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Hollow bronze crank case of cycle car circa 1905-10
A Paris-Madrid, Paris-Vienna, Paris- Rouen Mystery?


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The New Delhi Mystery.

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Dave White sends this photo from India: "Recent  appearance of a long lost car in the back streets of New Delhi. The owner intends to restore it.  I know what it is, now you tell me."

editor: Dave, to be honest, we haven't the slightest of what it may be but we love it! What a wonderful car and especially in this appearance, extra attractive. You don't tell us too much about the (hi)story that comes with the car and its re-appearance. Maybe you want to tell us a bit more about that? Then there is this other issue that we need to explain. It's about Mystery Cars and about Quiz Cars. 
Mystery Cars are photos that show unidentified cars and we ask you to jump in to help.
Quiz Cars are photos that show cars of which we in general perfectly know what they are. And you are invited to say what it is.
Dave White who sent us the above photo didn't tell us what car it is. In the case he would have done so, we could have made a quiz out of this photo. But now it is a little mystery. Be it a beautiful mystery (one of the senders in our 5000m edition competition).  

Do you also have a story or photo that you want to share? Here you can upload.
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Jos Cox writes us: "Joris, it is like yesterday that I advised you to buy that Amilcar as soon as possible! (and an hour later you were on the plane) It is like yesterday that you became a prominent member of  'Les Amis d'Amilcar des Pays Bas'. And it is also like yesterday that we saw your new black T-shirts on our first rally. Time goes as fast as an Amilcar. Use it well!!"

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Vintage Adventure Tours, no Weddings!

vintage adventure_tours-470

One of the first visitors who reacted to our invitation to send in a little story is Steven White:
"2014 saw the start of my Best Job Ever! After considerable negotiation with the Local Authority I obtained a Private Hire licence for my 1929 Model A Ford to run tours of the Peak District National Park in the UK. It is the perfect car for the job - seats 5 people, open top, good brakes, availability of spares, low cost and plenty of horses for the hills. There have been plenty of hurdles along the way but it now gives a lot of pleasure to holiday makers and for celebrations plus I get paid for my "Old Car Fix". And if you're wondering - I don't do weddings!"
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Dial M for Mystery (update: 1923-25 Maxwell)

unknown hubcap_m_470

Sure, a good design makes a car, but badges and logos give it that little more distinction, too. Oh, how lovely can it be to find that one little piece of brass you have been looking for so long! The sheer weight of it, those lovely enamel colours, even the stone chips in it! But the sign of a certain breeding can also prove to be an utter mystery.

Our Swedish friend Stig Fransson in fact has bumped into one such mystery. Stig will be able to tell you anything about french Talbots. Or about Edwardian Renaults. But a set of axles have now completely stumped him. These axles have centres showing an 'M', and like Stig you will know that this leaves us with several hundreds of options. Still, we have a feeling that this material could be US made. Moon perhaps? Stig presumes they are of 1910-1920-vintage. What do you think? If you like to discuss this matter with Stig, go here. But of course you can drop us a line in a comment, too.

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