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About puzzle #119: Ghia-Aigle Lotus 1100

About puzzle #119: Ghia-Aigle Lotus 1100
After our puzzle number 118 – you had not a single clue, so no winner either – we decided to keep things slightly simpler for this time. Too simple? It seems like it, as regular Hugo Modderman called it a ‘Not so tough to crack puzzle with the internet providing all the information’. Well, at least you were generous in supplying us with answers. And so for this time we had a wide choice to pick out a winner – just as we like it. Okay, everyone of you knew this was the Michelotti designed  Lotus 1100, bodied by Ghia-Aigle of Switzerland. (Bernard Corrège initially mistook it for a roadster version of the Fiat 8V Demon Rouge, but corrected himself). Some of you came up with chassis and engine numbers (we’re not impressed by these, but hey - who are we?).

We prefer things like James Helms’: “I remember seeing its photo in the June '57 Road & Track article when presented at the International Motor Show in Geneva.” Or Jeffrey Vogel’s: “I know Gary Schonwald and saw car when he owned it”. But they were beaten by both Ted Wilmarth as G. Williams, who came up with some lovely facts: “The bare chassis was displayed at the Coventry Climax showroom in London. In February 1957, this was delivered on a VW pickup (!) by John Crosthwaite (Lotus) to Carrozzeria Ghia-Aigle.” So who wins? It’s Wilmarth, who added: “After it was then fitted with a roof it participated in the Col de la Forcaz hillclimb in Martigny. Then the car made a second appearance at the Geneva Motor Show in 1958 and went on to participate in the Ollon-Villars hillclimb.” Prove above. Congratulations Ted!

Saturday, 10 October 2015

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Miss map reader

Miss map reader

So you are an old car enthusiast, but do you use modern techniques in your classic? It’s remarkable how easy it is to get used to the wonders of the navigation system. In the pre-Garmin and -TomTom days we spent hours and hours looking at maps. Men used to like that. Women not so, or so they say. With plenty of marriages supposedly broken on the Paris ring road. It doesn’t go for this lady. She is trying to find her way out of the paddock. To where? We can only wonder. As we can only hope the car she uses as a map reading table is hers. One thing is for sure: it will make a quick exit possible. Do you know it?

(Words Jeroen Booij, picture courtesy JA Pearce engineering)

Friday, 09 October 2015

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A Jensen 541 leaving for Japan, why?

1957 jensen_541_470

Japanese collectors are known for their appetite for compact European engineering. Pre-war Amilcars, BNCs and Austin Sevens went in relative high numbers. Not too mention the fleet of classic Minis and Mini Coopers that is 'stacked up' in Japan. So we were surprised to learn about this Jensen 541 leaving for a next phase in life under the Rising Sun. Not too many people are familiar with Jensen cars, with mainly the Jensen Interceptor (still available or once again revamped?) and perhaps the Jensen Healey having a following. Time to show another great Jensen model, one of the fastest four-seaters in its day, with fibreglass body, 6 cylinders 4-litre engine, 4 speed plus overdrive. The '541' was built from 1954-1963. Still we have the feeling that it is not only the love for Jensen that made the car leave. Maybe the Japanese collector also has a liking for early fiberglass bodied cars like Darrin, Glasspar, Victress not too mention the Corvette.  Forgotten fiberglass mentions plenty of interesting plastic bodied four-wheelers from the US. We were thinking of the Volvo P1900 Roadster, too, but you may even know more of them?
(Photos Han Kamp)

Thursday, 08 October 2015

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1972 Alfa Romeo guilia super 1300 SOLD to france (Oct 07, 2015)

F.A. Braam Ruben"

Wednesday, 07 October 2015

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