BMW BMW340-2 1952 for sale

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Hello, This BMW 340-2 1952 year is a very rare model, especially in that condition. The missing piece of most of the BMW collectors! The last owner of this car, that I bought it from, kept it in a garage for about 40 years. The first owner of the car who was Russian military colonel who participated in World War II, gave the car as a gift to the grandfather of the last owner. As the car hasn’t been driven for 40 years, I have checked all systems and changed the oil fluids, brake pipes and pads, the car started from the first try. The overall condition is very good – no strange noises from the engine, no rust around the body or rotten places, just a few scratches around the body . The interior is in very good condition. The previous owners don’t have any recipes or MOT documentation, as they don’t know where the grandfather might have kept them. short video - The car is in UK London has a NOVA certificate reference number and ready to be registered with V5 document. For any information contact me on: 0044 74 595 127 46

Seller: Private
Active at PWC since: 18-05-2017

Details for BMW BMW340-2 1952 for sale

Make: BMW
Type: BMW340-2
Year: 1952
Price: GBP 23000
Advert ID: 221470
Viewed: 160

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