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Bye-bye Irene!

Bye-bye Irene!

It’s been three years that a long legged, pale blue eyed and blonde haired girl walked into our office. But don’t think we lost our bearings that day. Irene came, saw and took everything under her control as if she’d never done anything else. Including ourselves! If you ever phoned us, you will probably have spoken to her. If you ever e-mailed us, she was probably the one who replied to you within minutes. If you ever tried to place a fake ad on our sites, it was probably Irene who unmasked you as a vicious scammer. Boy, was this girl efficient.

The perfect PreWarCar/PostWarClassic right-hand girl? It seemed pretty much like it. One thing was – and is - hard to explain to her, though, and that is that perfectly shiny and glittery polished cars aren’t worth more than some sad-looking heaps of corrosion as such. Irene can be sincerely indignant about that. And we remember the day the press release with the prices fetched at the Baillon-collection came in - leaving her puzzled for at least a week. But we will actually miss that, too, now that her time has come for a new career move.

Irene, you are our very special Friday Lady on your last day with us. All the best to you!

(Words and rendering: The PreWarCar / PostWarClassic team)

Friday, 12 February 2016

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The 2016 Wintertrial and how to keep warm

12552635 508871989295572_7266098195893390535_n
Snow, ice, mist,  classic cars, nasty trials, nightloops, fast circuits and an enthusiast, seriously competitive group participants; that means a lot of work for the service teams at the 2016 Wintertrial by Dutch organiser Classic Events; this year the location was Norway, last week of January. We received some interesting pictures from both service teams: Classic Job and Altena.

Although it was not always easy to get all the cars on own wheels at the finish line, it gives some great pictures and even better memories. One of the service team tasks is to pull cars back on the road; like this groundhog eating Yugo Zastava (a Fiat 600 built under licence in former Yugoslavia; now Croatia). Or looking for the remains of a car in the snow, when you only see one wheel. Luckily, it is still possible to have a beer during night time repairs.
Not every car was going to make it, but thanks to the service teams most of them did. More to find here at The Winter Trial.

(Text Laurens Klein; photos courtesy Altena Classic Cars & Classic Job)

Thursday, 11 February 2016

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Island project is a bridge too far - Meilenwerk AG broke

Island project is a bridge too far - Meilenwerk AG broke

With Artcurial proudly announcing several new price records last weekend – click here in case you missed it - and with another 2.939 classics sold in Scottsdale for a whopping total of 300 million dollars a week earlier, the classic car horizon seems endless. But a different sound is heard from Germany this week. Meilenwerk AG, famous for its classic car compounds in historic tram and locomotive depots in Berlin and Dusseldorf, just announced its bankruptcy.

What went wrong? Thirteen years after the first milestone centre opened its doors to classic cars, the market has only grown. So this liquidation seems hard to explain. The sting is in a new project, announced in 2013 (artist impression). Meilenwerk was to invest another 100 million euros into a new Berlin location: a 3000 square metres classic car event hall with 120-room hotel and apartment complex, all to be built in old artillery warehouses on a small isle in the Havel river, some 10 kilometres from the existing tram depot location in Berlin. Project developer and Meilenwerk founder Martin Halder announced the insolvement himself yesterday. It is unknown whether the bankruptcy will have any effects on the Classic Remises, as they are known now, in Berlin and Dusseldorf. Meilenwerk AG had been planning projects in Hamburg and Zurich as well. A Stuttgart version was renamed Motorworld Stuttgart in 2014.

(Words Jeroen Booij, pictures courtesy Meilenwerk AG)

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

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Paris surprises in many different ways

citroen 2cv_antem_charbonneau_470
People visit Retromobile Paris for the breathtaking  beauties. For the million sellers and all extravaganza you can think off. And it's indeed these last words which add to the strength of what in our view is the best show of Europe. Paris will surprise in all sections. In miniatures. In everyday cars. In bizarre finds. In a few words in all corners of this strange hobby which is about household machines that will get you from A to B.  (can you imagine a collectors show about fridges and freezers?). 
We found this little area dedicated to the work of designer Charbonneau who made some interesting studies in raisin and polyester. Aside a quite interesting Salmson convertible sports one of the other designs in particular drew our attention. Click this link to get the full picture, take a look at the rear end  and you will understand why. Why on earth would anybody like to change the brilliant simplicity of the avant-garde 2CV and add the most incredible 'bourgois' attire of the fifties? We can only guess about the motives of Monsieur Charbonneaux, unless one of you or a friend of the Musee  Automobile Reims Champagne will enlighten us.

Tuesday, 09 February 2016

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