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Enjoy your day, America!

Enjoy your day, America!
Today it is Independence Day. In 1776, the Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies could consider themselves as a new nation, the United States of America, and were no longer part of the British Empire.
The adaption of the Declaration of Independence was on July 4th, 1776. Although it was a different time back then, for most Americans this still means parades and celebrations.

So, for us car nuts; decorate your old car and take him or her out for a spin!

We would like to wish you all a happy day and let us know what you are driving today! 

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Burmese Rolls Royce mystery

Burmese Rolls Royce, circa 1935.

An old photo of a Rolls, that seems interesting. And a Rolls that is used by the Prince of Wales makes it even better. This photo is sent in by family of the former owner. He wrote: "I wish to share this family photograph of my Great-grandfather's (in the back seat) Rolls Royce, in Burma (Myanmar) circa 1935/36. I know a little about the car, a 40/50hp as far as I know, with bright red bodywork. Apparently the car had previously been used by the Prince of Wales for his visits to the colonies under the Delhi-based British rule. 
There are stories of the car being commandeered by the Burmese troops during the Japanese invasion during WW2. The destiny of this car in unknown, other than stories of it being lost in the Burmese jungle during or after the fighting, though this is unconfirmed. We would love to know more about this car, the model, coach builder etcetera.

As a final point, as well as my great-grandfather, my grandmother sits by the radiator grill, my young aunts are sitting in the car, and my then five or six-year-old now late father looking somewhat bored on the running board".

Who can help confirm what car it is and perhaps what happened to it?
Have a happy Monday!

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Auburn's Greatest

Auburns Greatest

The 1935 Auburn 851 Speedster might be something of a mongrel, but it is still one of most desirable American cars of the 1930s. Hastily cobbled together from left-over components from the unloved 1933 model, given a quick cosmetic refresh by the master Gordon Buehrig, it was a quick-fix attention grabber to draw customers to the failing Auburn marque.

So successful, however, was Buehrig’s makeover, and so alluring the promise of genuine 100mph performance thanks to its supercharged 4.6-litre engine, that the 851 exceeded all sales expectations despite its enormous $2245 list price. It may have been popular, but Auburn still only managed to turn out around 200 examples and today survivors are highly.

Although it was never an out-and-out sports car – those 100mph claims were genuine, but rarely realised on the road – the example seen here did have the briefest of competition careers, having been entered in the 1936 South African Grand Prix. The full story of this unlikely GP car is told in the latest issue of The Automobile, which is out now.

Photographs by Mick Walsh

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What is it? Quiz #448

What is it? Quiz #448
The "car", we are looking for was built for the attempt to break Sir Malcom Campbells land speed record of the early thirties. Much is written about the car, but most information is conflictive. Trusted information is given about the engineer who built this "beast", the chassis is based on and about the end of the car. And finally one more clue: The engineer wanted to bring the car to Daytona Beach, but it never left the country of its origin, because it was destroyed during a test drive.

Anyway we want you to tell us about the car shown here, about its builder and the chassis it is based on. Give us your best shot plus any (trivial) information you may have at hand. As you know the details often determine the winner! And as usual, take care not to use more than 100 words, send in your answer before Monday. Good luck!
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