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A walk in the woods

A walk in the woods
You may not be the person for new year’s intentions, but we decided to have more walks. Preferably in the woods nearby. Great idea, as it is not just good for you, but also because you never know what to find. We stumbled upon a Renault 4CV two years ago and a Citroen DS some 150 meters from home last spring.

And then there’s the 1960 Aston Martin DB4 that was unearthed in a Massachusetts forest late last year. An original, US-specification DB4 with many factory-options that was possibly used as a demonstrator or company car at first, with the factory records listing six service entries running between December 14, 1960 and July 17, 1961 with only 1,622 miles recorded during that period. Parked in the woods since the early 1970s, it does require a brave restoration now. The car is  to be offered for sale at Worldwide Auctioneers sale in Scottsdale on the 18th of this month. We’ll just go for another walk.

(Words Jeroen Booij, pictures courtesy Worldwide Auctioneers)

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#3 Politi 2017-01-13 21:40
The driver of this vehicle was obviously not particularly pleased with the shiny, bright new appearance that it rendered to the public, much too attractive. So, he decided that the most expedient method to achieve the look he desired, a reserved, sophisticated appearance(what we today call patina), was accessible only by means of a wooded area that was not completely shaded to the sun.
He had not intended, nor foreseen, that the process would be elongated, but unfortunately it was necessary that he immediately accept a new position in his state of birth, which provided included room, board, and living expenses. He found this to be most appropriate, and set himself toward new goals of endeavor, finally reaching the conclusion that this Aston Martin easily had caused him more displeasure than the value, he never returned for the lost memories.
#2 Larry A. Lewis 2017-01-12 23:16
There's a guy in Toronto who took a fine Citroen DS-21 and drove it into the woods and parked it about 5 years ago and Canadian winters aren't kind to old cars. No one could figure out why. There should be a film about it somewhere on the website. The car has since been retrieved and is being restored. Look it up and shake your head!
#1 Stuart Penketh 2017-01-11 06:27
Who, in their right mind, parks an expensive car like that, in the woods, and walks away from it ?

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