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Tough to crack car puzzle #161

Tough to crack car puzzle #161
This rare sports car originates from a country that should not be underestimated in the history of European car production. They had several motor manufacturers of fame there, and the one which constructed the car seen here certainly was on the top of their innovativeness by the time this creature came out. It was based on a – revolutionary – passenger car, but was clearly meant for motor sports purposes. The manufacturer exists to this day, although we haven’t heard from them for quite a few years now. The last story of an exotic concept car from them, using fuel cell technology, dates back to almost 10 years ago now.

We’d like to know from you which of them it is, and what the model was called. Oh - the person sitting behind the wheel is known, too, and was of course the technical mastermind behind it. Feel free to adorn us fun-facts about man and motor. There is a lot to find about them, so we trust you will be able to pick out the best of it only. Roll on with your data and details and you might win our bi-weekly car puzzle to earn everlasting fame among our puzzle community. Click for the rules below first though. And enjoy the weekend!

Saturday, 24 June 2017

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'College cuties' and spritely Sprites

Austin-Healey Sprite Commercial from Viral Yoda on Vimeo.

Not one Friday lady this week, but twelve of them! What’s more: moving image of them, taken in the late 1950s or early 1960s in New York during The National College Queens Safe Driving Rodeo and Exhibition. Enjoy!

Friday, 23 June 2017

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Mumbai says goodbye to Padmini taxis

Mumbai says goodbye to Padmini taxis
We told you about the sudden disappearance of Mexico City’s VW Beetle taxis not too long ago; now a very similar story reached us from India. Under the title ‘Mumbai Padmini taxis quietly fading into obscurity’ the disappearance of Mumbai’s infamous taxis is told through some lovely images. Made by PAL (Premier Automobiles Limited), the Padmini was a Fiat 1100 under a licence. And one was never far away from you in Mumbai. At their peak in the mid 1990s some 65,000 were reportedly seen on the streets of Mumbai.

But now, very few remain, with the one on the picture above reportedly being one of 300 left nowadays. And, yes, it does look rather sorry for itself. Once again it’s a governmental decision that has made this happen. Looking for less environmentally unfriendly vehicles, the Indian authorities have decided to scrap all of the old-fashioned Padminis. The report from the Hindustan Times states that the plan is that “By December 2018 there will be none left on roads.” The newspaper spoke to a taxi union chief in Mumbai, who was quoted: “It really is an iconic car because for so long it was the only vehicle used by taxi operators here. It must have been the largest fleet in the world.” We feel a bit sorry about all these little cars being scrapped, there has to be someone who sees something in them?

(Words editor, picture Indranil Mukherjee)


Thursday, 22 June 2017

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American Pop Art and Cars in Germany

American Pop Art and Cars in Germany
Two exhibitions combining Pop Art and classic cars are organized in Germany this summer. The first one is in Singen, where ‘Pop Art & Cars – James Francis Gill’ puts the spotlight on the American painter Gill, who’s career stretches five decades. The exhibition takes place in the MAC museum until early November. What to expect? Think Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and John Lennon on big portraits in bright colours, combined with several motors on canvas and in 1:1. There’s an equally bright Beetle with 1960s legends from pop music and the silver screen all over it plus an early Corvette, a T-Ford, Kurtis Kraft racer and Mercedes W154 racer.

Love the mix of cars and pop art? Then it may be worth traveling further 250 kms eastwards to Munchen. Here, the exhibition ‘Letters to Andy Warhol’ has made it to the Isarforum, opening on the 14th of July. As the name suggests, the focus here is on letters from the archives of the Warhol Museum written either to or by Andy Warhol, with exhibits from Mick Jagger (asking for the Sticky Fingers piece for a record cover), Yves Saint Laurent (to stress his admiration) and the New York Museum of Modern Art (a rejection letter). The car relation this time comes from Cadillac, with four Cadillac-related works from Warhol. Reason to team up with Cadillac Europe and thus showing several grand automobiles from America’s top automobile marque.

(Pictures MAC / Cadillac Europe)


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

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