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A Bugatti T32 Tank in the 1927 GP of Germany? (update: 1927 Bignan Tank)

Grand Prize of Germany

Klaus-Dieter Hein from Emmingen (Germany) writes: "We collect beautiful old cars and have built us a small hall and with a beautiful picture on the wall of the Grand Prize of Germany 1927 which we have acquired this image from Ullstein Verlag, which was sold as showing the 1928 Grand Prix. Now we like to know which vehicles appear on this picture. Though it was stated that this was the Grand Prize of 1928, the more we researched, we found out that it is (most probably) the race from July 17th, 1927.

Next what we found is a summary of drivers and starting positions on the internet. Unfortunately, only partially with vehicle types and starting numbers. Some of these we have already identified. Now we have probably discovered a Bugatti T32 tank on the screen... (in the background of trhe photo)?! However, we find nowhere a clue that this car did start. Maybe you can help us or your readers? Many many thanks!"

Tuesday, 27 October 2015 Attention: open in a new window. Print E-mail

A high end Tivoli Mystery ( update: Isotta, Tatra, Packard, Delage? )

What is this car?

Vincent Juvenelle writes: "If anyone can help me to ID this car. It's bodied by Tivoli, in Bordeaux, France. But, is it an Isotta Fraschini, Hispano... or? And, icing on the cake, does the car still exist?"

Editor: We have only one clear association with the photo: Bucciali. Possibly the ... Bucciali TAV2 by Saoutchik? But what is the meaning of Tivoli in this respect, maybe a name used for this exceptional body by Saoutchik? In the video you can see the one-off tribute built for his own fun by Bert de Vries 33 years ago.

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Mystery Car in Charleston (update: 1910 Stoddard Dayton)

Mystery Edwardian vehicle

No razer sharp family album picture yet a yesterda's paper snapshot sent by Chris Leigh-Jones from the US: this photo was taken in October 2015 outside our offices on Broad St, Charleston SC.  The car to the back is a special made from a 1947 MK VI Bentley.  The one to the left is American, made in 1910 and has wooden wheels. Apart from that I've no clue what it is other than to say it quite quick by the speed the driver arrived at (he is the chap standing between the cars gesticulating).

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What is it? Quiz #406

What is it?  Quiz #406

The chassis shown was part of the maker's display at a motor show and they proudly announced various features which tempted new customers.  The display also included other 'well-known carriages of various sizes and powers.' We would like to know the name, year and H.P. of this car and anything else you can tell us about the company and the car's features, especially what is driven by those exposed gears behind the starting handle. "It should be undoubtedly a decidedly fast car, as the complete weight of the chassis is only 15cwt."

Answers in the comment box please, post it before Monday October 26th and you may become the winner of this week's pre-war Quiz. Be careful though, check the Rules under 'Read More' first. Results and source of photo will be published next Saturday, October 31st. Enjoy the weekend!

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