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A Nash Quad in Holland

A Nash Quad in Holland

Tony de Vries: "In 1997 I bought three boxes of glass black and white negatives in an antique shop. Mainly because it had a lot of old motorcycle pictures just went through the pictures and found some old cars as well.  Hope you can identify this car for me."

editor: Well, that for sure must be a Nash Quad, a succesful 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel brakes and 4-wheel steering (!) truck that was developped for among other things ammunition transport in WWI. It looks like this one had a military purpose as well and maybe the experience with driving and or maintaining this versatile beast formed the basis of the succes of the D & V garage. We will show you a few other cars they had a bit later this week. In the meantime have some fun with starting up this Quad

editor: Tony de Vries, can you please contact us, we do not have your e-mail address.

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La Vie au Grand Air...

1925 renault_45_torpedo_sport

Nowadays 'La Vie au Grand Air' is the name of a French organisation which is helping deprived children. Not so in the beginning of the last century. It was a well known magazine about the wonders of a new century. Biking, ballooning, boating and motoring! Weekends and holidays were a new thing rising in popularity at steamtrain speed.  The magazine hooked in with the new trend and helped their readers feed their fantasy.  Rural France opened up, especially with the easy transport which came available.
Renault was one of the big players as you may know, also when it came to BIG. The 1925 Renault type 45 features a 9 litre 6 cylinder and is one of the largest and most powerful cars of that time in Europe. You probably know that the car currently resides in the US with Hyman Ltd. But we should say resided, as it's on its way to Europe again. Planning to make its entry at Techno Classica Essen mid April. Let's hope the car will find a European buyer, no better a French buyer. With a car like this the French countryside is always near. Looking at this magnus opus of Billancourt we can only dream to take it for a long sunny, summer, Sunday drive only to get out in a Van Gogh landscape for a beautiful picnic.

(photo courtesy Hyman Ltd.   Hall 6,  Techno Classica Essen, 15-19 April)

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What is it? Quiz #391

What is it? Quiz #391

We found you another striking mystery motor from our files and were surprised not to be able to find it on the world wide web. That means you’ll have to know it or recognise its shapes, sizes, dimensions and detail and carry on puzzling from there. Sleuths, come on in. Oh – we have obscured some small detail, which would immediately give away its base just to make things not too easy. Having said that we can tell you this car carries a well-known make, which produced substantial numbers of this chassis. The airline/airstream/aero/speedline coupe body, however, is something else. Please do astonish us with details about that. So please provide make, model and whatever you can tell about the coachwork.

Answers in the comments below (please do not e-mail) and be sure to read The Rules under Read More. This may be your chance to win the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt and wear with with pride at this season’s events! Results and photo source will be published next Saturday.
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On My Merry Oldsmobile

On my merry Oldsmobile.

Recent sunny weather plus longer daylight hours convinces us that Spring is truly sprung and we should all jump in our cars and celebrate the new blossom, daffodils, baby lambs or whatever takes your fancy in this new season.
Our Friday lady has Agaves growing nearby – not the prettiest of plants – but never mind, the jaunty angle she holds her head, and her choice of pleated frock tells us she would love to go for a drive in the country and enjoy the fresh air.

The car she carefully climbed upon is a 1928 Oldsmobile Coupe, also known as a Landau Coupe because of theose 'Landaubars' ( short for Laundaulette) which were carried over from horse-drawn carriage days. The Oldsmobile name goes back to 1901 when the Curved Dash Oldsmobile was made from 1901 to 1904 – some say the first mass produced car.

Notice the radiator has vertical radiator slats, controlled by thermostat, which allows the reduction of air flowing through the radiator in cold weather. The history books tell us that the first pilots to fly the Atlantic Ocean were Alcock and Brown on 14 June 1919 in their twin-engined Vickers Vimy, but the previous month, Hawker and Mackenzie Grieve took off in their single-engined Sopwith but were forced to ditch in the ocean when their cooling water boiled. The radiator shutters in front of their 350hp Rolls Royce Eagle motor were closed because the lever in the cockpit had mistakenly been fitted to read back to front !

The quality of the Shorpy image reveals the sparkling paint of a brand new car, not yet fitted with registration plates,  and notice also the creases in her stockings. Nylon wasn’t used in stockings until 1940, and the stretchy lycra fibres weren’t added to women’s stockings until after 1959, that leaves silk ( or rayon) which was notorious for bagging at the knees and ankles as the day wore on, so our lady is looking as good as possible early in the day.

The early cars were officially known as “Olds Automobiles”, but the name “Oldsmobile” was popularised by the lyrics and title of the 1905 hit song “In My Merry Oldsmobile” and if you take our lady by the hand and help her down from the car, you can ask her to dance to that very song. Listen HERE. The gentleman playing it for you is Graham Rankin, who periodically corresponds with and has a passion for early gramophones of the best quality. Oh, and amongst several other cars, he also owns a Curved Dash Oldsmobile.

PS. Remember to put your clocks and watches forward 1 hour on sunday for British Summer Time.

(Text Robin Batchelor, photograph courtesy Shorpy)

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