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The 'Found in Vietnam' Bugatti Type 40
Unknown car - around 1915


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Underslungs at Amelia Concours 2014

1914 american_underslung_470

We understand last weekend's Amelia Island Concours (see results) never was better. No clouds but crowds yes.  One of our observers was particularly impressed with the line up of no less than a dozen(!) American Underslung motorcars, like the 1914 displayed above. The US made underslungs are a family in itself and made us wonder, were the Americans first in this, or if not who were? Not too far from there was yet another underslung, the 1913 Regal Underslung owned by Paul Wilson,  an extremely original and basically never restored automobile. It gave him some headaches to get the car in good running condition however. Below his condensed report. 

 "It ran well when I bought it, but before I even took it on the road, the engine lost power and would barely run. It had spark; I had the carb rebuilt. I took the radiator for a precautionary checkup; seemed fine. The engine seemed to have low compression, so I removed the valves and lapped them in (everything looked OK, though). No change. Then I pulled the block off the crankcase (no removable head) and checked the pistons and rings. All looked like new. Reassembled it. No change. Then, the third time I took out the valves, one had a broken head. The heads are screwed to the stems, and it must have been cracked. So I got and installed new ....

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Southern lack of Comfort (update:1930 Chrysler series 70 coupe AA six)

Unidentified marques and models

Found and photographed by Bruno Costers from Belgium, deep down south in the US. Yet he has no idea of what he found.

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"My father's Mercedes Benz Diesel"(!)

1928 mercedes_benz_stephen_whidborne_1_470

Stephen Whidborne sends in an intriguing set of photos showing his father's car(s). "Would love to know more about it, which model is it, is still around, father had it in the mid 60's. He actually had two, one for spares! Remember he told me it had been shunted at the rear.
Was also fitted with diesel engine at the time." We found a 1928 SSKL replica with the license ALB804 which sold in 2007 through RM Auctions. In the auction write-up we read that the car was converted in the early sixties by Raymond Jones, in the USA. When all we're found is correct, we are looking here at the 1928 S-type, chassis 35325, (engine 66533 was not in the car at the time of the photo), and Sportwagen body 920203.
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What is it? Quiz #365

whatisit 365_470
A streamliner with highly characteristic tail design. So very few cars were out on the road similar to this that we don't want to give you a lot of hints. Except the fact that it is a european car and that it has a Cotal gearbox. So drain your brain, squeeze your memory and tell us all you know about it. Make. Year. Model/type. And anything relevant. Especially trivial details that are not easily to look up on the web will result in high scores. 

Do you want to have a fair chance of winning the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt, then please first read The Rules under Read More and than post your answer under 'Comments'. Results published next Saturday, 15 March.

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