Cadillac Post-War Automobilia, Books and Parts for Sale

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Cadillac   1950 for sale Cadillac Cadillac   1950-1959   GB   GBP 60 Private

Cadillac 1950 for sale

7 Exhaust Valves for Cadillac c1950's/1960's New Old Stock in original boxes. Part Number 144 0864 Group Number 8.2500.

NEW vehicles and parts are marked GREEN,
SOLD and UNLISTED vehicles and parts are marked TOO LATE!

Latest Pre War Parts for sale

Cadillac Cadillac   1920-1930 NZ EUR 220 Dealer

Cadillac gauges for Cadillac

Combined speedometers, odometer and tripmeter. Van Sicklen-Elgin patents. Made by Stewart-Warner-Chicargo. Believed to be for the mid-1920\'s Cadillacs. Part N°\'s starting with EE. Looks in serv...
ZERK Cadillac Grease Cup 1915-1925 AU AUS 60 Private

ZERK greaseguns for Cadillac

Original Cadillac greaser, most likely off a late teens\', very early 20\'s car.

It is made by Zerk and stamped \'Cadillac\'.

The spring isn\'t great, but the rest of it is OK. This woul...
Firestone Cadillac Wood 1920-1930 US USD 200 Private

Firestone wheels / tyres ( & parts) for Cadillac

Forsale is 21\" Firestone wood wheels and rims. Total of 4 wheels and 5 rims with locking ring. Located in Kansas City, Mo. Asking $1500 US dollars. Can be reached at
Cadillac Cadillac 1931/32 Cadillacs and LaSalles 1930-1950 NZ EUR 130 Dealer

Cadillac documentation (manuals) for Cadillac

Proper 130 pages Shop-Manual of the 1931/32 Cadillacs and LaSalles. With many photos and drawings of all mechanical and engine-parts. Laser-copied and bound from the original in our library. Covers ...
Cadillac Cadillac 314A 1920-1930 NZ EUR 2800 Dealer

Cadillac engine-s (and parts) for Cadillac

Cadillac, most of a V8 engine + extra spares for a 1920 Model 314A. Some parts such as the conn. rods and bearing have already been overhauled, others still need doing. Only one R/H side engine block...
Cadillac Cadillac V8 1930-1950 NZ EUR 850 Dealer

Cadillac engine-s (and parts) for Cadillac

Cadillac crankshaft and flywheel of a V8 Series 355 Cadillac engine, circa 1933. In good condition. ...
Bausch & Lomb Cadillac   1920-1930 NZ EUR 250.00 Dealer

Bausch & Lomb headlights for Cadillac

Headlight made by Bausch & Lomb /Rochester /USA. ("Star" range). As used on mid-1920s Cadillacs. In average condition. Very good virtually dent-free housing, very good lightly tinted glass. Two dents...
Bausch & Lomb Cadillac   1910-1930 NZ EUR 750.00 Dealer

Bausch & Lomb headlights for Cadillac

Headlight / Cadillac, magnificent and rare large bellshaped 1910s headlamp made by Bausch & Lomb Optical Company, Rochester (N.York) USA. Outer diameter 11 inches. Diameter glass 8...

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