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Mystery Sunday in Brasil ( upd. Daimler or Excelsior by Henri Labourdette?)

Mystery car_brasil

The photo may be of poor quality, not so the large and refined tourer which is the subject of the same snapshot. On board of the attractive boat tailed coachwork we see two couples and three children and we think the situation is still not cramped. But let's start at the front of the car. The low bonnet and 'expanding'cowl give a Daimler-ish appearance. Yet the body looks more like of French origin. Many details seem like boat inspired. The big Claxon(?) on the 'front deck' . The XXL guide light at the off side. The nice waistline starting near the steering column and going all around the boat tail. Also not very average is the large entry door which probably allows both driver and passenger to get in. Could the body be Henri Labourdette?

Sender Ferrari Marino who sent the photo is asking: "I would like to know the make and model of the car in the picture photo of family in porto state Rio Grande do Sul Brazil possibly around 1940

Ferrari Marino

Porto Alegre / RS / Brasil
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About quiz #417 - an EGO 4/14ps

EGO Rennwagen_Stadionrennen-470

As most of the knowledgeable readers found out, it is indeed an EGO 4/14 PS, with Carraciola at the wheel. But it is not the winning EGO from the Stadium Race 1923. The foto shows a similar EGO with Carraciola, probably in another Race on the Stadium track in Berlin.

The firm EGO, began as Merkur Flugzeugbau (aircraft construction) in Berlin Treptow. They began in 1910 with licence built Rumpler Taube- and later Albatros aircrafts.

During the war they built mainly engines in licence from Albatros. After the war they where not alowwed to built planes and parts of them anymore, but they had a trained working force and very good equipment. So they decided to build cars.

The first Type was the 4/14 PS (HP) MKA which was shown to the public at the car exhibition in Berlin 1921. The MKA had a four cylinder engine  of 1030 cc capacity. The sidevalve engine had a detachable cylinderhead. Only the crankshaft, radiator, wheels with tyres where bought in.  All the other parts were built in the factory, even the complete car electric with the ignition system were built inhouse. As this was quite expensive, the prices of the car were on the high side and it didnt help the sales.

In 1922 the power was risen  to 16hp. Later the frame was a little bit extended. In 1923 a new engine was constructed and the now Type MKB called EGO developed 20 HP.

EGO took Part in numerous competitions in the years 1923 and 24. The victory in the Stadium Rennen 1923 was the most prominent for the firm. But as the car was expensive to produce, the firm didn't made enough money in the then inflation times and so the complete factory was sold in 1924. The name of the new firm was Hiller Automobilfabrik AG. But the cars were still sold under the name EGO for some more  years. They developed a new Type, 5/25 which was built only in fairly small numbers. In 1926 the receiver was called and the buildings in Treptow were sold to Puhl & Co, a soap factory, and the machines to a machines dealer in Karlsruhe. The name EGO was sold to a firm in Berlin Baumschulenweg and they built some cars out of spare parts and built spare parts for other EGO owners. In 1931 this firm ceised to exist.

All in all EGO built probably less than 1000 cars of all types and today at least three are known to exist.

We received quite some good answers but the most complete and most correct answer came from a two times PostWarClassic puzzle winner! So congratulations Hubertus Hansmann, you are now also the winner of the PreWar Quiz!
Please send us your shirt size and mail address.
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Lili joins Heidi and Hudo around the world.

Lili joins Heidi and Hudo around the world.Enjoy this rare picture of Liliana because she prefers to take pictures and not be in them.  She joined Heidi on her world tour in 'Hudo' the Hudson.  ( A nice change from repairing her 28 year old V W Passat.) Remember?  Heidi  set out in July 2014 to drive around the world and she has shared her adventure with us every step of the way.
Her map shows she is currently in South America with a bent con rod.  Actually - it looks as though it came out throught the side of the block!  But she has a knack of finding good workshops and it was repaired.
Liliana ( Lili) has taken umpteen pictures and added them to the blog - with the English version HERE.
The more we read about this fantastic adventure the more respect we have for these two ladies.  Heidi has overcome some serious obstacles, not all mechanical. She had an accident with her fingers and then recently she had to fly back to Germany for medical treatment.  ( She knows laughter is the best medicine!)   This lady is an inspiration - she is waving the flag for 'old cars' around the world and is winning hearts wherever she goes. 
Heidi and Lili are sharing an amazing adventure and are both lucky to have found each other.  You can view the pictures HERE and the captions tell the story.   " We hope to be back home in Berlin in October 2016.  To meet me along the way please email -   meet.heidi.along.the.way(at)  "
Heidi is truly an ambassador for 'Old Timers' - mechanical and human - and we look forward to seeing how this experience shapes young Lili's future.

Text Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy Heidi Hetzer and Liliana Frevel.

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Throwback Thursday: the best pre-war April Fools joke ever

Rutger Booy - long time full time editor - came up with this brilliant idea for April 1, 2011. He also produced the perfect mock-up of the book by 'Editions Maldormir'(Sleepless Publising...:-). And it worked! Before lunchtime April 1, we had something like 20 orders for the book that never existed! Applause for Rutger. Nowadays he is writing for PreWarCar with larger intervals. But his last brilliant gesture was to introduce us with Jeroen Booij (no family!) who is doing clever things at PostwarClassic.  

EARLIER TEXT, published April 1, 2011

"We at PreWarCar consider ourselves lucky as we have just received one of the very few preview copies of a new book that will send shockwaves through the Bugatti community.  The author (who asked us not to reveal his name at this point) is well-known in Bugatti circles. He has spent years and years  collecting data about Bugatti Replica’s, Bugatti Bitsa’s and Bugatti Fakes. Not only the cars, also the tools, the pedalcar, the bicycle and more. It has become a monument of a book with over 800 thin paper pages. Each chapter is describing one Type including all chassis numbers which deserve a questionmark. So you can imagine why chapter "35" is no less than 387 pages alone.  It is due out within 10 days, but if you are curious (or afraid) to find your Bugatti in it, you better  pre-order one of the especially for PreWarCar readers reserved first 250 numbered (!) copies. The price will be Euro 104 including handling & postage worldwide. To order your copy be sure to send your order today through the contact form. You will receive an invoice by e-mail.

editorial UPDATE: Thank you all so much. Yesterday - April 1 - we at PreWarCar had the time of our life. It was great fun to see all the reactions & orders on the Bugatti book pouring in, both from people who desperately wanted to order one, as from people like Greg Wells who wrote " Ouch, my leg hurts. Feels like someone is pulling on it... LOL!"
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