Citroën A Series 375cc 1953 for sale

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1953 A series 375cc Citroen 2CV. Engine runs, brakes need attention. Original 400 rims. 5 15\" rims included. New full length canvas roof with small window fitted. Bonnet damaged and in two pieces across headlamp bracket. Replacement bonnet included (a very rare find). Featured in the 2CV GB June 2017 magazine. For restoration or oily rag. Recently imported. NOVA Certificate completed, original Certificat D'Immatriculation included.

Seller: Private
Active at PWC since: 23-04-2017

Details for Citroën A Series 375cc 1953 for sale

Make: Citroën
Type: A Series 375cc
Year: 1953
Price: GBP 5450
Advert ID: 223604
Viewed: 385

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