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1950 panhard_dyna_frans_vrijaldenhoven_460
Long time visitors of these pages without doubt know the name of Frans Vrijaldenhoven. He is is a senior car historian and has been highly productive all his life. Also in keeping track of his own motoring life. In the near future we will show a few of the better snaps he made over the years. Take a look at this tiny 2 cylinder Panhard Dyna of 1949. Nowadays it is hard to understand that he used the car to travel up and down from The Hague to Stuttgart ( 2 x 650 km) in his job as Mercedes Benz "Kundendienstleiter" (Service Manager). Maybe not a long journey today. But with the small number of Autobahns (still in concrete plate "gedeng-geeng-gedeng" shape)  plus a cruising speed of probably 80 km/h quite a trip! On the photo you can see he made a small  detour along a small german village where his familyname may come from.

When you have well documented photo memories of the fifties and want to share some of it, we'll be happy to hear.

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#1 2012-07-03 18:48
I just found this Picture of Mr Vrijaldenhoven. I think he should have been driven not more than ten kilometers north, because there is an even smaller Village with about 1000 Inhabitants called "Freialdenhoven", which exactely means "Vrijaldenhoven". I lived in a even smaller Village between Freialdenhoven and Aldenhoven some time ago.

editor: you are referring to a next photo... ;-)

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