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About tough to crack puzzle #160: Glasspar G2 Roadster

About tough to crack puzzle #160: Glasspar G2 Roadster
Apart from three of you, trying to crack last week’s car puzzle, you had it right. It was not a TVR, not an early Nash Healy and also not the 1953 Bohman Special, although that last car did make it to the movie we were referring to: Johnny Dark. Ace Zenek perhaps gave the best answer, identifying the original builder of this specific car (Mike Ricker), the radiator grille he’d sourced (Nash) and the illustrious record a sister car made (driving 20,000 miles through 30 states and stopping in 40 major U.S. cities in Spring ’52). Oh, and of course the lady in question: actress Ruth Hampton, who appeared in the movie. That would have made him a winner, was it not that another 250 words followed on production figures, the number of Glasspar employees and a wide number of magazine sources. That’s too much Ace, kill your darlings!

Bernard Corrège, for example just mentioned that the G2 was Jeep-based (we’re not sure-ed.), while its shell was made from one piece and had just one door at the passenger side. We did not know that. We also liked Allan Spencer’s comment on Mike Ricker, writing: “He was a Nash dealer, hence the 1951 Nash grille, and various other Nash parts.” No mentions of it being a fibreglass pioneer though (the advantages of the wonder material were demonstrated on the publicity picture seen above).

Anyhow, over to the winner: John Elema once again. While also slightly too long, he wrote: “In front of this Ricker Glasspar G-2 from around 1954, is actress Ruth Hampton. Seen here on a publicity shot by Dean Moon in Motor Life Magazine of August 1954 to promote the 'Johnny Dark' movie where she was part of the cast. Glasspar of Costa Mesa Ca. USA, delivered the fiberglass body of this G-2 to Mike Ricker, owner of a Nash Agency after he made sure a 1951 Nash grill could be fitted to it. Some more Glasspars had Nash grills fitted as well. Ricker built his own chassis, probably from Nash components and had a Mercury V8 installed. The whereabouts of this particular car seems to be unknown.” Well done John, that was just fine. 

(Words editor, picture courtesy Life magazine)

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