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A 'Dodgy' Mercedes Convertible Saloon (upd. W143 or W136 Cabriolet A)

Mystery mercedes-470
A while ago we posted an article regarding the mix-up of a Mercedes Saloon. It is always a great thing to find out the history and to know the reason why some things happened to a car. This particular car also comes with a great story.

A few weeks ago we received a message from James Scott Chalmers, who was the former owner of the mystery Mercedes. He told us that when he bought the car, a Dodge 6 cylinder was fitted. He used it sporadically for several years. Later he installed a 1960's Mercedes Benz engine in it but unfortunately the workshop was invaded by Niteroi favela inhabitants who wanted the land where the workshop was on. The car was partially destroyed and taken apart. Luckily he still has some pictures showing the car in various stages of his ownership from 1969 and on. He owned it until 1991.

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Two commuting mysteries

Carole car_mystery-470
A new Monday, a new week. And new unidentified photos waiting for you. Old pictures of the family album with old cars. Most people still have them. And a lot of people want to know what exactly is in the pictures. Some people just like to ID photos in order to be able to sell those a better price. And right they are! Photos often sell very well through these pages. 

A friend of Peter French found these two pictures and had a similar question. Both photos were shot around 1948 showing father and grandfather with their pride. As usual your help is well appreciated.
Carole car_mystery 
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Motoclassic 2016 Wroclaw, Poland.

Topacz-i-Bugatka 002
In August of this year we were in Wroclaw at the largest and most attractive veteran and classic car event in Poland. This was a sixth edition of this event. We have been there since the very beginning.

On the gardens of  Topacz Castle near Wroclaw more than three hundred vehicles (cars, motorcycles, tractors and military vehicles), gathered.

Nearly 20 thousand people arrived on Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the exhibition and struggles on the sport track. Interesting cars that one could see were IMG 5708_002Horch, numerous Rolls-Royces and Bentleys, and a fine collection of cars made behind the Iron Curtain. Aside Polish participants, guest collectors from France, Lithuania, Germany, England and the Czech Republic came to Wroclaw.

From our personal collection we showed six vehicles, including Lorraine-Dietrich MHI from 1913 and Bugatti T40 from 1928. Of course, we will be there again at the 2017 Wroclaw Motoclassic  (18-20 August) and hope to meet you as well!

(Words and pictures:  Maciek Peda)
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About What is it? Quiz #430 Peugeot 175 Sports (upd. or 1922 153BRS)

Peugeot 175

Our guess, most of you were enjoying one of the last fine weekends of the year. Or when living Down Under one of the first fine weekends of Spring. Anyway the input for last week's quiz was somewhat low. Three competitors were right with Peugeot. Bob King came with an interesting remark regarding 'cuff valves'. Anybody who has a picture or a proper explanation? Special thanks to Robert Hafner who delivered info regarding the registration plates: the Amilcar coming from Departement 04 Rhone-Aples and the Peugeot from Department 03, Alliers. 
Craig Gillingham came up with an introduction about the Peugeot Type 153 BRS. Perhaps he is very right, but sender of the photo claims the car to be a Peugeot 175 with sports body, so what can we say? And in fact we were hoping to get some more infor from you out there. Anyway reagrding the latter option; Greg Mackie came up with the best answer: "Peugeot 175 'Sport' with a special body, 1923 or 1924." Congratulations Greg! When Craig produces evidence that is it a type 153 BRS he will get the prized T-shirt as well.   

(photos courtesy Collection Brian Goodman)
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