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Used veterans at small change...

used veterans_at_bargain_prices-1_470 

One of the nicest things with browsing old magazines is to check the prices in the classifieds. We received a couple of interesting scans from Matthieu Cuppens taken from a 1912 edition of 'Morisons's Review'. To his delight he found "Second hand car offered 'Mathieu Saventhem' (Brussels) Double phaéton 12HP, 4.500 frank (112 euro) and a Benz 35km/h for 500 frank (12 euro). Ok, do we have a deal?"
What a dream to allow the fantasy to shop back then with today's money...: "a Pipe 40 HP Double Phaeton 5 seater with a top speed of 90 km/h at 6000 Francs (Euro 150), and at a lot less a more exotic Ruhl (?) with Limousie body by D'Ieteren at Euro 112,50 or a Hurtu, a Créanche, a Germain, a Vivinus, a Metallurgiqie"... Shopping is fun! ...a Bavré-Niort (ever heard of that one?)... or a Duryea (Euro 35) or Decauville at the unimaginable Euro 10 (...) Or if your purse is slightly larger a 1907 Fiat 28HP demi-Limousine Van den Plas 6 seater in perfect condition at Euro 100 or without the body(!) at Euro 85. We're not talking model cars here! And even if Matthieus' conversion rate is wrong with a factor 10...! Or even when he would be wrong with a factor 100!

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Wanted: the right tires for fabulous HPOF 1910 Reo

1910 Reo

David Coco, a long time Hershey friend is asking your help for this incredibly original REO : "The size Michelin we're looking for (and what's on the car now but worn out) are as close to original size as he can get (editor: we wonder which make of tires and which exat size was used originally..?). Car runs and drives great, all original, never restored.  The tires on it now were installed by owner and me about 15 years ago, took 8 hours, lots of curse word, and a little blood. The fact we're still best of friends after that ordeal says a lot!"

Editor: to contact David Coco, go here.

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A Bentley-London 'Muppet' Mystery?

Anyone know if this is a radiator cap?- Seriously

Louise Browne sends this picture and adds: "This has been sitting on our heart for the last fifty years or so. My father was an engineer and in the past he was a racer and stuntman. I have no idea what this is. I had thought it must be a radiator blanking cap, but I can't seem to find any brass ones. Is this the real McCoy and did it come from a very early model? It's probably really easy so sorry if I'm a muppet but I would love to know."

Editor: Well if you're a muppet, we are the same. We have no idea how to place this Bentley-London cap, no matter if it's a radiator blank of a hubcap, this one being the closest example we found. So like usual the truth should come from our loyal readers who basically know everything!

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A great day at Beamish Steam fair

Beamish Steam fair

James sends his report on the recent steam fair:
"I have enclosed a selection of pictures taken at the Great North Festival of Transport at Beamish Open Air Museum which took place over the weekend 9th – 12th April, a thoroughly enjoyable weekend will a great selection of vehicles on display. These ranged from my 1925 Morris Oxford through to a 1912 Silver Ghost once owned by Harland & Wolf the famous ship builder from Belfast which constructed the Titanic. Many other vehicles were on display these included a 1905 Star, A First World War Battle Bus which had been brought up from the London Transport Museum for the weekend. Also at the event all the way from Aberdeen was a spectacular Dennis Fire Engine."

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