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Who bought these Voisins?

auction poster_1933_voisin_470

Pieter Veenje is a collector of old car auction catalogues and other publicitary outings. Recently he bought this intriguing announcement of a 1933 auction by Campagne & Morlot in Paris (no information found on them, except location). Of specific interest of course is the fact that the chassis numbers of two cars and two rolling chassis are mentioned, which may lead us to the current owners of the cars #47.186 and #47.192 and the chassis #47.126 and #47173. They were sold as one lot, how much times have changed! We are of course curious what has become of these cars. Click photo for full poster.

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A 1909 'Selfie'

1904 cadillac_model_b_jc_roberts_ohio_470

Ace Cenek tells: "Two photos of a 1904 Cadillac Model B I found yesterday on a postcard at a flea market. I believe this is a 'selfie' because the postcard is addressed to himself with no other writing on the back other than his address (JC Roberts, W. Elkton, Ohio). The Cadillac Model B was made from 1904 to 1905, but, from everything I have found online, it seems to only have had this radiator and light configuration for 1904. The license plate is a 1909 Ohio issue (note that numbers below 10650 were issued in 1908, and this license plate was used for both 1908 and 1909). 

I believe one of the gentlemen in the car is Mr. Jessie C. Roberts and one of the passengers is his wife Ada. Attached to the tree in the background is a sign for his shop, J.C. Roberts General Merchandise in West Elkton, Ohio." (editor: please also note all other text in the background!) 

"This is a village of about 200 people about 25 miles southwest of Dayton, Ohio. Mr. Roberts lived from 1870 - 1952 and, in addition to his store, he was the village postmaster from June 1902 - March 1915. U.S. Census data confirms he owned a general store. I also found that he issued merchant trade tokens."

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About Quiz #373: 1902 Yale Touring

about quiz_373_yale_car_470

This Quiz 373 was a jury-members quiz. Four of them - Roger Fields, Chris Paulsen, Ariejan Bos and Fritz Hegeman - all came up with the right answer. Plus two competitors. They all told us this is a 1902/1905 Yale Touring with two cylinders. Ariejan Bos came up with "Beverly Rae Kimes' standard catalog only mentions 2 cylinder engines for all Yale models except for their model F in 1905, which had a 4 cylinder engine. Also the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal of April 1903 describes the Yale as having a 2 cylinder engine." The two remaining competitors  are Korneel Vanremoortel and a sender who said to be one of the winners of Quiz #300. Korneel points us to the amazing history connected with this specific car, that was bought after April 1902 and sold in August 1904. Reason to buy the car was to train the horses for the noises and smells of motorcars. When reading the story you'll that find the program didn't really work...

We also mentioned the slogan that was used by Yale. Well that was inspiring! This is what came in:
- "The car with the jar and the doubt left out".
- "The prettiest tourer that ever dashed down a country road –a flash of gold and blue, whizzing by with no more noise than a mere musical whirring of the wheels”
- "The simplest, safest and most economical touring car made in America.", „in outline, style and appearance, no other car, at anything like the price, can approach it“
- “Beau Brummel of the road” (this is the line we referred to in the quiz text."
We decided that Korneel Vanremoortel came up with the best answer due to the fact he found the connected history of this specific car. Congrats Korneel! Please send us your T-shirt size and your mail address.

The photo was provided by Rick Nicolaas: "A friend gave me a copy of this photo which I like to share. This photo was taken of John Salchow and Joseph Mann with their Yale car in 1903, Concord, Massachusetts, USA."

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Over a century of Independence

baker electric_lady_bora_independence_day_470

The lady in the picture has a severe expression but she celebrated Independence Day more than most – living to the ripe old age of 105. Her name is Mary McConnell Borah, daughter of Governor William J. McConnell and wife of Idaho Senator William Borah, and she was given the car through her husband’s connections, as a gift from someone seeking political influence, this being at a time when such things were very common and not prohibited. Mrs. Wilson, the President’s wife, had been given an identical car, for the same reason. The car is a Baker Electric Phaeton photographed in Washington DC in the winter of 1912 clearly showing snow chains fitted to the driven wheels. We begin to understand the lady’s expression as  she waits for the photographer in the freezing cold. The success of the electric cars was strong but also short lived. When petrol driven cars came with decent starters the electric cars died off.

“Politics was my life”, Mrs. Borah once said in an interview in later years. While her husband was still alive, they seldom took part in Washington’s social life. She had contributed articles, however, to magazines and newspapers on social life in Washington and at one time was working on a book that was to include her favourite anecdotes on the foibles of Washington society. Her memoirs ‘Elephants and Donkeys’ were published in 1976. Possibly this was also an inspiration to the scriptwriter of the tv-series "House of Cards"? Mary Borah’s husband William had an affair with President Roosevelt’s daughter Alice who produced a daughter. As the wife and then widow of a famous senator, Mrs. Borah had been a guest in the White House of every President from Theodore Roosevelt to Lyndon B. Johnson. What she remembers most about... ‘the most important official function given at the White House during my 22 years in the capital’ was ‘Alice boldly offering a cigarette to the young Princess Ileana’ - the daughter of Queen Marie of Romania.

(Text Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy SHORPY)

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