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Stan Laurel's 1928 car a Buick or Hupmobile?

Stan Laurels 1928 car

Randy Skretvedt sends this charming picture of the young Laurel family: "This photo shows film comedian Stan Laurel, his wife Lois and daughter Lois Jr., in the driveway of their home in 1928, 718 N. Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills. We are trying to determine the make and model of the car. Some think it's a Buick 28-20, others think it's a Hupmobile. It's almost certainly a 1928 model. Many thanks for any help you might provide."

Well Randy, those two sure are close. And we see elements of both cars. The part which is bothering us, is the rear side window. These nice strong roundings, we couldn't find them! Yet, we tend to think - and in fact are quite sure - 1927 Hupmobile Brougham... Whatever, the super sleuths out there will tell us in seconds what we're looking at. 

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Light car Mysteries 1922 (UPD. Galloway & Mathis)

Interesting photo1922

Moray Letham writes: "This interesting photo was found in a motoring book I had, written on the back it says 'Scottish 6 day Light Car Trial 1922, Billy Barker Galloway'. The registration numbers are clear, maybe the cars still exist... I would be delighted to present this photo to the current owner if he was found. Keep up the good work on the best "old car" site on the internet!!"

We enjoy receiving pictures (and comments!) like this, and we look forward to see if you can identify the cars and their drivers. Clue - one of the cars shown won an award in that trial,  but the other did not.
This website allows you to check if a car is known to the UK authorities by entering the registration number and make of car.
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Great news for American Lafrance drivers!

New castings American Lafrance!

It's the nightmare of all those who really use their antique cars. And a problem that we will see more and more. Fatigue and decay of cast iron cylinder blocks. That castings made in a distant past were not meant to last for eternity. Cylinder blocks start to crack, to crumble, to desintegrate. First on micro level. And then slowly the proces becomes visible. Small leaks. Small issues. Sometimes still repairable with very simple  WWII car medicines. We all know the names. But in the end the problems becomes massive.

At that point it's all over and the only solution is having cast a new cylinder block. A very costly solution, often too costly. Especially  when it comes down to one or very few castings. Toby Ballard is a true Lafrance afficionado as he has been driving his massive 6 cylinder Lafrance speedster to all corners of Europe. He knows the issue very well and made a solid calculation of how many people possibly are interested. After all that he took a deep breath and decided to go for it. And now, finally he proudly presents the result :

"The cylinder is of cast iron is SL25 modified with silica calcium and barium. The cylinder has passed hydro test, turf, honed and is ready for montage. I've been working on this for a couple of years now. So I'm pleased finally being able to offer these to market. These blocks fit the 105hp engines. And we are working on the 150hp engine at the moment."

If you do not have the contact details of Toby feel free to send your interest to office& (exchange & for @) and we will forward your request.

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Insiders Napier chat

napier 4_707

A report by Jak Guyomar who probably never drove any other old car than Napier... To a simple amilcarist - being your editor - all this belows is not the easiest read. But we're quite sure tht any Napierman would have the same trouble reading Amilcar chat. So for all Napierrados around the world the full and unabridged report by Jak: 

"Attached an informal photo of how to get home with a 100 year old Napier! Absolutely nothing wrong with the car—more than I can say for the driver! Old timer’s short term memory loss! Due to that I forgot to close the air regulator at a busy traffic lights! Only took me 4 hours to figure it out! The circa 1955 photo was after I rescued it and put it into a chicken shed. The Town & Country photo does not show my 6cyl Napier, but the car 2nd from the left is my 1914 T68 20hp car, which I am restoring. That's another story. Read considerably more under Read More...
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