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Ode to Netta the navigator

Netta the navigator.

When driving abroad it is essential to have a map, and even more essential to have a map reader. You’re driving on the opposite side of the road, there are frequently beautiful views to distract you and roundabouts drain your intellectual powers for many kilometres. So we were very lucky to have Netta as navigator and many days of continental motoring were made more enjoyable by never missing a turning.

Even when we stopped for fuel, Netta would plan ahead while driver Hugh would watch the litres go up and the Euros go down, and when she nipped out to spend a penny, she always took the map with her!  Other drivers strolled over to discuss the route because Netta had gained their trust, and when you see a Frazer Nash label, you know he takes his driving seriously. Even when we stopped to stretch our legs and drink coffee, Netta would remind us she was on top of things and we could relax. When not driving, she diligently attended to the myriad of little jobs which our old cars demand if they are to perform well and at the end of the day we all sat down together and ensured our gallant navigator had what she wanted, and even then she was thinking of how to please those around her. Did I hear someone mention SatNav? No thanks, I’ll stick with my good old fashioned map – and its lovely reader.

(Text and pictures Robin Batchelor)

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Mystery at Bleasby Hall (Thornycroft, Sunbeam, Siddeley Deasy, Sunbeam, Phoenix or Lanchester?)

identification request_mystery_car_bleasby_hall_470

Anthony Morton sends the above postcars showing his homestead Bleasby Hall. The picture has puzzled him for some time now as he would love to find out which car is depicted.  We suspect he is entertain the same dream as we would have when owning Bleasby Hall: to bring back  the same exact car to the house!
Now to get you going Anthony took the trouble to enlarge the picture a lot, click the picture to zoom in: "This is the rather grainy photo enlarged from a Post Card of my residence in Nottinghamshire. I would very much appreciate your help with this identification."
We can only add that the scuttle looks rather Daimler-ish around 1910. But the lack of radiator is worrying us. What kind of motorcar has a radiator this low?
Or maybe we should look into the option of Renault or similar machinery? 

Here the link to Sunbeam pictures as suggested by Ariejan Bos

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The fate of a 1934 Matford Saloon (update: 1936-1937)

matford 1934

We like to hear your opinion in this. This car is owned by a dutch guy who reports that this once was a 1934 Matford saloon (with the wellknown - small- Ford V8). Somewhere in life the car was converted from saloon in convertible. 
The owner S.F.J. Huijser likes the car inparticular due to the headlight design. It's been two years or more already when he found the car and fell in love at first sight. Now he plans to hotrod the car. Possibly with larger engine and autoshift.

Now starting to yell or shout is the easiest thing. So we will not publish that. tWe are looking for balanced opinions. Take into account that the car has undergone major changes during it's life. So change has been become part of its history. Or ?

Joop Terpstra liked to add this brochure picture and french link

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Three twenties beauties found in chateau.

fiat 514_saloon_chateau_find_470

It still happens. We received this message from Alexy , a 32 year old classic car enthusiast from the UK. He recently bought three cars in a chateau in France. The cars were part of the estate that was shared recently between several children of the family. a1924 Citroen Type C 5Hp, a 1929 Fiat 514 sedan and a 1919 Mathis. he Fiat and Citroen sat on blocks since the second WW ii and have both been cranked on a regular basis. Wo! cranking your cars and not moving them in seventy years. That must have been a character...
Alex is planning to sell the cars shortly. As we don't expect he will ask any numbers above 10,000 euro, we're looking forward to see three free ads listed under Barnfinds.    
Sorry Alex, we  maybe should edit that chapter and make it Chateau Finds...                   
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