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How was your longest day?

a renault_long_body_longest_day_mystery_470

Hello to our friends Downunder who just had their longest night of the year. Still we are more interested to hear from you what you did on the longest day in terms of automotive occupations.
The stretched Renault tourer - click pic for full length - was shot in 1930, location according to the back of the photo is the tourist village of Barr, Alsace. A day apt like few others to go out and do a nice tourist trip. So we won't keep you too long. Can you ID this four or (eight?) door tourer.  Although the looks are quite similar to Renault we have our doubts.  Maybe you have a few spare minutes today to get us one or two steps further?

(Photo collection PreWarCar)
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About Quiz #372: 1928/29 (Vernon) Derby 6cv/9hp Coupe

1929 derby_9hp_coupe_michael_costigan_470

Lots of highly detailed answers came in on Quiz # 372  causing a slight headache with quiz-sender Michael Costigan  and your editor.  One can take two directions looking at the picture. France or England. The car is either a Derby as marketed in France or a Vernon-Derby as sold in the UK. So we would accept both answers as correct. As the picture is from a Vernon-Balls brochure we cannot really pinpoint the exact year, but it could be 1928 or 29 as after that the design of the wheels showing theirbeautiful XL brakedrums was changed to a more conventional hubcap look.

Where many went wrong is with the engine to be expected under the bonnet. For sure no six cylinder Cime, as the six cylinders had a longer chassis and bonnet and a flat radiator (similar differences were seen with Amilcar). The basic engine - at least with the french cars - was a Chapuis Dornier, more sporty Scap or Ruby engines were also available. From the Vernon-Derby catalogue Michael Costigan concludes that the UK cars came as a standard with the Ruby engine. Finally the model/coachwork. With Derby it is described as Cabriolet 3 passager Grand Luxe. With Vernon Derby as Sportsman Coupe.

So the fully correct description is either : 1929 Derby Cabriolet Surbaissée Grand Luxe (with 6cv Chapuis Dornier, or Scap, or Ruby) or 1929 Vernon Derby Sportsman Coupe (with 9HP Ruby engine). Of all Derby/Vernon Derby senders Jorge, Mike Tebbett, Calum Walsh, Poisson were quite good, however in the end we decided Kieran White is best. Congratulations Kieran. We like to thank Mike Costigan for helping sorting out the correct answers. He decided "I think I'll stick to trying to answer quizzes in the future, it's much easier!" Well Mike, next week a new chance. 

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Pre-war honeymoon in colour

Pre-war honeymoon in Morris 8 tourer

In August 1939, newly-married Margaret and Denys Gardiner set out on a 900 mile trip up and down the east coast of England on their honeymoon. They took Mr Gardiner’s cousin Eldred along as photographer and the result is this charming record of tranquil scenes from a country just weeks away from the outbreak of war. Their car is a 1939 Morris 8 Series ll with 918cc side valve engine and 3 speed gear box. It would do 60mph and return 45 miles per gallon but Denys is pictured regularly fetching water to replenish the radiator during this hot summer journey.

These colour slides were only recently discovered by professional photographer Barney Britton whilst clearing out his grandmother’s attic who died aged 100. He is the grandson of our newly-weds. The images were captured on Agfacolor – a relatively new emulsion in 1939 and a novelty in pre-war England. Barney’s mother remembered seeing the colour slidesas a child but had thought they were lost after so many decades and multiple house moves. The Gardiners were a practical couple, spending their nights under canvas and in this picture can be seen their cat ‘Edgar’ which joined them on their honeymoon and only narrowly survived the war after losing one of his nine lives to a stray bomb during the London blitz. Margaret (26) was a trained nurse and spent the war serving in hospitals whilst Denys (23) served in the Home Guard – his tuberculosis preventing him fighting at the front. He lived to age 79 but cousin Eldred was not so lucky and died of tuberculosis the year after this trip. Barney Britton’s website is the slide collection can be found here.

(Text by Robin Batchelor, pictures © Barney Britton)

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MM-mmm another taste of Italy

Sun, Scenery and Satisfaction

You can either spend the price of a new Fiat Panda on the famous see and be seen rally. Or rally the same region slightly more low profile with the Via Flaminia Pre War. Less glamour for sure, yet possibly more fun. However... a sporty confusion last week in Italy. The numbers one and two of the classification on day 4, van den Bosch (1933 MG L1) and Dioncre (1932 MG J2) do not want to take the lead and show each other the way. Eventually Dioncre wins the Raidillon watch before Peters (1934 Lagonda M45 T7) and Laarman (1911 Knox). Biggest obstacle was a combination of blistering sun, roads of “roman quality” and an overwhelming amount of delicious food. For the fall of 2015 the “Via” will lead us from Ancona to Greece and back. For those who like to see just a tiny bit more than Italy, next fall a Via Hellenique is planned, with lots of Italy and a spoonfull of Greece. Ask organiser Bart Kleyn for more info about his Mm... delicious rallies. 

(Pictures Wico Mulder; see his complete photo report)

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