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The 'Found in Vietnam' Bugatti Type 40
Unknown car - around 1915


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The MG VA CHO17 sixty years ago and today...

mg va_brockenhurst_470

Photographer Karel Vermeer has a keen eye for cars and photos. He found this postcard and was not only attentive to spot the MG VA registered CHO17 in the center of Brockenhurst near the station at the junction of Lymington and Brookley Road. He also remembered that the very same 1937 MG VA is currently for sale at these pages! Once more we learn there is no such thing as coincidence...

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Adam's do-it-yourself RR kit

adam partridge_1931_rolls_royce_20-25_470
Following the recent debate about the pros and cons of RR we can only add that no matter of what you think of the great marque it is a dream of thousands to one day own a specimen of the automobile with the temple shaped radiator. Here's a 1931 20/25 project without 'clothes' that may be closer to your purse than expected. To take away one worry of the aspirant RR driver. The 'temple' plus flying lady come with the car. In view of the clear fact that the project will need all attention that one can imagine it may be a good idea to arm oneself with a bit of literature, available at the same auction. First of all from the house in Crew itself. Further period literature like 'Auto Repair & Overhauling' of course. And for the many moments of despair which will occur without any doubt, be sure to purchase this silver Roadster and post it on your bedside. To feed your hope and keep your dreams alive.

10-11 April, Adam Partridge Auctioneers & Valuers, The Sale Room, UK.
Automobile Ephemera, Automobilia, Classic Cars.

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A Gläser Steyr Mystery? (update: body by Keible, Austria)

Steyr - model and karosserie?

Igor sends these photos of a recent Steyr find by a friend. So far they have not been able to identify the body of the car. They even are not sure if it is a model 125 or model 225. We don't think the type is a 225 as that is a modern tractor.... Obviously the car has no papers and no ID-tags or plates, which will in general stands for a good puzzle... Our first feeling is Gläser for the body and we don't think we are too far from the truth as we say this is probably a mid thirties model 120 or 125, but headlamp arrangement and other details are different. Yet we're sure our Austrian readership will fill in the gaps. 
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Enjoy the rain of Spain

56th Rallye Barcelona-Sitges

After some years with the number of entrants descending, this year's edition of the Barcelona-Sitges (56th) the list of entries has grown to nearly 70 cars again. And that's not the only good news: foreign entrants have reappeared in reasonable numbers.  But as everything can´t be perfect this year the usual mediterranean good weather dissapeared and the cars had to battle the elements all along the route. Rain and strong winds accompanied the rally all the way from Barcelona to Sitges. Anyway, most of the owners seemed not too worried and with the extended tops, laterals and with raincoats over the period dresses most of the cars completed the journey. Despite the adverse climatic conditions, drivers and companions showed a very good sense of humor and the concours d'elegance was celebrated as usual (photos 2 and 3). And to help aginst the excess of water, the organisation had a Ford T firepump of the Council of Barcelona working hard (photo 4).

(Photo 5: 1908 Wolseley , Photo 6: oily rag 1915 Fiat Zero, Photo 7: 1926 Hispano-Suiza t49)
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