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Another jubilee: PAC 60 years

Rolls royce_silver_ghost_PAC-470

We can debate which classic car club is the oldest in the Netherlands. Is it the Bugatti Club, MG Car Club Holland, Ford Model A club or the Pioneer Automobile Club (PAC)?

Without a doubt, any anniversary needs to be celebrated and so does the PAC! The PAC is founded in 1956. Meaning this year's 60th anniversary will be celebrated in a way the club always does: organizing a wonderful tour. Next weekend (1st until the 3rd of July), there will be a Jubilee run during the Dutch Concours d'Elégance at Palace Het Loo. Where the cars will also take part in the concours.

The Pionier Automobielen Club is officially founded on Saturday the 13th of May 1956, during a meeting in the old Hotel Pays Bas at the St. Jans Kerkhof in Utrecht. This with the aim: to promote the interest in classic and historical cars and to keep the cars both original and drivable.

Interest in antique cars was something that was already huge in the United Kingdom, also because of the famous London-to- Brighton run (for cars built before 1905). But got great international attention after the movie Geneviève in 1953. In the movie the 'leading characters', won the race with their 1904 Darracq and a green 1905 Spyker (both are part of the collection of the Dutch Louwman Museum, for already a long time). To celebrate the 700th anniversary of the city Alkmaar, the first Dutch car tour war organized in 1955.
This made a couple of car enthusiast come up with the idea to start a club, exclusively for cars built before 1930. Together they organized their first run on the 13th of May 1956, in which 23 cars participated.

After this the first Traditierit took place. With an 1898 De Dion Bouton as the first one to leave Utrecht, 34 other cars followed and drove to the circuit of Zandvoort. On the circuit there was a lot of interest from all ages. With quite some excitement when the big sleeve valve engine Minerva passes, with a big puff of smoke (behind it).

The Pioneer Automobile Club was and still is the club for classic car enthusiasts in the Netherlands. They organize tours for cars built before 1940, but also for specific era's like the slower pre-1905 cars. Also interest in the next generation is shown, with events as the Beforty rally and the upcoming Picknickrun.

Just like, they will celebrate their birthday at Palace Het Loo. Please come and see this driving museum!
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What is it? Quiz #423.

What is it? Quiz #423.History records that the maker of the car in the picture 'built cars for the upper middle class' and the lady climbing aboard may well meet that criteria. We wonder if she lived in the grand house at the end of the drive behind those fancy gates?
As you have already guessed, the car make was built in Britain but you need to tell us all you can about the car - and perhaps its various  models and changes during production from 1912 to the date it stopped manufacture.

Before posting your answer in the comment box below be sure to check The Rules under Read More. 

Have a great weekend!
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Follow in father's footsteps.

Follow in fathers footsteps.

Ettore Bugatti first produced a 'Baby' Bugatti in 1927 for his son Roland, and this picture shows him, age 5, next to big brother Jean in his Type 43. Ever since then, children of Bugatti enthusiasts have occasionally been encouraged to enjoy motoring early in a junior sized car.
The young lady in our picture was spotted practicing in the Bugatti Trust's car park when we visited 'La Vie en Bleu' recently at Prescott Hill Climb. In fact there were several youngsters enjoying the sunshine and Bugattis because The Bugatti Trust had arranged some drawing classes for children ( of all ages) to be given by professional artist/photographer Stefan Marjoram .
Our young friday lady was more interested in driving,  with Papa following closely behind clutching a safety rope, whilst the other young future drivers were concentrating on drawing. The results were encouraging and proud parents took pictures of their talented offspring who may one day become custodians of these wonderful cars - and follow in their fathers' footsteps.

Text/pictures Robin Batchelor.
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Throwback Thursday: Palace Het Loo, loaded with patina

In cooperation with the organisers of Concours Paleis Het Loo PreWarCar will open a new section: Well Preserved. A most interesting line up of cars is expected ranging from a 1909 Lane steamer up to a 1934 SS Jaguar 2,5 L Tourer. Interesting to see that we wrote 15 years ago already about the 'new trend' for Unrestored Cars. 

EARLIER TEXT of nearly 15 years ago:
The Netherlands, Sunday 2 September. Though the wheather for sure was not what the organization had ordered the Concours d'Elegance was brilliant. Apart from the kind of material you would expect on an occasion like this (Bugatti Stelvio, Mercedes SSK and so on) there was a very rare line up of Spyker cars differing in age from the early 1900s to the early 2000s. Especially interesting was the growing number of unrestored but well preserved cars. Like this marvellous Talbot Lago Grand Sport 1938 . A grand Hispano H6B 1921. A superhuge Horch limousine from the Audi AG collection. This trend is making you look forward to  next year's edition. We will come back on Het Loo later this week.

(photo editor)
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