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Back to back: Series 1 or Series 2 E-type Jag?

Back to back: Series 1 or Series 2 E-type Jag?
Worldwide Auction’s Texas sale comprises a duo of drop-head E-types, both left hand driven and both in blooming Primrose Yellow (Still Easter here!). They both appear to be in a superb state, too, with one of them a Series 1 while the other is a Series 2. To start with the first one: this is a 1963 car with all matching numbers and correct paperwork. It was sold new in Texas with a lovely Tartan Red interior but made its way to New York later, where it spent the rest of its life. A full restoration came more recent and as a bonus it was used briefly in the 2013 hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street after being restored. Estimate? $150- to $180,000. Not cheap.

But for quite a few dollars less you should be able to get the next best thing: a Series 2 ‘XKE’ in the same shade of yellow and in a near similar state, with matching numbers and American spec. This one is a 1969 car, so more refined, larger engined and better equipped, but also with the slightly less attractive headlights, bumpers, Stromberg carburettors and dashboard gear. It is said to be an older high-quality restoration and comes with a black rather than red interior. It’s estimated at some 55,000 dollars less than the S1 car: $100- to $120,000. It may be easy to choose between these two when money is no issue, but we’re not sure at all. What do you think?

(Words editor, pictures courtesy Worldwide Auctions)

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#4 2017-04-19 04:31
Cars are usually denoted by their 'model years'. The last quarter of the year, (Oct. Nov. and Dec.), being when the latest changes are put into the new production models.
Therefore if this is truly completed in August 63, then it is a '1963 Model car".
Therefore the description by the Auctioneers, is inaccurate.
#3 2017-04-18 15:36
I will certainly go for the 3.8 engine..!!
Raw, D-type engine. Singing revs starting at 4.000 rpm. The 'original'....
All the later changes in body and engine are compromises for the USA consumer market.
#2 Jeroen Booij 2017-04-18 08:24
Quoting Tony Press:
To start with the first: this is a 1963 car ??

To start with the first: this is a 1964 car


As can be read in the auction blurb: "Accompanied by its corresponding Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate, this 1964 Jaguar XKE was completed at the Browns Lane Jaguar works on August 19, 1963."
So, a 1963 car.
#1 2017-04-17 05:28
To start with the first: this is a 1963 car ??

To start with the first: this is a 1964 car


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