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What is it? Quiz #458

This week, we are looking for a car, I don´t have much information about. But I´d like to know more about this company, that existed in France between 1932 and 1934. At first, small racers with 350...500ccm engines were built, followed by the small sports car, you can spot on this weeks quiz-car picture. It had a two-cylinder 500ccm engine with a four-speed gearbox and was built as a roadster and also as a small coupé. For 1934 a bigger car with a 1,1 litre four-cylinder Ruby engine was announced, but this car was not realized anymore.

Can you tell me more about this little roadster and the company building it? Please leave your answer in a comment before Monday. Don´t forget to use no more than 100 words and we will stockpile your account of points for the six-months-competition.
Good luck!

Saturday, 18 November 2017 Attention: open in a new window. Print E-mail

Red and white in spring

This week Friday-Lady seems to enjoy the new Berliet 944 and her new dress in matching colors!
But I think that she´s „just“ the model for the advertise-shooting. And during this, she seems to dream about a grand tour with the new car (and her new dress). Hood and windscreen down and enjoying the warming shine of the spring sun, while most of us begin to prepare our classic cars to store them over the winter season and enjoy some last tours through the colorful autumn woods.
„Her“ car is one of the last Berliet passenger cars. The 944 (9 CV, 4 cylindre 4 vitesse) was introduced in 1933 and offered as „chassis-only“ plus at least six body-styles. The 944 was available as Berline, Coach, Familiale, Commerciale, Cabriolet and for the shooting with our Lady, the most attractive 1933 Roadster, still carrying a body before the facelift during 1934 was used. Production ended in 1935 already, when the 944 was replaced by the similar „9CV-petite Dauphine“. I wonder if one of this pretty roadsters has survived and is still ready for a springtime tour with a lovely lady in a polka-dotted dress...!?

Text and photos by Hubertus Hansmann
Friday, 17 November 2017 Attention: open in a new window. Print E-mail

Not only the newest, but also the oldest Bugatti in Hong Kong

Not only the newest, but also the oldest Bugatti in Hong Kong
The new Bugatti Chiron has just made its public Hong Kong debut at the 2017 Hong Kong Gold Coast Motor Festival. The Festival, Hong Kong’s premier motor celebration held at the picturesque waterfront precinct in Hong Kong’s New Territories, half an hour from the hustle and bustle of the City, was being held for the second year. The Chiron, perhaps the most powerful, fastest and most luxurious of all super sports cars, with a price tag of 2.5 million euros, presented a stark contrast to one of its Molsheim cousins also to be seen here, the by-comparison diminutive Bugatti Type 13 Brescia. The 16-valve ‘Brescia’ was capable of over 100km/h in the 1920s, the Chiron with four turbochargers, a century on, can go nearly four times as fast, topping 400 km/h!

Ettore Bugatti’s first production car, (the Italian, living and working in Alsace, a part of Germany from 1871 until being returned to France in 1918), was in rather Fellini-esque fashion entitled the Type 10, it being his tenth design. Fortunately for us all, Bugatti’s works could take the mantle of a full masterpiece and so no half was necessary as in filmmaker Fellini’s oeuvre “8 ½”. There is no record of a Type 11 or Type 12, but in 1910 the first Type 13, similar to the Type 10 but with a bore enlarged by 3mm, was delivered to a customer. The Type 13 remained in production until 1926 after some 2,000 units had been built. The Type 13 known as the ‘Brescia’ received its nomenclature when Bugatti, recorded up to that time its greatest achievement on the track, taking the first four spots at the Italian Voiturette Grand Prix at Brescia in Northern Italy in 1920.

Alongside the Type 13 Brescia at the Concours d’Elegance in Hong Kong the other pre-war cars were a Pur Sang Type 35 Bugatti, and the class winner a Red Label Bentley 3 litre.

Text and photos by James Nicholls

Thursday, 16 November 2017 Attention: open in a new window. Print E-mail

London to Brighton run 2017: A great fun event! But never change a winning team...

Singing birds in the rising sun. Reflection on the polished lamps. The sound and fumes of hot steaming engines. A lot of warm clothes (which were certainly necessary, but at least it was dry). In this international event participated approximately 450 pre-1905 cars. Every single one on its way to Brighton, passing the London landmarks and the wonderful autumn sceneries. For many of them tradition or a trip down memory lane. But this year there was one major change, the route. The enthusiastic spectators along the side of the road, the hills and the overtaking pushed the cars to the limit. For every car and participant, a victory upon arrival on Madeira Drive. This is how we would summarize The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run 2017. A great fun event! But never change a winning team...
Wednesday, 15 November 2017 Attention: open in a new window. Print E-mail

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