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The Netherlands in the fifties – Part 1

Recently we found a set of magazines from the 1950s, published by the Dutch Ford branch. Each magazine has a marvelous front-page depicting a favorite scene in a Dutch city. They were painted by Piet van der Maaden, a Dutch artist. As this is the time for a holiday, we think it’s a nice idea to do some Holland promotion and take you back on a tour through several of Hollands most favorite cities. Like most tourist let’s start our tour in Amsterdam on the ‘Muntplein’ (Mint Square), with the famous ‘Munttoren’ (Mint Tower), a building were coins used to be minted. Today the Muntplein looks a lot busier than in the fifties, but seemingly more tourists than automobiles.

(text: Rutger Booy; paintings by Piet van der Maaden, Ford Wereld)

Monday, 25 July 2016

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The Ford Spohn Custom "Palos"

Spohn Custom
A 1940 Ford Standard was driven into Spohn Karosserie in Ravensburg, Germany. Discussion with Spohn's Josef Eiwanger Jr. resulted in a plan for an American-style custom car. A front appearance drawn by Eiwanger was chosen to go with a rear similar to the GM /Earl LeSabre concept car which had been shown in Paris and Munich.  Other detail features from Spohn's "box of toys" were also chosen  Estimate given and accepted.  When completed in 1952, the car was shipped to Chicago, Illinois, United States.  As a nine year old child I saw the car in Palos Park, Illinois and chased its owners and whereabouts for the next 54 years until purchase from bankruptcy court in California. Named the "Spohn Palos" because of its rich history in that southwestern suburb of Chicago which included having been gifted as an engagement gift. The car is currently undergoing concours restoration.

Research indicates approximately two dozen Spohn Customs were built in the 1951-1957 period on American chassis plus two custom rebodies of Veritas cars which Spohn originally bodied for racing.

(photos & text by 'StillOutThere')

Sunday, 24 July 2016

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About Tough to Crack car puzzle #138: Andino GT

About Tough to Crack car puzzle #138: Andino GT
Last week’s unidentified duo spawned enough replies to make us happy. Ruud Wesselink was among them and seemed confident enough about his answer, deciphering the car as the Kohlmus Scirocco. That was a good guess and it certainly has similarities in style to that car. But it wasn’t that. Jeffrey Vogel knew, but his answer ‘Renault Andino GT built in Argentina on a Renault Gordini base. Driver mentioned would be J.M. Fangio.’ Was a bit bleak. Three times winner John Elema gave us more to chew on: “The Andino GT was made in Argentina and presented at the Autodromo (circuit) Ciudad Nueve de Julio, province of Buenos Aires in August 1968. Designed by Luis Varela and commended by J.M. Fangio who at some stage planned its production in Europe under his name, which did not materialize. Chassis by Spina Brs. from Nueve de Julio, known for agricultural machinery. Bodies by Lito Cistz. Steel, aluminium and polyester were used. Engines, at rear, were Renault. There were two series. One from 1970-71 with 850 cc and one from 1976-78 with 1100 cc engines. Producing one car took about six months. Total production around 90 units. The name Andina, derived from Andes, was the idea of Mrs. Varela, Rosita.” That is just absolutely spot on. But we do have to be strict here, and John used over 100 words. Sorry John! And so this week’s prize goes to Ignacio Labaure, who mentioned all the basic information on the Andino GT and added a small little line of interest which was new to us: “Labaure ran a Renault dealership and the car had a warranty from IKA-Renault in Argentina.” Thanks for that and congratulations Ignacio!

(Pictures courtesy

Saturday, 23 July 2016

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Summertime and the living is easy (Update: Mercury Montclair)

Friday lady_22.07.2016

We don't know what it's like in your part of the world, but it's pretty hot right here, right now. As a matter of fact we opened the door of our daily fixed head PostWarClassic driver this morning and were welcomed by a scorching temperature unknown to us before, enough to bake a lovely raspberry pie – it is the time of the year you know. Well, that may be an exaggeration but it was enough to make us close it instantly again.

And so we took the bicycle to town instead. You should do it too, unless of course you own a suitable drop top classic, preferably clad with white rather than black vinyl inside and perhaps some colour coded Bakelite like used by the girl above (do let us know when you know what it is that she drives). And do bring the children and their friends out to the ice cream parlour – it's holiday time after all.

Just in case you really don't feel like anything to do, you may like to know it's International Hammock Day today. So do relax.

Friday, 22 July 2016

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