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Steering wheels w/ columns, Front bumper, Dash panel, Front grill, Engine block, Tranny, Radio, Speedometer, Pedals, Valve covers, Radiators, Cylinder, Heater boxes, Distributor, Distributor caps, Wire harness w/ cap and regulator, Cylinder head w/ exhaust pipes, Generator regulator with wire, Cylinder head, Cylinder head with springs – complete, Exhaust pipes, Connector Rods, Pistons, Fuel pumps, Ashtrays, Carburetor w/ intake manifold, Intake manifold, Carburetor, Thermostat housing, Engine oil screen, Heater air intake screen, Intake air box, Generator regulator, Cylinder head top water outlet, Oil Pump, Thermostat, Generator, Clutch disc, Flywheel, Pressure plate & disc, Starter, Rocker arm shaft, Draft tube assembly, Camshaft & Camgear, Park brake handle & link, Linkage throttle to floor pedal, Engine block end plate, valve springs / push rods, 18 Valve guides, Lifter / Wrist pins, Intake & exhaust valves, Park brake (cable/end/tube), Bumper pc, Rad fan blade, Valve cover retainer, Drive yoke, Prop rods, Battery cables, Water pipes, Heater hose, Water pipe & bracket, Water pipe & y fitting, Water pipe & Support bracket, Driver visor, Headlamp rings, Headlamp buckets, Misc cables, Ornament, Speedometer Cables, Choke cable, Fuel cable/lines ?, Prop, Vac. Assembly, Cyl waterport, Fuel hose, Headlamp, Headlamp w/ trim, Crankshaft, Pulley, Wing windows, Back windshield (new), Misc electrical components, Gas cap, Side windows, Steering rack, Tire rack, Hood prop & latch, Bumper brackets, Linkage, Engine plugs, Misc chrome, Misc bracketry, Chrome curve trim pieces, Chrome straight trim pieces

Auction: Lucky Collector Car Auction August 26th & 27th, 2017
Seller: Cosmopolitan Motors LLC.
Phone: (206) 467-6531

Details for Goliath parts for Goliath

Manufacturer: Goliath
Make: Goliath
Quality: used
Year: 1960-1969
Price: Auction
USD on_request
Advert ID: 225198

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