Triumph Spitfire MK3 Spitfire MK3 1968 for sale

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Stunning original 1968 Triumph Spitfire MK3

You will see I have tried to be as transparent and honest as possible with the pictures and lifted the carpets all round so that you can see how solid he is underneath. notably the seats which are original but have a few splits so you may or may not want to have them re-covered I personally like the originality of the existing seats but someone else may wish to have the seats re-covered , the driver door may need a little ra-lignment of hinges but an easy job and the boot hinge area where there is minor paint bubbles.

The interior , apart from the seats is really tidy. It’s all been properly sound/heat proof lined and then high quality carpet with leather trim ontop. The dials are quite unusual as they are still center set (which was only on earlier cars so they could be easily modified for export to LHD) and I really like them – original Jaeger dials and lovely patina. With new but aged oxblood leather seats , with cream piping trim as per origionals the interior would be absolutely stunning.

As you can see it has the best hood you can buy from Don Hoods and was professionally fitted by a coach builder in Somerset so it fits really well. Also its lined on the inside and has the rear window zip out option so you can get some airflow and hear the lovely music of the twin pipes even when its raining!

Underneath chassis and engine bay you will see he is solid as a rock with no rust. In fact the chap who MOT him last was an apprentice at Spitfire factory early in his career building them new and he said he had never seen such an original example that hadn’t been modified/ cut and welded / filled etc. And he also told me it was running as well as it was when it left the factory! So that was nice to hear.

It’s a really honest, solid and reliable useable classic that will turn heads wherever you go. And the nice thing is there are little bits and bobs you can do to improve it in the garage at the weekends that will make it absolutely immaculate and add more value. That’s what I really liked about it.

I have many more photos and video on request

You wont find a better example if you want to take on to show condition

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Details for Triumph Spitfire MK3 Spitfire MK3 1968 for sale

Make: Triumph
Type: Spitfire MK3
Coach: Spitfire MK3
Year: 1968
Price: GBP 9999
Advert ID: 231665
Viewed: 288

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