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Drive slow or… (UPDATE: very rare Peuegeot 402 Roadster and yes it's a Ford)

drive slow_or_memorial_service_470

Our friend Fer likes to stroll around on flea markets, jumble sales and car boot sales and manages to find a little treasure every now and then, too. Take this picture for example, discovered at a 'marche aux puces' in Belgium recently. It shows a beautiful Peugeot 402 cabriolet. And it's not on its own. In fact it came in a stack of 10 photographs, all depicting the same, Belgian registered, 402. Fer believes they must have been made during a trip through Austria and Hungary. And there were even more. As a matter of fact visiting a race seemed to be one of the purposes of the travels, with more pictures of cars in action - Auto Unions supposedly - emerging. However, these were left on the flea market as the picture's quality was pretty bad, says Fer. Ouch!

He wonders about this cool picture, though, showing another pre war car. It's mounted high up on a sign post, which according to Google's translation programme reads 'Drive slow or memorial service'...  We can only guess the car was once involved into a nasty crash. Question is what it can be. A modified T-Ford?, Fer asks. We're sure you will be able to tell him.
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The oldies must go to keep the youngsters interested...!?

Fancy a Ford?

No less than 47 pre-war and early post-war Fords will be auctioned on October 1 and 2 in the Dutch flowerbulb municipality of Hillegom. They form part of the largest private collection of Fords in the world, the Den Hartog Ford Museum. In 1997 the Den Hartogh Ford Museum openend its doors to the public and in 2002 the Guinness Book of Records granted it official status as world's biggest private collection of Fords. The museum houses some rare examples including a 1903 Model A, 1904 Model B and C, 1905 Model F and the first 6-cylinder Ford, a 1906 Model K. However, the times are changing and the Ford Museum feels it needs to attract a younger public... ouch that hurts!

To do that, they are looking to say goodbye to no less than 10 Model T's plus 37 other oldies and to add a number of post-1940 Ford models to the collection. Pfff, as if that will help! They would do better in stead of selling to use the Model T's to drive around town and pick-up youngsters from bus stops and nearby train stations. Bet you they like these more than a modern classic Mustang or Capri...

The good news, the really good stuff remains in the collection. Yet there are some quite interesting buys. Buses and fire engines feature prominently, not sursprisingly as they take up a lot of space. And how about a 1937 model 950 V8 touringcar that seats 16? Perfect if you like to travel with friends, Beaulieu? Hershey? Or maybe you have a big garden and are looking for something to speed up watering your plants? The 1946 V8 fire truck with its impressive engine driven Kronenburg waterpump at the front might be just the ticket! The oldest car to be auctioned is a 1911 Model T Speedster. Viewing day is on Sunday, September 28 and the online auction takes place on October, 1 and 2. See for full inventory BVA auctions.

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A SCAP afficionado

scap type_A_1_470
We'd like to introduce you to a French friend, Monsieur S.C.A.P. Defrasnes. Apart from his everyday vintage Salmson he has a funny hobby on the side. He likes to fiddle around with a car sharing his initials: a 1913 SCAP of the early Type A. Now most of you will know this name as producer of interesting cyclecar engines; few of you will know it as a motorcar manufacturer.

Perhaps not very surprising, as no more than 7 cars bearing this name on their radiator badge are believed to survive - despite the fact that at least as many variants and models once existed... Our friend S.C.A.P. is planning a full restoration on his rare car and has already started on the phaetonesque body design, which will be mounted upon a sturdy frame. We're sure it will be a stunner once finished. Like a SCAP, too? It's going to be a challenge since you are some 95 years too late for finding them regularly in the ads section of French newspapers...

(Picture courtesy S.C.A.P. Defrasnes)

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Adler and others go Antwerp

Adler and others go Antwerp

Next Sunday, on September 14, tourists and travellers walking the serene gardens of Chateau Belvédère near Antwerp, may be rudely awaken by the sound of sputtering and gurgling four-, six- and eight cylinder engines of days gone past as the estate’s gardens will host a range of classic cars entering the 10th Antwerp Concours. Oh – there will surely be some 12-cylinder sounds, too since Ferrari is the chosen make for this year’s anniversary edition of the event.

But like before the organizers have several more surprises up their sleeve. How about the rare 1937 Adler 2.5-litre cabriolet, also known as the ‘Autobahn Adler’, shown above? In coffee-and-cream colour scheme it will make its way to the castle’s gardens. The car was bought in 1979 by a former Karmann-employee who cherished it like a baby. It stayed in the family only since earlier this year, when its current owner took it over from the man’s grandson. Adjacent the event, there is the Antwerp Concours ‘Jubileumrally’ tour, with a string of pre-wars attending. Be careful for those manicured lawns chaps!
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