Alfa Romeo 1300 Giulietta Spider Veloce 1960 for sale

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1960 1300 Spider Veloce, unrestored and partially disassembled. Series 101.25, originally delivered to the US. Last registered in 1976. Stored for nearly 40 years. Odometer shows just over 51,000 miles which is likely original. Paint looks to be original. The letter F is faintly visible under the paint just above the chassis number on the firewall. Original and correct instruments for Veloce. Texas title. Comes with 1600 Normale engine, complete except for rods and pistons, a four-speed transmission and various parts, including Veloce manifold, Veloce air filter (with the bands that attach), and Veloce oil pump. Condition of body: Doesn't appear that it has ever crashed. The doors fit beautifully and close easily and perfectly from 6 inches out. There are a few small dents and dimples but they are mostly located along the top surfaces, likely from things stacked on top of the car while being stored. As for rust, what you see is mostly surface rust, some of which was sprayed with black to seal. After looking carefully, there are only a very few, very small holes in the usual places-under the seats, under the battery and one on the right side under the door. In the photographs, if you zoom in, you can see the holes have been circled in red. Chrome is in fair condition. I have nearly 200 photos taken of every angle in high def and can send specific ones on request. Overall, this body is very solid and would be an easy restoration. This is a perfect project for someone who has been hoarding that 1300 Veloce engine for years (and you know who you are :-), leaving the 1600 engine as a bonus. Please contact me if you have further questions.

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Details for Alfa Romeo 1300 Giulietta Spider Veloce 1960 for sale

Make: Alfa Romeo
Type: 1300 Giulietta Spider Veloce
Year: 1960
Price: USD 29000
Advert ID: 231043
Viewed: 475

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