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Back to back: Bora or Khamsin?

Back to back: Bora or Khamsin?
Both of them wear the trident logo and both of them came to life in what has to be one of the more uncertain periods of Maserati’s lifespan. Oh – and both of them come in fashionable brown, are named after desert winds and are offered for sale by Bonhams Auctioneers next weekend (full catalogue here). Which of the two do you prefer though?

To start with the Giugiaro designed Bora: this is a 1974 car with the 4.9 (rather than the 4.7) V8 engine in ‘Oro Kelso’. and with its brushed stainless-steel roof in great condition ‘without visible etching or incongruous scratches’. Since Maserati had come in Citroen’s hands not long before, the Bora featured some Citroen-gimmicks such as hydraulically operated brakes, headlights and even driver’s seat. All prone to serious trouble, but believed to be perfectly sorted out in this example. The interior is trimmed in a nice saddle leather. The current owner only has it since 2016, but it is said to come with an extensive history file.

Over to the Bertone designed Khamsin then. The Khamsin was the last Maserati developed under Citroen's reign and this one dates back to 1978 and uses the same 4.9 litre V8 engine as the Bora above. Colour is a gorgeous Tobacco with Cinghiale (wild boar) interior. Its history is fully described with some well-to-do American owners from day 1. The current (and third) owner has it since 2013 and undertook a bare metal repaint which is said to have taken several years and was only finished this spring. During that process, it received a European bumper conversion away from the not quite so nice US version. With just 23,332 miles on the clock now and full history present it must be one of the better Khamsins available. Oh, hang on. There is another Khamsin (in another shade of brown) available from the same sale, which is even quite a lot more expensive. Over to you: which of the two cars above would you prefer?

(Words editor, pictures courtesy Worldwide Auctioneers)

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#1 2017-08-10 02:31
Both are showing their age quite nicely. But the Khamsin's interior gets the nod from me.

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