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VW van_airplane_seppe
Aeroplanes and classic cars go hand in hand. There are cars that look like planes, like the 1956 Buick Centurion. You have cars with airplane engines in it. Buick centurion_concept_1956-800Quite often to break speed records, like Bluebird-Proteus CN7. And there are companies that started as airplane manufacturers. Like a certain company started 100 years ago as Bayerische logo_500
Therefore, events with both cars and planes take often place. Like in the South of The Netherlands at the small airfield 'Seppe'. Here, some very fanatic volunteers organize 'Classic Cars and Aeroplanes Seppe' in the weekend of June 11, 2016. With demonstrations of classic airplanes and classic cars it is a very attractive day out. car plane_man-800We are interested if you are planning to visit a plane/car show this year. Please let us know in a comment below.

Sunday, 01 May 2016

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About car puzzle #132: Isuzu 117 Coupe

About car puzzle #132: Isuzu 117 Coupe
Last week we brought you a pleasant Italo-Japanese mix as a puzzle car, being an Isuzu with Giugiaro styling. The Isuzu 117 Coupe dates back to 1966 when the model was unveiled, but the car wasn’t available to the public until late-1968. But then the sleek design proved to have a long breath, as it lasted until 1981. Alan Spencer added the prose: “The wing mirrors scream 'Japan'. The diesel hint whispers 'Isuzu'. And the elegant Bertone-like styling proclaims 'Giugiaro' before he went all origami. But the 1968 Isuzu 117 coupe was actually Giugiaro's first commission after he moved from Bertone to Ghia.” Or was it Italdesign? B. Weiskopf wrote: “It was Giugiaro's first full design study with Italdesign and this study was said to birth the Fiat Dino.” We think Alan is right, but the Dino link is interesting. Don Siemers noted the similarity, too: “From the front view it had a face similar to a Fiat Dino.”

We also liked Tony Sloan’s answer, who added that: “Quite a few came to Australia and are much sought after as the leather trim and genuine wood dash panel put the a bit above the normal coupe.” But this week’s prize goes to ‘Luk’, who wrote: “Designed in 1966 by Giorgetto Giugiaro, who worked for Ghia at the time. Initially it was marketed as a limited-production GT, handbuilt with dashboards in Japanese wood and leather interiors. This all changed when GM took control in 1973, and the car became a mass-product. The long production run from 1968 untill 1981 gave us 86,192 units and several engines: 1600 and 1800 cc (SOCH and DOCH), 2000cc, and a 2200cc diesel as of 1979.” Well done Luk - the T-shirt is yours!

Saturday, 30 April 2016

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Blue note: tomorrow Jazz Day!

Blue note: tomorrow Jazz Day!

Don’t forget to get that old jazz record out tomorrow, on International Jazz Day. We’re sure there are many connections between jazz music and classic cars, with our favourite being the Deep Sanderson, named after the jazz song Deep Henderson. But let’s leave it up to you. What’s your favourite jazz song and how does it relate to your favourite car?

(Words Jeroen Booij, picture courtesy Blue Note records

Friday, 29 April 2016

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Throwback Thursday: The MG(B)eijing experience

China4C : The MG Beijing experience. 
In 2014 and 2015 we participated in the China Classic Car Challenge - shorter said 4C - a fabulous event and one of the ultimately scarce options to travel with a classic car through China. Next October 12-19 will see the 6th Edition. Below our short report about travelling China with a red sports car " Made in England "chinese wall-800. This 'Throwback Thursday' article is one of a series of 15 mirror views with repsect to the 15 year anniversary of PreWarCar-PostWarClassic this July.

Yesterday morning we departed from the 6th 'periferique' of Beijing heading for one of the porches of The Great Wall. We don't want to sound like 'been there, seen it, done that'  but hey.., how many of you crossed under The Great Chinese Wall by MGB? We did. And we will never forget. Photos of course cannot capture the emotion or graphic experience of seeing and being there, we can only recommend to the same or similar on whatever remote continent you may visit in a lifetime. Getting to one of world's wonders in a classic is an experience in its own right. 

China Rally_MG-800The funny thing is that when you get there, children will do exactly the same whatever the car, whatever the iconic location.
Crawl all over it, jump in it, sit in it and ask for a sticker. And we could only say happily Yes to all requests (one more shot for our 2015 classic kids calendar!). One but last shot is showing Mr. Zong, director of the The China Classic Car Challenge 2014 who made all this possible, including the '71 MGB he most kindly made available to us. Thank you Mr. Zong! 

China Rally_Zong-800We also want to tell you about the amazing fast mountain trip (275 km /170 miles) to Tanjin, and about the most lively Chinese farmer villages we crossed on the way and the challenging traffic after dark. But that will need to wait a bit. After an 18 hour day-trip our bed seems a more attractive alternative. So for the moment we close off (last pic) with a Chinese Wall modern style. Multi-story compounds are the modern way of life here. If you think we have many of those in Europe, forget it. Even our 4C rally_MG_Mini-800 large cities are quiet country villages compared to what you see here. China nowadays has over 65 cities with each more than 5 million inhabitants. And they all want a decent life and maybe... maybe a bit later on an... MGB! (at least that's what they tell me).
(Text and pictures by Joris Bergsma)

Thursday, 28 April 2016

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