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What is it? Quiz # 429

what is_it_429_470
It's a shortnosed four door tourer designed to provide the passengers a luxurious body with as much room as possible. So no engine at the front, but somewhere else. Built in England, I can tell you already now that it's not a Lanchester. The name of the make was an abbreviation of this new concept. Most cars were limousines and landaulettes built for town or even long distance use. As you can see they also built at least a few normal touring cars, in this case a fashionable torpedo. Up to you now to come up with name of the make and to tell where the engine has been hidden! Other details, especially if not readily available from the internet, may put you in advance, but take care not to use more than 100 words and don't forget to check the rules under read more.

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Who is the little girl?

Renault BW_Photo-800
Tom Cook, chairman of the UK based De Dion Bouton club, sends a picture of another brand he likes. He owns a fine 1910 Renault BZ (so he is probably a member of the Renault Freres as well). Tom found an old picture of that one shot in Australia, where the Renault was a well known car in Adelaide. Originally the car most probably was shipped to Sydney to be used by the owner of a larger estate.
Tom is very keen to know who is the girl in the back of the car. We don't know for sure of course, but would not be surprised if the young lady in the picture is of Tom's age by now so we're not sure if his wife should know about all this. 

It's a long shot trying to find out things like this, but we have seen funnier things come to light. So don't be shy if you have a history question connected with your car. Send in one or a few photos plus the basic facts of your car plus what you want to know.
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Brightwells 21 September: saloonist heaven

2016 21_9_salooning_heaven_470
Some of you will turn away in dismay. You may primarily be interested in bright coloured Coupes and Convertibles. Sorry,  today we will zoom in on next week's auction of Brightwells but concentrate - for a change - on the not so bright coloured but quite long line up of pre-war saloons that will be on offer.  Starting with this most attractive 6 cylinder Alvis Crested Eagle Six Light Saloon by Charlesworth. A longnosed, sporty saloon with plenty of room  and comfort. We envy the next owner.
Yet there's more, much more to long for and to consider.  Only several hundreds of the Alvis Speed 25 were produced. Still missing specimen keep re-emerging form oblivion. And what's more this 1939 Speed 25SC bodied by Charlesworth has even more to offer. It was a 1939 private competitor in the Monte Carlo rally.  There's yet another Alvis Saloon, but that's 1947 and we stick with pre-wars here. 
The next one is a sheer statement. Not the prettiest ever but you will not go unnoticed when you arrive with a swing with this 1938 Austin 18 Windsor Limousine.  
When you are in the market for something highly usable and not so dear, then take a longer look at the 1938 Austin Big 7 Forlite Saloon.  There is another probably very-very cheap Light 12/4 saloon, yet that one is in a very sad-sad condition.  More cheers for the 1932 Austin Seven RP Saloon which not only is very presentable but has serious upgrades. 12 Volt and hydraulic brakes! Ready for anything.
When you are really in for serious continental mileage you could seriously consider the wellsorted Ford 3,6 Litre V8 Fordor Deluxe.
For Morris fans Brightwells has a threesome to choose from. Like this very attractive black over forest green 1935 Four door with original interior.   
Riley aficionados probably will keep an eye on the bidding on this '36 Adelphi 12/4.
More offferings in the Crewe department. A choice of three, er... that is saloons, be sure to check the longlist for more! Anyway there's one well cared for 20/25 Mulliner Saloon with a long and detailed history. And finally as a grand saloon finale a choice of two projects a decade apart. A 1927 20HP Saloon with lots of work, kindly described aby the auctioneer with 'lots of potential'. 
Similar words coem up with  the second RR saloon project. a 1937 25/30 Hooper 'stiff upperlip' Sports Saloon

Happy salooning! Brightwells, Wednesday 21 September 
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Mystery brakes on the Parry Thomas GP Car (update: Perrot ?)

Mystery brakes1_600
Geraint Owen, whom we all know from the famous BABS (a lot less people know he was the first private to sell a car through these pages many-many years ago), has problems identifying the vintage brakes on another brilliant car, the Parry Thomas Flatiron car (right in the picture below, Babs on the left and the Leyland-Thomas in the middle).

'They are metric (all the bolts are metric threads and the diameter is 300 mm). They may well have been made in France, but I know for sure that they were made in the winter of 1925/26. They are fitted to the Parry Thomas Flatiron GP car'

Any idea about these mystery brakes? Please share your comments and/or educated guess below.
 JGPT with_three_cars_1927-800 Mystery brakes2_600 Mystery brakes3_600

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