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How to get to work in winter....

PreWar cars being used in the Alaskan winter.
The Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum is a living museum. Not only static exposure but also showing off machinery in action.  They sent in some great examples for the season what we really like. In our part of the world, winter is yet to come, but in the country of Santa's deer the snow is probably knee-deep already. 

 The first car shown is a 1917 Ford Model T Snow Flyer with tracks and skis, which as far as we know was an aftermarket option. The next one is a Fordson Snow Tractor that currently is under restoration by the crew at the museum. Along with the great collection of pre-war cars ,the Fountanhead is  also home to one of the country's finest collections of vintage clothing. Shown are some winter clothes on display.

(photos courtesy Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum, Fairbanks Alaska) 
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Adler Trumpf mysterious roadster

Adler Trumpf with mysterious roadster body
Michael Schlenger sent in another picture of his wonderful collection of "Adler" photos. The attached one has already caused serious head-scratching even among (supposed) experts.

It definitively shows an Adler from the 1930s, most probably a car based on the popular front-wheel drive model "Trumpf". While similar two-seater convertibles or roadsters were available by several manufacturers and are well-documented, this one appears to be a mystery.

The most distinctive part is the nicely curved section behind the windscreen (see photos below). So far, I was unable to find a picture of another Adler 2-seater with the same feature. Also, the one-piece windscreen which appears to be tiltable looks unique to me.

On the 3rd photo one can see a potential manufacturer's or dealer's badge above the sill - perhaps someone recognizes it.

The final photo leads us to the greatest mystery, of course: What is the telephone number of this charming young lady?  The gentleman next to her could be her father and is definitively too old for her... And if it's her roadster, we are eager to help, if there should ever be a problem!
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Vosges or Eifel, but more important pre- or post-war? (upd: 1937 Delahaye 145 GP)

Pre or_PostWar_Racing_Mystery_pre-800
At the PreWarCar - PostWarClassic offices we have tons of unidentified vintage and classic car photos. It always starts with deciding whether it is a pre-war or post-war photo. This can be quite frustrating. In the picture above, we have that struggle. 
Before we throw our computers out of the window, please give your thoughts about the racer shown in the picture. Nr. 20 has a tailend like a duckbill. The bonnet is high, especially in the middle section. Probably the car Nr. 20 in combination with the correct location with solve the mystery. Unless you recognise the car anyway. Based on gut feel alone we place the shot around 1950, somewhere in the Eifel or Vosges. But the verdict will need to come from you. 

(collection editor)
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The Welsteeds Belsize Van by Vincents of Reading

belsize wellsteeds_vincents_of_reading_building_470


We're still receiving materials regarding coachbuilder Vincents of Reading. Richard Peskett is researching the history of his Belsize Van, wich apparently was commissioned by Wellsteeds, also from reading.

"I read with interest your entry on the web site about Vincents of Reading and in particular Louise Vincents interest.  I own the Belsize van with  Vincent bodywork as per the attached illustration. It is believed the van started life  in 1912/13 with Wellsteeds, ladies drapers , Reading. Image of  the shop front in the mid 1920s herewith along with copy of  an invoice dated 1915 found under the drivers seat during restoration.  When I bought the van a couple of years ago the first question  was why did a Reading shop buy a van chassis from Manchester  ? , the answer was in the 1913 North of England Motor Show catalogue, it would seem that Vincents were agents for Belsize , catalogue entries attached.  The van appears to have always been dried stored and was acquired  by Veteran Car club member Roy Gilbert back in 1954, eventually being restored previous to my acquisition. (editor: click here for more Wellsteeds vans

An original image of the van showing its original registration has so far alluded me , this was obviously missing when acquired by Roy and has never been established, I can only assume that it is Reading issued around DP 700 /750. Ironically I have in my library the original 'heavy motor car' registers for Reading 1904/20 but  the van is not in this category. In view of no original image available when with Wellsteeds I have had the van written as an exhibit at the 1913 North of England show.  The van had already been finished in the Violet/Purple before I acquired it,  I assume as it is  a somewhat unusual colour it is  based on original colour found during restoration, if original , but only conjecture ,  it is one of the Suffragette colours so was the owner of Wellsteeds in those pre Great War days a Suffragette ?.

Any further information will be much appreciated."

Richard Peskett

Finally we wouldn't be PreWaCar if we also would like to ID the two cars in front of Wellsteeds, the right one being too fast or too late to be fully captured with gelatin silver... 

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