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Patience pays off with Pakistan Amilcar find

patience pays_off_with_pakistan_amilcar

We recently received some pictures from a gentleman in Pakistan who was understandably enthusiastic to share his story. Shahzeb Malik is 32, married with two daughters and has a passion for old cars. He gave his wife a 1961 VW Beetle and were the first couple to participate in Vintage and Classic Car Club of Pakistan (VCCCP) cross country rally in 2011 and have been regular participants since then. He has other post war classics.

But the pictures were of a much rarer older car – a 1922 Amilcar C4 with original Duval body. Shahzeb first heard about the car three years ago from his good friend Mohsin Ikram – president of the VCCCP. It had been sold to a Mr Sageer after Mrs Sageer had sold her gold jewelry so her husband could own this vintage car. ( We like her already!)

After the death of Mr Sageer, it was thought the car had disappeared or been exported to Canada where Mrs Sageer lived, but two years ago, when chasing a lead in Karachi for a BMW Isetta Bubble Car, Shahzeb learned that an Amilcar was with a motor mechanic somewhere – but didn’t know where. Eighteen months of patient, relentless enquiries finally bore fruit and he found the location.

Shahzeb writes…”After a lot of effort, patience, perseverance and risk taking.. Finally in a position to announce my new acquisition in the quest to improve my car collection that will always be limited as per limitation of time allowed (away from family), resources and space.”

Then, when he sees the car, he describes the end of the story…”As soon as I saw her, it was like love at first sight and I paid the guy in custody of the car in cash and full.  He was reluctant in taking the money as he said he is just the middle man and Mrs. Sageer who is in Canada and very old now will decide along with her son Mr. Moin who is apparently a scientist in NASA living in the USA. So I waited and waited patiently while being offered return of money many times as there was no timeframe.. and one fine day around midnight early this month I received a call from the middle man saying she agreed to let it go and I got her picked the very next day.. “

He has already breathed life into the engine (see video) and is asking for help locating various items. The later dashboard was roughly made of wood, but Shahzeb has already rescued the original aluminium dash and is seeking original instruments. He also needs a windscreen frame, RB magneto, radiator cap, Amilcar emblem for radiator grill and collars to secure wheels to the splined hubs.

Shahzeb is a popular guy and has been given lots of help, and speaks of a typical fellow enthusiast, “ He has been very kind to help me understand this new type of fish and how I need to behave around its restoration.. God bless kind souls and fellow enthusiasts!”

(Text Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy Shahzeb Malik)

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A Page-Adrian Mystery?

page adrian_mystery-2_470

Dave Foster from Laoag City (Philippines) sends this friendly letter and intriguing issue regarding a seemingly not identified make of car:
"These advertisements cropped up on a Stationary Engine forum I belong to as the Page Gas Engine Co obviously specialised in stationary engines. It is believed that the car only progressed to prototype stage but this is not confirmed. It does seem suprising that they would advertise prior to manufacture yet the small advertisement does tell the reader to "wait". I have checked my copy of The Beaulieu Encyclopedia of the Automobile and can not find a reference to Page-Adrian cars. I thought this information maybe possibly be useful to you as a subject for the daily editorial feature. Keep up the good work."

Editor: when researching rare cars you need more reference than one book, no matter the authority the book has. For rare American cars the ultimate reference is the Standard Catalogue of American Cars 1805(!)-1942 by Beverley Rae Kimes & Henry Austin Clark. Only a few years ago a reprint came out. In our 1988 second edition you will find at the bottom of page 1101 (only a bit over halfway the fat very well researched piece of literature) 'Page-Adrian, Michigan (1907-1909) "... the vehicles produced were only prototypes..." and just a little bit more. A picture of the 'prototypes' is not available. Anybody who can jump in here? We would love to see the 'Racy Looking Car' mentioned in the advert above.

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The Left Hand Drive Delages Mystery

About left hand drive Delages

Peter Slootweg is a happy Delage D1 driver. At a recent PAC meeting we met and discussed the fact he has a LHD car. Peter himself wondered about this and so far has not found the answer except for one lead: "From a Delage-acquaintance I received a couple of pictures with Delages from the roaring twenties, all bodied by the house of Chavet. It appears (though I don't know for sure) that the body on my 1926 Delage D1 is also a Chavet. I noticed that all cars in those pictures are left-hand-drive. Also it seems that all cars were originally delivered in France." So was the LHD set-up a personal hobby of Mr. Marcel Chavet in Neuilly sur Seine? Or did he dream about export to the USA? Here's yet another LHD Delage...

(Pictures courtesy of Peter Slootweg)

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A Macoco Alzaga Unzue Mercer?

driver macoco_alzaga_unzue_and_codriver_rodriquez_larreta_470

Charles Walmsley: "We hope some smart reader can tell us what car this is, we do not know. Dont know the location either, sorry. This is the Argentine driver playboy Macoco Alzaga Unzue (Indianapolis, Monza, etc) with his co driver Rodriguez Larreta." We may be terribly wrong, but the car has a few features that remind us of an early Mercer which it probably isn't.

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