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About Quiz #366 Missing parts on '29 Hudson and '29 Pierce Arrow

Whats Missing?

Senders of the photo are Peter Ransom and Jak Guyomar from Australia, both jurymember. They thought up this killer-quiz. We received many interesting answers about various makes like Stutz,  Lincoln and Pontiac which are not found in the photo. And then lots of parts missing. Missing radiator caps, missing radiator ornaments (only true for the Hudson). Missing screen wipers. Missing  sparewheels. Missing Trunk. Missing leather water bags. And missing drivers... All incorrect. Peter Ransom explains:  "This photo was taken in Brisbane, Australia. The Hudson is a 1929 Model R Landau Sedan with coachwork by Biddle & Smart. The basic missing item is the landau irons. Step plates and trunk were options, not standard. There was no radiator ornament in 1929 and the correct radiator cap is fitted. For absolute nit-pickers, the Hudson is also missing pin striping along the belt line and on the wheels." Jak Guyomar explains about the blue car: "The Pierce Arrow is my 1929 Model 133 (or 125 which is the Pierce-Arrow Engineering Model designation) Club Brougham & the radiator shell is missing. Plus the kneeling Archer Mascot. It does have the smaller Aux lights on the radiator cross bar."

While jurymember Kit Foster was fully correct and even refers to the man turning his back to us being Geoff Clark, world guru of the first-generation Super Six cars, this weeks winner is Daniel Rueben who named both cars correct and pointed the correct missing items. Congratulations Daniel! And if anybody has suggstions for alternative quiz're welcome.

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Daimler's Wall of Fame

daimler ag_wall_of_fame_470
When you're in Essen, Germany you can be sure to stumble over one or two products of Daimler A.G. They always try - and often succeed - in creating some downforce in your jaws. This year they presented a most compact 100 years of GP/F1 show case, starting with the 1914 4,5 litre GP car. No way to check all cars individually as they had been stacked in three layers but the effect is immense. They even were kind enough to bring our recently presented post-war mystery Merc,.... the W196R Stromlinie.  

And if you were still not sure if this is Mercedes country just a few steps from there you found the very 'rare' 300SL in a field of thirteen pieces of Gullwing and Roadster. Scattered over the show there were another 10 or so. So even if you were interested in a specific color combination there was no need for despair.
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An Autovia Prototype Mystery? (update: Brough Superior?)


Tony Clark, who runs the website motoringart, recently obtained an original drawing of a saloon he didn’t recognize. And neither do we. At first guess it looks like the rare Autovia (click main pic), but there are also some arguments against it. First, the drawing was made by artist Will Nickels (1902-1977) and published in The Motor on the 3rd October 1934. This is two years before Autovia started production in 1936, with some prototypes already being tested in 1935. And second, all of them were powered by the Riley V8. This drawing looks to be a straight six. Could this be a prototype Autovia? Perhaps someone can check that particular copy of The Motor (established 1903) and tell us what it is?

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Short note from Chickasha


Larry Riches visited last weekend's pre-war swap meet in Chickasha, one of the better kept secrets of the US classic car comunity. Possibly because it's hard to get there when you don't live in the US. And even when you live there - unless your house is in Chickasha - it's a looooong trip. To have an idea, the trip Hershey to Chickashee is something like 1350 miles. Great if you just have traded your mule for a Beetle, but otherwise. 

Larry reports: "I was there, great weather. I thought the attendance was a little smaller than previous years, good selection of model T's for sale and usual spread of parts, one possible London Brighton car a 1902 Dykes car, wasn't all original, was fitted with curved dash Oldsmobile front and rear axles, so dating may have been a problem. About 20-25 Ford model T's for sale in various conditions, quite a few visitors from the UK, this was a brief report." Larry has a special interest in Model T's as he is preparing for the Ford Model T run for prostate cancer in May so we forgive him for being short.  

For those who don't want to miss the Chickasha pre-war swap meet 2015, the dates are set.
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