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A report by Jak Guyomar who probably never drove any other old car than Napier... To a simple amilcarist - being your editor - all this belows is not the easiest read. But we're quite sure tht any Napierman would have the same trouble reading Amilcar chat. So for all Napierrados around the world the full and unabridged report by Jak: 

"Attached an informal photo of how to get home with a 100 year old Napier! Absolutely nothing wrong with the car—more than I can say for the driver! Old timer’s short term memory loss! Due to that I forgot to close the air regulator at a busy traffic lights! Only took me 4 hours to figure it out! The circa 1955 photo was after I rescued it and put it into a chicken shed. The Town & Country photo does not show my 6cyl Napier, but the car 2nd from the left is my 1914 T68 20hp car, which I am restoring. That's another story. Read considerably more under Read More...
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About Quiz #398: 1903 C.G.V. 8 cylinder

about quiz_398_1903_c_g_v_8_cylinder_470

The car in Quiz #398 is a 1903 C.G.V. and the photo was found in The Car Illustrated magazine No. 46 April 8 1903. It was correctly identified by six participants,  who all knew it was one of the first eight cylinder engines and the makers thought the power would mean they could dispense with the gearbox.

Messrs. Charron, Girardot and Voigt were ingenious car makers and jury member Stuart Penketh sent in a most thorough answer, adding C.G.V were the first manufacturer to offer their customers (the French) left-hand drive cars, and that from 1905 they supplied directional acetylene headlights as standard.

It was jury member Ariejan Bos who correctly identified Carl Voigt as the driver and sitting beside him is Willard Evart-Hall, the sole agent for C.G.V. cars in Britain and South Africa. He writes, "The engine was designed especially to be so 'elastic' that the energy-consuming gear box could be avoided. Testing however indicated that for very low speeds and steep hills a low gear was absolutely necessary and besides the french law demanded a reverse gear. As the CGV-designers opted for a two speed and reverse planetary gear, the Horseless Age commented that in this way the car: "[...] is no more gearless than any of the present American runabouts"."

Anders Svenfelt has won twice before and correctly identifies the engine & gearbox details. Mark Dawber knew about the engine and gearbox and also correctly identifies the driver as Carl Voigt. Then we come to Jacques who not only gives details of the engine and gearbox but also knows the engine suffered problems with ignition and carburation and since he  recognised Carl Voigt sitting in the car, we declare him the winner.  (Please send us your mail address and T-shirt size S, M, L, XL, XXL or XXXL and your prize will arrive in the post ! )
Both Mark and Jacques thought  Léonce Girardot was the other occupant, so for them, here's a picture of him in the same car.

Our thanks to everyone who offered answers and we look forward to testing your knowledge again soon.

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Sonia Delaunay paints planes and cars

Sonia Delaunay paints planes and cars.

When we last visited Sonia Delaunay it was to introduce her painting 'Hommage à Blériot' and we are pleased to see her name again as the subject of an exhibition at London's Tate Modern where they are holding retrospectives to five under-sung female artists. Delaunay spent two years working on three large murals for the 1937 Paris International Exhibition of Arts and Technology in Modern Life - Propeller, engine & instrument panel.

Many will have seen the picture of the Delaunay Citroen with two fur-clad ladies ( SD at the wheel?)  but we believe this image shows the artist herself beside a more sumptuous car, and here is the same car with more Delaunay-fashioned ladies. We believe it may be the artist's Talbot - can you confirm? The exhibition closes August 9. (Good review HERE)

(Text Robin Batchelor)

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Across the mountains of Utah & Arizona

ford model_t_john_bothwell_470
Want to go places? Take your Model T. Our friends Dirk & Trudy already travelled halfway the globe more than once. John Bothwell from the US likes to stay a bit closer to his home. Still he is no sissy and will go well beyond the local hamburger joint. He just has returned from a fabulous trip across the mountians between Utah and Arizona (in this area...). He reports in few words - still a bit tired of the trip: "It was for a movie about 4 different cars trying to do an impossible drive. They were all new except the Model T. The movie will be called 'All Cars Go to Heaven 2' and will be out in October. The model T is often not taken seriously but is an incredible car, as this drive demonstrated."

Something what most people wouldn't do, not even with an a big fat airco diesel SUV. Let alone with the brave but slightly aged Model T. We're looking forward to the movie and speak out the hope that his Model T is the very last of the four to leave for heaven...

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