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Romance in the air: Motorcycle Dating

Motorcycle Dating
First dates are all about first impressions. And of course, you want to show her/him your biggest pride. So with what wheels (two, three, four or more?) did you take your date for a first drive out? Was it your classic pride?

Lance Milne sent us the above picture with a question.
"A few years ago your skilled readers were able to help me pinpoint the likely year of some pics of my historic Chateau Mildura winery using Motorcycle Dating . I have now received another later photo of the winery which also needs their expertise to "Motorcycle date" with year and make of the pictured bikes and any comment as to the possible age of the bikes."

Nice motorcycles to pick up your girl and go to a winery isn't it??
Now think for yourself before you check the positive IDs by Yesterdays Motorcycles under Read More....
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About 'What is it' quiz #429: 1911 N.E.C. 30hp

Whatisit quiz #429
No electric Elmo or Rolls-Royce Legalimit, but another unorthodox car from England: the New Engine Car built by the New Engine Company, abbreviated N.E.C. Forgotten now by most people, but in pre-WW1 England regularly described in the columns of car magazines.

Two people however could still remember the make and these were Frank Sauerwald and Fried Stol. The latter was already a three-time winner, meaning that Frank Sauerwald is the official winner this time. His answer:

“It is a car from the New Engine Co (NEC or N.E.C.) from Willesden Junction. They made cars between 1905 to 1921. The engines were designed by G.F. Mort and mounted beneath the front seat. Most cars were built as town cars but it seems that one ran non-stop from London to Edinburgh in 1910.” Fried Stol was spot-on with the identification of the car as a 30hp 1911 model.

So congratulations, Frank! Please send us your mail address and shirt size and we will send you the PreWarCar T-shirt.

Quiz written by Ariejan Bos

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Barbara Marshall & Kay Petre at Beaulieu

1924 gn_anzani_470
This is a small Beaulieu story as so many happen every year. Those who passed our stand may have noticed a small radiator with AC/Bullnose looks. It was offered by Robin Batchelor who at first presumed it was Bullnose.
Sunday morning a man walked in who was intrigued by the radiator and decided he might wanted to use it on his Anzani engined trials/racing GN of 1924. The car is known to have been raced by Barbara Marshall and Kay Petre. In later years the car had an ugly rectangular radiator and Bill likes to go back to the earlier looks. Only one thing was worrying him. Would the radiator fit the body that he is restoring? It appears Bill is a wise man as he went of and came back with a mall for the radiator which seemed to give a superb fit with 'our' radiator (click).  

In the meantime he found out that this one "... is definitely AC. The taller of the two ladies in the photo is Barbara Marshall who used the car in trials in the 1930s (a first in 1937 Cotswold Trials). The smaller lady is Kay Petre who was a well known racing driver (single seater Austins etc). "
Great to see that the small radiator has found its way to VSCC circles and such charming company. Well at least in the past (err... sorry about that Bill). 

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Two brothers in Bordeaux

Amedee bollee_leon_wineyards_black_white-470
The year is 1900. You and your brother sit at the kitchen table in the house in Le Mans. What to do this weekend? You are both car manufacturers, just like your father was. And are planning to have a nice trip in the Bordeaux region. 
Leon bollee_hottube_ignition-600You notify a few other French car builders ( snail mail, pigeon, telex?) and off you go, to Margaux. This was probably the scenario in 1900 and in 2016 it was a little bit the same. Last weekend, the Hot Tube rally took place. An event for cars built before 1900. For the first time in at least 20 years the Bollée family was present at such an event with two 'brothers in arms'. 'Amédée' and 'Léon' drove side by side to discover the wineyards and machinery.
The differences between both cars are huge. Léon built a small, aircooled tricycle. With 2 places in tandem style, the driver behind. And Amédée built a Panhard levassor_hottube_ignition-600big, 6 seater, 2 cylinder car. Much more like his father Amédée Bollée Père.
Despite the differences the two cars have one thing in common: both are still driven by true enthusiasts. Last weekend they had the time of their life. Together with a handful of Panhard Levassors, De Dion Bouton, Rochet Schneider, Peugeot and other pre-1900 cars. The real beginning of motoring. History but also the living present!    (photos & text: Laurens Klein)
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