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PreWar Christmas Quiz 2015: massive Results!

Thanks to all for the well wishes for 2016! It seems we have not created just a website, but a whole community (as one reader put it). We had enormous fun putting the quiz together and judging from all the cheerful comments you liked it too as we had more responses (one-hundred-and-forty-eight! next year one-hundred-and-eighty perhaps?) than ever before. Or was it because we made the quiz too easy, as we hardly saw any wrong replies. These are the answers... the train we showed you on day one was obviously a Bugatti. The washing machine on day two was made by Peugeot. The sheep shearing equipment was invented by Wolseley (and not Herbert Austin). We thought the bird cage was the most difficult question, but almost all mentioned Pierce Arrow (although Pierce was also correct). The BMW propellers were again easy and last but not least the Golden Coach was made by Spijker (or Spyker as the company was later named).

Anyway, we threw all your answers in the proverbial hat and took them out one by one until we had six winners. They are: Wolfgang Hynek, Stefan Ittner, Alex Schallenberg, Martyn Heesom, Onno Könemann and Daniel Reuben. Congratulations to all! Please send your address (and shirt size!) to info(at) to claim your PreWarCar T-shirt.

(Quiz idea & text Rutger Booy)

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Fast and Grand in the January Sales

Fast and Grand in the January Sales.

The staff at COYS Auction House will be busy on Saturday 16 january because they are running two sales on the same day - one in Birmingham, UK and one in Maastricht, Holland. The Dutch event is named the Grand Marques sale so let's look at a couple of Rolls Royce cars. The 1927 Phantom I Pall Mall Tourer looks as regal and important as it did in 1927 with black coachwork and ivory coach-line pin striping. A high quality car which has enjoyed careful previous owners, the most recent employing a private mechanic to care for it. The 1937 Phantom III offered has a 7.3 litre V12 engine beneath the bonnet and is fitted with Barker limousine coachwork and includes the optional, yet desirable division, rear luggage rack and even two occasional seats in the rear allowing for 7 passengers. Another V12 luxury car is the 1935 Lincoln K Model - a rare survivor of just 278 built. Finished in black with buttoned cloth interior and lovely art deco design, the 46K miles on the clock may well represent the car's total usage. A 5.5 litre V8 powers the 1929 Cadillac 341-A Fleetwood saloon in forest green and midnight black and the period luggage trunk on the back is full of stories of previous owners and their picnics and grand tours.

A variety of smaller cars include an open top 1926 Amilcar G model with lovely original interior and hood and a delightful 1937 Morris Twelve Four Saloon in black with blue interior and in very good condition. The 1926 Fiat 509A Tourer is painted red (of course) and is 'running sweetly'. We always enjoy seeing (and driving) Woodies and this 1937 Ford Model 78 from UK has been so well rebuilt there is not a speck of dirt to be seen. After 12 years inside a collection it now needs a new owner to drive it on the road! There is also a 1936 BMW 328 Roadster where the description explains the picture is of a 'similar car' and then  lists the parts, new and old, which were used to make this car.

Just one pre-war car in the Birmingham sale at the Autosport International Racing car Show and that is a 1934 MG PA with one owner from 1969. The sight of the dash board will make you turn your cap backwards, roar off towards your favourite winding lanes and arrive at the pub aged 20 again - and don't forget to walk round and open the door for your sweetheart!

(Text Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy COYS)

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An Electric Three Wheeler Mystery (update: swedish Rex?)

Unknown Three Wheeler

Dieter Strasser came accross this "Nr. 38" electric vehicle of unknown origin. He reports the frontfork similar to the Borgward Blitzkarren but then elektro driven. He has been told that in the twenties these small 'pick-ups' may have been used at the Borgward factory. And wonders if somebody may know more about this Vehicle?

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A Rational Rolls-Royce

A Rational Rolls-Royce

There has been a long tradition of crossover between cars and architecture. The birth of the motor car changed the look of houses forever as architects explored novel ways to incorporate the motor house into the fabric of the building. Entire new vernaculars sprung up overnight to cater for the new invention – multi-storey car parks, petrol stations – and, inevitably, many architects turned their hand to car design, few with successful results.

It seems appropriate, then, that The Automobile magazine have brought together a strikingly Modernist Rolls-Royce 20/25 and one of England's finest examples of Modernist architecture – The White House, in Surrey. One of Amyas Connell's early projects, it is a trailblazing, European-influenced riot of angles and glass that seems at odds with its genteel surroundings.

The car has a just as interesting interesting history as the house. Commissioned by a serial Voisin owner who tired of the French marque's poor reliability, he instructed local Dutch coachbuilder Schutter and van Bakel to fit the car with a Voisin-style body, and in the process created perhaps the most striking 20/25 ever built. The Voisin influence even extends to the running-board-mounted trunks with their fitted cardboard suitcases.

(Photographs by Nick Clements)

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