Aermacchi MB1 Macchitre 1947 for sale

1947 Aermacchi Macchitre M.B.1. Virtually Untouched Since 1947, A True Survivor and Very Rare.

This unique vehicle was manufactured in Varese Italy, the Aermacchi company was founded in 1912 by Giulio Macchi and manufactured Aeroplanes and famously Seaplanes. After WW2 design and production started on the Macchitre MB1, a 3 wheel truck to boost factory production after the war. The MB1 petrol version was manufactured from 1945 until 1954. Designed by Engineer Ermanno Bazzochi, the MB stands for Macchi-Bazzochi, an engineer who also designed Aeroplanes after WW2 such as the MB-301, the Military MB326 and 339, plus many others.

The MB1 from 1945 until 1954 had the Aermacchi 750cc 2 Cylinder 4 Stroke Engine, the gearbox has 4 forward gears and 1 reverse, it also features a High and Low box.

This particular MB1 has an interesting history which in itself is remarkable. It is thought that the MB1 was sold new in Belgium 1947, I have the original drawings for the Canvas Back and some Business Leaflets from the company based in Belgium who Designed and Manufactured the Rear Canvas and Hoops. There is also the original Taxation Sticker on the front windscreen which shows Tax Paid in the year 1949 issued from Antwerpen Belgium.In 1949 the little truck was involved in Smuggling Cigarettes and Butter across the Dutch border. The Dutch Authorities impounded the car and kept it in dry storage for an amazing 25 years, waiting for someone to claim it. No one ever did, I guess the owner did not want to implicate themselves. In 1974 the Dutch Authorities held a Governmental Auction and sold the Truck to a car collector in Holland. It was dry stored in a barn until it was discovered in 2015.

Very little has been done, only the necessities trying to keep its originality. It runs and drives, which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

It really is in remarkable, virtually untouched condition. A Museum piece or a great addition to a quirky car collection. You will not find another one like this, truly unique. The Aermacchi Register in Italy has confirmed that this MB1 is the earliest example known.

Please contact me for further information, I can help with shipping worldwide. The car is located in Lancashire, England.

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Details for Aermacchi MB1 Macchitre 1947 for sale

Make: Aermacchi
Type: MB1
Coach: Macchitre
Year: 1947
Price: EUR 24000
Advert ID: 206956
Viewed: 3439

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