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Everytime I see an Alfa Romeo…

Nicola Romeo“Everytime I see an Alfa Romeo pass by, I raise my hat.” This famous quote comes from Henry Ford and quite right he was. Today is the exact day that 100 years ago the marque Alfa Romeo was founded. Starting in 1910 as A.L.F.A. (Anonima Lombardo Fabricca Automobili) the cars were strong, but finances weak, so only when industrialist Nicola Romeo jumped in the financial situation became better. After WW I, when production started again, the cars become known as Alfa Romeo. This year Alfa’s centennial is celebrated worldwide at a countless list of Car Shows and Concourses. The first, of course, was Interclassics in January followed by Techno Classica in Essen. The next to pay tribute to Alfa Romeo will be the Concours d'Elegance at Meadow Brook, Pebble Beach and of course the Classic Gala Schwetzingen. Do you know of an event that also features Alfa Romeo and is not on our Events-Calendar? Do tell us!
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If you scratch our back, ... (update: Kranz Oldtimer)

truck_trailer_300PreWarCar is growing all the time. But now before you think we have expanded our services with car hauling,
we must admit that we have nothing to do with this German company renting out their trailer. They never asked us! They never told us! And still we are delighted! We spotted the truck at the paddock of the Nürburgring circuit. And yes, it is heartwarming to see any sign of friendship from all over the world. So we thought let's turn this into a playfull promotional system and keep costs low in this special era. Let's create a simple win-win thing. If you scratch our back, we'll scratch your back.
So if you like to get some free publicity towards the worldwide audience of PreWarCar & PostWarClassic, then send your photo or promotional idea and we'll come back to you with a return proposal. Is that a deal? 

Update:  to see how our deal with Kranz Oldtimer looks like  click here.
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After the Dodge "broke down.." (UPDATE III by the owner of the Riley tuned Model A)

Gibson_Auto_line_300Bob Apalsch reports from a pleasant sunny car event which looks far form arctic, despite the location of Fairbanks.  "the Alaska Midnight Sun Cruise"  is a well visited event with visitors coming in from remote places like the "the North Pole &  Pennsylvania". Oldest participating car from the area was a 1917 Model T that used to serve after the 1916 Dodge was wrecked on the Fairbanks to Valdez trail (click for the full history). It took three days to travel the 350 mile track one way...

Back to the present:  "Saturday there was the car show with 160 cars in attendance. A gentleman from Kodiak Island put his car on a ferry, landed on the mainland , then drove the rest of the way to Fairbanks (Fountainhead Museum). Alan Kelso from Pennsylvania was on hand to demonstrate how to fire, run and shut down the museum's 1910 model "R" Stanley Steamer. Dennis Gage of the Speed Channel's "My Classic Car" was in town filming an episode of his show. More attractive metal that came in was a supershiny  Stutz Speedster and a Riley tuned Model A Roadster. Who can explain about this "Riley" conversion?
( Bob, thanks a bunch for sending your report, we owe you the PreWarCar Reporters Cap)

Updates came in from Glemn Reynolds and Kit foster, both pointing us in the direction of the aftermarket  Model A head conversion kit (
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A True Talbot Fan

1926 10/23 TalbotFifty years ago Lionel Burrell bought his first Vintage Talbot, a 10/23 Doctors Coupe. He bought this one, a 1926 10/23, in August 2009. It was last on the road 10 years ago. Engine was in boxes and needed rebuilding. This done, Lionel had to find a period carburetor fit and make all the controls, rebuild the starter motor, re-wire and restore all the wiring. After fitting a new battery and fuel lines the engine started first time. The front axle was bent and twisted along with a cracked front hub. This was sent to a specialist for repair. All the trim was cracked and torn and sent off to a local trimmer in Essex. Work has now started on the back end of the Talbot, rebuilding the dampers and welding the back wings. All the paint is in a bad way, it is also cracked and some time later the car will have to be painted again.
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