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This Friday Lady will help you change your tyres!

Friday Lady

Women with wrenches part 2

The question in last week's Friday Lady was: "would you let a female mechanic fix your car?"

My question for you this week is: which woman would you let changing your tyres? The lady in the first pictures or the lady in the last picture? The first lady looks like she has experience herself in racing with extraordinary cars. The car she is changing the tyre from, is a Stutz Weightman Special no. 26, the location Benning race track, Washington, D.C.

The lady is Anita King, a.k.a. The Paramount Girl (August 14, 1884 – June 10, 1963). She was an American stunt driver, actress, and thoroughbred racehorse owner. Born as Anna Keppen, she moved around 1908 from Chicago to the West Coast where she developed a fascination with powerful cars after working as a model at California auto shows. Keppen soon learned to drive and by the early 1910s was competing in auto races. In 1915, she became the first woman to drive a car unaccompanied across the United States, with her 49-day journey from Hollywood to New York City. After King's coast-to-coast journey in a KisselKar, which was more of a PR stunt of the Kissel Motor Car Company than a record run, Paramount Studios soon produced a movie version of her trip titled The Race. Hence the name "The Paramount Girl".

The other girl? Well, I do not know who she is, or how experienced she is with changing tyres, but she looks nice. I just hope she did not catch a cold during the change..

Text: Marius Hille Ris Lambers - one stop photo

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De Dion Bouton Three-wheelin' fun

No one was expecting this! What a wonderful day! The small cylinder shaped petrol tanks reflected in the sun as never before. The Tricycle Demonstration Races 2017 were again held at Barnards Farm. And we as were there, to do live report (and try to drive one ourselves).

For the ones who think, a trike… Yes... a car with one wheel missing. That is not entirely true. A tricycle is a “bike” with a light tube frame with most often air cooled engine. De Dion Bouton made these trikes approximately between 1897 and 1907. You might have seen one during one of the London-Brighton Runs.

Last Sunday, De Dion Bouton Club UK organised the second Trike and Quatre cycle race, on a race circuit especially built for this yearly retuning event. Practices gave the riders the opportunity to warm up their vehicles and get familiar with the track. Then the qualifications and the actual race took place after a push-, peddle or engine start. Crash helmets on, and off they went! Full speed over the straight circuit and leaning over as far as possible around the corners. A relay race was held whereby two teams, identified by coloured armbands, race over 1 kilometre / 4 laps. One on the inside track and one on the outside track. The competitiveness came up and speed records were broken!

Finally the awards were handed out to the overall winner, fastest trike and the fastest Quatre cycle. An afternoon run to the idyllic Blackmore (Essex), gave all (other) car enthusiast the possibility to get their cars out of the garage and finish this day with a lovely sunny tour through the English country sides.

We would like to thank the sound organisation for the successful and most of all fun day, they gave all participants and the spectators.

We hope to see all of you again next year.
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PreWar Workshop: A working L. Dubrulle oiler

Prewar Workshop

This is a follow-up article on last weeks workshop feature. I thank all of you for the responses. I’ve gotten many responses by both the comment section as by e-mail or in another way. The contents were all uniform: the oiler should work on exhaust pressure and the hand-pump should lubricate the crankcase.

With this knowledge we started working and it turns out it works beautifully! I’ve attached a couple pictures of the installation and a video of the pump running.

First we connected the lines for the 2 cylinder lubrication points. I had to turn a few couplings and the lines were soldered to these couplings. Then the handpump is connected to the crankcase breather cover and one line is connected to the plug in the exhaust manifold.

There is one thing to keep in mind: make sure the lubricator has proper seals on all the openings and screws. There are felt seals in place and there should also be seals on the screws that hold the lid on, because pressure tends to leak away from there and it soon becomes a greasy mess.

For the rest, thanks to everyone for the comments, enjoy the pictures and this beautiful Amedee Bollee will soon be on the road again!

The photo and video album is here:

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Anglo-French Alliance

Anglo-French Alliance

Every Vintage car enthusiast knows about the Bugatti Brescia, the production version of Ettore's advanced 16-valve voiturette that found enormous success during the 1920s. How many, though, know....

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