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What is it? Quiz #433

Whatisit quiz #433

French, conventional design, early twenties and only three lines in my old, first edition Georgano, maybe one or two more in the newest one. Few of you will ever have seen a photo of this make, let alone the real product. I have no evidence that one is still in existence, though a radiator with slightly different shape is! The manufacturer started shortly after WW I in a small suburb just outside Paris and until the mid twenties they made use of SCAP engines. And if despite these leads you're still wandering in the dark, the enlarged logo may guide you in the right direction ...

Tell us make, year and if possible model and all other details you can add to increase our knowledge of this make, but as always in not more than 100 words.

Be sure to send in before Monday, November 14th in order to have a chance to win the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt. Even better to check the Rules under 'Read more' first. Have a nice weekend!

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A Jack Johnson afficionado

Boxing lady_to_fall_in_love_with-800
We recently found this simple 1910 snapshot showing an elderly lady with a shiny runabout (where have we seen that radiator before? ) somewhere along the Californian coast. Only after scanning the photo a whole story appeared. It always pays off to carefully read any text visible in a photo. 

Starting with the 'neon' sign (it's not, but Seal Rock are deepened letters with lightbulbs inside). The 'Seal Rock (Hotel)' building is also housing the Jack Johnson Training Quarters (Seats Reserved for Ladies). It didn't take too much trouble to find another view of the the same location along Ocean Boulevard (probably our photo is a few years earlier with the top floor windows still in use). The simple building on the left is 'To Let', it was in use as "Horse Taken Care of, Drive In" . Yet in 191o already horses probably were less in vogue due to the fast upcoming of the automobile. More than that one year after this photo Jack Johnson was sent to jail to serve some time , as he repeatedly was arrested for speeding (stories of Sheriff Michael Hennessy).
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Abandoned mystery car in France in May 1940

Abandoned car in France in May 1940Michael Schlenger sent in this photo. Hardly a mystery but still nice to see:

"My vast collection of prewar car photos includes several prints showing mystery vehicles, and I hope that the readers of this great online magazine are able to help!
Today I need the expertise of French car conoisseurs, at least I believe that the car in question is a French one.

The picture shown here was taken in May 1940 probably by a German soldier belonging to a supply unit behind the lines during the quick advance of the German army in France.
It appears the car has been abandoned on a meadow by its owner due to engine trouble. Most likely it belonged to someone who was trying to flee from the enemy troops by car.

The oval shaped radiator is quite distinctive and there seems to be something like a badge on it. From its overall appearance this car is probably from the mid-1920s and I assume it was a medium-sized vehicle of a lesser known manufacturer of quality cars.
Thanks in advance for any useful piece of information!"

Well Michael, we're most curious what other photos you may have. Living in Germany you would not easily recognise a Chenard Walcker. Just go to the Chenard Walcker clubwebsite to see lots more. We need to ask the club which vintage CW is showing up in your photo.  
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Another Hershey Mystery

2016 hershey_mystery_470
A few weeks ago we did a quiz about a photo found during the recent AACA Fall meet in Hershey.  Yet when you dol a quiz you need to be sure what you have otherwise there is no way to judge what the competitors have to say. The above photo still needs to be identified. What on earth is the set of wheels this well to do comapny is using. WE may be wrong but we think we have a chauffeur with on his side the mother or chaperone of the young lady in the back of the car with her father or fiance.  Well we probably never know. When checking the big tourer itself the eye will go to the radiator. It seems round shouldered with a vertical oval shape getting a bit wider at the lower end. A projection of the radiator outline is visible  on the rounded scuttle in Daimler style of around 1909/1910. We asked Ariejan Bos, but he is puzzled. So here's your chance to beat Ariejan!

(collection editor) 
Wednesday, 09 November 2016 Attention: open in a new window. Print E-mail

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