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Mystery 'car' in Sweden ( update: no Essex, no Model A Ford ! )

Mystery car in sweden

Well, this is what we like. The left overs of  what once was a car and possible now only interesting to look at. Or is it in fact a project with potential? Jack sent us this picture of a collapsed 4 door sedan that he spotted in Sweden. He took 2 photo's to sort out what it is when he was back home. Unfortunately, he still hasn't got the slightest idea what it is. Can you identify it? And what is your idea about the future of this car outside the option of being a garden sculpture?

UPDATE by Editor: several people claim to see a Model A, but they overlook the fact that a Model A dashboard is  curved  quite differently at the bottom. Also the Model A dash is positioned right in  the middle where this dash is much more to the left.  

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Classic Days, Schloss Dyck: same story, different year?

Report & photos by Hubertus Hansman: 
"Well, in a certain way it is "Yes", but only if you look at the number (thousands!) of cars at. Although the majority of the cars at Classic-Days is post-war, you really find lots and lots of pre-war material at the castle's lawns. We're nmot talking about the "usual" Model A and Model T. But about the the 'usual' stunning Bentleys of the Benjafield´s Club, and about  the bunch of Blower Mercedes, you can see all those nearly every year at Dyck. Especially in the "Jewels of the Park" area, many highly exotic and impressive veterans can be found. Among my personal highlights were the fabulous Isotta-Fiat, which I already saw twice, the Renault(ooops... Peugeot) Eclipse and of course the Renault record cars. But next to the little castle-bridge, I found my real highlight, the Opel 4/8PS, the "Doktorwagen". It really looked like the Schuco-model, my brother and I played with in the 70s (and 80s, and 90s and...). I think it was the first time, I saw a Doktorwagen "alive", not only shaking in its "Rüttelgang", like the little Schuco-version.
The best thing to do at Dyck, after walking around many kilometers around the big area, is to have a break and sit down on one of the bales of straw along the Kastanienallee. You have a sandwich and coffee from your bag and then just sit, eat, drink, look, listen and enjoy. Cars pass roaring and often they are quite unusual and many of them I never saw on the road before. A whole bunch of Bristols passed, a very nice Brasier, a Stanley Steamer, with its unbelievebale steam-train sound or quicker, than you might believe, the replique of the 1885 Benz Patent Motorwagen crosses on its way back to the orangerie, where it was displayed next to a stunning 500K Roadster.
Even on my way back to the parking lot in the evening, more and more cars arrived at the castle. Sadly, I only was able to visit the Classic-Days on Friday, but if next year's date doesn´t collide with the Prescott Hill Climb, I´ll be at Dyck for the whole three days again!"

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What is it? Quiz #427

What is_it_quiz_427

It is an easy one this time. It's a weekend you are busy BBQ-ing, watching the last bits of the Olympics, visiting auctions and concourses. So probably there's little time to test your memory and browse your history books.  So here you go. It is quite obvious which make it is, and most people can also identify the type. But what's the exact year? And maybe you even can tell if it's a factory body or a few-off by ....  Grab this chance to win a PreWarCar T-shirt now everybody is on the side of the pool (well our friends Downunder may be skiing, but alas) Tell us in less than 100 words exactly the brand, the type, the year and maybe the body and you may have a chance to win the T-shirt. Make sure you first read the rules under Read More.

Source of the photo will be disclosed next week Saturday when we point out the winner as well. We wish you a super weekend! 
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Birthday in a Bullnose Morris.

Birthday in a Bullnose Morris.
The story starts in a pub car park on a lovely summer's day in a village in England. Three men had stopped in their vintage cars for a drink to watch some cricket on the other side of the road. The badges on the cars' radiators read Bugatti, Deemster and Morris Cowley.
Two ladies slowly approached their table and asked who owned the Morris Cowley? Well, our Morris driver was flattered they should choose his car above the other two and stood to identify himself.
He learned that the elder lady ( Daphne) had been sent to Bayswater during the Blitz to stay with Great Aunt Bella who drove about in a Morris Cowley. The more they spoke, the more affection and admiration they felt for this wonderful lady. She had been born in India in 1920, sent to a  Convent in France where the girls were forbidden to look at their naked bodies and had to wear a chemise in the bath with just their head and neck poking through the wooden cover.
When she proudly mentioned that she would be celebrating her 96th birthday in that same village on the following monday our Morris owner opened his big mouth and offered to take her for a drive on her birthday.  Smiles all round and the ladies slowly wandered away.
True to his word, he arrived at the appointed hour and a great cheer went up from the family gathering. Everybody tottered out to the car park and there being  no doors on the Morris,  Daphne was lifted into the car and the pub's landlord appeared with a bottle of champagne for the birthday girl.
She was amused to learn she was one year older than the car and held on tight to the bottle as she set off on her journey. All went well and after safely returning the precious cargo to the car park, Morris man noticed Daphne's daughter Sarah and her lovely smile - so he took her for a drive too.
Throughout these antics, a young lad was watching all these grown-ups behaving like children again and when it became known he was Daphne's grandson Jake, he got a drive as well.
They ended the day drinking the champagne and Daphne inviting her driver to her 97th party next year - as long as he drove the Morris Cowley.

Text/pictures Robin Batchelor.
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