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T ford_world_tour__in_canyon_del_pato

Report  from Peru:
The Canyon del Plato  is a canyon that little by little becomes less inhabited and cultivated, but where at a given moment only cacti grow. We follow the river Santo and fully enjoy the ride as we circle through an impressive color palette of mountain landscapes. The road is 'paved' with pebbles which is less pleasant for the T Ford. Gradually the valley gets more narrow and the walls of the mountains more perpendicular. Through a car wide tunnel we experience difficulties with oncoming traffic; who's going backwards? With the depth gazing next to you, this is sometimes a risky adventure.

The Canyon del Plato (the canyon of tunnels) does justice to its name as we have to cross thirty tunnels. Suddenly our T begins to sputter between two tunnels. The heat, the dust and the steepness is too much for her. On the last revs Dirk is able to park it in a tunnel, away from the burning sun. The Caveman! Two spark plugs do't do what they're paid for. Cables and plugs are swapped, the pickup unit is checked but nothing seems to help. We take the whole unit out and the mystery reveals itself, some copper dust has gathered between the lips. A double-dutch sneeze from Dirk (suffering from a cold) does the job ! We can move on!

Along the way we camp one more time in the wild and take a dip in the supercool river. After another two days of gently climbing we see the first snow-capped peaks of the Cordillera Blanca and is the T Ford at a height of 3 kilometers in Huarez. We made it! so far. 
T... to be continued

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What is it? Quiz #374

What is it? Quiz #374

This stubby looking European vehicle is not completely honest about its virtues. Its outer looks send you in a wrong direction. In other words, what you see is not what you get. It was available in the depicted four-door configuration, but also as a two-door. It had a thoroughly modern propulsion system and more than that the company is still in business today. So, over to you. Give us the Marque, the Year and the Model of the car depicted and add any trivial knowledge relevant to this car. Not only to make your editor happy, also to give yourself an edge to other competitors who may come with the same basic facts as you do. In order to have a chance of winning the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt, be sure to check The Rules under 'Read More'. Results will be published next Saturday, July 19.
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Liberated sisters Dolly and Molly

trojan 2_stroke_bicycles_470

Most of us who like old cars also like old bicycles. It is a good way to get exercise, they are cheap to run and there are just as many lady riders as gentlemen. My picture shows sisters Dolly and Molly enjoying the July sunshine during the annual Benson Bicycle Rally which follows the narrow lanes of Oxfordshire with views of beautiful countryside and their smiles told me I was right to leave my bike at home this time. They are wearing banners saying ‘Votes for Women’ which reminds us of the suffragette movement started in 1872 to campaign for Womens’ Rights.  The increasingly active suffrage societies 'pressed pause' during WW1 and the women proved indispensable in the fields and armaments factories. By 1918, women over 30 were given the vote, and ten years later abolished the age restriction. My 1925 Trojan Utility is a slow car and perfectly suited to follow the bicycles in lazy comfort. In fact Benson’s village sign states all this quite clear. As the riders enjoyed the clean country air, not one complained about the occasional whiff of smoke emitted by the Trojan’s 2-stroke engine.

(Text and pictures Robin Batchelor)

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On which Rolls would you put your money?

1927 rolls_royce_20hp_coupe_texton_470
You may know that we're not really into the money side of the hobby. Still it is a wise thing to think ahead about the day you may have to dispose of your beloved car again. Due to examples recently coming available on the market the issue popped into your editor's head. When talking Rollses there is a massive choice of cars as vintage RR's generally were kept and the percentage of survivors is seriously high. One can choose to walk the conservative path and buy one of the well esteemed types and bodies. A safe choice but there is also a lot of money involved and the value of Rollses isn't developing in the way Ferrari's and Bugattis do. Another option is to look at the different cars. So different that the average buyer will not feel attracted instantly. Cars that are not overpriced currently, but still have the promise to go up significantly.

Like the most unconventional design of the 1927 Rolls-Royce 20 HP pictured above. You can hate it, you can think of it what you like, but one thing is sure, it's original, unique, authentic and with the requested 'offers around GBP 55,000' one can presume a little uncertainty of the seller ever to find a buyer, so there's probably room to move (if we had money close to the asking price we would consider buying it instantly). And suppose you were to succeed to land this car on your driveway you can be sure never again to go unnoticed. The only thing we would change is the colour. A heavenly blue to match the function of this glider starter coupe by Texton.

Perfectly understandable when the Texton Coupe is one bridge too far for your refined RR taste. So let's move on to an alternative. A slightly daring coupe chauffeur, that we would describe as an unmolested original in order to avoid the word 'tatty'. We're talking about this 1930 Phantom II Sedanca by Windovers offered by Coys in their Blenheim sale on July 12. Currently in a somewhat dusty, possibly slightly neglected presentation. When treated with enthusiasm we think one can change the car easily and without massive investments into a concours winner in the Preservation Class, currently getting more and more popular in the United States. And palmares for originality will pay off in the future.

The two examples given above are not meant  as a buying advise. They are merely meant to make you think. And we're happy to hear your opinion on the same subject.
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