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PWC Workshop question: metric Morse chainlinks issue

Morse chainlink-800
Driving your classic car means frequent maintenance & repairs. Sometimes it is easy and you will get away with adjustments but - quite often - the 'little issue' change takes the form of a ' small project'. Often you want to exchange tow worn or broken part.  This comes with a new set of problems. Jeff Jones had this problem with his 1924 Fiat 519.1924 Fiat_519-800
He needs to replace a 1/2 Morse timing chainlink but cannot find it anywhere and hopes someone can tell him where to find it. As you can see it is not the kind of part that you will easily refrabicate in your own workshop. But for sure somebody on this globe did it once .  Jeff Jones like to get in touch with people who recognise the issue or may have a chain in stock. 

He writes: "I am a reader of your pages (brilliant), since you first came on the web, I don't recall seeing a request for information before but I am desperate. Can anyone advise me where I can get a 1/2 link for the Morse timing chain for my '24 Fiat 519. It's 43mm. wide, 13mm. pitch and is with centre guide, Type s.c.

I've tried all the English magazine advertisers, Ali baba and various other  web sites and various one make clubs. All to no available. Morse U.S.A. don't seem contactable and the Australian agents don't seem capable of understanding what I want.  Some people have told me that they don't make metric Morse. 
I've been using measuring sticks since I started tecnical training in 1949 and I do know how to measure. 43mm. is not a common metric dimension but is much more likely than 1.6925 inches which is the direct imperial equivalent. Similarly, My Vernier caliper shows 13mm. and not 0.512inches.  Please hurry, Ive been trying to find a link for four months and I was only 82 when I started so I don't know how much longer I can wait."
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"If you’ve got a Ford you Can’t afford to miss Beaulieu"

11059951 10153222812209276_790897135636064244_o
Pre-war Ford owners have always been fortunate when it comes to tyres. Because the pre war Ford tyre sizes (30X3½ Model T, 475X19 & 440X21 Model A) are probably the most common tyres in pre war sizes the large volumes being produced has meant that there has always been plenty of choice at good prices, and recently things have only gotten better, with the involvement of Lucas tires from California. The other good news is that in Europe these tyres are distributed by Longstone Tyres, since very long one of our major sponsors.  We understand Longstone will bring a good load of these tyres to Beaulieu at competitive prices:

Model T Tyres
Black Model_T__230X3 Wards Riverside White £ 200

30X3½  Wards Riverside White £ 200 

30X3 Wards Riverside Black £ 120

30X3½  Wards Riverside Black £ 120

There is sometimes a miss conception that Ford may well have stuck to a standard original equipment tyre, however Ford just fitted who ever could supply enough tyres at the right price, and it was known in period for some cars to leave the factory with one brand of tyres on one side and a wholly different brand of tyres on the other side of the car. In the vast open spaces of the US, people lived so far appart that the invention of shopping from a catalogue was developed by a company called "Montgomery Wards". These catalogues would supply pretty much anything you wanted, including tyres for your Ford. As a result it has been suggested that by the end of the 20's the most common tyre in the world was the 30X3½ Wards 1398801427956284566626Riverside, supplied to the Model T Ford by the Montgomery Wards Catalogue.

Very early Model T Fords Fitted 30X3 on the front, and 30X3½ on the rear, and later cars fitted 30X3½ front and rear, and the very last cars fitted 440X21 tyres. It is also worth pointing out that pre 1914 Model t's fitted all white tyres which are also currently being produced at extremely good prices for these early Model T's

Model A tyres
30x3-1-2-wards-riverside-all-white-full-600x600440/450X21  Lucas £ 80

475/500X19 Lucas 75

The first Model AR and Model A cars  fitted 21" wheels with the tyre size 440X21, generally today available as a 440/450X21 tyre. then the 1930 & 1931 cars moved on to a smaller diameter wheel with a taller side wall tyre in the size 475X19, but again the tyres produced are generally called 475/500X19. Currently Lucas Tires produce these sizes at incredibly good prices.

For Some years now Longstone Tyres have been having fun in Yellow field at Beaulieu. And occasionally they also sell a tyre or 2. Their stand number is Yellow 459 – 461. So why not pop down and get some tyres for your Vintage Ford at the excellent prices that are only at the Show while stocks last.

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After....and Before : Rolls Royce trailer drama

1936 rolls_royce_phantom_III_limousine_by_barker_crushed_lf_470

This and other pictures have been flooding the media since Friday afternoon after a sad mishap with the trailer transport of a 1936 Rolls Royce Phantom III Barker. A man from Switzerland had bought the car from Retrolegends in The Netherlands and picked up the car with a healthy Range Rover plus brandnew trailer. Only minutes after they left from the showroom Henny Kennis got a phonecall from the Swiss guys if he wanted to come for help as things had gone wrong. Terribly wrong as you can see. The only good news is that no serious injuries occurred.

But the fine Rolls is scrap. The trailer is scrap. The Range Rover is scrap.  It is of course very easy to judge from a distance so let's try to analyse and face some facts. According to Henny Kennis the incident is a miracle to him. The Phantom III (yes a heavy car) was tied down correctly. The trailer was brandnew. The towing car in very good condition, at least cosmetically. According to eyewitnesses the combination  got into trouble already at relatively low speed, not more than 55 km/h (35 mph). Henny Kennis presumes that one possible cause may be the air suspension (EAS) of the Range Rover.  Either the car was lowered actively when loading the Rolls and not put back to Drive-settings. Or the system may (we repeat 'may') have produced a failure resulting in instability of the car and combination.  There are many pages on the web about EAS failures

No matter what the exact cause was, the results are dramatic (see Youtube). With a huge loss for the new owner of the Rolls Royce: the car was not insured! This is not the first nor the last trailer incident. What can we learn from this.

1. analyse very well beforehand the risks of any trailer transport. Professional transport may be expensive, but on hindsight possible very cheap in comparison

2. NEVER do a transport without a proper transport insurance if the car is of any interest to you. Don't leave home  before checking your insurance agent. 

3. You are welcome to give us your thoughts. But please think twice. We will not publish any nonsense. Yet we will favour all positive critics and comments.

Please drive safely. Trail wisely. Have a great week.
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Old-school motorcycling holiday

Along the_Lovaart-470

In this part of the world, summer holidays have started and nearly ended as well. One of our readers, Nick Jonckheere, went in style:Sarola at_rest-800

"When summer finally arrived, and no far-away trips planned for the holidays, my young family agreed on an old-school motorcycle camping trip in the 'Westhoek', a Nimbus payload-800forgotten corner in the west of Belgium. My wife went on her usual steed, the 1929 Saroléa, and for myself I borrowed my father's 1954 Nimbus with box sidecar, which turned out perfect for the camping gear. Both daughters were comfortable enough on the pillions.

Deliberately, we avoided the busy touristy areas and theme parks, and chose to travel along quiet canals, with destination Maedelstede in Pollinkhove, a small and friendly farm camping. Lots of animals and a swimming pool, great fun for the kids!

During our excursions, we found some hidden treasures, like the unknown and very underrated open air museum 'Bachten de Kupe' and the Bossaert motor museum.

Ijzertoren in_Dixmude-800On our path, we passed through beautiful hamlets with names like Houtem, Leisele, Alveringem, Wulveringem, Fintele... Crossing the French border to visit Hondschoote in France even made our trip international!

Along these canals, like the Lovaart and the Yzer, there are many places of WWI interest, like the Yzer Tower in Diksmuide and the Goosefoot in Nieuwpoort. In Lo, we went even more back in time, since Julius Caesar once tied his horse to the tree next to the village gate!

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