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Easy to Crack: Puzzle #101

tough-to-crack 101_470

Now that we've passed the 100 marker, we give you some slack and show the dwelling of this smart hobbyist, located on a rainy Saturday afternoon near the Belgian-Dutch border in the little village Waterland-Oudeman. Smart guy, as he is saving gas with his daily driver to finance the fifties guzzler parked in his carport. You will have no problem identifying this one so you will have some spare time to go through your archives or photo albums and provide us with some fresh material for the next 99 issues.

But before that, make the best of  #101. Not by easy come- easy go 'copy-pasting' from web sources. Trivial details are highly appreciated. Send in before Monday 26 January and you may become the winner of this puzzle, which would earn you the infamous PostWarClassic T-shirt! Be careful though, check the Rules under 'Read More'. Results will be published next Saturday, January 31.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

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The baroness and the Mercedes

The baroness and the Mercedes
Earlier this week, the start of the infamous Rallye Monte Carlo took place - the 83rd edition to be precise. But once more there wasn’t much snow on the cols and passes to be found. A pity, as snow used to be one of the aspects, which made ‘the Monte’ into the spectacle it was, with plenty of space to put innovative ideas into practice.

There was plenty of snow in 1963’s Monte, when Erik Carlsson steered his ungainly Saab heroically to the first place. Small cars really showed their advantages over bigger ones there and then. But not for Baroness Ewy Rosqvist, shown above with navigator Ursula Wirth, who tackled the gruelling drive in her trusty Mercedes-Benz 220 SE - admired by men. More then a handful, we think. But the baroness never the less managed to come home 16th overall – fast enough to secure that year’s Coupe des Dames. A lady to our heart.

(words Jeroen Booij, picture courtesy Mercedes-Benz PR)

Friday, 23 January 2015

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The 'spanish' 250 GTO

1969 Ferrari 250 GTO

A total of 33-40 (depending on how you count) Ferrari GTO's was built. With a rough average estimate at today's price level of $40 million dollar they add up to let's say to one and a half billion dollar alltogether. From this you can understand that each and every GTO is interesting to a certain group of car afficionados that was never interested in cars or Ferraris before.

Still there are many people who love them for what they are. The spanish magazine Autodrómo has produced a special about one car that gained some fame in Spain. And thus is equally intersting to both groups...
  Owned new by a Belgian team, from 1966 to 1969 Ferrari 250 GTO chassis 4153GT was raced in Spain. During those four years the car was driven by various drivers, in hillclimbs, rallyes and track races. First painted red, later yellow the Ferrari participated in almost 20 events. By the end of 1969 the car was not competitive and sat for a long time at the back of a workshop, until it was sold on to France in the 70s. The 92-page special issue about #4153GT# comes in Spanish & English, with many photos never seen before. All the races will be covered, and the drivers who raced the car will be interviewed. The issue will be presented at the Espíritu de Montjuic (17-19 April)  and will be availble through the website of Autodrómo as well of course. 


Thursday, 22 January 2015

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A Lancia Appia Zagato Mystery. (update: Gianni and Elio Zagato)

lancia appia_gt_zagato_470

Jack Romano, editor of the Viva Lancia, the magazine of the Lancia Motor Club, came across this (factory?) picture of a Lancia Appia GT Zagato. A real Gentleman's car and the new owner (?) certainly looks so. Jack is curious to learn more about the occasion at which this picture was taken. Can anyone help?

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

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