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The Garden Mystery

Mercedes Henry KayeTwo pictures were sent to us by Michael Ware. They come from the family albums of a certain Dr. Henry Kaye of Yorkshire. The automobile with license plate LC 6860 is -we think- a ca 1906 Mercedes that was photographed at the home of his wife's grandparents (their name was Saville) in the village of Barley, south east of Royston in Hertfordshire. The occupants of the Mercedes are not family members so are presumed to be visiting. The letter code “LC” was issued by London County Council from 1905, but possibly this makes this car a little later in date as it would have taken them some time to reach the 6000's. As in so many posed pictures of the time the chauffeur is sidelined and the owners take the driver's seat! The other car with license plate T818 is almost certainly a 1906 Humber. “T” was a Devonshire number. Although both images were taken in the same garden there’s again no information on the occupants. Do you know more?
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YO !

blue_red_label_1926_300Dick Trenk sent us yesterday this daily driver YO 796. It's a red label 1926 Bentley in use by Dick's doctor. Dr. Mike Jukes from St. Petersburg, Florida. The car is 100% original in every way and Dick thought at first it should not be out on rainy days but Mike believes in using his collection year around. He also has a Jowett and several other rare machines.
In the time when Dick was active in The Classic Jaguar Association (founded by him in 1961) he regularly drove SS-90 and SS-100 cars around Chicago in all weather. So Dick and Mike are from the same league.. YO !  Any more year round vintage  drivers around? We love to hear from you!
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An Italian, French, American pie.

Isotta_project_300Last October Glenn Billqvist from Sweden started his biggest project ever. He wrote: “I’m planning to build a vintage land speed racer like Napier Railton, Brutus, Babs, etc. I bought an Isotta-Fraschini V12 Aircraft Engine. The supercharged twin cam engine is from 1938 and the characteristics are 27 litres and 750 HP. I decided to build the land speed racer with old prewar components and it will be a mix of components from various manufacturers. The main components will be from Italy, France and America. The question I have to ask myself with this project is: Can an Italian, French and American really work well together and stand each other over a long period of time? I know they have done it in the past, but can they still do it? The biggest challenge is to handle the Italian temperament of 750hp and the attitude from 27litres torque. If I use the French charm and intellect (Delage DI chassis, dashboard, steering column and pedals) and the American straight forward attitude and robustness (Ford 40´s truck gearbox and rear axle), then I might manage and control the Italia temperament. What happens right now? The engine is disassembled to check and verify that everything is OK. The chassis is in good shape, but needs to be boxed and modified in order to fit the engine and stand the torque. There will be lots of work and challenges to finalize the project. If we can put a man on the moon, then I am sure I can finalize this project by next summer. PS. The Delage radiator is not needed, since the engine is air cooled, but it looks nicer at this point of the project.”
Editor: Real crazy project Glenn. Keep us posted on your progress!

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The Fischer Mystery (UPDATES: 1904, 1905,1907..& more)

Fischer_Fredi_300In the family archive Fredi Vollenweider found a picture taken by his great-grandfather nearly 100 years ago. The picture is signed 'Gebrüder Bodmer 1915' meaning Bodmer brothers. The car is a Swiss made Fischer. Fischer cars were built between 1908 and 1914 in Zürich but today very little is known about this manufacturer. Only about 200 cars were built and the one(?) surviving car is exposed at the Verkehrshaus in Lucerne. Fredi wonders if possibly one of the readers of PreWarCar can shed some more light on the history of Fischer, or maybe knows about another surviving car?

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