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About quiz #402: 1908 Imperia 16-20 HP

About quiz #402: 1908 Imperia 16-20 HP

Just two replies to last week's quiz which showed a 16-20 HP Imperia made in 1908 in the Belgian city of Liège. It is the mid-range model with the other 2 models offering 12-14 HP ( chassis price £260 ) and 24-30HP with 106mm bore and 130mm stroke. All 3 models share the same internal details - ball bearings to support the crankshaft and camshaft, the crank is offset from the centre of the pistons which are dome-shaped and made from pressed steel. The carburetter has a single jet and horizontally operated piston. Hot air is drawn from the exhaust pipe area via the pipe across the top of the engine and petrol consumption is 25 mpg.
In 1913 Señor Abadal, the Spanish agent for Imperia, asked the firm to make a sports car on the lines of the Alfonso XIII Hispano-Suiza. The result was almost a carbon copy of the Hispano with long-stroke, side-valve 4-cylinder engine of exactly the same cylinder dimensions and top speed of 75 mph. (More Imperia information here.)

We thank Jugie and Kieran for their answers, but alas they are both wrong.  Jugie thought it was an Aries and Kieran submitted an impressive confident description of a Lancia Alpha which does look similar.  So no winner this week - why not try your knowledge on today's PostWar quiz about a car with an American chassis and the rest of the car made in France?

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Five ladies and a Napier?

1905 Napier?

John Peirson writes: "This is said to be a 1905 Napier. Can your experts confirm this? The location is the Hollow Tree in Stanley Park, in Vancouver, Canada." 

Editor: Well, for sure it is a famous photo location. When you look up the tree at Google you'll get a million pictures with various veteran, brass era and vintage cars on the same spot. Even this very same photo, but then in color! We do agree that the car resembles a Napier in terms of radiator shape and high 'chimney'. Yet let's wait for the experts to jump in. 

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Tasty American Stuff in Auburn

The Aubern Auction

Worldwide Auctioneers are holding their 8th annual  'Auburn Auction' on saturday 5 September in the National Automotive and Truck Museum in Auburn, Indiana. The auction is named after the town although there are two Auburns offered in the sale. The one that we like is the 1924 6-63 Sport Touring a rare car for its 'faux convertible top' which is in fact a fixed top which even has a headliner. One of only three known and owned by one family for 50 years, the car is all original with a patina that only the hands of time could create. Auburn always outsourced its engines, and under the bonnet is a high-compression 248 cubic-inch overhead valve Weidely Straight Six that was actually a high-performance motor which was also used in the Stutz Speedway Six. The name Stutz always makes us sit up and take notice and the 1923 Speedway Roadster is a truly fabulous car with a whopping 361 cu-in inline four and high compression heads good for 80 mph. We can't help shedding a little tear when we learn of its dicovery in a California aircraft hangar in original rust-free condition only to have it restored to as-new condition. Never mind - it's for sale and going to be used on the road with the hood down, pedal-to-the-metal, wind in your hair and tears of joy!

We are undecided between the 1929 Model A Ford Speedster and the 1936 Cord 810 Cabriolet. They both spell FUN and although the Speedster has a standard engine, it would respond well to some tuning to go with that enormous Klaxon mounted on top. However, when we gaze at this picture of the Gordon Buehrig-designed Cord we cannot resist. The big V8, the beautiful stylish coachwork, the classic styling of the interior all add up to a very desirable car which had the crowds at the 1935 New York Motor Show standing on car roofs just to catch a glimpse.

(Text Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy Worldwide Auctioneers)

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The End of the Worldtour Model T?

accident dirk_and_trudy_regter_t_ford_world_tour-4_470

Last Sunday a dream collapsed when the 100 year old Model T famous from 'Model T Worldtour' was damaged beyond repair (well anything is possible of course, but the damage is dramatic) in a freak accident in Belgium. World travellers Dirk & Trudy Regter and passenger Rick Nicolaas luckily came away without serious injuries which is a miracle.

As reported here regularly Dirk and Trudy Regter travelled the world with their 1915 Model T to raise funds for SOS Children's Villages International. So far they travelled Europe, Africa (top-down), North America (full round including Hershey!), South America (down & up again)... some 55,000 km in total. Preparing the car for the next leg which starts in New Zealand they did a practice weekend in Luxembourg and at the same time were supporting the 'Make a Wish' foundation, an organisation who tries to make come true the dreams of children with a life threatening disease. On their way home from a very succesful weekend, things went terribly wrong.

Easily cruising in Belgium with the Ford safely on the trailer behind the Landrover, a truck driver - nearing from behind at high speed - didn't pay attention. He smashed into the trailer, causing the combination to array with the Landrover (with Dirk, Trudy and Rick in it) ending on its side. Fortunately, they are all doing okay, besides some bruises and myalgia. That cannot be said for the T Ford and Landrover; both total loss. After celebrating its 100 year-anniversary in February 2015, the future of the friendly Model T is very insecure. The car carried them from Beijing to Paris. And more recently halfway round the world. At this point nothing is certain. Not the car. Not the worldtrip. We'll keep you posted.

(Pictures Rick Nicolaas) 

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