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Peugeot Lion Bebè sport 1913 IT EUR 75000 Private

Peugeot Lion Bebè sport 1913 for sale

This c/n 11034 sold july 9 1913 destination F.lli Picena Torino.
First owner TRECCANI Family-Milan

1961-1964 Federico ROBUTTI, Milan
1964-1988 Gianluigi SACCARDO, Schio-VI
1988-1997 Fr...
Peugeot Cyclo-Moto 98D   1925 GB GBP 1250 Private

Peugeot Cyclo-Moto 98D 1925 for sale

This is an unrestored 1925 Peugeot Cyclo-Moto with 110cc two stroke engine bore and stroke 52mm by 52mm.Sold with original instruction book, and photo copy of old French registration document.Incomple...
Peugeot 177m Torpédo 1926 BE GBP 9999 Private

Peugeot 177m Torpédo 1926 for sale

Peugeot 177m 1926
Moteur d\'origine , correspond au no de châssis . Restaurée depuis le châssis . A terminer....
Peugeot 190s coach type 2KP 1929 FR EUR 3500 Private

Peugeot 190s coach type 2KP 1929 for sale

Nice barnfind Peugeot 1929 190s in real original condition.Very complete except dynamo and small parts easy to find.Engine turns free with hand.Some work is needed on the woodden body around the winds...
Peugeot Quadrilette (172M)   1927 ES EUR 14000 Private

Peugeot Quadrilette (172M) 1927 for sale

Peugeot Quadrilette de 1928. Se restauro desde cero(la última foto es como se encontraba antes de la restauración), tengo fotos de todo el proceso de restauración. Actualmente esta parado(el motor ...

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