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Atom - Aston's forgotten saloon

1939 aston_martin_atom_saloon_peter_mcfadyen-1_470
For years the Aston Martin Atom's place in history has has been overlooked by enthusiasts who couldn't see past its rather challenging styling. Now, sympathetically restored by its long-term custodian, the fascinating prewar prototype is the subject of critical reappraisal by marque experts who have realised how important it was in the development of the company. Forgetting for a moment the many avant-garde features in its design and construction, this is the car that convinced David Brown to buy the struggling Feltham company in 1946, so impressed was he by the engineering excellence of the car when he drove it. Without Atom, it is doubtful that there would ever have been a DB3S or DB4... After three decades of happy use, owner Tom Rollason has decided to sell the car, which will be auctioned by Bonhams at its Goodwood Festival of Speed sale on 27th June. Peter McFadyen recently had a chance to see the car up-close and tells its unusual story in the latest issue of The Automobile, which is out now.

(Photographs by Peter McFadyen)

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Finding a Stutz and more in France


Maybe Aguttes isn't one of the most well-known French auction houses for automobiles, yet this week they certainly have some very interesting stuff to offer. When looking at auctions in France, you would expect mostly French cars, but we never thought to see this 1926 Stutz Vertical Eight AA Victoria Coupé on offer. Imported from the USA in the 1980s, this Stutz only has a total mileage of some 27.000 miles. Furthermore it has not been restored, except for a new paint job a few years ago. Another non-French rarity is this completely restored 1938 Wanderer W25 K that during its lifetime went from the Chemnitz factory in Germany to Argentina, then to Italy and from there to France. But French cars haven't been forgotten, for example we saw a very nice 1923 Salmson VAL 3 Torpedo and of course several Renault's, a 1914 type EK and a 1924 chauffeur driven type OS. And there's even more to enjoy: among an abundancy of automobilia even a miniature steam locomotive that should prove some fun for the true enthusiast! This auction by Aguttes will be held on June 21st at the Hôtel des ventes de Lyon Brotteaux - in Lyon.

(Photos courtesy Aguttes, text Rutger Booy)
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The GM car you never saw before


Check your Georgano for "GM" and you will find nothing about the Detroit car makers or their wide range of products. In stead you will find a few odd lines of information about the short lived (1924-1928)  French make  Gendron et Michelot. The sad surviving 1927 model CG6 depicted here - check this  similar one in better days - found an owner who took up the recommissioning. Hardly any info regarding the marque is available online excpet this nice period show photo  and here where we found that G.M. participated in the 24 hours of Le Mans of 1925. This was however a type GC2. Sender of the photo 'Polo' is looking for engine parts, we can only wish him luck and suggest to try a search advert. With a product of the US based GM he probably would have less of a problem locating stuff.
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Not one single 1924/25 Stoewer D10 survived?

About Quiz #371: 1924/25 Stoewer D10

Never say never! Despite various remarks that not one single Stoewer D10 survived, here it is. Well here... er.. in Australia where many rare cars survived due to the absence of war and thanks to favourable climate conditions. Sebastien Simon sends these photos as a response to quiz #371
"This is the last known Stoewer D10, seen in Castlemaine, Victoria, last year. All the mechanics have been restored by the long time owner Jim Goble , while the body and interior was left alone and is showing a most fabulous patina. It was interesting to compare that Stoewer to the many early Lancia Lambdas then present for the Australian Lancia Register meeting." 
Thank you Simon Sebastine, Craig Gillingham and Graeme Steinfort (VSCC-Victoria) for 'digging up' the car and details. 
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