BMW R50/2 1966 for sale

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1966 BMW R50/2. This bike is turn key and ready to ride anywhere. The complete drivetrain was rebuilt in 2009 and only has 2000 miles on it since, all the break in miles and procedures are done for you already! The rebuild included a rebuilt crank with new slingers, new rings, bearings, seals and clutch. The transmission was torn apart, all bearings and seals were replaced. Any questionable gears were replaced and then the whole thing was put back together. The Rear drive was taken apart, bearings and seals replaced and the shims were checked. After the drivetrain was done it was put back in the bike as an original cruiser and that is when most of the miles were put on it

Seller: Marriot Belgefer
Active at PWC since: 16-07-2017

Details for BMW R50/2 1966 for sale

Make: BMW
Type: R50/2
Year: 1966
Price: USD 7000
Advert ID: 223958
Viewed: 189

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