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1 horse vs many HP ( update: 1914 Delage, Sunbeam, Sheffield-Simplex, Cadillac or Buick?)

Sylvia Spooner

Before the cars, horses were all over the place. So the competition race and horses were less attractive. Luckily there were still people with horses and they want to show their price. Enclosed is a picture, taken in 1924 of the rider Sylvia Spooner (19 at that moment). She was described as "fearless" and well known for jumping obstacles. Her father ran "Spooners Harriers" at Yelverton, Devon, which today survived as Spooners and West Dartmoor Hunt. More interestingly she was one of many mistresses of the Prince of Wales, later Edward V111. She remained unmarried saying "once you've had the best . . . " and told her friends "stay single, you'll have more fun." Obviously a great character. At 20 she became Lady MFH and then moved to Taunton near me with the Taunton Vale hunt.
In this phote she was definitely fearless, using her 1 horsepower to literally overtake the many hp-car.
But what car is it? Please let us know in a comment.

(Picture and information: David Patten)
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Exploring the Western Development Museum, Canada

Western Development Museum Saskatoon Canada

By James Clark:
I have just visited the Western Development Museum at Saskatoon in Canada and was amazed how many early vehicles they had in their collection, which became clear when I found out they started to collect vehicles for the museum way back in 1946. Which has enabled them to find some great-unrestored cars and preserve them for the future.

One such car was a 1912 Peerless 36, having only covered less than 100miles since new as it was found in a local garage in 1948 after years of storage due to the original sale falling through in Alberta, fitted with a 6 cylinder 9.4 litre engine.

Close by was a 1904 right hand drive Cadillac showing lovely patina, single cylinder 2-speed model that spent its early years in Moose Jaw.

The Museum also looks at the developments over the years in transport and one of these was the experiment of using gas from corn to power vehicles. One example was shown on a Canadian built McLaughlin Model E35 car with the gas storage supported above.  Another form of power shown was in the form of a 1926 Brook Steam car built in Canada and 1 of 180 built Ontario, along side this was a 1912 Rauch & Lang Electric car, which has spent all its life in Saskatoon having been originally purchased by an estate pioneer for his wife.

The museum is well laid out and starts with a typical Canadian street scene from around 1911 complete with period garage. So the next time you visit Canada, you know where to go.

Words and pictures: James Clark

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What is it? Quiz #433

Whatisit quiz #433

French, conventional design, early twenties and only three lines in my old, first edition Georgano, maybe one or two more in the newest one. Few of you will ever have seen a photo of this make, let alone the real product. I have no evidence that one is still in existence, though a radiator with slightly different shape is! The manufacturer started shortly after WW I in a small suburb just outside Paris and until the mid twenties they made use of SCAP engines. And if despite these leads you're still wandering in the dark, the enlarged logo may guide you in the right direction ...

Tell us make, year and if possible model and all other details you can add to increase our knowledge of this make, but as always in not more than 100 words.

Be sure to send in before Monday, November 14th in order to have a chance to win the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt. Even better to check the Rules under 'Read more' first. Have a nice weekend!

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A Jack Johnson afficionado

Boxing lady_to_fall_in_love_with-800
We recently found this simple 1910 snapshot showing an elderly lady with a shiny runabout (where have we seen that radiator before? ) somewhere along the Californian coast. Only after scanning the photo a whole story appeared. It always pays off to carefully read any text visible in a photo. 

Starting with the 'neon' sign (it's not, but Seal Rock are deepened letters with lightbulbs inside). The 'Seal Rock (Hotel)' building is also housing the Jack Johnson Training Quarters (Seats Reserved for Ladies). It didn't take too much trouble to find another view of the the same location along Ocean Boulevard (probably our photo is a few years earlier with the top floor windows still in use). The simple building on the left is 'To Let', it was in use as "Horse Taken Care of, Drive In" . Yet in 191o already horses probably were less in vogue due to the fast upcoming of the automobile. More than that one year after this photo Jack Johnson was sent to jail to serve some time , as he repeatedly was arrested for speeding (stories of Sheriff Michael Hennessy).
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