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Monet Goyon; like taming the rodeo machine

Monet Goyon
You may remember "Tjitte's new Love affair". The ultra primitive Monet Goyon cycle car project we posted back in 2006.  Our friend Tjitte started the project but left for a better world far too early. His son Daniel de Jong and old time friend Gerrit Jansen decided to finish the project and finally this spring the car was licensed. But licensed for what? The car is so crude and primitive and the ride so harsh that it is barely apt for driving more than a mile in one go. Daniel and Gerrit however signed up for the Elfstedentocht, a 200 km tour. And... the Monet Goyon  made it! Made it from the trailer to the camping. Made it back from the campground to the start. Made it through the starting tent. Nearly 23 km all-in-all. Yet... after that nearly all double tightened and locktited bolts had gone... and both drivers were so exhausted that further driving was not advisable. It is hard to imagine but to get an idea what driving and keeping the Monet Goyon on the road feels like, try to drive the disco bull for 10-15 minutes without a break. Still plans are made to make a new attempt in next years' Elfstedentocht. (photos Gerard Lansink)

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Whatisit? Quiz # 275

whatisit-275-1This should be an easy one, as we suspect that many of you will not have much trouble in naming the make of this car. Also we would like to know the model and the year. But what we really want to hear from you is what is so special about this princely automobile. For instance what was it used for and when? Winner of this quiz will be the one with the most complete answer and therefore we have adjusted the rules a bit, see ‘Read More’. Send us your answer through our Contact Form before Monday, May 24. Enjoy your weekend!
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Fender-sitters make you happy!

Lancia VeedolIn the early days, when PreWarCar just started, the site regularly featured a fender-sitting girl. For some reason we haven’t seen her for a long time. We don’t know why, because fender-sitters always make for a good picture as proven by this Veedol girl (click main pic for larger image). And, just suppose it’s your birthday today, she will certainly bring a smile to your face!

(photo taken at Beaulieu Autojumble by editor RB)
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Start a wedding service! (UPDATE II: license needed in Spain, Australia)

Armstrong Siddeley at CoysCollecting antique and classic cars is one thing, but why not make your automobiles work for a living? One way to do this is to start a wedding service, carrying just married couples from church to city hall. You do need a suitable stable of cars of course, so here’s your chance. At their Ascot Sale on May 23, Coys will offer not one, but four Armstrong Siddeley project cars, a 1936 Limousine with a Laundaulette body on a 20/25hp chassis, a saloon tourer, and two Hurricane dropheads, one "partly restored" and the other sans engine. All Armstrong Siddeley’s need more than a little work though, but in case you haven’t got the time or the space needed for such a project, you could start small and buy this already restored Armstrong Siddeley Redfern Saloon Tourer by Maltby. The choice is yours!
(Photos courtesy Coys)
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