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Happy Christmas! What will Santa bring?

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HAPPY CHRISTMAS to You, your Family and Friends!

Think back of the days you were a little boy. What would he bring with boxing day? I can assure you that we always hoped for a proper pedal car. Something similar to the above or the even cooler ones advertised by manufacturer Tri-Ang (ranging form Darracq to E-type). We got loads of presents in those years but alas never the car. Maybe that's why we are still playing with old cars? No matter what the PreWarCar-PostWarClassic Team wish you a wonderful day! Tomorrow the famous six-day Xmas Quiz will start both on PreWarCar & PostWarClassic.  Be sure to compete,  Santa may not bring you a car he will send out 12 T-shirts to be raffled among you old car Boys and Girls! 

(Tri-Ang advert, Horwitz collection )
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What is it? Christmas Quiz Announcement!

possible quiz_nr_2_470

The snow you see here is only 80 years old.  The car showing was photographed during the Olympic Winter Games at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany. No need to answer to this snowed in mystery.

It's just a heads up.
Perhaps this fresh winter snow will wake up your memory and help you producing good answers for the Xmas quiz starting on & the day after Christmas. So Monday next. 
In the meantime, Happy Holidays!
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Ladies having fun in the snow

Ladies having fun in the snow.

Do you remember as a child how your little heart leapt with joy when you opened your bedroom curtains and saw the world covered in snow? Of course you do - because it meant a day playing outdoors and getting completely exhausted and soaking wet. Lovely healthy activity!
How many of us still feel the same? (Our hands all shoot up in the air!) So we begin to understand how these girls feel as they prepare for some high jinks in the snow.
There's time for some friendly fencing to warm up before fitting their skis and hitting the slopes. Inevitably, it won't be long before they attract the attention of some likely lads who want to share in the fun, and why not ? They can help us up when we fall over !
There's fun to be had driving in the snow as well, but keep an eye open behind in case the village urchins on their skates try and hitch a ride !
Oh - we nearly forgot - who can tell us the make of the car ?

We don't need snow to have fun, but sometimes it helps.

Text Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy City of Toronto Archives.
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Packing up for Christmas (update: AEC or Daimler Y-type)

Packing up_for_christmas-800
All on board? Yes, this is the time of the year to visit family and friends or even better go touring together. Nowadays it may be easier to come together over large distances but back in 1927 men used to live closer to one another and thus would less high-tech machinery suffice. This picture showing a large solid tires coach or omnibus was shot in Hardelot,  North-West, France. We suspect the omnibus itself is of a much earlier date. Quite possible that it is  a rebodied French WWI truck. The clock shaped upper tank should be a good giveaway. What would you think, is it a cast iron or brass radiator? In terms of Xmas a brass bell shape would be the best of course.
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