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A low budget Primaquatre Lady?

Friday lady_Renault_Primaquatre-800
As you may know by now we love to find old photos of cars & ladies. This one is a recent find, a photo postcard as people used to have printed to send to friends and family perhaps. Perhaps to announce an engagement. Our guess is that it was not out of pride of the car a ca. 1930 Renault Primaquatre 'KZ8' Berline (the K8 code is a bit of a guess). The car seems to be well used, nearly scruffy with missing headlight support, bumpers, and hubcaps. Or are we misinformed and did Renault offer a stripped version with small headlights and without the costly chrome items? There is just a thing that we can add to reassure the young lady that her fiance is not completely without budget. Contrary to most period photos with well used cars this one is proudly showing almost new tyres!
Finally for the real car sleuths: 1 Can you tell us more about the registration? 2. What is the brand of tyre? Michelin, Kléber or ?
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The Magic of MG .

The Magic of MG .If you ever fancied an MG then get yourself along to the H&H auction at the Imperial War Museum on 12 October and in the lot list you will find several tempting models.

Of the two 1939 MG TA models, this unrestored example will need some attention before being ready for its next lease of life, but seeing this red car parked beneath the nose of a Spitfire got us reaching for our cheque book. In 'excellent' condition after a thorough restoration, this little MG is exhilerating to drive and gorgeous to look at.
The 1934 supercharged MG PA the 948cc engine has Carrillo rods, race pistons and friction-reducing Kawasaki rings and is described as "spot on", as is the pre-selector gearbox. Hmm. Maybe this one instead of the racy red TA. ?

Ken Crawford was a well known name in competition circles in 1935 and he bought a new six cylinder MG Magnette to compete in the Lands End  and Edinbugh Trials. He won awards, and Motor Sport reported his performance on the 'Nailsworth Ladder' in the 1935 MG Car Club 'Abingdon to Abingdon' Trial as *Outstandingly good*. You can own this very car by bidding on lot 75.

Whichever one we choose, if we are out-bid, then it's the '29 Riley 9 Tourer  or perhaps the 1937 Riley 9 Merlin, with a very modest estimate.

If we end up empty-handed, then we'll hang around outside after the finish, and see if the new owner of the 1924 Bentley drives it home.

Text Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy H&H Auctions.
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From Russia with love: BMW 327 barnfind

BMW 327_barnfind_garage-800
The dream of every 'Bimmer' enthusiast: finding a truly old BMW. Barnfinds are so popular nowadays that some already speak of such BMW 327_barnfind_front_right_garage-800when the car they are selling is just another abandoned, poor maintained autmobile. Yet in this particular case one can truly talk about a Barnfind.
Oleg from Moscow had this old finders dream as well but it became more reality for him when he met an old man a few years ago. The old man told him that he had a sports car from the 30s, a BMW. So every time he met the old man he asked if it was possible to see the car, but every time the conversation came to a sudden halt. Last winter he suddenly got a call and Oleg heard the magical words: 'I'm ready to sell my BMW'.BMW 327_barnfind_rear-800 You can imagine that Oleg was as happy as a little boy and he drove full throttle to the little house a few kms outside Tula (160 km's from Moscow). When he opened the garage he found his new love: a BMW 327 drophead aching for a second chance in life. Oleg couldn't believe his eyes and is probably still dreaming about that moment for the rest of his life. Which is remarkable as there are many fascinating car related memories in Tula. A Katuscha launching truck war memorial. A well taken care for Model T.  And a lingering Lada cemetery
We wish Oleg lots of success with the restoration  and hope to hear again when the car is back in pre-war condition.

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A World Animal Day Mystery? (upd. 1929 Hudson Model L Sport Phaeton)

Let's not forget to give some attention to our friends today. It's World Animal Day! Be it your horse, your cat or dog they all deserve more than average attention. Possibly an extra portion of extraordinary pet food. But in general 'quality time' like shown in the Swedish scenery above is best. Looking at the sympa picture we thought the car to be a twenties Fiat 525 tourer, yet the hubs are wrong (we think). We hope to hear your opinion. Yet of course only after you spend some time with your pet friends! And we're not sure that at a leash on the running board is the best idea. Why not consider to give him/her some real, uncut Quality Time! (restored link)(enjoy!)

(photo Techniska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden)
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