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A hunting Métallurgique (UPD. 12CV,1910/1911, body by Vandenplas, CN236 (UK))

automobile metallurgique_beho_vielsalm_470

A few days ago we unadvertedly shocked several of our readers by showing a post bear hunt photo which is not in accordance with today's view on things. Today a more peaceful picture, but don't forget it is still about a hunt...

Sender Leslie has a question about the postcard with a scene situated in front of the 'Cafe. Au Rendez-Vous des Chasseurs. Bruyere" : This picture shows probably a prewar Métallurgique with a nice and rare body by...? Unfortunately the seller of this postcard masked the additional information. The scene has been shot in a small village called Beho situated in the Belgian Ardennes close to Vielsalm. Does anyone have more information regarding the exact type of this presumed Métallurgique and the marvelous coachwork?
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What is it? Quiz #404

What is it? Quiz #404

A fine low set 'boat-tailed' tourer with mahogany deck. Possibly a coachwork by....... who knows. There were three manufacturers who used the name of the marque over a period of some twenty years.  One of the most recogniseable facts about this French make is that most of their production had an underslung chassis. Wouldn't it be nice to start a register of all makes and cars which had an underslung chassis as from works.

This week, concentrate on this French jewel known by few. After a reorganisation the above car was the first new and quite modern product. As we are not 100% sure about the exact year and type, we will be mild with that and look with even more attention to any added evidence and specific knowledge about this make and model which is not readily available through search engines. In fewer words. Check your printed books! Good news for book lovers: the sales and use of E-readers seems to show a drop over the last two years.

We invite you to share your knowledge about this rare car and have a shot in winning the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt. Start with mentioning the presumed Make, Year & Type. And further whatever you may know about the car. 

Answers in the comment box please, post it before Monday September 28  and you may become the winner of this week's pre-war Quiz. Be careful though, check the Rules under 'Read More' first. Results and source of photo will be published next Saturday, October 3rd. Enjoy weekend!

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Hollywood or Bust - 23 Skidoo

Hollywood or Bust - 23 Skidoo.

First, let's establish what car these lovely girls are sitting on. We think it's a 1936 '3-window' Chevrolet Coupe, probably owned by the young student at the wheel - lucky chap. This happy group of students are off to a dance with a Roaring '20s theme and how do we know that? It's written on the bonnet, along with 'Hollywood or Bust' to remind us of our carefree student days and our heads full of dreams. The owner doesn't seem to worry about painted slogans on his car, if his initials are 'JH' then the girl with initials 'RO' will help wash it off.

We turned to our favourite search engine to discover what 23 Skidoo means. It is an American slang phrase meaning "leaving quickly, being forced to leave quickly by someone else, or taking advantage of a propitious opportunity to leave, that is, getting [out] while the going's good." That sums up the atmosphere on that car nicely, except for the guy sitting in the rumble seat with a glum expression. Our advice? 'Give your face a joy ride!'

(Text by Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy VCCA.)
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Lovely car, difficult name: Secqueville-Hoyau

lovely car_difficult_name_secqueville_hoyau_470

Those who were on Amelia Island earlier this year will probably have noticed this nice sportive car with its Rolls-Royce-like radiator. It is a French Secqueville-Hoyau, or better: SH. This SH was registered in England in 1922. It seems that this make was serious in its attempt to conquer the European markets. They had at least an agent in The Netherlands and a SH survives in Portugal where it may have been sold originally.

In England it was advertised as “the elite of light cars”. Indeed it was a nice car and well built. It featured a four cylinder engine of 1.2 litre which had a double lubrication system: a pump pumped the oil to the bearings of the crankshaft and to the top ends of connecting rods. The remaining oil was splashed onto the camshaft. The petrol was pumped to the engine by means of a Weymann vacuum feed system. The SH was really somewhat ahead compared to most of its competitors: four speeds, a single disc clutch and hydraulic shock absorbers.

The company, founded by Alfred Secqueville and Gaston Hoyau, had been building airplane components and engines but, like e.g. Voisin, had been forced to find new markets after the Great War had ended. Their first model was praised by the press and could be bought with several attractive bodies. The make built itself a good reputation… but also a reputation of being expensive. SH stopped production in 1924 after some 600 cars had been built (among them some six cylinder models). At least four survived.

(Text Fons Alkemade, photos PreWarCar)

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