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In the 1910s-1920s more than 20 different marques were produced In Barcelona.  America Autos was one of the obscure marques which appeared. It was established in 1917 under the direction of Mr Manuel Pazos, an imaginative engineer who developed a first model, the "type A"  with many innovations subsequently patented. Inventions were the "Pazos Elastic Wheel" (with built in springs), an engine with a kind of rotating valves and a synchronized gearbox.

The commercial success of the America Type A was limited due to its high price, so in 1919 the "Type B" was presented, a regular cyclecar without important innovations but cheap and durable and is was sold in reasonable quantities. The "Type C", a last sporting cyclecar, was launched in 1921, but not too long after the factory closed its doors. This was in 1922.

 Until now not much more was known about the marque, but our friends of Autodromo Magazine have made a thorough study of America Autos in the last number which recently appeared, where you also can read the history of "Automovil Salon", the Spanish importer of Bugatti, Minerva and Stuzt. So brush up your Spanish if you want to learn more about America. 

(text Francisco Carríon, photos courtesy Autódromo ) 
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What is it? Quiz #373

what is_it_quiz_373_470

It's an American car for a change. A fine veteran tourer with rear entrance we suppose. Not telling you if we're looking at a one, two or more cylinder car. One thing is sure this company made one cylinder cars during their full life span. But we understand they also produced two and four cylinder models. Their name has a great fame up to this day, but that's only the name and not connected at all with the cars. The advertising slogan they used is quite interesting as well. Where others underlined quality, cost, endurance or similar, this make emphasized on style and fashion. In this respect they were half a century ahead of their time. Well over to you. Give us the Marque, the Year and the Model of the car depicted and add any trivial knowledge relevant to this car. Not only to make your editor happy, also to give yourself an edge to other competitors who may come with the same basic facts as you do.  

In order to have a chance of winning the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt, be sure to check The Rules under 'Read More'. Results will be published next Saturday, July 5. 

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One good Morris deserves another

Facebook frinds Frank.. and his wife Eileen.

I recently allowed a picture of an elegant lady to catch my eye because she stood beside a 1913 Bullnose Morris Oxford. The caption said… “Our family car in the early sixties, my Mum bravely posing in front of it in the garden. One of my earliest memories was Lord Nuffield presenting my parents with a brand new Morris Minor, as a prize for having the oldest Bullnose still running. It was a lot warmer on the school run after that. Does anyone know where this one is now?” I contacted the picture’s owner with a recent picture of the same car and enjoyed the subsequent correspondence with the sender, Leigh Wootton. His father was the famous Aviation/Motoring artist Frank Wootton and his mother evidently enjoyed dressing for the occasion when they took their faithful old Morris CF 1177 out for a drive fifty years ago. I told Leigh that Morris made 394 cars in 1913 and out of the 19 survivors listed by The Bullnose Morris Club, his is no longer the oldest running car, that accolade being enjoyed by MX 8372 as described in The Automobile Magazine of September 2013.

This image shows the Woottons at the B.A.R.C Midnight Concours at the Grand Hotel Eastbourne, June 1959, where they won second prize in the Edwardian motoring category and HERE we see 3 year old Leigh behind the steering wheel. In 1958 William Morris ( Lord Nuffield) was promoting his latest Morris 1000 and it was the Woottons who won the prize described above. (Read the story here). Leigh tells me his Dad sold the Morris in 1967 and bought a Bentley which they kept for 20 years. You can imagine the delight on Leigh’s face when I showed him this video from British Pathè news archive and he saw his parents polishing their car at a 1958 Bullnose Morris rally when he was a mere twinkle in their eyes.

(Text by Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy Leigh Wootton)

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Low budget & High fun at Vintage Revival Zandvoort

bugatti t43_zandvoort_circuit_1949_470

Pictured here a Dutch registered type 43 Bugatti (driver: van Ramshorst) at Zandvoort in 1949. Current owner Bart 'Ettore' Rosman will compete this very same car at the Zandvoort Revival. 
On September 27 and 28, the historic Zandvoort track will once again reverberate to the sound of vintage sports and racing cars. Opened in 1948, pre-war cars were much in evidence in the first years of racing at the seaside track. Check out Rob Bossink’s site for some nice old Zandvoort pics. Now, one of Holland’s best known historic race events, the British Race Festival, has been revived by old hand Henk Janus. Henk was responsible for a number of excellent historic raceweekends in the eighties and nineties, but in recent years he has put his efforts in other events.

Now he’s back in Zandvoort and intends to revive the old atmosphere, when historic racing was low budget and high fun.  In the archives we found some pictures of the earliest historic races at Zandvoort in the seventies, with a Delahaye and Bugatti negotiating the old Panorama corner. Pre 1940 cars will form a substantial part of the proceedings of the British Race Festival as the Dutch Vintage & Sports Car Club (DVSCC) will organize the “Vintage Revival Zandvoort”, as part of the program. Pre-war entrants are promised a lot of track time with four 25 minute sessions. Cars will be divided into three separate groups, so sharing cars looks to be a possibility. You are invited to pick up your entry form here at DVSCC.

If you prefer a more sedate pace, or just want to show off your pre-war car in the paddock and maybe enter it for the concours, you are also very welcome. Check out British Racefestival for more information.

(text & photo collection Jan-Bart Broertjes, colour photo Delahaye & Bugatti Hans Kluck)

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