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A well-traveled MG

MG VA Saloon 1936 prototypeKeith Bush writes: “This is the prototype MG VA Saloon from 1936 that was previously owned by Bas de Voogd from Holland. As Bas is having medical problems the car was converted to take a Morris Marina engine and automatic gearbox. I have now rebuilt the original engine that was supplied with the car in 1936. This vehicle is the press and advertising car and was also at the Olympia Motor Show in 1936. Last year we toured around southern England to run it in and sort out any problems. We were picked to parade the car in front of the Duke of Edinburgh at the Rotary MG-weekend. This year we have booked a weekend away in France organized by the French branch of the MG Car Club. Also we are thinking of doing the Berlin event as this years SVW-event is in München Gladbach, Germany.“
Editor: We’re glad to see it has it’s original registration plates back and wish you many happy miles in this exceptional MG! (B/W photo courtesy Bas de Voogd)

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Well known Amilcar to be sold in Monaco by RM. (UPDATE: about May 1st and US Labor Day)

1928_amilcar_cgss_jb_300The two door boattail CGSs  is - set aside the ultimate C6 - one of the rarest of all Amilcars.  In the later days of the make's lifecycle and due to a lack of cashflow (this is an understatement) the St.Denis works just north of Paris had no other option than to build their own bodies in stead of ordering from the renowned bodymakers of Duval. Like with their chassis and engines, they did a great job without turning it into a marketing success. On the edge of bankruptcy Amilcar made a highly refined statement which still is seen as one of the finest design examples of the cyclecar era. The CGSs as depicted here is rarely ever seen on the road in company with its driver. According to insiders of the French club, only a very small number of these two door boattails did survive. This one to be auctioned by RM in Monaco (click) on Labor Day... May 1st. For more info you can also contact the editor.
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The Salerno Mystery (UPDATE III: Stimula / DelaChapelle)

salerno_mystery_300Mr. Cosmo Schiavo from Salerno (south of Naples, Italy),  is asking information and identification of the attached photo. Judging the atmosphere this Edwardian shot may have been taken in this time of year, probably around 1907-1909. The motorcar seems equiped for light touring as it has only one headlight and with the well polished sidelamps exposed. 
The proud owner (and the  chauffeur taking the photo? ) is posing at the wheel of the new looking  tourer with nicely sculptured radiator and bonnet.  The toptank has an elaborate detailing and to be honest, specifically this detail is where we hope that you will jump in...  Please use the button "Ad Comment" or send us a nice old fashioned e-mail.

UPDATE III: by descendant of the Stimula producers, Xavier Lachapelle, there are several nice Stimula pictures on their website DeLachapelle

UPDATE II by Fons Alkemade who claims the car to be a french built Stimula ( see this 1908 example) . This manufacturer stil is making cars today: Delachapelle!

Update I by Hugh Nutting: "This touring car looks like a White with Euro coachwork. Likely 1910 to 1912 era. White stopped making cars in 1915 except for a few special order customs."

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One of two remaining Triumph’s

Triiumph Super Nine Tourer 1933According to owner Les Wood only twelve Triumph Super Nine Tourers were made at Coventry. His 1933 model is one of the two remaining cars of this type in the world. It’s also the only one in the UK. As a piece of British motoring history Les thinks it is only right and proper that we remind people about our heritage and thinks she is a unique and beautiful way of doing that (editor: we agree!). Les has spent may hours researching the car and her owners and now has a 64 page document containing a chronological history and photographs of the owners. A friend of Les who is a TV cameraman made a film of the car which can be seen on YouTube. Enjoy!
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