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Landed from Mars?

delage mystery_front_470

Richard Biddulph writes: "I just took this Delage in as a part exchange. It has come with no papers or history whatsoever. I want to know what year it is & if the body is original to the car etc. We literally know NOTHING about it."

Editor: Well Richard, you're slightly overdoing, it didn't drop on your showroom floor from outer space. You know lots of things. Like that it's a four cylinder - so probably Delage DI. The engine is showing a barely readable #92686 and the magneto drive cover reads #8840. However the firewall plate claims DR70 (a six cylinder car) , chassis Nr. #30619. Aside all this we understand the bodywork is far from new. Let's say at least thirty years old... or even original, as there is a brass plate "Letourneur & Marchand". This could very well be true, yet the wings seem of much later date.

It seems the car lived life to the fullest so we would be very much surprised if the car is not known to at least one or two of our readers.  Question is, are they willing to step forward?
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The Ljubelj hillclimb Mystery

Talbot - but which model?

Another interesting set of photos from the ollection of Peter Skofic: "In the period from 1952 to 1955 at several local and international racing events in former Yugoslavia this Talbot has participated too. For sure it was a prewar MC model (=monoplace central) however, I have no idea what type exactly this should be. The pictures were taken at Ljubelj (Loiblpass - Slovenia) hill climb races in 1954. Any suggestion would be appreciated."

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What is it? Quiz #383

what is_it_quiz_383_470
Here's a fine family touring photo, shot in eastern Europe, probably late twenties. A chauffeur plus two well to do couples. In the background a chinese style (?) porch.   This is a slightly different quiz, as we don't know what car we are proposing!  So in this case you know as much - or as little - as we know. But this produces an extra challenge, you need to tell us what it is and also deliver proof of what you claim.

Over to you. Tell us all about the exact car depicted, but limit yourself to the max of 100 words. We want the name and model designation of the car with any - trivial - extra information being valued highly. But before writing down your response, be sure to read the Rules under Read More and start looking, looking, looking. This may be your chance to win the coveted PreWarCar T-shirt.

Source of photo and results will be published next Saturday, November 22.

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A late autumn Convert

Smile in the Autumn sun.

Autumn is my favourite season. Out with the woolly jumpers and corduroys and enjoy the changing colours whilst driving your vintage car along leafy lanes. Digby had two friends staying – he would take one in his Deemster and I would take the other in my Bullnose Morris. How gracious of Neil to allow me to take his girlfriend Rachel in my car while he and Digby followed in the Anzani-engined racer. While they warmed their engine, I took a few photographs of the early Sunday shadows. Rachel was a little camera-shy at first, but soon warmed to the occasion and her sunny smile made the picture. I think we may have a convert to vintage motoring.

The boys roared off into the distance and I did my best to keep up, so my on-board photos were rubbish, but we enjoyed a few miles and filled our lungs with clean fresh air before returning to base and putting the cars away ready for next time. I noticed Rachel brought out her own camera and was not surprised at learning which was her favourite car.

(Text & pictures Robin Batchelor)
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