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About Quiz # 275: 1928 McLaughlin Buick

1928 McLaughlin Buick - Prince of WalesWe expected to receive a lot of response on this quiz, as this is a well known “special”. But no, only five of you came up with the answers: Jeff Lee, John Jarrett, Luk Martens, Hugh Nutting and jury member Ian Hayhurst. From those we chose as winner Luk Martens from Belgium who told us all we wanted to know: “This is a 1928 McLaughlin-Buick, specially built for the visit of the Prince of Wales to Canada. Early in the 20th century, McLaughlin was one of the first in Canada specializing in building car bodies. He became a personal friend and business partner of William Durant, founder of GM. His company became "General Motors of Canada" in 1918, even assembling Chevrolets. Apart from the badges and wheel hubs, there's little difference between Canadian and US-made Buicks, although McLaughlin provided some specific bodies not available in the US. These were mainly exported to British commonwealth markets, thus with right-hand drive. Not so with this one, which stayed in Canada. Two specials were built and they exist to this day. The car on the picture resides in the storage room of the Canadian Science & Technology Museum, painted light beige with green accents.” Well done Luk! In fact, the McLaughlin Buick has just come out of storage and will be part of the museum's new display called "In Search of the Canadian Car". See you all next week with a new quiz!
(photo and quiz idea Richard Spiegelman)
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Vintage '69 (Update: B14 or Kegresse? And a 5 HP)

citroen_detail_0001Reg Harris came across this photo in a special 1969 edition of "Le Double Chevron" magazine, celebrating 50 years of Citroen. These are posed 1969 photos, but Citroen frequently uses young lady models in advertising their cars in 1920's & 30's. Can you tell us which exact models were involved? We're talking about the metal models of course.  (collection Reg Harris)
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Enjoy Life Under Clear Blue Skies

La Vie en BleuBlue English skies and French “joie de vivre”. Could there be a more attractive combination? We don’t think so, especially when you’ve seen the past four “La Vie en Bleu” events at Prescott Hill. It’s a celebration of all things French and motoring, with a huge display of automobiles. They are mostly French but undoubtedly there will be many British makes too. Last year the organization had to employ French gendarmes to prevent the can-can girls from showing too much leg ;-) Will they need the gendarmes again this year? Go see for yourself… “La Vie en Bleu” is this weekend, Saturday May 29 and Sunday May 30 and tickets are still available at the gates. See Prescott Hillclimb for more information!
(photos Mike Tebbett)
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Comes with a warranty

1909 De TambleLast Sunday long time PreWarCar reader Fer Cools went to a meeting for antique and classic cars in Moresnet, Belgium. He reports that regretfully there were not many prewar cars, but those that did turn up were quite attractive. For instance a 1938 Daimler Sedan flanked by a 1935 Alvis Silver Eagle. But star of the meeting was a US-built De Tamble dating from 1909. On the nave plates (hubcaps) was engraved that a De Tamble came with a three-year warranty. This one surely made it.
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