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More Bayliss-Thomas, Please! (Update III: Shannons Auction)

bayliss-thomas-nigel-1It's not often that you see a brace of Bayliss-Thomas but, at opposite ends of the globe, the New Year opened with the meeting in Australia of Ted Cliff's 1926 12/27 Tourer and Laurie Schneider's's 1926 11/22 Boat-Tail Roadster, whilst in the UK, David Lobb and Nigel Hamlin-Wright braved freezing conditions to bring their respective 1925 11/22 and 1924 10/22 Tourers together in Suffolk. Nigel is trying to contact as many Bayliss-Thomas owners as possible to prepare a short history of the survivors - thought to number 11 from a production run of approximately 1100, so just 1%. If you can help, then please contact us! (text and photos Nigel Hamlin-Wright).

Update: Andrew Cox has a Skiff bodied Bayliss-Thomas special, an 11/22 which has had the Meadows 4EB engine modified using the crank and other bits from the later Meadows 4ECA. On paper the engine hp would be approximately double. the front end, gearbox and wheels are Riley, while the rear end is Jaguar. there were three other complete cars in Melbourne, and three others in bits.

Update III also by Andrew Cox: The Bayliss-Thomas refered to by David Robert Skinner was owned and restored by the late Graeme Carson. Shannon's sold the car after his passing and it has since disappeared. Does anyone know where it is?
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How to spend a rainy day

mg-va-rutger-1A slightly rainy day, a meeting of the MG SVW register and two VA's willing to pose. Voila, the recipe for a truly smart picture.


(The red one is the prototype MG VA Saloon, the other a 1938 MG VA Tickford DHC)

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The Paperknife Mystery (UPDATE: Serpolet or Peugeot )

paperknife-mystery-1Sometimes the most amazing objects land on our desk (virtually speaking of course). Just look at this amazing sculpture of what must be one of the earliest motorcars. It’s part of a 21 cm (8.4 inch) long paperknife that collector Max Garay found at an antiques dealer in Potsdam, Germany. It’s made of bronze and has an excellent patina. There’s an inscription in French that translates to “A small token of remembrance to a great idealist.” Max suspects the paperknife dates from the 1890s, but couldn't find any information regarding its origin. There might be a clue in the foundry mark. Can anyone identify that? Perhaps the paperknife was a gift from an early French automobile manufacturer? But who might that have been? Mail us your suggestions!
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A spark of Winter & Spring.

Amilcar_Martin_resizedWhen you enlist for a winter-night rally in Holland, you should know: this is not going to be Dinner in the Park, this is Serious Motoring FUN in fat capitals. Already in December the organisers knew how to scare away most competitors with a last minute serving of 20 inches of snow. This Saturday night organiser Bart Kleijn showed to have one more card up his sleeve
for this last day of winter PreWarcar night event. It was the very last chance for dying King Winter to show his decaying teeth to a smiling virgin Spring. This resulting in a playful game of thunder, lightning, horendous showers and tons of motoring fun plus ignition problems. This one of those very rare moments that we are not jealous of open top drivers... Yet we saw lots of big grins with the nearly drowning teams.Knox_laarman_resized Here Laarman-Meinesz on Knox. The low roof coupe in the main photo is the 6 cylinder Amilcar Martin Special which back in the fifties served as  a Paris - The Hague commuting tool  to writer and godfather of the Dutch vintage car movement  Rudy Kousbroek. 

Full results , check here.
As soon as we know how to handle this new publishing  system we'll tell & show you more.
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