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The Pub Taxi Mystery (update: 1903 White, Model C)

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Luke Collison: "This photo was recently found. It is believed to be the first taxi in Aberyswyth Cardiganshire in about 1915. Local records show 29EJ is registered as a 1917 Overlander(?) 12 HP Towing model 75 Blue 4 seater, but I am not convinced this is accurate. Could it even be a steam car given the very square front and bonnet? My great grandparents are in the photo and I believe it is outside the Black Lion Pub in Llanbadarn near Aberytwyth (here shown more recently). Really grateful for any help. "

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The heartbeat of the Finland winter

Chevy Coupe in winter

Recently we received this amazing winter picture from Seppo Asikainen. As we only received a very small version we first thought it is a drawing or the result of photoshop training sessions. As we were intrigued we asked Seppo to give us some explanation... This is what Seppo answered: "The image is real. It has been photographed 27 February 2012 in Savonlinna, Finland. This castle is called "St Olaf's Castle" or in Finnish "Olavinlinna", and it is located in the center of the city of Savonlinna (south-east Finland). The castle is built on an island in the Kyrönsalmi strait that connects the lakes Haukivesi and Pihlajavesi. Photographer is Kimmo Taskinen from Helsinki.

I own this Chevrolet 1931 Coupe Sport car and I drove it in the morning to this place on the beach. There was a very dense fog and the image needed to be corrected somewhat with Adobe Photoshop. But everything isn the p[icture was there and nothing has been changed to that, all things are genuine.  The car was sold new in Savonlinna and I have owned this car now for 40 years. It still is in original condition, and it is inspected with Finnish Veteran Car Club. I drive it every year."

Seppo, what an incredible picture! Doing justice to your fabulous preserved Chevy from Savonlinna. 

( photo by Kimmo Taskinen, also appearing in the book  "Timantteja Autotalissa" publisher Tammi )

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About Quiz #388: 1923 Hispano Suiza pace-car "Aerodynamic Terramar Special"

About Quiz #388: 1923 Hispano Suiza "Aerodynamic Terramar Special"

Last week quiz was apparently too difficult for most of you. We have received only two answers… and both correct, but with a difference: One was completely correct, while the other one said mistakenly “only two cars were produced”. But sorry, this car a one off. Built in 1923 for the opening day of the sensational Terramar Oval Circuit (located just outside Sitges, near Barcelona). This aerodynamic racer is a very special Hispano-Suiza designed by the engineer Jacques Koch. The car was made by mixing parts from some of the models produced at that time at Barcelona: the chassis was from a 16 HP model, conveniently lightened and shortened to 3,5 meters. The engine used was from the Type 32 “España”, with 4.712 cc. The body was carefully created in aluminium (photo 2) and in the first tests the car reached easily 150 km/h… but actually it was never raced. As Salvador Claret tell us “ It was used only as “Pilot car” (pace car) in the opening race of Terramar, as it was reserved only to 1.500 cc cars” (Photo 3). The career of the car finished  prematurely at the next day, when it was crashed into a ditch during testing at the circuit (photo 4). Congratulations to Salvador! Please send us your size and mail address so we can send you your well-earned T-shirt.  (text Francisco Carrión)
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Auto drama in Autódromo

Auto drama in Autódromo.

Next week sees the publication of the tenth issue of Autódromo, the superior classic car magazine from Spain, and on its front cover we see El Professor Ignacio Barraquer standing proudly beside the magnificent Mercedes Benz 540K Autobahn-Kurier which he bought new in 1938. The lady seen sitting in the Alfa Romeo RL ‘Targa Florio’ is his wife Josefa and we suspect her expression and her polka dot frock do not accurately display her character. You can read about Professor Barraquer’s career as an Ophthalmologist and his important contrubutions to cataract surgery and we sense his wife is an example of the saying, “Behind every great man stands a great woman.”

Imagine being asked to pack for a road trip in the new Mercedes which took in Spain, North Africa, across Libya to Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt. She took it all in her stride and when the enormous 8 cylinder engine’s head gasket blew in the Libyan desert, she calmly fed her husband shade and water whilst he fitted a new one.

Another picture shows Barraquer in a C. 1906 Peugeot Lion. A chain drive monster with no front wheel brakes indicates this man had a passion for motoring which lasted all his life. His son Joaquin remembers…”My father like to drive fast, and I sat comfortably and without a care in the world beside him, hitting 170 km per hour. It was a car he really enjoyed which he used as much as possible…”

The other contents of this issue of Autódromo include;
- Agustín de Vizcaya, related to Bugatti in Spain, and also maker of his own cars. 
- History of Inauto, a spanish coachbuilder which built DKW vans under license from Auto Union.
- History of JJ Cobas (1st part), the famous Spanish racing motorbikes company.
- Racing history in Spain of Porsche 911R chassis 11899009R.

(Text Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy Autódromo)

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