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Speed Week cancelled – put straight by pussycats

Speed Week cancelled – put straight by pussycats
There’s something strange going on in Utah. This year’s Speed Week, held at the infamous Bonneville Speedway since humanity, is cancelled. The reason? The usually bone dry salt flats are too wet. And we do not mean it’s been a bit rainy lately – oh no – it's way too wet since the rain has been pouring down like never before, turning the dry lakes into, erm, wet lakes.

So let’s do it with some old scenes dug up from the salty grounds, hard as stone, in Utah. They may even be one of the more memorable salt flat scenes which made it to the silver screen – featuring the perfect Friday Lady, too. We're talking about the 1965 flick Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! here. According to one source ‘an unflinchingly exploitative film featuring gratuitous violence, sexuality, provocative gender roles and camp dialogue’. Sounds great to us.

It’s about three wild women challenging unsuspecting men to race them in their sports cars. The late Tura Satana has to be the most notable of them, with her Gothic looks and scruffy Porsche adorned with go-faster stripes. Or do you prefer the nimphs with their equally striped MGA and TR3? Buckle up and see it for yourself to decide.

(text and image Jeroen Booij)

Friday, 29 August 2014

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Delettrez revisited.

1958 delettrez_roadster
Scott Barrett, our friend at The Automobile Magazine found this odd picture of a car showed on these pages in 2012 and that was presumed only to exist in sketches.

"Thought you might like to know that there was indeed a Delettrez road car built in the 1950s. I have a suspicion it was on the chassis of the racer, but cannot prove it. I am pretty sure it's on a Delahaye chassis anyway. It was bodied in very good taste (and not dissimilar style to the sketches) by René Dhoëdt in around 1957 and displayed at the Enghein concours. I don't think this is the 'Joymobile' which would have been an economy car.  "

Thursday, 28 August 2014

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Jaguar Mk IX in Stuttgart disguise.

riders of_the-lost_ark_lucky_collector_car_auction

Hey, it takes a brilliant car sleuth or a true film historian to recognise a Jaguar Mk IX here. Aside the funny hubcaps it seems like a solid late thirties Merc. Truth is that the car wasn't commisioned from Stuttgart in the thirties, yet half a century later from Coventry. Classic Cars Coventry created a number of movie cars as commisioned by Raiders of the Lost Ark productions Ltd.
Based on a Jaguar Mk IX chassis (considered to be easy available in the Coventry area...) they created a 1937 MB 320 replica that should be capable of 125 mph! Coventry Classics became sort of an MB specialist as theyb also created the famous MB truck. Check what the Jaguar ... er Merc is capable of.

The famous 1937 “Indiana Jones” MB 300 Staff Car (Ex Paramount Studios) this weekend for sale through Lucky Car Auctions. Full listing to be reviewed here.  

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

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Ferry find...

hillman imp_1968_470
Ferrying to & back from the UK (Hook-Harwich or Calais-Dover) can be a drag but it has its bright sides. More than often one stumbles over cars and bikes that make the same trip. Like this Hillman Imp in soft rally trim. Nowadays you will never ever see an Imp in Holland so this was a nice surprise to us. We have vivid memories of the manager of these cars racing at Zandvoort some 25 years ago. This  blue over white baby seems in fine fettle and after coming back home we checked the website script of the rear window. The owner Hayo Kloos changed his hobby into work and is now restoring mostly british cars on a daily basis. According to the old Dutch registration this Imp is on the road since 1968. Many happy return, you little great 'GS'. More than you want to know about Imps is to be found at Imps4ever. Now let's see what ferry finds we'll see next week when on our way to Beaulieu's Autojumble.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

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