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It's Ugly But It Gets You There!

pick up_bus_uruguay-3

It has four wheels, steering, an engine and maybe, maybe some brakes (thnx Steve!)... This VW Bus is no project waiting for a collector and restoration. Despite the lack of zillions of details it's the daily work horse for a family selling carpets and more in the streetjumble along the Tristan Narvaja in Montevideo Uruguay. And they are not the only ones running their business in this stylish way (check this 1956 Simca Vedette Regence) . These people do not own classics, they're glad they have 'a set of wheels' to move their stuff around and make a living.

(photos Hans Cornelisse)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

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Car badges part 2

 Car badges part 2

Peter Johnston: “I have collected and have had an interest in car badges and mascots since the age of 11. Although my serious collecting days were much later in life when I had the time, money and skill to start to choose and buy the best. It always pays to spend more on a good quality piece than to put up with a poor one. That being said some of the older rarer pieces are extremely difficult to find and so a bad example may be the only way to add it to your collection. I will only cover badges in this article as there are many books and sites on mascots which are more informative and larger than I could ever write. So what is a car badge all about? See 'Read More'...

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

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An IFA convertible mystery? (UPDATE: no IFA P70 Coupe ?)

Visitor Hans Cornelisse sends this photo of a charming but unidentified convertible. Unfortunately he didn't add any details regarding overall dimensions, motorisation or whatever so we have to rely on what the photos tell. The only thing he told us that somebody said it may be an IFA. In that case it must be a small series or one off car, as we didn't find anything geting close to this. Check for instance this page showing several IFA one-offs.  So we have to work on what you see: a Left Hand Drive mid fifties design. 


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

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What happened to the John Player Special Lotus Team truck?

John Player Van

Jordi Casadesus Giner spotted the severely damaged Team Lotus truck while on honeymoon in 1972...: "I don´t know if these photographs may be of interest, but I thought to send them to you. On June 12, 1972 I started my honeymoon travel (I married the 11th) and in the village of Jorba, parked on the side of the road, (Nacional 2) I found this truck - LVF480E - of the Lotus F1 Team possibly returning from the Jarama circuit in Madrid and suffered from an accident. Since then I have kept these photographs, but I never could find anything about this accident. Perhaps some friend of this website knows any details of this accident?"

Editor: Well Jordi, we found that the Team Lotus was succesful in winning the championship of 1972 with the still young Emmerson Fittipaldi. The race in Spain was on May 1. The next stop was the Formula 1 in Monaco  on May 14. So our guess is that the truck - very similar or the same as the 1967 AEC Team Lotus truck but in new 1972 livery - was left after an accident leaving Spain after May 1 and was not recovered at least not untill you passed on June 15. For the year 1973 we see the same truck again in new livery... Finally we found at that LVF480E was rebuilt and now resides in Austria.... The current owner is probably Joe Willenpart who may know more about the 'honeymoon' accident.


Monday, 14 April 2014

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