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A Maserati gearbox Mystery (Update: no Maserati gearbox!?)

pre-war maserati_gearbox_470

This interesting gearbox came in with the parts adverts last week. It intrigued us immediately. How to date this box without being an expert? Well much larger you cannot depict the Maserati logo so that's a start. So yesterday we started to google for the Maserati trident logos. And then the mystery thickened. Although you can find the logo in a thousand varieties they never look like this one.

That is to say, yes the three teeth are very similar to this example. Yet the basis in general will show three thin horizontal lines. Well maybe a simplification to help the fondry. Here we see just two thick horizontal sticks. Yet this simplification doesn't help to understand the column right under it. This one showing a Corintian column which is much more elaborated than in the original logo, check the trident evolution at Maserati 100. Over to you.

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"It's him! Same ears!"

bugatti don_stephan_470
Sorry that we let you wait so long! After 'Edition 5000' came out on January 10 a small avalanche of great photos, stories ...and more came in. So many that we had to wait until today before we were ready with publishing and telling you about the results! Yet today we like to let you know about the winners of the Edition 5000 competition. An amazing load of e came in. It only confirmed to us that zillions of stories must be out there. We decided to give out two prizes. One for best story and one for best photo. And we most certainly consider to extend this game for the near future. 

One prize won for the fab photo by Don Stephan showing five 'girls' looking away from his Bug.... . Congratulations Don, you just won $ 50
One prize won for the entertaining, intersting and witty story by Radu Comsa (headline above, story below). Congratulations! We'll send you Euro 50 

"Bucharest 1987, me 16 year old. A good friend borrowed me for few days the Bucharest Police Car Register from the mid '30's. Together with a period city street guide, it was perfect for a teenager detective job. I made a shortlist of interesting cars, taking care of most probable addresses where to find a car (preferably small streets with extant villas  because at that time Bucharest was under Ceausescu's demolition madness) I started with a shortlist of about thirty cars: Voisins, Alfa Romeos, Packards, Isottas. But the first line on my note REO on Carol Knappe street. Had no idea about the make, but it sounded so exotic, it had to be a great car....

Then I started my search. First day, first line, and arriving on Carol Knappe street one can imagine my big big surprise to see at the precise street number a rusty phaeton behind the fence. Pushed the gate. Car had nice wire wheels, big headlights and a beautiful sweeping line on the hood. But was missing the body from the front doors on, though it had all four fenders and the gas tank. Engine and transmission were there, today it's called restorable.

Rang the bell and a nice old lady opens the door - "OMG, please don' t move", she says, then she calls an old man, obviously her husband. "Please turn left now and then turn right" to me and "It's him! ...same ears" to her husband. Then they kindly invited me for a piece of cake. From their conversation, soon realised I was a perfect look-alike of their lost son - "nice to pass by, we were somehow waiting for you". After coming home all that story became very spooky for a teenager and I promised myself never to go back to that street. And hey, if the first line of the list was succesful, there are plenty of cars to be discovered, if not a Bugatti, then a Voisin might be just fine. Needless to say, none of the other addresses had rusty cars...

Years later, saw in the Standard Catalog the 1929/30 Flying Cloud REO phaeton is quite a rare car, with a production run of only one year. And most handsome I would say. Three years ago, I saw it again at the opposite end of the city , this time only a poor bare chassis on a sidewalk. Though driving at some speed, I instantly recognized the gas tank. "

Radu Comsa, Bucharest January 2015  

(edition 5000 competition, comp5000)

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Greetings from Luang Prabang, Laos

Greetings from Laos

We love pictures from old cars, shot in remote places. Hans van der Putten sends this solid piece of garden furniture: "Remainders from the french colonial past rot away in a hotel garden near Luang Prabang (Unesco Heritage), on the banks of the Mekong river." Laos was under french colonial power and 'protectorate' until 1953 which makes you think the Citroën truck should be dated earlier. We may be wrong, but the truck is quite similar to this 1944 model, especially based on shaping and detailing of the wings. 

Be sure to check another truck in Laos at PostWarClassic today: a Nissan - Mercury ?

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One of six 1927 Packard Touring cars made for the British market.

1927 packard_343_290_right_hand_drive_470   

Steve McDonald from Florida (USA): "My investigation reveals that Packard built six RHD model 343-290 long wheel base touring cars for the English Market. This is one of the six, built in early 1927. I was recenty contacted and told that mine is the only remaining of the six. (I invite disagreements as part of any historical learning process if my facts are incorrect.) After manufacture, this Packard was shipped to London, immediately purchased, and shipped to Argentina. It spent most of its life in San Isidro, a suburb of Buenos Aires. A few years ago, I swapped a postwar Corvette for it and definitely believe I received the better end of the deal.

This Packard is mostly original; it is a survivor, only having needed maintenance to keep it from deteriorating. Judges at shows all agree: do nothing to it, it only original once! The original "dust gray" paint scheme (apparently the same for all six cars) is highlighted by traces of the original beige patina and orange pin striping. The interior leather is spectaular. I would like to prove that Argentine President Juan Peron' used this car for political campaigning, but cannot find a photo proving it. So I have just rumors."

( comp5000 )

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