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About Quiz #400: Armstrong-Whitworth

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In last week's quiz  we showed a plan view of an Armstrong-Whitworth 18-22 H.P. rolling chassis produced for the 1909 season and two replies correctly identified the car and both knew about the Wilson-Pilcher manufacture and the company's involvement in ships, locomotives, aircraft and cars, or as jury member Ariejan Bos neatly worded it, "anything as long as it was made of steel."  Ariejan queries the radiator filler and the 1908 article says, " In appearance  the new car differs considerably from the 1908 models. The large filling cap to the radiator in the latter type has been discarded, and a very smart effect is given to the front of the chassis by the neat honeycomb radiator." (Read the whole article here.) He also knew about the Bishop's landaulette.
Commiserations to Richard Fayter who thought it was a Straker Squire, and so we come to this week's champion Kevin Atkinson who not only provided the required information, but also told us how an 18-22 model was first to ( unofficially) climb the Brooklands test hill and that Ross Brawn owns a rare Wilson-Pilcher survivor.

Congratulations Kevin !  Please send us your mail address and T-shirt size and your prize will come your way!

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A Prescott Lady Mystery (update: 1909/1912 (?) Humber)

prescott lady_mystery_470

Andrew Howe Davies was competing at last weekend's Prescott Vintage Hill Climb when a lady came up to him with this photo which belongs to a friends family. They would love to know the make and year.  Andrew adds: "I thought it might be a (UK made) Star , the radiator has a distintive angle at the bottom , which might help."
Editor; we only can add, that the lady at the helm of B3258 seems well prepared. Even for use on Prescott Hill her fine hat looks like good for anything. The dog seems at ease as well. Yorkshire terrier?

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An Austro Daimler Mystery ? (update: Joswin !)

Mystery car in The Netherlands

Jaap Bruynzeel writes: "The picture was taken in Bergen, The Netherlands in June 1921 near the entrance of a large property named 'De Karperton' designed by the renowned architect Jan Wils who also was responsible for the 1928 Olympic Stadion. Seated in the car the family Judell, wealthy coffeedealers form Amsterdam. In the rear of the car is Mr. Judell (with his elbow over the side) who commissioned  the property in 1917. The once wealthy jewish family had lost their assets in the crisis of the thirties and they had to sell the property,  but they remainded with the high influentials. Since short the De Karperton is again for sale, for the second time in a hundred years. "

What happened with the equally fabulous, enormous and unidentified tourer is not known. But it is special in about every aspect. And what's more the car is showing remarkable similarities with the earlier shown 'Austro-Daimler'  The Red Baron Mystery. We're looking forward to hear your opinion. 

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Sweet dream: "It can still outperform most Japanese machinery..."

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

The phone rang at an ungodly hour; it must have been two or three in the morning.  My wife picked it up. “Yes?” she said irritably. “Huh?  Luciano who?” She pushed the receiver towards me with a quizzical look on her face. “It’s for you,” she said. It was Pavarotti, with a theatrical tremor to his voice. “Listen, man, I realize it’s an awkward time of the day, but you simply must come. I’ve managed to get everybody who is anybody; they will all be here. It’s the last chance to get some kind of a consensus.  Get dressed and come here as fast as you can.” Click. An excitable bunch, these Italians.  Still, if everybody was going to be there, I had to go. Over the heated objections of my wife I grabbed yesterday’s clothes and got dressed. “You can’t go there in a corduroy jacket, Bruno,” she said. “Be reasonable. You can’t afford to look like a hayseed in that crowd. Nobody will listen to you.” Ah, women!

The car raced along the alpine road at a crackling pace. It is a rare machine, a dark blue 1939 Graham Supercharger 2-door Custom Coupe. It can still outperform most Japanese machinery, not to speak of the modern Detroit iron. The valves of the Continental Six engine clattered their urgent staccato, the supercharger whined, the tires whistled round the serpentine turns of the climb and my mood was improving by the minute. Very soon, Castello Malatesta was looming dramatically above the road.  

Luciano himself greeted me at the.... (click 'Read More...')

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