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Mud, cake and Matilda

Matilda and the mud.Last weekend saw the annual gathering of members of the Light Car and Edwardian Section of The VSCC when they congregate in Wales for a tour of the beautiful countryside on Saturday and attempt to drive up steep muddy hills on Sunday. Such is its popularity, the event was oversubscribed 48 hours after entries opened.

The weather was cold, wet and windy but everybody wrapped up warm and drove their cars around the empty roads and soaked up the view of the glorious surrounding countryside. The fields (and some roads) were filled with sheep and lambing was well under way.

According to my Mother, the first word I could say was cake, so I always linger at the coffee stop to enjoy the home-made produce being sold to raise money for the local air ambulance. Seymour Price has been a key organiser of the event as long as I can remember and it’s his ever-increasing family and their friends who man the stall, the strongest ones holding on to the tent in gale force winds! All of them laughing despite the cold and rain.

Today’s photograph shows Matilda in her father’s Austin 7 Chummy. They attempted the adjacent hill test but the muddy ground got the better of them (video) and Matilda had to get out and help the marshals push the little Austin off the course. ( But it was going better than last year!) There were 38 different makes amongst the 144 cars entered, of which 49 were Austin 7s. Matilda’s smile demonstrates just how much fun can be had with these cars.

(Text/pictures Robin Batchelor)

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Blue traffic jam between Barcelona & Sitges...

57th ralley_barcelona_sitges_blue_traffic_jam_600

At the first days of spring Barcelona hosts an interesting gathering of early prewar cars (roughly pre-1925). The past 21-22th March saw the 57 edition of this mytical rallye... this year without foreign participation except one car from France; it's the Peugeot racing special shown above.  Despite the lack of non spnaich participants, the level is getting better and better and many rarities were to be seen the mostly unknown Hispano Suiza 30HP  which carries the first number plate of Barcelona " B-1".

The first owner of this Hisso already had another old car -the original "B-1"- and when he bought the Hispano he decided to transfer the same number plate to his new car, although this last was bought new in 1910-1912. The oldest entry this year was the 1900 Darraq, in contrast of age and size with the Ford AA Bus, one of the newest vehicles present. Another interesting point of this year´s edition was the high number of "french blue sporting cars" like a mid 1920s Amilcar CGS, causing blue traffic jams as seen on the main picture. Foreign motorist should consider to put the Barcelona Sitges on their calendar. It is oen of the nicest ways to enjoy the spring beauty of the Mediterranean while driving your Wolseley or Hispano!

(text Francisco Carrión , photos courtesy  Visit-Sitges)

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1919 Indian mc Power Plus SOLD (Apr 02, 2015)

sold to Germany

Kaj Andersen
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Changing the route: Bergsma is history (April 1 UPDATE by Editor JB)

2015 04_01_bergsma_out_470_bandwAfter almost 15 years the end has come for editor-in-chief Joris Bergsma. Yesterday evening, at just after 23.00 GMT, the Pre-war Post-war Publishing team came to an agreement to end their relationship in good order.

Within the last few months an untenable situation developed as the opinions expressed by Bergsma increasingly emphasized on the profile and image of PreWarCar and PostWarClassic. This saw the PWC head offices in Amsterdam divided into two camps. Bergsma's increasing interest for unrestored cars, saloons and 'bread and butter' vehicles were considered as counteractions to the business opportunities for PreWarCar and PostWarClassic.

The appointment of a new chief-editor is expected later this week. One thing is sure, though: the future will be bright. The emphasis will slowly but surely be directed towards the top end of the classic car scene, with more concours reports from throughout the world and an increase in high-end restoration work.

It's been a very tough decision and the team, which from now on will be running both PreWar Car as PostWarClassics websites without Bergsma, want to thank Joris for the fantastic work he did for both websites. Joris has made an invaluable contribution to the pre-war car scene and due to his efforts thousands of cars have come into the hands of new owners, a large number of who have been made enthusiastic through his webpages. We wish him all the best for the future.

For all editorial issues you can contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Or contact UK correspondent Robin Batchelor. USA correspondent Kit Foster. Spain correspondent Francisco Carrión. Or Amsterdam editor Jeroen Booij.  

UPDATE , April 1, 2015 15.03 : Thank You all so much for your touching and heartwarming responses! For the more than hundred comments. For the dozen of phonecalls from various countries. Plus some 30 personal emails this morning. The friendliest push in the back we received since the SAH E.P. Ingersoll award we received in 2003..!   Sorry if we tackled some of you with our 'news' a bit hard with this year's April 1  feature. Look at it this way, we try to serve you well 365 days a year and one of those days is just for our own pleasure. This time with the pleasant side effect - like one of you wrote -  that it gives very good support for our scruffy strategy approach. So let's pick up where left of. Tomorrow is April 2.

Thank you for your support!
Joris Bergsma, founding editor

(special thanks to Jeroen Booij and Robin Batchelor who advised on strategy & text. Photos by PreWarCar photographer Pjotter Bergsma, age 15 )

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