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European underslung cars

Stabilia 1905-470
A while ago the StabiliaStabilia 1914-800 was the subject of PrewarCar Whatisit quiz. Someone was wondering then how many European makes had used the underslung concept. In America at least 6 makes had produced cars with an underslung chassis, of which the American and the Regal are the more well-known. Apart from the Stabilia I know of 4 other European firms using this concept. 

Phoenix 1906-800The first was the English Phoenix Motor Co, which after having started with three-wheeled motorcycles (the Trimo and the Tricar) produced in 1905 the Quad car, a kind of four-wheeled motorcycle with underslung chassis. 


Peculiar were the Amédée Bollée-like cooling units on both sides of the dashboard.
In 1908 a more car-like voiturette appeared, but in 1909 they changed to a 'normal' chassis. The second was the RMC,RMC 1911-800 also called sometimes the Seabrook RMC after the Seabrook Bros, who sold the car in England. It was on the market from 1911, but was in fact a rebadged Regal. It seems to have been relatively popular in the UK, appearing in the colums of the magazines regularly. The underslung RMC lasted until just after the first World War.

Finally there were two British makes with underslung frame in the light car and cyclecar segment just before World War 1: the Adamson and the Taunton. 

Taunton 1914_underslung_ad-800

The Adamson was built by the Adamson brothers in 1913 and 1914, the history of which has been described by Michael Worthington-Williams in The Automobile of March 2003. The production of the Taunton was cruelly interrupted by the war. Only two cars seem to have been produced and a restart after the war failed.


Most underslung models were produced during only a few years, mainly before WW1. The Stabilia, the make with which it all started in 1905, would linger on for almost three decades under various names but without much success until the end came in the early '30s.

Seabrook RMC-800
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About quiz #422: 1909 Little Briton 2 cylinder 10HP

Briton restored

Briton barnfind-470
Last week's quiz was about a sweet little thing that was built in the UK. Although, there aren't still many of those cars around we received quite some good answers. But what was it exactly. Well, first the story behind the pictures. By Michael Ware:

Wade Ceramics of Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire have been making ceramic items since 1810.  A glance at their products on Google shows a tremendous variety, mainly of popular and collectable designs.  c1962 they brought out a series of dishes  featuring veteran cars.  These were known as tyre dishes as the edge of the dish was given a tyre-like design.   As far as I can make out they did a series of veteran cars which includes the Darracq and Spyker from "Genevieve", a Model T Ford, Itala, baby Peugeot and Rolls-Royce (probably AX 201).   This series of plates (and a series on mugs) were marked on the base  "Design authenticated by the Veteran Car Club of Great Britain".  I believe they also did a series of commercial vehicles as well.

Richard Skinner who runs restoration company Tudor Wheels of Romsey Hampshire was in a local charity shop and saw one of the dishes and promptly bought it. This was slightly different to others as it features a 1909 Little Briton and did not have the VCC authentication. Instead on the front appeared the words "First production of Tractor Spares Ltd Wolverhampton".
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A Filipino nurse and her Model T

Filipino nurse and her Ford

"Miss Baldamera Garcia, nurse at the Philippine Islands. The duties of her position take her far from home and through all sorts of country. As her work grew in scope and the people began to accept the new doctrine of cleanliness, it became impossible for the territory to be covered as it should be. On a trip to Manilla, Miss Garcia decided the Ford runabout would be the right choice to travel rapidly over her district." (from 'Ford Times, August 1915).

editor: now for those of you who may have the idea that Manilla at the Philippines was a remote area with limited activity, they better check in at The new Manilla Hotel in the same year 1915 when Miss Garcia acquired her Model T.

Mmmm...Model T & 1915 rings another bell as well. Dirk Regter probably is bolting on the last bits on his fully repaired world travelling Model T. Better check in there and give the tour a little support through the purchase of one or two sponsoring stickers at Euro 10/US$ 10  

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Throwback Thursday: even more Hisso H6B photos

Hispano suiza_lake-470
Hispano suiza_numberplate
Earlier we presented a found photo of this fine H6B in January 2009. Now a full collection of photos regarding this same car has come to light. Ashely Hollebone - well known in this community - found them and likes to get in touch with the current owner in order to hand over the photos. The owner can contact him through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Original text:
A recent photofind by Mike Dunn of the US is this Hispano Suiza H6B. We wonder if this RHD is still around. Hispano suiza_houseThe atmosphere of the photo is UK-ish, the sidelights add to that feeling. We are not sure if the flag stand between the headlights is showing a Union Jack. Furthermore we are interested in the coachwork with a fine wooden trim all around. Now if you zoom in even further, you will find two kids who definitely didn't want to be in the photo but were caught by the camera (click). If you know of the whereabouts of this car, please contact us
UPDATE III by Editor. We understand this H6B was auctioned by Bonhams during the 2007 Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2007 at GBP 140,000.UPDATE II by Hans Veenenbos:"...this is for sure a Kellner. The car bodied by Duvivier I know very well, Manfred Dolleschel ownes one."
UPDATE by Joao from Brasil and Hans 'hisso' Veenenbos. Joao says: (while showiong a contemporary photo)"I think that the hispano-suiza picture it´s this 1921 H6B torpedo made by Duvivier,both have a lot of in common pieces like de rear windshield...if it´s the car he survived!" Hans Veenenbos has a slightly different opinion:" I am quite sure this is the 1923 H6B chassis #10525 with Kellner body. The car was sold per auction 2 years back in the UK but I do not know hwo is the new owner. The UK registration is MB 2037. Point of recognition are the wooden trim, the non-nickeled window frame, etc. "

Throwback Thursday is a series of looking back stories in view of 15 years PreWarCar-PostWarClassic July 1.
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