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The 'long arms' of PreWarCar

delage d1_argentina_penedo_470

Last week we posted the issue regarding an unidentified Delage without any history attached to it. We hoped that at least one reader would remember the car. To our surprise one reader stepped forward and told us the car was built in Argentina by his father in the seventies. We asked him to send a period photo if possible. He sent various photos including the coachbuilders plate of his family which at a later stage was exchanged for a fake 'Letourneur & Marchand' badge. 

Luis Penedo writes: "You ´ll find attached some pictures of the Delage still in Argentina and a picture of my Father in a Delage meeting (May 1990)  in Palma de Mayorca with Patrick Delage and Antonio Batle.  Also is attached a photo of our body plate.
This Delage body was made on request for Count Claudio Zichy Thyssen. He had bought a DI chassis in Argentina and took it to my father to get a new body done. My Father have been related related to classic cars since young and he made several bodies for rolling chassis as well as complete restorations. I work with him formally since the year 2000 although I have been always with antique cars. Nowadays, we still make bodies for rolling chassis. They can be an exact reproduction of the original or a creation, fully repecting the chassis year. 
Our last creation is a reproduction of a Renault AK 90 1906 Grand Prix. It is made with a  Renault engine (very similar to the original one), as well as many Renault pieces.  I take this opportunity to say that your web Page is very interesting and we allway take a look on it. If you have any specific question about the Delage, don´t hesitate to ask. We´ll try our best to help.

Best Regards,

Luis Penedo ,
Jorge & Luis Penedo,  Construcores-Carroceros, Jose Marmol - Argentina
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The Raoul Dufy Cab Mystery

1923 Raoul_Dufy_Cab-Lerins_Islands-Cannes_470
A very good friend and artist from the US recently sent us this picture. Not a childs painting, it's a watercolour made in 1923 by the french 'post-impressionist' Raoul Dufy. We were intrigued immediately as cars are a rare thing in paintings. The artist works in a loving but sketchy technique. Colour and light is more important than exact shapes. Still - as a contrast - the radiator surrounding is very clear. We have a theory - only a theory - that Dufy was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the motorcar. Why we think so? He made the same painting also without the car. The building is the same, the palm tree, the waiting carriage... it's only the car which is missing.
We like to take things yet another step further. We have the fantasy that Dufy really loved cars. Yes we are presumptuous, but check the painting he made at the boulevard of Nice. And this one near the Casino of Nice. Three cars! They all seem to have the same blue over green colour scheme (standard for french taxis of that time?). But check that radiator! Looks like Rolls Royce. After which we return to the painting, and car, and radiator above. What to think of this cool oval?
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What is it? Quiz #384

whatisit 384_470

It is a highly attractive 4 door Coupe. Most people think Rover introduced this concept with the P5 Coupe, and Mercedes reinvented the same with their current CLS. Yet as with many other ideas, it existed much earlier. And we would not be surprised if the one depicted above wasn't the first one either. Anyway, we are still interested to hear from you which oddball we dug out for you today. If it is of any help it is a french car in a british suit that popped up as a one off design at a motorshow in the mid thirties. Unfortunately it was blown away by similar revolutionary designs presented by a more appealing french carmake. The car vanished without leaving a trace except for the rumour that it was seen last in the seventies. Since then nothing was heard or seen again. It's so obscure that according to the sender of the photo a picture of the front is not known. Or do you...?    

Tell us all about the exact car depicted, but limit yourself to the max of 100 words. We want the name and model designation of the car with any - trivial - extra information being valued highly. But before writing down your response, be sure to read the Rules under Read More and start looking, looking, looking. This may be your chance to win the coveted PreWarCar T-shirt. Results and source of photo will be published next Saturday, December 6.

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How to stay warm in Austria

austro daimler_ladies_470

With winter approaching it’s about time to get that warm coat from the loft and find a nice place to  sip a coffee. Over in Austria, temperatures just manage to keep the water liquid - during the day. These ladies know and come out of the warm cabin of their impressive motor only to show off their impressive fur coats. Nope - It’s not just the Vienna number plate suggesting they were no mere farmer’s daughters.

If that big car really is theirs, they certainly aren’t impoverished. That’s an Austro-Daimler, made in Vienna too. It could well be the ADM with overhead cam six-cylinder engine. Or perhaps even the rare eight-cylinder version? Never mind. Off to Hotel Sacher for a Melange and a piece of that lovely cake they make there...

(Text Jeroen Booij, photo collection Raymond X.)

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