 and the fabric body saloon pictured sold for £250."
He sends us this picture of a  12/35 fabric saloon taken recently, plus a contemporary advert and even a picture of the unusual sump arrangement.
So we offer our congratulations to Bud for winning this week's quiz ( that's two now) and look forward to receiving your mail address and size for sending the T shirt.
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Pierce Arrow Revisited

1909 pierce-arrow_model_40_470

Last Monday's 'Mercedes-Simplex' mystery appeared to be a 1909 Pierce-Arrow Model 40. Not a very strange mix-up as many makes of car were following the Mercedes radiator style prior to WWI. This making the identification of some cars extremely difficult as their designs are sometimes even more close to each other than is the case with modern cars. 
Anyway, a few readers asked if any more photos were available and to our surprise Hugo Modderman produced two more of the same car, being the most charming picture above and a second one showing here. At the same time a little more history about the picture came up. It appears the car was transported for touring in Europe and the two (temporary) registrations are found to be from Liverpool and the one painted on the radiator is from Marseille.  Imagine doing that trip alone in 1909-1910.... What can happen to you with this grand lady on your side and a sumptuous amount of spare tires. Look at the sidemounting. Counting two wrapped up ones with a snug-fit round luggage keeper in the center. Plus in view of the bad roads in France(?) or in England(?) yet another third one attached to the earlier ones.  Our gutfeel and the architecture say that the picure above is still in France. Also the Liverpool plate is not yet attached.  A second picture is showing a little bit more of the side and judging by the landscape and atmosphere most probably shot on the same location as the earlier photo.
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