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Festival of Slowth 2014

Festival of Slowth 2014.  

Report by Tim Gunn - Photographs Stefan Marjoram

The Festival of Slowth is a little like Area 51. People know it exists, they are curious to know more and for those who do know; try all they can (including bribery) to get an invitation to this exclusive and secret event held in deepest Wales. “But how do I get an invitation?" I hear you cry. Well, you need to be the owner of a primitive cyclecar and not take life too seriously. But unlike its better known counterpart; The Festival of Speed, the Slowth is the best antidote to the glitz and glamour often associated with motoring events. However; the only comparisons that can be made are; invitation-only and to be hosted by a gentleman of nobility. The event flies the flag for sillyness and fun, but more importantly; it is for like-minded fellows to converge to raise a glass (or several) to the wonders of primitive Cyclecars and their past constructors. 

The latest edition did not disappoint us cyclecarists and friends who were lucky enough to be invited. The sun shone on us all weekend; with the estate of our hosts showing it’s most glorious at this time of year - the drive lined with bluebells and blossom on the trees in the paddock. The event is very loosely based on timed regularity runs up the aforementioned noble gentleman’s newly resurfaced driveway, together with a tour by cyclecar of the tracks and pathways of our host’s estate. But for this slowth; a new edition was added to the format. A vintage lawn mowing contest by fantastic machines from names such Atco – Ransomes – Greens – Dennis and Anzani; all brought along by cyclecarists to cut the estate gardens and to compete for the best cut of the day.  

Nearly 30 cyclecars took part. Some newly found and undergoing restoration; like the OTAV from Italy and the very original Robinson made in the 1920’s by a blacksmith in Northumberland for his son. The only 2 surviving Graham White cyclecars built in Hendon by the pioneer aviator met for the first time in years, 2 electric Auto Red Bugs dating from c.1925 competed for the noise award, 2 Bedelia’s battled it out to the bitter end, and the heavily campaigned Carden Cyclecar owned by Gerry Michelmore tried its best to fall over. Other cyclecars included the only known Woodrow Cyclecar from 1914, several Morgan 3-wheelers, a couple of Humberettes, a 1923 Temporino built in Milan, a collection of GN’s, a  couple of AC socialables, The Grafton Cyclecar (trying to go slow...!), a Mignonette from 1899, a 1914 friction drive Crescent, De Dion Tricar, Bleriot Whippet and partridge in a pear tree.

But wowing the crowds was Adrian Ward’s Jappic recreation which he managed to extract from his garage for the first time to bring along for us all to see. Still very much a work in progress; Adrian is making such a super job of the car, that its original constructor if around today, would find it hard to distinguish the differences.

However; the real purpose of the event is a social gathering of cyclecarists. It is a time to chat, be merry and re-live the eccentricities of the golden era of the Cyclecar. Hats off to our hosts for the weekend and here’s to the next Festival of Slowth. ‘Vive Le Cyclecar.’  

Update: Adrian Ward sends joy-oozing pictures (click).

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The only RHD Adler Trumpf? (update: at least two)

adler triumph_rhd_bryan_jonathon_470

Bryan Jonathan sends these nice period (and new) photos of the Adler his father once owned. The main picture is showing his brother, in the second photo you can see Bryan's father. He owned the car in the late 1940's after he bought it from a WW2 Spitfire or Hurricane pilot. The later pictures show the very same car but now restored and residing in Slovakia. The car spent most of its 'English life' in the Midlands and Yorkshire according to the records he has from the present owner. Bryan: "He has asked me to research the history of the car and I welcome any input if you know anything about this car? I understand this maybe the only RHD model that survived?"

UPDATE: possibly the car above is the same one as the RHD Trumph car sold a few years ago to Germany by Juri Castricum
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Hasta la vista en Colombia !

model t_world_tour_2014_470_a
Within 10 days the Model T World Tour will resume for leg number 3: South America! Check the little tour they have planned. Driver Dirk Regter is especially interested to see how the Model T will perform climbing to 12.000 feet in the Andes mountains. Any of you who was up this high with your Model T? 

Starting from Colombia, they will 'do' Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Quite an adventure, but even in harbor there can be unforeseen hazards.  For Colombia they have already a booklet full of addresses where they are welcome, yet for the countries to follow they still have room for all sorts of suggestions. So when you like to meet the world travelling gang or like to offer any kind of support be sure to contact Dirk Regter by e-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). Or contact him through . South America, Model T Are Go!
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Use them while you can

citroen uruguay_470

Fresh photos from Uruguay by Hans Cornelisse. It seems like Uruguay is the new Cuba... This well used Citroen truck looks like a U23 and is still in nearly daily service. And why not, it's cheap and strong; the U23 was built from 1936 untill the early sixties, so spare parts may be relatively available easy and the Uruguay mechanics are without doubt highly creative in thinking up solutions. Yet most of the survivors are post-war. Late forties, fifties and sixties are available in abundance and in continuous use. Not by collectors but by merchants, farmers and others who lack the money for new Korean or Chinese material. Check the parallel story at Post-War today. Still one pre-war was spotted last week by Hans and that's a well known face. So thought it's a bit farfetched to say it's a mystery car, check this view and here a  second. How they do it? Just one repair after another...

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