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A Salmson Mystery.(upd.: Salmson Randonnée type G 72)

salmson s4-61_find_430
Somewhere nearby Tours, France is this orchard, park, forest or whatever name you want to give it. It is well hidden and only if you know the owner you will find it. Above is a first sample. The cars involved? Left is easy, Peugeot 403. The car in the middle, our judgement says Ford Vedette, like this one (click). Now the car nearby is the hardest in our view. The make is easy, the bootlid badge reads Salmson. But which Salmson? First we thought a 2300 Berline, but we can't find a good foto match for this rounded rear end. A close-up revealing side and interior tells us a little more. At least that it is a four door. The rest we leave up to you. (photos R. Prochasson) Please login to comment

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#1 2012-03-14 10:40
The Salmson mystery is a Salmson Randonnée certainly type G 72 made from 1951 until 1953.13 HP 2300 CC the last 6 seats car before the 2L3 sport.What a pity for an ex beautiful car
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