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Hollow bronze crank case of cycle car circa 1905-10
A Paris-Madrid, Paris-Vienna, Paris- Rouen Mystery?


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A Paris-Madrid, Paris-Vienna, Paris- Rouen Mystery? (update: Peugeot and Mors)

paris madrid_racers-1_470

Peter Langmaid is an avid collector of old racing photos. Attached you'll find two presumably amateur pics he recently sent :
"A couple of photos of old 'chain driven' racing cars. I have no idea as to make or date but location could be France." We must admit that our first thought was Paris-Madrid, yet we have the feeling these photos are older. More like round the turn of the century. Is it Paris-Vienna, or Paris-Rouen perhaps? No too modern for Paris Rouen ( 1894). Our guess -  a gutfeel strictly based on car design is 1899  Tour de France. Be sure to check also the spectacular second photo. That car also has different size front and rear wheel. Perhaps you can ID cars #62 and #75 or tell us who the drivers are.

(edition 5000 competition)
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Riley abuse?

Riley abuse?

Mike Long: "About 17 years ago, as my neighborhood (in Franklin, Tennessee) expanded, I noticed that builders were creating "burn pits" of perfectly good wood. Lacking a truck, I removed the front passenger seat from my 1937 Riley Lynx, tossed-in a ladder with some rope, and started excavating treasures that were then transported home in the Lynx. Sadly, my wife took an in-process picture! Even though it was a small distance and relatively light loading, I'd guess my day's work would have apalled many of my Riley Register fellow members and my local car club ... which has named the car  'Queen Mum'."

Now we only want to hear from Mike why his car was called 'Queen Mum' . We never saw here going round with bundles of wood, did we? 

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1907 Cyklonette, Frame nr 235, Engine nr 282

1907 cyclonette_235-282_470

Long time visitor Harry Pyle from Australia sends this very nice pics of his four cylinder front wheel drive:
Here our 1907 Cyklonette restoration project..before, during and after. It is now almost complete, except for a little work on the 2 x cooling towers on top of the engine, and a LOT of work on the 2 speed transmission. (it was completely missing..I have reproduced all the change levers and shaft already, and have a 2nd gear epicyclic hub from a 1940s car which I intend to adapt to give me the 1/2 speed low gear and clutch to give me the 1:1 high gear.)
The car was on “display only” at the recent Australian National Veteran CarRally held in Kalgoorlie Western Australia. My wife Deidre and I did all the work ourselves except the nickel plating of large parts, the new rims and spoking thereof, and the sandblasting of frame. I have 100's of photos which she took during the restoration period and would love to share them with other Cyklonette owners around the world. I also have a large collection of early Cyklonette photos and advertising literature.

I have started a Cyklon Register and so far I have photos and some details of;
motorcycle 1900 believed to be in Germany
car 42      1904 in the Munich Transport Museum
car 69      1904 recently sold from England to Germany , no contact details
car 133    1906 sold from Denmark to Germany 2 in 1912, no contact details
car 235    1907 in my posession in Perth West Australia. 
car ??       1912 in Louwman Museum Holland.
car 2492   1912 in South Australia, confidential contact.
car 2657   1913 in Essen Museum ? Germany, no contact details
car ??       1913 in Tecnik Museum Bad OyenHausen ? Germany, no contact details
car ??       1908-1915 auctioned car in USA 2013 with early body + later engine and front forks/suspension. No contact details.

I am always pleased to share any information I have collected and also receive from other people/owners any information that they may have. I am particularly interested in any documentation that can be used for accurate dating purposes, eg. factory records, original receipts, photos etc. Also I am looking for an original Cyklonette 2 speed transmission so that I can complete my project much sooner.

Harry Pyle 

editor: fabulous result Harry! When you are really on the road we would love to get a driving report. We find it nearly impossible to get people to tell us about the driving experience of their vehicle is. Regarding the parts you are looking for, I am sure you tried a Wanted Advert, did you?  

(edition 5000 competition) 
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What is it? Quiz #386

what is_it_quiz_386_470

Wow, that's a nice arrogant V-radiator Torpedo. Solid teutonic design. We've had several of similar cars posted as mystery cars before, yet most of those had what we call the 'bathtub' torpedo design well known in Germany. This specific motorcar is from a famous brand, known since one of the most challenging international races. That first fame was never repeated but in edwardian circles it's still highly desirable. The end of car production came in the mid twenties, yet the mother company is still active and going strong. Up to you to explain which car is showing. Which Make, which Year, Which Type. And any relevant, or even better, trivial details. Preferably details which are not readily available with a simple google-click.

But before writing down your response, be sure to read the Rules under Read More. This may be your chance to win the coveted PreWarCar T-shirt. Results and source of photo will be published next Saturday, January 24.

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