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The Towing Rope Mystery Update: 1923/1925 Auburn 6-63 or 6-43)

Unidentified late 1920s phaeton in Berlin

Another lovely picture sent in by Michael Schlenger: "I recently acquired this rather unusual picture of a large phaeton from the late 1920s that appears to have broken down (see the towing rope in front of the car) and is about to be repaired (or maybe is going to be dismantled for parts...).

The number plate indicates that the vehicle once was registered somewhere in Berlin ("IA"). But it's definitively not a car from a German manufacturer.

From the overall appearance I assume it's an American car, probably with a straight six engine. Since my knowledge of US cars is rather limited, I hope that someone out there can identify the marque and the model."
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Did your car enjoy some snow already?

ford 1936_15_ton_panel_truck_in_snow_470

Last weekend, we sent a Newsletter with the following message. 
'Winter is stil young and the first snow in Europe has melted off again. But we think it is a matter of days before new and more will come, while summer is getting near with our friends Down Under.

We are eager to see photos that you may have of your old car in fresh snow. No matter if the photo was taken in 1910, 1960 or today. Your photo may be black & white or in the brightest colours. We just like to see what you have. A selection of photos will be posted at and And we may even decide to use your photo with our seasons wishes.'

Starting yesterday afternoon a small blizzard of beautiful, white pictures landed in our mailbox but our hunger for more automotive snow is not gone. So send your photo(s) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and tell us with a few words the What, Where, When and Who took the picture... if known.

If you don't receive our newsletter (no worries we will snow under your mailbox like some other websites do), you may consider to sign up to receive the latest pre- and post-war news first! (see some past examples)

photo by Barry Brown from Canada

About his sturdy transport pictured above: " Ex Belchertown Mass. Fire Department. 1936 Ford 1 1/2 Ton panel truck , 131.5” WB. with optional dual rear wheels ,  converted to  “fire emergency” specification when new by Proctor-Keefe, Detroit Mich. (side windows and roll down rear door windows etc.)   Found in a tobacco barn in Northfield Mass. circa 1985. ( a “real” barn find!)   Used since then as a vintage motorcycle hauler. Truck has been sold and is already missed ! "
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Tempting variety to Brighten up your winter

Tempting variety to Brighten up your winter.

Brightwells have listed an interesting variety of cars in their next auction to be held on wednesday 23 November at the auction centre in Leominster, Herefordshire.
The 1934 Riley 12/6 Mentone Saloon was our favourite before we even read the description, which starts,  “...At once let it be said that this is an outstanding car… Most of the cars tested by us in the Midlands pass along a certain private road on which there is a shallow S-bend. Although on no previous occasion has this been taken at more than 50mph, the Riley 12/6 went through it at 70mph. No doubt some other cars could have done the same, but the Riley simply pleaded for it.” The Light Car June 1934.
Drivers with good taste are increasingly waking up to the quality of Rileys and despite its 'no reserve', this rare, swift and handsome pre-war sporting six cylinder saloon will attract fierce bidding. You watch.

Lot 86 is a 1927 Crossley 15/30 Tourer with a lusty 2.4-litre engine delivering masses of low-down torque, making it easy and great fun to drive. The original prop shaft has been improved with Hardy Spicer joints to transform the  driving experience. A high quality, usable and powerful Vintage tourer with bags of space for friends, family, dogs, picnics etc.

The FIAT 509 caused a sensation when unveiled at the Paris show in 1924, its powerful four-wheel brakes, peppy OHC engine and quality construction wowed the crowds who placed orders in droves. This delightful 1929 509A  is pretty and practical with previous drivers including Mrs Anne Wisdom and Pat Moss.

The catalogue description for the 1934 Hillman Aero Minx( Lot 31)  is full of encouraging comments..."rare and attractive - for restoration"..." largely complete"... "engine reputedly rebuilt"... "new set of wheel spinners". 
This lovely car will find a buyer and in a year or two, it will be turning heads just as it did in the thirties and people may be heard to say it is better than its equivalent MG - just as they did in 1934.

We are told the Jowett Car Club is the oldest one-make club in the world, so here's your chance to join and go trialling as well. This saloon is known as the 'White Lady' - a tongue in cheek reference to Jowett's production models - the 'Black Prince' and 'Grey Knight'. Compared to other engines of the day, the Jowett four-stroke horizontally opposed two-cylinder engine was a smooth and powerful unit and quickly earned its nickname ‘the little engine with the big pull’ . You can read about it in Lot 37.

If you were wondering what to do this winter - fret no more! ... " Not a project for the faint hearted, it is nevertheless all there and should help fill those dark winter nights when there is nothing on the telly…."  Become a Morris owner and breathe life back into this 1932 Morris 10 Saloon and if you falter and start to question your sanity, just remember it has a sliding roof so you can transport grandfather clocks, skis, tall house plants.... or the Christmas Tree!

Text Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy Brightwells.

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Patinated Adler 6/25 h.p

Patinated Adler 6/25 h.p. in black & white
The German car manufacturer Adler from Frankfurt/Main is still highly renowned among prewar car enthusiasts, even if it stopped producing cars after WW2. And yet, even on classic car events in Germany you'll find it difficult to spot an Adler - apart from the popular 1930 Trumpf models, of course.

This summer (2016) I had the occasion to take some pictures of a very rare 6/25 h.p. Adler which was built between 1925 and 1928. It was the first newly developed Adler after WW1 and even if (or maybe because) it was equipped with a conventional 4-cylinder sidevalve engine producing 25 h.p. from 1.6 Litre, it proved quite successful.

Most 6/25 h.p. Adlers were then sold with a phaeton body which was the cheapest and lightest one available. The car on the pictures which I shot during an event on a local airfield (Bad Nauheim near Frankfurt) originally also had a phaeton body - or "Tourenwagen-Aufbau" in German.

At some point of its life - according to the owner before WW2 - the rear part of the body was modified in a rather crude manner. The result - a pickup with an improvised cabin - can be seen on the pictures. The car was in permanent use until the 1950s when it was put away. 

The current owner decided that a technical overhaul would do and otherwise left the car in "as found" condition. In my opinion, the little Adler is a charming witness of a bygone era and attracts more attention than the usual postwar mass-produced cars that are fetching astronomic prices, currently.

In case someone is interested in more (historic) photos of Adler motorcars, there are plenty of them to be found in my Adler online gallery 
Words and pictures: Michael Schlenger 
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