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About Tough to crack car puzzle #162: Lindner Porsche

About Tough to crack car puzzle #162: Lindner Porsche
Last week’s puzzle car is best known as the Lindner Porsche, but is also named the DDR-Porsche and the Porscheli Coupe. So what’s the story? In a very little nut shell: it was built by twin brothers Falk and Knut Reimann in Eastern Germany in the 1950s, who were students at the time. There was no way they could lay their hands on their Porsche 356 dream car, and so they started building one themselves. Base was an ex-army VW Kübelwagen that they found derelict in a forest near Berlin. A body came from DDR coachbuilder Lindner, who only got hold of a stack of Ford bonnets to do so. But still, between 1954 and 1959 they built 13 of them, not in the last place due to help from a most unexpected person: Ferry Porsche himself, who was said to be impressed with the workmanship and provided the builders with engine parts, smuggled over the border under the ‘Porscheli’ name. Eventually the twins are caught and put in prison. As we wrote last week: there’s enough to it for a book. That has been published by now.

This thanks to a Viennese barrister who found one of the cars recently and beautifully restored it, only to be reunited with Falk Reimann when finished. His twin brother Knut passed away in 2013. At the Concours d’Elegance Schloss Dyck it won the ‘Coupes & Cars of Class – Two Door Cars with Special Style 1948–1955’ class in 2016. The book about the Lindner Coupes was published in 2016 by restorer Alexander Fritz: ‘Lindner Coupé: DDR Porsche aus Dresden’.

We got a 100-points perfect answer from Don Siemers. He wrote, in 99 words exactly: “You'll get plenty of statistics on the 1954 Porscheli Lindner Coupe. Fifteen Fords gave up their hoods for this project. The technical information is fascinating. But what I found most interesting was Ferry Porsche's clandestine support for it. Smuggling parts across East German borders and assisting in the false registration is the making a good spy movie. Falk Reimann lived just long enough to oversee the restoration of the number four car. His twin brother Knut did not. The Reimann Brothers toured extensively to gauge interest in it. They loved it in Paris and Germany. Full windshield was unique.” That is just excellent, Don. Thank you and congratulations!

(Words editor, pictures Reimann/AutoBild)

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