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ex army Monday Mystery (UPDATE: 1937/39 Wanderer W23 by Gläser or Mercedes 230?)

mystery car_not_a_chrysler-1-470

Bruno Costers: "Someone sent me this picture, assuming this is a 1937 Chrysler with Tüscher body, like the one I have. Though there are similarities, the details do not match, so I don't think it is a Chrysler. In my opinion it can't be an Opel also, because I believe they already used OHV engines at that time. Anybody?"

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A memorable murder many-many years ago

Leyland Tourer

Eddie Bourke writes: "Here a photo from August 1922 and some photos taken August 22, 2015 on the 93rd anniversary of the assignation of General Michael Collins Comander in Chief of the Irish Defence Forces. This 1920 Rolls Royce Armoured Car named Sliab-na-mBan was in convoy with Collins traveling in the back of the Leyland 8 photographed shortly before he was shot. The Sliab-na-mBan is still in service with the Irish Army today."  Here's more about The Final Journey.

editor: we know what happened with the general. We also know that Sliab-na-mBan survived. But what happened with the Leyland? What happened to this incredible car? 

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What is it? Quiz #402


This car is described as "attracting considerable attention on the Continent and which has now found its way to London...". If we tell you the country of manufacture it will be too easy, so have a look at the engine - offside and nearside - and here's the dashboard. So many cars of this era look similar so we would like to know the Make and Type plus whatever details you know about the engine and other models made in this year. Bonus points for knowledge of an unusal venture suggested by one of their foreign agents a few years later. You have 100 words, starting... NOW. 

Please post your answer in the comment box below (please do not email) and be sure to read The Rules under 'Read More'. This may be your chance to win the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt and wear with pride at this season's events! Results will be published next Saturday, September 5.

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Three ladies share one Brush

A trio of ladies with a Brush.

Today's picture transports us back to 1902 when our trio of Edwardian beauties were well known figures in society. Leaning on the radiator is Mrs. Mary Cornwallis-West whose husband owned Newlands Manor near Lymington in the southern UK county of Hampshire. We are doing the lady an injustice by not sharing her full fabulous name - Mary Adelaide Virginia Thomasina Eupatoria Cornwallis-West and also the fact that, aged 16, she was mistress to the Prince of Wales ( later King Edward VII ). The affair was discovered and she was married to the twice older George Cornwallis-West.
Sitting in the car are her daughters -  Daisy ( Princess Henry of Pless) and Constance who married the Duke of Westminster. The latter marriage was the result of Mary persuading The Prince of  Wales to convince the Duke to marry her daughter.

George was well-known for his glamorous marriages, the first being to Lady Randolph Churchill whose son Winston expressed dismay at his new stepfather being just 16 days his senior.  Apart from being an officer of the Scots Guards, George was also a director of the Brush Electrical Engineering Company and it is a 10 h.p. model shown in the photograph. This 1902 model was powered by a 2 cylinder Abeille engine with a 3 speed Sage gearbox and double chain drive to the rear wheels.

Clarence evidently inherited her mother's persuasive powers since the Duke of Westminster bought a 16 h.p. model with an 'especially comfortable body' and in 1903 he purchased a nine-seater  Shooting Wagonette producing 30 bhp at 950 rpm.  The War Office  also chose a 10 h.p. Brush. 
We wonder how many other men succumbed to these lovely ladies' charms and bought a Brush?

(Text & pictures Robin Batchelor)

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