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1938 GMC Panel Van waiting for better times in Zimbabwe (update: 1940 )

1938 GMC Panel Van

This 1938 GMC Panel Van is patiently awaiting rescue in Zimbabwe and hopefully given a new lease of live. As can be seen from the photographs, it still has its original engine fitted, complete with carburettor and filter. The back axle is missing and probably has been used to build a donkey cart. Still a favourate means of transport in that country. The vehicle's exact location is 359 kilometers from the country's capital city, Harare, although it would be helpful to know in which direction...

(photos & text Andre van de Loo)

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What is it? Quiz # 426

Whatisit 426_470

This must be one of the very first 'Motor Homes' pictured on a 'black saturday': the predictable scenario every year with roads packed with cars on a hot Saturday in July or August trying to reach their holiday destination in time! Queus everywhere and no way to escape. Trying to keep up the good spirit with singing, candies, handies and the occasional ice-cream … How different was the situation more than 100 years ago. Look at this cheerful family having reached their destination in Spain: no sign of travel stress at all after a long trip from Posen in Germany (nowadays Poznan in Poland). It must be said that this early mobile home (not the very first, that is another story!) was taking part in an organised trip in the style of the Monte Carlo rallye, with participants driving from cities all over Europe to the same town in the North of Spain. The make of the car in the photo was widely established among aviators and was well-known for its exuberant bodies. So please tell us the make, year and type of the car and if possible also about Posen-San Sebastian, in which it took part. Yet to make a chance winning the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt and before posting your answer under 'comments' be sure to read The Rules under Read More. 

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Another Lady Driver Drophead Mystery.

friday drophead_mystery_470Very similar to the recent 'Polka dot Mystery' which appeared to be a Hanomag Rekord. Still this drophead is not quite the same. And not only due to the striped dress of the charming driver. This time we see a RHD car with different rearwings, hubcaps and more. Maybe the umbrella style gearstick is another give away. We leave it to you. Ah, this may be a help, we nearly forgot to add the second view on driver and car. We're looking forward to read your opinion.

(snapshot collection editor)

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British performance at Schloss Dyck.

Sporting provenance at Schloss Dyck.

COYS are holding their Schloss Dyck auction on saturday 6 August in Jüchen, Germany and we found ourselves trying to choose between three British Beauties - all four seater tourers and ready for the road.
The 1934 Invicta 12/45 has a 1½-litre, six-cylinder, single-overhead-camshaft, Blackburne engine and was introduced to appeal to a much wider market than that enjoyed  by the company's 4½ litre S Type. Although the 12/45 was geared for good acceleration and wide-set springs gave good stabilty, the initial models received adverse criticism for lack of performance.
So let's look at the 1928 2.0 Litre Lagonda which performed well in competition and Baron D'Erlanger's 1928 team car may well have won Le Mans had he not crashed into the back of Sir Francis Samuelson - also in a Lagonda. The car offered has been restored to the the highest standard possible whilst still maintaining total originality.
Then we come to the 1934 Aston Martin 1½  Litre Long Chassis Tourer powered by Bertelli's own design 1½ litre engine and said to have light and precise steering making it delicate to drive.  Under Bertelli's guidance, Aston Martin saw much competition success, including Le Mans and named subsequent models after this famous race - perhaps the first car maker to do this?
If we had to choose just one, would it be the strong appearance of the Invicta, the ' lovely warm throaty roar' of the Lagonda's exhaust, or the 'effortless fast touring' of the Aston Martin?  The answer is in the top picture.

Text Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy COYS.

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