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Back to back: Thunderbird or Corniche?

Back to back: Thunderbird or Corniche?
On the 18th of this month, French auctioneer Osenat will be holding their yearly classic car sale at their headquarters, right opposite the tourist office of Fontainebleau at just 70 kilometres from central Paris. And we have picked out two grand open top limousines. These cars are worlds apart. But they also have more in common than you may expect from the people’s car that a Ford claims to be and quite the opposite from a people’s car that a Rolls-Royce is. And it’s not just their colour white.

Their lengths are an inch apart (204 for the Ford; 205 for the Rolls-Royce); their widths hardly more (76 for the Ford; 72 for the Rolls); engine capacities are quite near, too (390 cubic inches for the Ford; 412 for the Rolls). While weights both surpass the 2 tonnes, their automatic 3-speed gearboxes both make them speed up to around 200 km/h. Oh – and both have carried heads of state and stars from the silver screen in all comfort with their hydraulic systems.

The Rolls-Royce Corniche of Osenat is of 1972-vintage. It’s on Italian plates but was sold new to the USA. The auctioneer states that it was repainted, reupholstered and altogether restored mechanically 10 years ago. The 50- to 60.000 euros price tag should justify that. See the full description here. Over to the Ford. A 1962 Thunderbird cabriolet that has always been white over red. Mechanicals, hydraulics (for the roof) and even the ‘Swing Away’ steering wheel are all said to be fine, which makes us feel the 15- to 20,000 Euros price estimate is really low. Full description here. What do you think?

(Words editor, pictures Osenat)

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#2 2017-06-14 15:16
The 1961-93 Thunderbirds are known as "Bullet Birds" I drove a 62 when I was about 18 years old. It looked great but had horrible gas mileage.
#1 Jeroen Booij 2017-06-14 09:10
Quoting Politi:
The 61-63 T-Bird does not have a "hydraulic suspension system", but the top is hydraulically operated by numerous pumps which place it within the trunk. These cars are quite distinctive and uniquely "futuristic", also continuing with an adequately rigid unibody(from 1958). Their popularity has been underrated, the entire family is well suited with comfort, style, and exhilaration, even a special "Sports Roadster" edition was available with fiberglass roadster flap covering rear seats together with Kelsey Hayes wire spoke wheels ans extra carburetors.

Amended now, thank you!

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