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This year's toughest event; bring sunblock and swimwear?

the 100_miles_amsterdam_2015_470b

It's early November and with near to tropical temperatures our team is doing a recce for the toughest event of the year: The 100 Miles of Amsterdam. Should you bring bathing suits and sunblock on this 6th edition? Well, experience has learned to be very careful when the preplay is soft and warm.

Mind you, the Dutch winters can be unforgiving to those who start ill prepared. Something which cannot be said of the crowd of participating members of Benjafields (check our updated list of participants) nor this team of Rover first timers (car nr. 11, a 1938 Rover 14HP speed special) who were spotted on one of our foreseen roads last Saturday which was the warmest November day since more than a century!

Yet if you don't have the chance to do an early reconnaissance it may be helpful to study the smaller roads between Haarlem and Amsterdam on printed material. Or more modern means which are only allowed prior to the event. So indulge in all that before Sunday December 20 when the Going gets Tough.

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Unidentified prewar chassis (update: Crossley, Delage, Napier, Cadillac?)

Unidentified prewar chassis. 

Colin Dennis writes: "I purchased this chassis recently at a rural clearing sale and would like to know what sort of vehicle it is from. To me it looked veteran as it is flat topped (no rise over the rear wheels) and the rails are parallel. From the holes on the drivers side rail, it appears to have had an external gear change mechanism. The only remaining mechanicals are the brake cross shaft which would have operated via a continuous cable for the rear wheels only. Judging by the wear on the front spring dumb irons this chassis has spent a long time in its second role as a farm gate. It still carried a length of barbed wire when purchased."

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Restored to Packard Glory:1937 Super Eight

Gunther Hoyts1937 Super Eight

It's often said but seldom realised: a running restoration... Gunther Hoyt writes: This car is one of four known 1937 Super Eight Five Passenger Coupes. It is driven very regularly and is a wonderful car on the road and at shows! I have owned the car since 1986 and have "step by step" restored it to full packard glory. It is above all else a driver, not a museum!

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What is it? Quiz #407

what is_it_quiz_407-470

Well that's a real cyclecar isn't it? And yes it is of french origin. Created by somebody who was involved with a famous double named french automobile concern. The car employs one of the well-known four pot engines as seen in many other swift-ish light cars of that time. As you can conclude from the acetylene headlights, well er... headlights, eh mainlights this is an early specimen. Nevertheless it also has nicely embodied position(?) or sidelights(?). And be sure not to overlook the lovely radiator fan, not to mention the horn. Yes we envy this young chap about to take off for a nice autumn drive out. It won't help you a lot as you still have to solve this gruesome questions. Year, Make, Type and whatever you can come up with to show off your knowledge about this nice little oddball.

Answers in the comment box please. Post that before Monday November 9th and you may become the winner of this week's pre-war Quiz and will get the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt. Be careful though, check the Rules under 'Read More' first. Results and source of photo will be published next Saturday, November 14th. Enjoy the weekend!

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