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About What is it quiz #455: Brennabor Type A

About What is it quiz #455: Brennabor Type A

So here we are with the solution of quiz #455: Ok, at first, I have to apologize for one term in my quiz-text: I wrote “Production ended during World War II (…)”, but forgot to tell, that the automobile-production ended already in 1933/34.But afterwards, the production was still on with bicycles and motorbikes.

So now for the car, we searched for: It is, of course, a Brennabor Type A and regarding Hans-Heinrich von Fersen's book “Autos in Deutschland 1920-1939”, the exact Type should be the “AS Landaulet”, built in 1929. But after reading your answers and some research, I´m not quite sure, if it really is this Type. Well, ok, I´m VERY sure that it is not, as a Type called AS never existed. Brennabor built the Types ASL, ASK, AL, AK, AFL and finally the AFK, which all look very similar. But what were the differences: The types mainly differed in the wheelbase, the engine, and the gearbox. The “S”- and the “F”- versions had the bigger 3.1-litre engine with an output of 55 HP (2.5-litre engine / 45 HP for AL and AK) and the “L”-versions had the long wheelbase of 3290 mm (3000 mm for the short version). And instead of the four-speed gearbox, the “F”- versions had one ratioless. So how can we narrow down the possible types? The car is a “Landaulet” and by that, we can exclude all types with an “L”, as they were only built with “Pullmann”-saloon bodys. Still, we have three versions, that may fit. But there is one more detail, that only Christian Günzel wrote: The car on the pictures has disc-wheels and (as far, as I know) they were only mounted on the 45 HP cars. The 55 HP cars always had wooden spokes, you could also find on some of the cars with the small engine. Regarding this details, the only conclusion is, that it HAS to be a “Brennabor Type AK”

But because I am not absolutely sure, if there may have been a disc-wheel ASK or AFK, the quiz-answer is “Short-Wheelbase Brennabor Type A”.

And here some additional details, our contestants wrote:

Anders Svenfelt knew, that Carl Reichstein took part in the 1913 Stockholm-Gothenburg competition and also showed up at the Brooklands track in 1910. Fried Stol tells us about the “Brennaborette” delivery cars and Gerd Klioba knew, that the Landaulet body was advertised with the wonderful phrase “the car with open sky”. Well done!

A very good answer also from Salvador Claret. He knew, that the Landaulet body was only sold on the short wheelbase cars while Fritz Hegemann mainly concentrated on the technical data.

Josef Boers answer sadly has more than the maximum of 100 words, but nevertheless, he had some information, including the “Internationale Alpenfahrt 1928”, that Brennabor won with four Type AKS cars and he also tells us about the AKS pick-up at the Volante Museum / Germany.

Sorry, Hans Compter, your answer was too late. Very nice answers from all of you! But the five points go to Christian Günzel, who had at first a good answer, and afterward added the “disc-wheels”. And by considering this, he was the only participant with the correct “Type AK” solution.

So we have:

5 Points: Christian Günzel

3 Points: Josef Boers, Fritz Hegemann, Frank Sauerwald, Fedor, Salvador Claret, M.Steinbrink, Gerd Kiloba, Robert Hafner, Fried Stol, Anders Svenfelt and Michael Schlenger

1 Point: Tom St.Martin

Current top 5:
1. Gerd Klioba 8
2. Luc Ryckaert 5
3. Christian Günzel 5
4. Fritz Hegemann 4
5, Salvador Claret 4

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Hey there, Georgy girl !

Hey there, Georgy girl !It was in 1967 that The Seekers sang their song 'Georgy Girl' and I am old enough to remember it, along with some of the words . So when I started to wonder how to tell you about today's Friday lady,  the song's title seemed a good heading because the little girl standing beside her father's friend's car is called Georgy ( short for Georgina).
She's all grown up now of course with children and grandchildren of her own.
The picture came to me via her husband Adrian who asked me to name the car his future wife was posing beside.

georgieI was able to identify the car as a 1919/20 AV Monocar powered by a V twin JAP engine of 988cc.
It had a 2-speed epicyclic gearbox and chain drive to the rear wheels.

Georgina's father had a passion for vintage cars and was an active member of Cannon Hall Vintage & Veteran Club at Cawthorne near Barnsley.
This is a press photo from their Concourse Rally around 1960.

There are a number of AV Monocars known today and with a little judicious guess work I discovered the car is known to the DVLA computer as AV registration no. XB 6468  and the car in front of the AV is a 1926 Morris DK 3548.

There is a large enthusiastic following for Cyclecars today and I hope the owner of XB 6468 can be traced and persuaded to bring it out into the fresh air.
If he does, I shall be pleased to arrange another photo shoot with the lovely Georgy !

xb6468motorsportThe picture on the left appeared in February 1960 Motor Sport under the feature 'Fragments on forgotten makes.'
The owner drove the car from Doncaster to London on 3 gallons of petrol so it could be displayed in the showrooms of A.V. Motors.

Text / pictures Robin Batchelor.
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Cecil Kimbers Last MG

Imagine you’re sixteen years old and spot a derelict saloon in a collapsed shed. Immediately you think “I want that car!" But then it takes another six years before you can finally call it your own. That’s what happened to Malcolm Simmonds who spotted a forlorn looking MG VA saloon. No stranger to old cars as he used to tinker with them at his grandfather’s garage, he liked the look of the black MG and wanted to own it. However, at that time (1988) the then owner didn’t want to sell. Malcolm regularly went back to check on the saloon, only to find (in 1992) that it had disappeared. Stolen! Bad luck, but Malcolm started to check the car ads in several magazines until he spotted one that could be “his” MG. And it was! Even then it took several years of legal hassle before the MG was returned to its rightful owner, who then decided he would sell it to Malcolm.

As a new owner of the MG VA saloon Malcolm was invited to a meeting of the SA, VA and WA register of the MG Car Club. There he met VA guru Bas de Voogd, who immediately spotted the license plate CBL 192 and knew that this 1939 VA had been a factory demonstrator and was used by Cecil Kimber -the general manager of MG- as his personal transport. Even after Kimbers death in early 1945 the VA stayed in the family until the early fifties. Indeed a very special MG VA saloon, still in preserved unrestored condition. Read the full story of this MG VA’s amazing history in the November issue of The Automobile, out now!

(text and photos Rutger Booy)

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Driving a 1903 car and having champagne in the morning: Only in France

We all know the famous London to Brighton run, which is held every year in November. But how many of you know the much smaller, but at least as enjoyable Rallye des Ancetres in Compiegne? Held on the first weekend of October every year.
The team was present as well and enjoyed it once again. It is a typical French event, with beautiful old cars, very relaxing atmosphere and good food and wine.
The route takes you through beautiful nature, but it is the people who make the event as it is. Not only the organizers or participants, but the many French people who are on the side of the road. Some planned to watch the old cars but some just woke up and saw a 1900 De Dion Bouton passing by. We heard from one of the participants that they stopped to get some water in their leaking radiator and not only got water but a glass of champagne as well (at 9.30 o’clock in the morning).

The event is for cars before 1906 and as you can see on the little movie above, it brings all kind of cars together. Famous names like Panhard et Levassor, Rochet-Schneider, De Dion Bouton, Renault, Wolseley, and Opel but some less famous as well: Bolide de Paris, Hurtu, Adler, Cottereau, L’Elegante or what to think about a Léon Buat (that once was the subject of a pwc quiz!). This car was built very close to Compiegne itself so although the car is now in Germany, it was kind of a home game.

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