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About Tough to Crack Puzzle #105: 1954 DeSoto Adventurer II by Ghia

about puzzle_105_1954_desoto_adventurer_II_ghia_rear_470
This is a truly Big Fish. We spotted it from 200 yards at the Amelia Island Concours and our jaws dropped deeper with every step we came closer. You really need to see the Adventurer II in reality to get to grips with its dimensions. Or park a Jaguar XJ6 alongside to compare with this. Not too many competitors recognised the tail light of last week's 'tough to crack', but the answers were high quality. We had 5 good answers to choose from, but after some shifting we ended with two names Steve Bousfield and Luc Martens. Most important difference that shifted between man and boys is their view on who did the design... Was it Virgil Exner or Luigi Segre & Giovanni Savonuzzi from Ghia? Well according to  Virgil Exner: Visioneer: The official biography... it was creation of the two Italians. Possibly a few features were changed and/or added by Exner. An example of that seems to be the retractable rear window. Based on this we decided that the quater of an ounce more detail provided by Luk Martens would make him this week's winner. Congratulations Luk!  

Please send us your mail address and your T-shirt size, so we can send your well-earned prize. New chances next week !

Saturday, 28 March 2015

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Skirt day is on its way

Skirt day is on its way
While the clocks turn to Summer time this weekend, Spring is just about officially here. That means several things to you and me. It’s the start of a new motoring season in the first place, with our precious classics to be enjoyed again. A final polish and let the sunshine in. But it also means skirt day won’t be far away now – it’s the first sunny day of the year when women all of sudden seem to have taken that box with skirts and summer dresses from the attic. As if it they made a secret agreement.

See it as an invitation to treat her to a ride in your classic, big or small. But don’t forget to stop for breakfast/brunch/coffee/lunch to show off your lovely in her colour coded skirt. It will be appreciated by many.

(Words Jeroen Booij, picture courtesy Akiro Shinozaki)

Friday, 27 March 2015

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To paint with Corgis and Dinkys

To paint with Corgi and Dinky toys

Why spend a fortune on costly oil paint while there is so much colorful used material around. French artist Raoul W. is using bric a brac and waste as a medium for his art. His words: "Old junk and contemporary art go really well together.” His work varies from one off tables and other furniture up to 'paintings' like the one above. His colorful traffic jams  - without any doubt inspired by everyday Paris and a first career in restoring classic cars - give a first impression of abstract paintings er... or parking lots?  We found his most attractive work at this years Retromobile. We wonder how he could change the shape and appearance of a real parking lot if we gave him the freedom to move the cars around to his liking...

To see more of his work visit the website of Raoul W.  

Thursday, 26 March 2015

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Continental soon to drift again

Continental soon to drift again

Bentley R-Type Continentals aren’t too common, so when an unmolested three-owner car emerges from a dusty hiding place after a decade and a half, it’s something we like to share with you. What’s more: of the 218 R-types with that great fastback body hammered out by HJ Mulliner, this one may well have been the only with purple as its original colour. Yes. Purple. That may seem very Paris Hilton to you and me, but it is said to have been the racing colour of its original owner, a mister RD Weatherall of South Wales.

Surprisingly, the name doesn’t ring many bells in our files and on the world wide web. There’s just the mention of a RD Weatherall in a 1930 copy of MotorSport magazine, which wrote he was at the time planning to make an attempt to break the speed record on the water in a 500cc outboard motor boat. Did he ever do it? We can only guess. But he must have been a bit of a character, driving (racing?) his purple Continental R with vanity plates wearing his initials

Unfortunately the car’s next owner decided it looked better in plain white, but then he was a doctor from Yorkshire. The Bentley’s third and current owner kept it that way before laying it up on blocks some 15 years ago. And it seems he didn’t do much more then just that. Now, new owner, if you do decide to restore this car, please bring it back in its original shade. It will be cracking, no doubt. Barons Auctioneers is selling the car at their Sandown Park sale on 21 April.

(Words Jeroen Booij, picture courtesy Barons)

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

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