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From your 'dearest' Valentine...

shell valentine_advert_1939_punch_470
February 1939, a well meant message from a wellknown premium petrol retailer. Read it like you want. Now when we read it, we wondered what would have been the first car - or maybe better first carburettor - with automatic choke. Yet keep in mind this may not be the perfect conversation topic when dining out with your Valentine tonight...

(Horwitz collection)

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Does this car ring a Bell with you? (update: Itala or Lancia Kappa?)

possibly bell_car_470-1

Phil Cordery gave us this photo. You must know Phil, his stand at the Beaulieu Autjumble is nearly opposite the press tent. He presumes this could be aan automobile of the make Bell. The Bell Motorcar Company used to operate from York, Pennsylvania, now better known for the large Harley Davidson plant. To be honest we had our doubts, untill we realised that Phil of course refers to another Bell... Checking with Georgano we found that no less than 5 manufacturers used the name Bell! And Phil probably assumes this could be a 'silent' Bell from Ravensthorpe, Yorkshire.  We have our doubts as the Yorkshire based Bell stopped in 1914. So we're curious to hear what your thoughts are.
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A concrete reinforcement Find...! (update: 1911-12 Cadillac !)

Mystery car frame

Cars are found in fields, in barns, in atticks and basements. This chassis however was found in a cement floor....Peter Tönrqvist from Finland reports:

"My friend did find this old car chassis in a old house it was used in the cement floor as a means of reinforcement...! He did bring it to me for identification, but I don't have any clue what it can be. There are no markings or numbers found in the chassis and it is quite heavy. Overall width in the front 76cm, in the middle 84cm and at the rear end 84cm. Wheelbase about 290 cm.  Total lenght of the chassis 380cm. Rear suspension is special? Is it possible there were three springs. I am hoping someone can identify this chassis."

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The Kalgoorlie Mystery (update: six cylinder 50 HP Darracq)

Imagine being about four years old and already your father allowed you to drive the family car! Future PreWarCar fans in the making! Unfortunately for us this particular fan will be more than 110 years old as this picture was taken around 1909 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Back then Kalgoorlie was a booming gold town where many made their fortune (and many did not!). In a place like that exotic cars like this one were not uncommon. However this magnificent automobile has us stumped as we have no idea what it is (Click main pic for a better view). Perhaps you, the PreWarCar audience can help solve this mystery? Tell us your thoughts!

UPDATE II : see car in todays condition!

UPDATE: read about the six cylinder Darracq's  The Early Motor of September 2012
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