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What is it? Quiz #447

What is it? Quiz #447

When you have a hard time selling your motorcycles, you can experiment with cars. That was what this company did, when the Model T Ford was cheaper than their bikes. This roadster was the development project of a company not usualy associated with automobiles. In their search for new items to add to their standard product line, they built (or proposed to build), shock absorbers, car window ventilators, outboard motors, refrigerators, aircraft engines and an automobile. The car while conventional in most respects, had an unsual oil cooler (you tell us). And a distintive radiator badge which may, (or may not!) help identify it. The 1929 Stock Market crash ended the cars future, but the company, after several reorganizations, is still (in name at least) in business.

I think it won't be that hard anymore to know what car it is. Therefore, give us all the information you know and you can find (and do this before Monday June 19th), besides the normal make, year etc. and see next week all the answers.

Good luck!

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Hi! My name is....

Hi! My name is....
Hi! My name is Morris. Lovely to meet you. Yes, indeed Morris as in the car. M-O-R-R-I-S.
Morris? Oh really. In the United Kingdom, it is much more common. Especially as a surname. But in The Netherlands, it is quite unusual. Especially as a girl’s name. My parents decided to call me Morris, after their first car. a 1922 Morris Bullnose, which is still in the family. And one day I will own it myself. I must confess, I do like my name and it does suit me in one way or another.
But I am not the only one who is named after a car and/or a car brand. Think for instance about: Mercedes, Morgan, Austin, Dodge, Royce and Cooper. Just a handful of names I could think of. But there are of course many more names nowadays (while most brands were named after their founder of course).

Are you also named after a car? Or do you know someone who is named after a car or a car brand? Please let us know and share your story!

Photo by DIC.
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The Rumpler-Metropolis car: Burning drops


Even if I´m a big fan of old movies, some classics still are missing in my collection. One of those movies was Fritz Langs "METROPOLIS", one of the most fantastic movies of the 1920s, but last week I finally bought....

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Automotive service in 1940, not that much difference from now.

Fantastic to see a commercial from 1940 where they explain how automotive service works. It is quite interesting to see that most things haven't changed through the years. At the end of the day, the basics of a car didn't change that much. The only difference I noticed is that in this specific period, garages actually repaired the parts instead of swapping the old part for a new one. Enjoy the clip!

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