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Tough to Crack, Puzzle #107

Tough to Crack, Puzzle #107

This cute little sportscar was only recently found. And as you can see there's soem involved bewfore it can enjoy the roads again. Yet it will be worhtwhile for the owner, because this is typically one of those examples of  "What was the last time you saw a ......? If you ever saw one this most likely was in southern Europe. It was present at least at the Turin Auto Show. Sorry we're not giving you any more hints than this. The picture in itself gives more than enough clues for the dedicated car sleuth. Even when you don't know this design, you still should be able to tell us something... 

Know what we are talking about? How many were built and where? Please surprise us with some inspiring answers as there is a lot to tell about this. Post your answer in the box below before Monday April 20 and you may become the winner of this week's post-war puzzle, which would earn you the infamous PostWarClassic T-shirt! Be careful though, check the Rules under 'Read More' first. Results and source of photo will be published next Saturday, April 25. Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

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Every rose has its thorn

A rose is a rose
When searching for appropriate transport for that holy Saint of the Irish – Saint Patrick – recently, it seemed to us that the very cool Irish-built Shamrock was a babe magnet par excellence. To show the car to the world, the Shamrock Motor Company decided to use that age-old marketing trick to dress it up with some lovely ladies. Great idea. Even better was that they did not have to look in every obscure corner of their base in Tralee, county Kerry. In fact it was – and is – here that the Rose of Tralee festival originates, with plenty of young girls at hand - every year.

We would guess the girl seen here, asked to demonstrate the vast boot space of the Irish family sports car was a Rose of Tralee contender back in the earliest of sixties. If only it was for the rose pattern on her dress. Oh – it’s also good to know the Shamrock did indeed come with a spare wheel. Not that it was of much use since Shamrock’s R&D department had completely forgotten that the rear wheels could not be removed after they’d designed those cool rear wheel spats…

(Words Jeroen Booij, picture courtesy Forgotten Fiberglass)

Friday, 17 April 2015

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Coys’ counterweight

Coys’ counterweight

If you are in for classic Mercedeses, Opels, VWs, Porsches and BMWs – Techno Classica in Essen is all yours. There is no doubt that the focus of over 2,500 cars exhibited, spread out over 20 halls, is on German origins. Still then, the organizers are working hard to present some attractive counterweight. One theme of this year’s show is cars of the Irish Tourist Trophy, while Rolls-Royce is contracted to give their view on 90 Years of the Phantom.

And then there’s auction house Coys, which organizes a comprehensive sale during the show weekend and bring over some interesting cars from abroad. How about not one but two remarkable Russian limousines? The first of which is a ZIM-12, built by the Gorky Automotive Plant (GAZ) in 1954. Clearly inspired by 1950s American iron, the car comes with a delightful red interior including soft bench seat with slightly less comfort for the servants. Least as interesting is a bomb-proof ZIL 114 – ‘the ultimate in Soviet motoring luxury’ and built for officials only. This one dates back to 1977 and is believed to be used by Leonid Brejnev at one point or another.

Coys have plenty of Italian wheels on offer, too, but none of them is as interesting as the Vignale bodied and Nardi tuned Fiat 600 ‘Rendez-Vous’. A stunner on itself, this particular one is said to have had just two owners from new and comes with 8,500kms on the clock. We also like the Alfa-Romeo 6C 2500 ‘Freccia d’Oro’ of 1949 with its massive rear end. Strangest though, is this Evanta seen above. A sort of DB4 Zagato ‘Sanction 3’ (another way of avoiding the R-word), but not as we know it. This most unusual car was built in 2013 in the shape of a DB4Z Barchetta. It is powered by a modern 3.4-litre Jaguar engine with 3 double Webers and has a composite body! Even more attractive then the real thing? We don’t think so. But at least it’s a fresh view on an all too well known concept. And don't we just love that?

(Words Jeroen Booij, pictures courtesy Coys)

Thursday, 16 April 2015

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BMW 328 / AFM at Hill climb races Ljubelj 1958? (update: or AFN, or Veritas?)

Hill climb races Ljubelj 1958

Peter Skofic sent us nearly a year ago photos form a hillclimb in Ljublj (Slovenia) and now has an another question about an earlier race:
"I found these pictures which were taken at hill climb races in Ljubelj in August 1958. The photos show the Croatian racer Stjepan Šantavec with a car which looks like a mixture between BMW 328 Mille Migla and Veritas. Does anybody have an idea what car exactly this should be?"

Editor: we will need an expert but we see some similarities with the AFM advertised on these pages. 


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

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