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Back to back: Speedster or Cabriolet?

Back to back: Speedster or Cabriolet?
Coys of Kensington is coming over to Paris, next month, and they are planning to bring with them a selection of classics, both interesting for the local market as for visitors from outside France. Porsche 356s, for example, are wanted everywhere. But which of these two droptop 356s would you prefer? There is a 1955 356 Cabriolet in typical Graphite Metal with red leather interior and with matching numbers. Estimated at €240- to €270,000 it’s far from cheap, but then it’s a ‘Pre-A’ in what appears to be a lovely condition… The 1958 356 Speedster, offered in the same sale is considered to make even more, though, with its €270- to €320,000 estimate. In ivory over red and fully restored it seems just as good, but worth the extra? The estimated €30- to €50,000 price gap between the two cars may seem fair at these rates, but may also be enough to bring home another open topped mid-1950s motor from Paris. This, or even this, for example… What do you think?

(Words Jeroen Booij, pictures courtesy Coys of Kensington)

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

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Landrover: The Best Green x Green by Far

landrover bush-bush_470

People living not too far north of Beaulieu may know this sight very well. The very well camouflaged Landrover parked along a narrow country road just prior entering the village of...... To us it was all new so we stepped on the brakes and ran back for a picture.  We were far from being the first to stop to check the greenest of all 4x4's . Upon closer inspection we found a faded carton behind the front screen. Click picture below. Great that a character like this owner ads a post technology sculpture to the road. Have a great week.
Be sure to let us know when you stumble over roadside oddities.  We have a nice surprise when your photo makes it to our homepage!

Landrover nature_not_for_sale-800

Monday, 26 September 2016

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Tough to Crack car puzzle #143

Puzzle 143_racer
Four wheels, powerful engine and bodied like a cigar. Should be fun to drive, but let's first concentrate what it is.  It is not a Formula 1 racing car but we saw a very similar Puzzle 143_engine_closeupengine but with slightly less displacement(!) in a Formula 1 car built by the same manufacturer.  The car/engine depicted here has 16 valves and 'only' a mere 250 HP.

Can you tell what it is? Make, Year/ Type plus interesting, trivial yet relevant details not exceeding 100 words. Post your answer in the comment box below and win the famous T-shirt. But be sure to read the rules first under read more. Have a great weekend. Hopefully slightly less wet that the tarmac depicted above...

Saturday, 24 September 2016

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Bump it and bounce it with a smile

Bump it and bounce it with a smile
Ah – Paris! City of light and love, romance and culture. But also without doubt the city of world’s tightest parking spaces, where its habitants equip their vehicles with bumpers, overriders, corner bars and even bull bars or marine fenders to give that little push in order to get squeezed into that miniature spot. Or to protect themselves against other Parisians doing just that. Enter the mini car of the 1960s. The actual Mini of course, but also the Fiat 500 and anything else tiny. Oh – and then there was Honda, master motorcycle manufacturer who turned to cars, too. As a matter of fact Honda was formed on this very day in 1948 by former babysitter, race driver and amateur distiller Soichiro Honda in Hamamatsu, Japan. And his Honda N360 proved to be well suitable for Paris’ tightest parking spots, too, as the lady demonstrates with no reluctance. Have you ever been bumped or bounced there?

(Words and archive picture Jeroen Booij)

Friday, 23 September 2016

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