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An Indian Mystery car in Europe

An Indian Mystery car in Europe

A saloon to kick the week off. This photo was sent in by Harit Trivedi, who collects photos connected to India. He said the photo was taken in Europe and the people appear to be from India. The car has some patina and Harit thinks it is a French car.

Editor: although it is clearly in a French speaking country (see the signes on the back ground) our first idea was that it was a Franklin or similar. But we were a bit confused because of the wire wheels and headlights.
Who can shine his light over this mystery and can tell us more about the car, the building it is standing in front of and maybe about the family. Looking forward to your thoughts.
Have a good week!

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PWC meets a Rolls, Topolino and Lagonda

How easy is it to start an Edwardian Rolls Royce Silver Ghost? We can of course explain it in a text but a video is a bit easier and makes it probably more clear to you.

We are interested to know if you would like to see similar video's more often. Video's of interesting cars and their owners.
Please leave a comment and let us know.

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What is it? Quiz #444

Mystery car
My first thought when I saw this car, was that is was a creation of a woodcarver named Geppetto. Geppetto? Yes, Geppetto, the creator of rascal Pinocchio, whose nose grows when he is lying.

Maybe you will have....
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Brooklands banking beauties.

Brooklands banking beauties.
Many of us will be heading for the banked race track at Montlhery as you read this and you may be sure there will be plenty of opportunities to view the photographs taken over the coming weekend.
The picture above was taken....
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