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The Exposed Valve Gear Mystery (update: 1924 Standard V3 11.4 HP)

Mystery 1000cc_engine

Peter Ransom sent pictures of an engine he is trying to identify. Our first thoughts were Buick but then we found out the capacity of the cylinder was much smaller. It is a nifty little engine. So who can help Peter:
'Identification of this little engine has proved troublesome - nobody can say what it is!  It's estimated to be around 1000cc.  Clues that might be helpful include exposed overhead valve pushrods and rockers, engine and clutch/transmission running in the same oil, no fan or water pump.  The letters SM are cast into the the block and head.  The letter Z also appears on the block. Block and head are cast iron while the sump and timing cover are aluminium. It seems possible that the engine doesn't actually belong to the chopped chassis."
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A Wilson wedding in true vintage style

A wilson wedding in true vintage style

Derek Wilson from Ireland - very active in the veteran and edwardian scene - sends this most memorable photo shot.
"Our cars always bring such fun and colour to a family wedding . Two weeks ago my youngest brother Brendan and his beautifull bride Olga flew in from Melbourne to get married in style. The 1909 Minerva and 1910 Wolseley Siddeley made the day a little bit more special. Best of luck guys!" 

Editor: Congratulations to Brendan & Olga !!  Looks like the two of you and your families have seen an unforgettable day in true style. We can clearly understand why the two of you wanted to escape from Melbourne for the occasion after we checked what fate this most special day would have brought you down there....

 1471913219_resized_20160804_133317 1471913479_resized_20160804_171238  1471913378_resized_20160317_130448
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Holiday picture: International Citroen Car Rallye

Citroen B14_Halftrack_Chenille_ICCCR-front-800
Bart van de Loo sent us his holiday pictures. He was at the International Citroen Car Club Rallye (ICCCR), which recently landed in The Netherlands at Kasteel Middachten.

Citroen B14_Halftrack_Chenille_ICCCR-800Once every 4 years this happening is organized by another European country. For any  Citroen afficionado the ICCCR is a must hundreds of  double chevron cars from 1911 onwards to admire (Dutch citroënists are a bit chauvinistic about the fact that the father of Andre Citroën - Levi Citroën - was a Dutch merchant from Amsterdam).

Bart's special interest was drawn by this type B14 with halftrack (Chenille). It was used during the "croisiere jaune" endurance expedition from Peking to Paris as a publicity stunt by the Citroën Works.

editor: we really love your reports about events and holidays. If you like to share those: click here
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Vintage Revival in the Dunes

Austin Zandvoort_Bugatti-800
October 1 & 2 will see the third Vintage Revival Zandvoort. Once more a very nice field of pre-war sports and racing cars will roar and let their echo dance in the dunes of Zandvoort. Even more good news: any owner of a sporty pre-war motorcar can participate as the concept of the event - just like Bentley Zandvoort_revival-800Vintage Revival Montlhéry - is a demo race without competitive speed element. Participants from Holland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and France get together to have a grand weekend. The atmosphere is great with a dedicated pits tent for all pre-war Bugatti baby_Zandvoort_revival-800participants. Possibly not unimportant to the company that you will bring. Amsterdam is only 15 miles away...!  Organisation  is by the Dutch Vintage Sportscar Club, if you like to get a taste of who will show up in what:  Check Here.

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