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A photo not always tells the whole story

No doubt you have seen the 'New Reader's Photo' on the left with the two original Porsches, sent to us by Jerry Schulte. Despite the sparse text we suspected these Porsches could hide a story, so we contacted Jerry. He then told us that the 1964 Convertible comes from California and that it's its first owner was a Mr. Edward Grens, an airline captain who documented every mile, every warranty repair, every complaint he had with Porsche and every time he changed oil or polished the car. He even wrote down who helped him and what brand of polish he used. It is interesting to see what problems the 356 had in the beginning. including later repairs documented in detail. All in all there's a thirty-page history file of the 356 car his trip destinations and who accompanied mr. Grens.
A fine story for which we would like to present Jerry with a PostWarClassic T-shirt. Do you have a similar tale or other anecdote about you post-war classic? Then send it to us and you too could earn the PostWarClassic T-shirt!

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#1 2012-04-30 04:07
This is absolutely dreadful for a new car.
Teething problems (Loose Lights, not fixed)
Low mileage rattles, knocks, and all under 6000 miles.
Was this all under warranty ?
Was Mr Grens building up his claims folio ? Stuart

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