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The 'Found in Vietnam' Bugatti Type 40
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What is it? Quiz #363

whatisit 363_470

Earlier posted as a 'mystery car' we were informed by the sender that he pulled your and our leg. It appears he was very much aware of which car this is. More than that he owns the car in perfect condition and is planning to compete it in the 2014 Mille Miglia. The crowd of children in the back plus the young lady are all six grandchildren of the owner. That aside we can asure you that it is no Hupmobile as earlier supposed by various of our well esteemed readers. It is an european made car of a well established manufacturer of family cars; and despite the crowd of children in the back seat it is considerably smaller than a Hup! We don't want to tell you a lot  more in order not to make things too easy. 

Do you want to have a fair chance of winning the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt, then please first read The Rules under Read More and than post under 'Comments' the Year, the Marque, the Type and possibly other details about the car depicted while using no more than 100 words. Results published next Saturday, February 15

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Still at Retromobile

1932 gn_jap_martyr_instone_speacial_vincent_chamont_470

The 1932 GN/JAP Martyr Instone Special ... as shown at the stand of PreWarCar. Owner is the organiser of Vintage Montlhery, Vincent Chamont. All day masses of people are packed around the car. 

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Maharajas in Paris

1925 alfa_romeo_rl_ss_sultan_mohammed_shah_aga_khan_3_470

Fifteen maharajah cars are brought together at Retromobile. Presented by the Museo Storico Alfa from Arese is the car that once belonged to Sultan Mohammed Shah Aga Khan III, a 1925 AlfaRomeo RL SS with intricately hammered alloy touring body.

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Meanwhile at Retromobile...

dubost bodied_twoseater_panhard_levassor_six_ss_bruno_vendiesse_470

We fell in love with the Dubost bodied two seater Panhard Levassor Six SS in brilliant oily rag condition. Presented by Bruno Vendiesse who explains the car has the sporty twin carburettor three liter 6 cylinder sleeve valve

maharajah rolls_20_25_switzerland_470

As we mentioned earlier, the maharajas arrived at Paris. Well, their former cars did. This is an ex-maharajah Rolls 20/25 having residence in Switzerland.
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