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First family car: Austin RX-76-67

austin rx_76_67_karel_vermeer_470

You can find this in  about every family album of the thirties, fourties, fifties. A first outing with the still very young family. In this case it is a 1955 shot showing our frequent contributor Karel Vermeer firmly kept by his mother on the front wing of the family Austin A40 Devon or Dorset. Not sure how to keep these two models apart. We checked Austin Memories without getting much further until finally the dime dropped and we found this must a Devon as it has four doors...pffff. Saved by the bell. Anybody who can tell what year this Devon is? 

Anyway, we love to see photos showing our visitors at young age with the cars of their parents. If you can find the pics, you're welcome to post here.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

1956 armstrong_siddeley_sapphire_236_470

Don't browse on too quickly. No matter what you think of it, this Armstrong Siddeley is a strong statement. The Sapphire 236 saloon is so different from what we like and what is acceptable today that it needs a strong character - and maybe even a strong stomach - to give the car a second look.
Still there was a man late in 1955 or early 1956 who stepped into a showroom and said "Yes" to the salesman.  And you are perfectly right when you say, that was another era, another century, another world. But you can't just say it is ugly.  This is no average car and the buyer most certainly was no average buyer. And he probably had the flair to show up in this soft mint green Sapphire in a way that made people think:  '...he's probably right...'. 

And he was not the only one who liked the car. As in 1995 somebody decided to invest his energy and money to do a meticulous restoration/ recommisioning on the very low mileage car. It is presented in flawless condition at the sale of H&H Classics tomorrow. And again the car will pose the question ot the audience. Do you have what it take to drive off with an Armstrong Siddley Sapphire?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

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Welcome at any Event.

1960 opel_blitz_tanker_470
What's the most common problem at any rally, tour or show? Right! So you can imagine that every organiser is begging you to coem along,  to show up or at least to be near. The funny thing in the biased observation of your editor, the 1960 Opel Blitz is still a very common appearance which is way beyond the truth; this has to do that as a bou we used to drive a similar tanker, but yes you are right again, that was a Bedford, not an Opel Blitz like the car we have here.

In the early sixties and several decades after the Blitz was the more common medium size truck in Holland and was seen in a zillion guises. This 1960 model was custom built in Holland and after a sad period in life was restored meticulously to full former glory. One detail, the Esso advertising is no easy stick-on vinyl but all handpainted just like on the original. Now if you would like to rally a car like this don't be afraid to have a sluggish diesel. These Opel trucks came standard with petrol engine and - what's in a name - the Blitz was fast! Book a test drive with Lex Classics and if you're clever be sure to arrive with an empty tank ;-)

( photos Marc Vorgers)  

Monday, 21 July 2014

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Tough to Crack: Puzzle #88

tough to_crack_puzzle_88_470

We’ve seen some pretty cool positions to mount a spare wheel on a post war car (rearboot, bonnet, well-hidden under a wing), but the in-the-grille-solution was new to us. Question is: what is the car with this ingenious hiding place? When you think you know, post in your comment at least the marque, model designation, its engine and the coachbuilder. In order to stand a chance of winning the infamous PostWarClassic T-shirt, please first read The Rules under 'Read More'. Results will be published next Saturday, July 26.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

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