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Hollow bronze crank case of cycle car circa 1905-10
A Paris-Madrid, Paris-Vienna, Paris- Rouen Mystery?


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Chasing classics Uruguayan style


We have fond recollections of chasing classic cars in our younger days - literally we mean - as these were the days of running hard and long only to get a glimpse of a rare four-wheeler before it disappeared, on its way to adventures we dreamt of. Jorge Virdo knows the feeling. He has a camera in his pocket, though, a device not a single boy could afford in our days. Jorge writes: "These photos were taken by night with my cellphone. Sorry for the quality, but I was after this car for some time. It is an Opel. I don't know if it is pre-war or post-war."

We think it's a 1938 Opel Kapitan. An unrestored one, or so it seems. What's more: this one appears to be still very much in active use, despite it being almost 80 years of age. Isn't that just fantastic? This definitely is the two-door version, with fastback styling and that lovely double rear window. We think the car used the same doors as its four-door sister, although they don't look silly on it - other then some post war cars using the same principal. Thanks for sharing your pictures Jorge!

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A day of Respect

je suis_charlie_470_pre

An attack to the media. An attack to democracy. An attack to freedom.

We like to pay our respect to the victims in Paris and will remain silent until Saturday morning.

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Rally car mysteries in Slovenia

rally in_late_20s_470

Peter Skofic writes: "The photo shows the rally of the members of the Automobil Club of the Kingdom of the SHS, section Maribor, which took place in Logarska valley (Slovenia).  I can recognize the two cars in the front of the row - these are two Austro Daimlers 15/35. The first one could be part of the today`s collection of the Technical Museum of Slovenia and the second one could be today in the possession of one of the members of the Austro Daimler Club in Wiener Neustadt (Austria).  But I cannot recognize the rest of the cars in the row. Can anybody of your readers help me with solving this challenge?"

Do you also have pictures that you like to have identified? Let us know by e-mail or upload here.

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PreWar Christmas Quiz 2014: The Results!

Many thanks for all your well wishes and nice comments. We were pleased to know that you have enjoyed the quiz. It wasn't really too difficult this time and almost all of the competitors had all answers correct. We even received complaints that it was too easy :-) Rest assured, the bi-weekly quiz will be much harder to solve. But back to this quiz. Not so easy was day 1. It was not a Jaguar as mentioned by several, as that name as a marque wasn't introduced until after WW II. Until then it was a model name of the S.S. made by SS Cars Ltd (formerly the Swallow Coachbuilding Company). What we showed was the 1935 S.S. Saloon. Nobody guessed wrong on day 2. It was the 1938 BMW 327/328. Day 3 was a bit more difficult, but most had this one correct, a 1933 Delage D8 S cabriolet Pourtout. The same goes for day 4, a 1937 Packard Twelve Convertible Sedan; day 5 was a 1930 Maserati Tipo 26 M Sport (although sometimes mistaken for an Alfa Romeo) and day 6 showed a 1935 Renault Celtaquatre ZR2.
Many of you gave us also the complete makes and models, but just the make was enough. Just like previous years we have put all answers in the proverbial hat and picked six correct answers. They are from: Ian Sly, Karin Jacob, Robert Giddy, Hendrik Stockman, Mireille Devriendt and Wander van Eck. Well done, you all! To receive your T-shirt, please provide your shirt size and mail address to; exchange % for @. Thanks to all for sending in your answers!

(Quiz idea, photos and text by Rutger Booy)

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