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Which car is this? Maybe you can help us...

Which car is this?

Look at this lovely old photograph. Two people, who look like a couple, sitting in a car. It looks like they just left the house. Maybe it is their house, but we do not know this for sure. Before departure, they pose for a photographer. They are both rather....
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Passion for cars at Formula Vintage

The definition of Passion is; a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. Most of us have it, we read books, watch movies, go to events and work on them: our beloved cars. When we wake up in the morning we think of this overhauled engine, this strange buzz in the gearbox and about that race that we want to participate in.
When we watched the movie that can be seen above, we see the passion in those guys. They want to finish this race. Where other people are drinking beers, they are doing everything to change the headgasket of this Frazer Nash and have it ready. And they succeeded!
These 8 minutes of car enthusiasm was filmed during the first event of the VSCC Formula Vintage series. Next weekend, there will be the second race at Oulton Park. Many Frazer Nashes will compete agains other pre-war sports cars. We hope you will enjoy this weekend and if you see something that you think is real passion, film it and send it to us!

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What is it? Quiz #446

Whatisit-quiz #441 optie 1
This big edwardian tourer is probably the only one ever made. If you hear the name, you would immediately think you were driving a bicycle! Find out whatever you can about this specific car and maybe other motoristic adventures of this manufacturer. Summarize this in a maximum of 100 words, send it in before Monday, June 5th and you could be the next glorious winner. See next Saturday if you are the winner or otherwise what the correct answer is.

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An Austrian ladies orchestra in a Dutch car

An Austrian ladies orchestra in a Dutch car

Sometimes you come across one of these mysterious combinations like in this case: the Austrian ladies-orchestra 'Apollo', directed by a man with the short but almost unpronounceable name of Franz Pleil, seated and standing in a car of respectable Dutch origin: a ca 1906 Spyker. Looking more closely at the 'chauffeuse' it is doubtful if she would have been capable of driving this car to the next performance. Anyway, her co-driver is cheering her up with some merry sounds from a piccolo!

Possibly we see here a combined publicity photo, while being in Amsterdam for a performance. Some research revealed that this type of ladies-orchestras playing Bohemian music were large in number during the first decades of the previous century and that they travelled all over Europe, even into Turkey. And the aim was not only 'the Muse': during the concert breaks they often had to intermingle with the public and entertain them, and some of them (without doubt the prettiest ones) could have the luck of finding a partner for life ...

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