Alvis TC21/100 Full Size 1953 for sale

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Here's a summary of what I know. The original color was grey. Additionally, I believe the leather interior has been replaced only once. The chassis number, the engine number, and the car number are all the same – 25656, which indicates that this is an Alvis TC21/100, and the Tickford number is AL63. These are verified, definitively. The English registration number is NGC 171 (I believe...)

In any case, its in great conditon. It was originally built in the UK for the UK (right side driver) made its way to the USA in 1977, where it resides currently.

I'm happy to provide more pics and info upon request.

Seller: Private
Active at PWC since: 26-06-2017

Details for Alvis TC21/100 Full Size 1953 for sale

Make: Alvis
Type: TC21/100
Coach: Full Size
Year: 1953
Price: USD 40000
Advert ID: 222965
Viewed: 266

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