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A simple plan, really

A simple plan, really
 If you were Ghia’s top man up until 1960, you must have known what it was like to run a coachbuilding company, right? Okay: these weren’t the best years in the business. And with so many carrozzerias going buzzed in the sixties, it may not seem all to logical, but why not start for yourself? You know what to do. It’s simple, really. In the first place you just build some really exciting concept cars, based on exotics already. And if that’s not enough, make them even quirkier, so that you will surely make it to the papers. Then launch a line of cars that are based upon more mundane vehicles. A Ford Taunus, Fiat 1100, Ford Anglia or Fiat 850 for example. But most important of all: always photograph them with girls. 50 Years later people will still love these! Please login to comment

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1933 Alvis Special Project VSCC
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