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The 'Found in Vietnam' Bugatti Type 40
Unknown car - around 1915


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High wheeling in Melbourne: 1906 Black Motorbuggy

ca 1906

Clarke Mayze from Australia is showing off his very original 'Black' Model 112 Motorbuggy circa 1906. From Georgano we understand Black was a Chicago firm who made high wheelers propelled by a 10HP aircooled 2 cylinder.

Clarke reports: 'The Black' is in unrestored condition and was an original Melbourne automobile from new and was owned by a Doctor who resided in the eastern area of Melbourne (see the video how a high wheeling Melbourne ride was back in 1906! Quite possible this was filmed from the motorcar depicted above!!!). It is fitted with many factory options, is fully operational, and registered to travel on roads. 'The Black' had been locked away in storage we estimate for some 80–90 years. The original condition of this motorbuggy is simply stunning and we are both very proud to have such a unique auto in our possession. Many people view this auto as the most original old vehicle still running in Australia."

(Photos Clarke & Lin Mayze) 
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What is it, that's missing? Quiz #366

Whats Missing?

Everybody is out to enjoy the first days of spring - or depending on where you live - the first days of autumn. So we thought this is the right moment to do a slightly different quiz for the remaining 12000 or something thousand visitors this weekend. Although you can see five cars, we like you to concentrate on the two cars directly in front. One of our frequent readers - we will disclose his name next week - sent in the photo to see how we can test your knowledge in another way for a change.

"This photo was taken just a week ago. The .... (one on the left) is mine and the .... .... (one on the right) belongs to....  (Editor: yet another frequent visitor). We're both PWC jury members. Each car has something missing."

As we expect many good answers this time we don't want to hear all the details. Just the make of each car and the part(s) which are missing. Post your comment before Monday March 24 and we will  draw the winner of the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt. Have a good one!

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A nice spring gathering?

Rat rallye at rest?

A roadside restaurant and a parking area filled with battered vintage cars. A lunch of the Oily Rag Gang perhaps? It was a very strange scene, discovered by our super active spanish reporter Francisco Carríon: both restaurant and cars are abandoned for years already. Most of the cars have been canabalised with missing tyres, lights and engines... so are they simple decorative objects? These cars were part of a great collection which due to a lack of space have been parked for years in an old scrapyard located in South Spain.

Despite the dry weather in the area the vehicles are in poor condition. Still after more than 30 years of outside storage last week the miracle happened: a courageous collector bought the complete lot and towed the cars out (see below) and up trailers on their way to a new home and second youth. The cars may not be very special or valuable (many Fords, a Fiat Balilla, an early Citroen Traction and a 1934 Plymouth, among others) but the deep corroded bodies in combination with the clean pavement produces a rare image. Think of this scenery being your own garden... Beyond expectation most cars will be restored while others will live a second life as donor.
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First Dutch trial a blast!

DVSCC Trial_Dutch_2014_470

Despite the lack of hills last Sunday's first Dutch Trial was a big success. Twenty four teams were battling their way through a decent portion of mud and misery. A fabulous spring sun helped to realise big smiles on everybody's face. The mix of cars was remarkable. Not only the expected Austin Sevens and MG's (yes it's a J2 above!), also a Rover Special (click main picture), an Australian built Chevy Monoposto, various Alvises and a 1910 Knox with Beijing Paris experience. Organisation by the Dutch Vintage Sports Car Club (check more photos) was perfect, so we're looking forward to the next edition of the Dutch Trial. How about next week?
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