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The 'Found in Vietnam' Bugatti Type 40
Unknown car - around 1915


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A back to work Mystery (update: 1910/12 Gregoire 70/4)

unknown car_470

An intriguing shot sent to us by Jaap 'Bugatti' Horst. Not often we see period photos of cars in tatty condition. Or do the home made front wings have a special purpose except for hiding the radiator for us? From what we see of the bonnet we think it may be a round radiator; French car? Is the driver/mechanic a military chauffeur perhaps?
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Is this the ex-Vietnam 'CIA' Brescia? (update: no, that was the ex Andre Rheault type 40)

Bugatti at VSCCA Hunnewell Hillclimb

Erik Thomas: "I took this picture of this Bugatti at the 2011 or 2012 VSCCA Hunnewell Hillclimb. This is a pre-war only event near Boston, Massachusetts. I was sitting in my MGTC waiting for my run up the hill, when the owner of the Bug backed it up into the wooded area to have a wee. For some odd reason, those Brescia Bugs always look best off road. If I remember, that car was found by one of our members while he was working for the CIA in Vietnam in the 1960's. Somehow, he got it home. He is no longer alive, and the car was sold on to Italy. I think that car was one of my favorites of all time. Perhaps some day I will own one."

editor: Erik isn't 100% sure this is the ex-Vietnam car and would love to have the identity of the car confirmed from Brescia circles.

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About Quiz #367: 1916/1917 Daniels Model A Tourer

about quiz_367_1916_or_early_1917_daniels_eight_470

This photo sent to us by Gunnar Geijer was taken in Norway, nothing more is known, except for the regisitration C-78. Unfortunately, due to a technical mishap,  part of the solution was published to those who checked smartphone or tablet. Which makes it fairly impossible to judge the 27 answers in an honest way. However a few things are sure. It is not a Yale, not a Cole, not a King, not a Cadillac and also no La Fayette.  Twenty two competitors named Daniels. See full results here.

Sender of the photo Gunnar Geier - who is restoring a Daniels - added: "There are not many left. Of the circa 2500 built less than 20 seems to have survived. Some 30 years ago I bought the sad remains of the oldest known Daniels, a 1916 seven passenger dual phaeton (chassis #164), exactly like the one on the picture. It seems that at least three early cars made their way to Scandinavia (editor: another source says thirteen cars came to Norway) . One restored 1917 model is at the Tekniska Museet in Oslo, Norway. The engine of the car on the picture is in a scrap yard in Norway and the third “car” is mine."
Aleksander Langsaether (family of Kjetil?) adds to the history of the car C-78.  " This particualr car was owned by Mr. E. Th. Lindboe. "   

Due to the issue with pre-publication we have decided to announce this weeks winner to be Ole Kristian Haugen. He restored the museum car and gave soem nice details: "It is a heavy beast to drive in traffic, better on the open road, but the high weight combined with the two-wheel brakes gave us some scary moments. Also scaring is the petrol consumption of more than 30 l/100 km.  The ca 6,5 -litre Herschell-Spillman engine has double ignition by an Atwater-Kent distributor and magneto. The front axle is by Timken." 

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A Mercer, Premier, Pierce, Paige Stoddard, Stutz Mystery? (update: 1910 Jackson)

stutz bearcat_mystery_470
Yesterday we received an e-mail if we still post mystery cars. Well, for those who wonder, here's another one. A fine brass era sports car. From the photo album of Mr. John's  great grandfather. Now what is it? A Stutz Bearcat perhaps? Or the iconic Mercer? Or the mighty 1911 45/55HP 6 cylinder Premier that Bonhams will be selling shortly?

We checked some photos and concluded judging various aspects that this is a much lighter car. Especially the slim almost feeble dumbirons are causing us headaches. And finally only based on these dumbirons our thought is that it could be a Paige Raceabout; yet we didn't succeed in convincing ourselves. What do you think?

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