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Dutch DKWs gather. But what happened to Dutch museum cars?

International DKW Meeting
You liked yesterday's NSU Spider, didn't you? Well how about this then? Earlier this month, a big gathering of Auto Unions and DKWs took place in central Holland with some lovely two-seater convertibles attending. This was, in fact, the 44th International meeting of its kind, and regular contributor Karel Vermeer went over to have a look. He wrote: "There were about 200 cars from all over Europe" and as always, he shot some good photographs. We absolutely adore the Moza seen above, but also like the Mesiterklasse Coupe (we think) on old Dutch plates of picture number 2, the Danish F12 built by Baur of picture number 3 and that rare Meisterklasse Universal 'woody' of picture number 5. Oh, and how about that Swiss duo of 1000 SPs - both the coupe and the convertible, which always make us think of a miniature version of the Ford Thunderbird of its day? Thanks for sharing Karel.

Sadly, The Netherlands no longer houses the lovely Auto Union and DKW museum in the coastal town of Bergen, not too far from Amsterdamn. Until a few years ago this place was the life works of mister Henk Geerts, who's collection was officially acknowledged by Audi AG and a must-see for every Auto Union and DKW enthusiast. When mister Geerts passed away a couple of years ago, and with his daughters not sharing his interests, the doors were closed. We wonder what happened to the cars there..?

(Words editor, pictures Karel Vermeer) 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

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Back to back: Wankel Spider or 850 Spider?

Back to back: Wankel Spider or 850 Spider?
When you’re in for a European classic while being over in the US, you may like to know that Lucky Collector Car Auctions is selling off a whole lot of them on the 26th in Tacoma, Washington. The obvious ones are MGs and Volvos, Mercedeses and Porsches, but more remarkable for their appearance in Trump-land are for example a Citroen GS, an ID 19 and a Traction Avant, a Sunbeam Minx, two Lancias Fulvia, two DKW Mungas and a 1000S, a Fiat 500 Abarth, stunning Campagnola and OM Fiat truck. There is even a pretty and rare Ghia 1500. Full sales list here.

We pick out two likeable little Spiders for our ‘back-to-back’ feature here. First of them is a NSU Wankel Spider of which there simply cannot be many in America. Just 2,375 were made and the last time we saw one one in the flesh is a hell of a lot years ago. And we are not thousands of miles and a major ocean removed from where they were built in Germany. The car for sale in Tacoma is a 1967 example with its original rotary engine and low miles. It originally went to Southern California but hasn’t seen too much of the sun in the last 30 years, when it was stored inside. The seller states: “It is in time-capsule condition underneath with absolutely no visible rust throughout. The car is in incredible, original condition throughout and appears completely original. It features only 76,951 miles from new.” It does need a complete restauration though. See the full description here.

Over to the second candidate of today’s little comparision: a Fiat 850 Spider. Like the NSU it’s a small two-seater sports car with the engine in the back. No rotary power this time, but Fiat’s well-known 843 four-cylinder that was used in so many varieties of their car wearing the 850 moniker. The body was done by Bertone. The auctioneer doesn’t tell us much about this particular example other then it was made in 1971. We see a Washington plate on the photographs and a car with what looks to be American spec bumpers. It appears to be a nice example and in a good colour combination of white over black/red – not unlike the NSU. A whole lot more were made though (124,600) but it remains a fantastic little car today. See it for sale here. Over to the question then: which of the two would you prefer?

(Words editor, pictures Lucky Collector Car Auctions)

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

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The traveling policeman and his trusty Morris

1953 Morris Oxford Traveller

This is certainly not the best quality photograph we've seen here. But since every picture comes with a story, we think it definitely is worth sharing here. In fact the story of this particular image is rather intriguing.

Peter Huson sent it over to us and added the following: "In May 1955 a member of the B.S.A. Police and his wife drove their Morris Oxford Station wagon from Salisbury (UK - edit, not UK but Salisbury, Rhodesia?) to Ethiopia and back. The trip over roads which in places were unbelievably appalling took three months including holiday excursions en route. On their return he wrote "And so we returned to Salisbury. Thankful in particular for the splendid performance of our car, we hurried to offload and, with a sense of mutual relief, watched the springs resume their rightful shape... after three months of inversion. The engine had never faltered throughout the 9,000 miles of the tour, nor failed on any occasion to start with the very first turn of the self-starter. What more can one say in acknowledgment? The car did all that was asked of her and much more than we had the right to expect."

The rather grainy photograph is of the car in Mogadishu in what used to be Italian Somaliland.
Thank you very much for that. We'd love to learn a little bit more about the travelling policeman, his wife and the Morris. Perhaps it rings a bell with somebody here?

(Words and archive picture Peter Huson)

Monday, 21 August 2017

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Pebble Beach 2017 - today is the day

Today the Pebble Beach Concours D'elegance takes place in Monterey. We can't say much about the cars on display other than the official announcements, let alone winners, so let's have a look at last year's event with this great little video. Excellent to freshen up your mind and get you in the mood! Enjoy.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

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