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About Tough to crack car puzzle #172: Maserati Sebring ‘Bompani’

About Tough to crack car puzzle #172: Maserati Sebring ‘Bompani’
Last week’s car puzzle proved to be an easy one, which resulted once more in lots of answers. We quote here one of your anwers (Robbie Marenzi’s), giving all the right information about the Maserati in question: “1964 Maserati Series I Sebring "Bompani" by Carrozzeria Marchesi & Sala, official Maserati workshop in Modena since 1960. Run by Francesco Marchesi and Lino Sala, former partners of Sergio Scaglietti. One-off by Carrozzeria Marchesi. Commissioned in 1963 by Commendatore Bompani, from Modena. The unique square headights were from a Allemano Maserati 5000 GT Indianapolis. Painted Verde Caliente mettalizzato with steel rims also installed on the Series I Sebring.”

Now, almost all of the others competitors gave an answer much alike, with one just slightly more poetic than the other, but not too many differences among themselves. All mentioned the square headlights, some did so with the steel wheels, or the profession of mister Bompani, who was a home appliance manufacturer. Gerd Klioba was the only one who mentioned he was also the manager of the Modena Football Club for a while, which we liked. While Luc Ryckaert added: “Due to several special requests (also wheels) the car was ready 3 months later than planned.” Fritz Hegeman knew the car’s base was 10 cms shortened. All very well.

But most points go to Don Siemers this time, who wrote his answer in the plain style of a check list:

Renzo Bompani told Maserati to change the lights, ditch the wire wheels and paint it green.
Marchesi contoured the Vignale fenders for single headlights. Check.
Sebring wheels were fitted with chrome hubcaps. Check.
Max Meyer created the stunning colour called ‘Verde Caliente Mettalizzato’. (Bompani originally ordered the colour blue). I assume Marchesi's paint specialist Lino Sala sprayed the car. Check.
My only question for Italy's own Maytag Man would be: Why use the I6 when you could've had a V8 along with the Allemano headlights?

Well done Don, carry on like that. We’ll toughen up next week’s puzzle slightly, so stay tuned.

Gerd Klioba 30
Alan Spencer 25
Henk Visscher 24
Fritz Hegemann 20
Luc Ryckaert 19


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